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秀城区祛斑多少钱平湖市治疗腋臭多少钱嘉兴注射祛皱哪家医院好 What do celebrities do to always look so amazing?明星是如何时刻焕发光的呢?Jennifer Aniston swears by her “wonder smoothie” for a better body, Liv Tyler relies on green juice for clearer skin, and Victoria Beckham is said to maintain her trim figure by sticking to a strict gluten-free diet.珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿相信“神奇果蔬汁”可以保持身材,丽芙#8226;泰勒则依靠蔬菜汁来清洁肌肤。据说,维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆维持苗条身材的方法是坚持无麸质饮食法。While these beauty secrets may sound tempting, our advice is to wait a second before you try them. Health experts warn that celebrities’ beauty tips do not work for everyone, and, if used in the wrong way, could actually harm your health.尽管这些美丽秘方可能听起来很吸引人,但我们建议你三思而行。健康专家提醒我们,明星的美丽秘诀并非适用于所有人。如果使用不当,实际上会有损健康。Wonder smoothie神奇果蔬汁US actress Jennifer Aniston is the envy of women worldwide with her toned physique and glowing appearance. So when fashion magazine Grazia earlier this year revealed that the secret to Aniston’s ageless beauty is a “wonder smoothie”, the drink became all the rage.美国女星珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿凭借紧实的身材和光照人的外表,令全球女性羡慕不已。所以,今年年初当时尚杂志《红秀》透露珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿花容不衰的秘方就是神奇果蔬汁后,这种饮品风靡一时。A source told the magazine that the drink consists of fresh, organic vegetables – beetroot, cucumbers, spinach, garlic, carrots, celery and kale. The star drinks nothing else on one day every week to purify her body.有知情人士向该杂志透露,“神奇果蔬汁”由甜菜根、黄瓜、菠菜、大蒜、胡萝卜、芹菜以及甘蓝等新鲜有机蔬菜制作而成。珍妮弗每周会有一天时间,只喝这种果汁来排毒。If you’re doing it Aniston-style and eating normally for most of the week, it probably won’t do you any serious harm, but a juice fast that lasts a couple of weeks, or even just several days, could do you more harm than good, say health experts.健康专家表示,如果你正在践行珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿的瘦身食谱,而一周大多数时候还保持正常进食的话,可能不会对身体造成什么危害。但如果持续几周,哪怕只有数日的果蔬汁断食法,就会令你得不偿失。As soon as you pulp any fruit or vegetable, you lose all the fibre in them. “With no fibre in your diet, even after a couple of days, constipation will become a problem, and in the long term, your cholesterol levels could be affected as fibre helps keep them low,” Natalie Jones of the British Dietetic Association told the Daily Mail.蔬果一旦做成果汁,其中所含的纤维就会全部流失。英国饮食协会的娜塔莉#8226;琼斯在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“如果饮食中缺乏纤维素,哪怕只有短短几天,就会出现便秘现象。久而久之,胆固醇水平就会受到影响,因为纤维素有助于维持低胆固醇。”If that’s not discouragement enough, you could also find your hair starting to fall out two to three months later, warned hair care expert Philip Kingsley.护发专家菲利普#8226;金斯利提醒说,如果这还不足以让你打退堂鼓的话,那么你还会发觉,两三个月后,你将开始脱发。Raw mushroom diet生蘑菇减肥法British movie star Pallet Roxanne has recently revealed that in order to maintain her ideal, slim body, raw mushrooms have become a daily intake.英国电影明星帕勒#8226;罗克妮最近透露道,为保持理想体型,她坚持每日进食生蘑菇。The star told Female First magazine that in just over two weeks of regularly eating raw mushrooms, her body weight dropped. She takes mushrooms with her wherever she goes.她对《Female First》杂志表示,仅仅两周多时间,由于定期食用生蘑菇,她成功瘦身。不管走到哪,她都带着蘑菇。Roxanne is not the only fan of the diet. US pop star Katy Perry also admitted to using mushrooms to stay in shape.热衷于生蘑菇减肥法的不止罗克妮一人。美国流行歌手凯蒂#8226;佩里也承认通过食用蘑菇来保持体型。It’s true that mushrooms are an excellent source of B vitamins, which are needed for a healthy diet, and their high level of dietary fibre can keep us from feeling hungry for longer. But health experts recommend mushrooms should be eaten cooked.蘑菇确实是一个摄入维生素B的极好来源,而维生素B是健康饮食的必备成分,蘑菇的膳食纤维含量极高,可以让人维持较长时间的饱腹感。但是健康专家建议蘑菇应该烹制后食用。“Cooking mushrooms for even a few minutes dissipates most of the mild toxins they contain,” US nutrition expert and family physician Dr Joel Fuhrman said.美国营养专家兼家庭医师,乔尔#8226;福尔曼士说:“蘑菇经过几分钟的烹制,就可去除其中含有的大部分微弱毒素。”Gluten-free diet无麸质饮食The increasingly popular gluten-free diet, which cuts out the protein found in wheat, barley and rye, is favored by a host of A-list celebrities – US actress Gwyneth Paltrow, British fashion icon Victoria Beckham and New Girl star Zooey Deschanel, just to name a few.这种越来越受到人们欢迎的无麸质饮食法指的是将大麦、小麦和黑麦中的蛋白质去除。该方法备受众多大牌明星的推崇,如美国女演员格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛,英国时尚偶像维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆,以及美剧《杰茜驾到》女星佐伊#8226;丹斯切尔等等。The diet is believed to be a reason why these stars look so slim and fit. However, a new survey by The Sunday Times shows that gluten-free products could be causing some of us to pile on the pounds.人们坚信这种节食法是这些明星维持健美身材的原因之一。不过,《星期日泰晤士报》的一项最新调查却显示无麸质食品可能会使一些人体重飙升。The survey found most gluten-free products in supermarkets – such as gluten-free b and biscuits – are higher in fat than the equivalent standard products.该调查发现超市里出售的大多数无麸质产品,例如无麸质面包、无麸质饼干,与其他同普通产品相比,其脂肪含量更高。“Without gluten to bind food together, food manufacturers often use more fat and sugar to make the product more palatable,” explained Shelley Case, a nutrition expert.营养专家谢莉#8226;卡斯解释说:“如果食品中没有麦麸这种黏合剂,食品生产厂家常会通过添加更多的脂肪和糖分来改善口感。”So what about those naturally gluten-free foods, such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables? Are they going to help us slim down?那么,像猪肉、鱼肉、以及水果蔬菜这类的天然无麸质食品会不会帮助我们瘦身呢?It seems not. Tanya Thomas of the British Dietetic Association told the Daily Mail: “People assume that by cutting out gluten they are going to lose weight. It’s a myth.”好像不能。来自英国饮食健康协会的塔尼亚#8226;托马斯在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“人们认为食用无麸质食物就会减肥。这简直是天方夜谭。” /201211/209059The list was created after consultations with vets, dog behaviour experts and owners from across the UK.这是一份向兽医、行为专家以及英国各地宠物主人咨询之后得出的清单。The bucket list was compiled by MORE THgt;N pet insurance and TV vet Marc Abraham.这张愿望清单是由MORE THgt;N宠物保险公司以及电视兽医马克·亚伯拉罕搜集制作的。A survey found that 8% of dogs had not experienced any of the 50 activities although 7% had completed it in its entirety.一项调查显示,8%的从来没做过这50件中的任何一件,而只有7%的完成了所有这些事。The figures showed that 20% had never had the pleasure of bounding through the forest while 26% had not attended a family picnic.数据显示20%的从未享受到没有穿越森林的乐趣,26%的也从来未和家人野餐过。But they did show that 46.5% had known the simple joy of ;going mad; in the snow, while 39% had gone swimming in the sea and 33% had done the ;Beethoven shake;, soaking everyone around them.不过有46.5%的喜欢在雪地里打滚,39%的曾在海里游泳,还有33%的曾展示过标志性的甩身动作,甩得周围人一身水。Mr Abraham said: “Make no mistake about it, we’re a nation of dog lovers, but it seems a lot of owners have become stuck in a rut. Taking our dogs on morning and evening walks during the week and out to a park at the weekend has become the norm.亚伯拉罕先生说:“毫无疑问,我们(英国)是一个爱的国度,不过似乎主人们都陷入一种固定模式。每天早晚带出去散步,周末去公园已经成了常态。”;Understanding and appreciating the many different things you can now do with your dog will greatly enrich the lives of both you and your four-legged friends.”“要充分理解并享受这些现在你可以和自己的一起做的事,它们会大大丰富你和你的动物朋友的生活。”50 things every dog should do before it dies汪星人死前必做的50件事1. Flop down in front of a morning fire1. 看日出2. Go for a swim in the sea2.去海里游泳3. Go mad in the snow3. 在雪地里撒欢4. Dig up a flower bed4. 在花坛里刨坑5. Do the #39;Beethoven#39; shake and soak everyone around you5. 做汪星人标志性的甩身动作,甩到周围每个人一身水6. Have your own spot on the sofa6. 在家中的沙发上拥有一个自己的专属位置7. Accompany your owner on a run/cycle ride7. 陪主人骑自行车8. Attend a family picnic8. 参加一次家庭野餐9. Help your owner bad a date9. 陪主人约会10. Cheer your owner up when they are down10. 在主人郁闷的时候逗他们开心11. Visit a different continent11. 出国12. Roll around in a really stinky, muddy puddle12. 在泥塘打滚13. Ruin a pair or slippers or shoes13. 毁掉一双鞋,拖鞋也行14. Sleep in your owners bed14. 睡主人的床15. Wake your owner with a big wet sloppy kiss15. 用舌头舔醒主人16. Chase a cat during a dream16. 在梦里追逐喵星人17. Learn the word for #39;sit#39; in another language17. 学习其他语言的“坐下”18. Join in a football game in the park18. 在公园里玩一场足球19. Meet a famous dog19. 拜访一只著名的汪星人20. Try your paws at dancing20. 舞动爪子试着跳舞21. Convince your owner you can howl English words21. 向主人表演说人话22. Get filthy within 30 minutes of a bath22. 在洗完澡30分钟内弄得脏兮兮的23. Howl along with your favourite song23. 跟着最爱的歌一起嚎24. Ride in an open top car24. 坐一次敞篷车25. Learn to skateboard25. 学滑板26. Have a personalised Christmas stocking26. 得到一双专用的圣诞袜27. Show the postman who#39;s boss27. 向邮递员示威28. Be a ring bearer at a wedding28. 在婚礼上当一回护戒使者29. Try to follow a squirrel up a tree29. 上树追松鼠30. Go to work with your owner30. 跟主人一块儿上班31. Have your own social media page31. 拥有自己的社交网站主页32. Bound through a forest32. 穿越森林33. Have a personalised kennel33. 有自己的专属窝34. Go on a boat and get your sea legs34. 坐船(不晕)35. Play frisbee on the beach35. 在海滩上玩飞盘36. Receive your own birthday card36. 收到生日贺卡37. Steal someone#39;s lunch when they#39;re not looking37. 趁人不注意偷吃某人的午餐38. Watch an entire episode of #39;The Washing Machine#39;38. 完整看一集《洗衣机》(英国电影)39. Eat doggy ice cream39. 吃汪星人冰淇淋40. Create a diversion and steal another dog#39;s dinner40. 制造恶作剧,偷吃其他汪星人的晚餐41. Rug a doggy marathon41. 在地毯上跑马拉松42. Receive a doggy birthday cake42. 收到汪星人生日蛋糕43. Rip the stuffing out of a pillow or cushion43. 咬破枕头或靠垫44. Unwrap birthday presents44. 打开生日礼物45. Watch Lassie on TV45、在电视上看《神犬拉茜》46. Be in a family portrait46. 跟主人家一起拍全家福47. Have a stand off with your own reflection47. 在镜子前吓得跑掉48. Have a favourite local pub48. 有自己在当地最爱的酒吧49. Star in a YouTube 49. 有自己的YouTube视频50. Sleep in a boutique dog hotel50. 住一次高级的汪星人旅店 /201210/205388嘉兴宽鼻整形价格

嘉兴曙光整形医院美白嫩肤排名My boys are only 7 and 9, but the eye-rolling has begun. Last night I got it in spades. I started talking about what each color fruit and vegetable does for our bodies and why it is important to eat a rainbow of foods. Apparently, they have heard this too many times, because the minute I started talking they started rolling their eyes.我的两个儿子,一个7岁,一个9岁,但是我昨天晚上发现他们已经学会转眼珠了。我跟他们讲各种颜色的水果和蔬菜给身体带来的好处以及为什么我们要吃五颜六色的食物。很明显,他们已经听过太多次了,因为我刚一开始讲他们就开始转眼珠,表示很明白了。Because they are such experts, I asked whether they could please teach their toddler sister why each color food is good for her. I figured the timing was perfect, as she is learning her colors and body parts. They rolled their eyes at me again, asserting that a 1-year-old will not understand. But because they love to teach her anything, they went along with it. She relished all of the attention.因为他们几乎是专家级人物了,所以我问他们可不可以告诉他们刚学走路的为什么每种颜色的食物对她有好处。我觉得我小女儿这个年纪是了解这些知识的最佳时间,因为她正在学习各种颜色以及身体的部位。两个儿子又朝我转了转眼珠,坚定地认为一个1岁的小孩儿无法理解这么深奥的东西。但是因为他们喜欢教她一切事情,于是就陪她一起学。我的小女儿很喜欢两个哥哥的关心和照料。Here is what my boys told my daughter:以下就是我的儿子们告诉我的小女儿的事情。— Orange and yellow vegetables and fruits are good for your eyes, so if you want to see a baseball pitch coming your way or be able to at night, you should eat a lot of pineapple, yellow peppers and yellow summer squash.——橙色和黄色:橙色和黄色的蔬菜水果对于眼睛很有好处,所以如果你想要看清朝你飞来的棒球或者能够在晚上看书,你就应该多吃菠萝、黄辣椒以及黄色的西葫芦。— Blue and purple fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, blackberries, plums, eggplant and purple carrots have been shown to improve memory. If you want to remember all the things that Mom forgets, you should keep eating blue and purple foods.——蓝色和紫色:如同蓝莓、黑莓、李子、茄子和紫胡萝卜等蓝色和紫色的蔬果对于提升有很好的功效。如果你想要记住老妈忘记的所有事情,那你也应该坚持吃蓝色和紫色的食物。— Red foods, and unfortunately not the synthetic dyed ones, support your heart (by decreasing heart disease risk, preventing hardening of blood vessels and reducing inflammation). So eat lots of raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes and watermelon to help your heart pump.——红色:红色的食物(不包括那些人工染红的食物),能够使心脏运转正常,如降低得心脏病的奉献,预防动脉硬化以及减少心脏的炎症。所以多吃树莓、草莓、西红柿和西瓜等食物可以让你的心脏更健康。— Green vegetables are Mom#39;s favorites. They have been shown to help prevent cancer and other diseases, keep our blood healthy, and support the immune system that keeps us from getting sick. By keeping our blood healthy, green veggies give us energy, so eat lots of them if you want to keep up with your big brothers!——绿色:绿色蔬菜是老妈的最爱。据实,绿色蔬菜有助于预防癌症和其他疾病,保持血液健康以及保障免疫系统功能正常。通过使我们的血液保持健康,绿色蔬菜给我们带来能量。如果你想要赶上你的哥哥们,那就多吃绿色蔬菜吧!There are obviously more scientifically accurate reasons to eat your colors, but I thought my boys did a pretty good job. Life is colorful right now. The farmer#39;s markets are overflowing with yellow, orange, red, green and blue foods, so it couldn#39;t be simpler to eat the rainbow. And as I pointed out to my boys, it turns out it is not premature to teach a 1-year-old about nutrition. They just rolled their eyes.当然肯定有更多科学准确的理由来解释为什么要食用不同颜色的食物,但是我觉得我的两个儿子做得非常好。从现在起,生活中变得多。菜市场里随处可见黄色、橙色、红色、绿色以及蓝色的食物,所以吃得五缤纷十分容易。正如我跟儿子说的,事实明1岁就教孩子营养学的知识并不早。当然,我的两个儿子只是转了转眼珠。 /201207/192735嘉兴市第二医院双眼皮多少钱 嘉兴市新塍人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

嘉兴市曙光医院激光祛痘手术多少钱点餐的品位和流行  点菜是很个性化的,不能说因为某人点某样菜,就说他有品位。但毫无疑问,这其中也有一些门道。  首先,和中餐不一样,西餐用餐时应该把所有的菜吃完,如果点了太多而眼宽肚窄,这是很不礼貌的。其次,点菜时也要考虑是否要预先留点肚子空间以便最后点一些甜品,因为甜品是吃完主菜才再看菜单或专门的甜品单来点的。点饮料也是非常个性化的,这是就餐的搭配,选择一些可以提高就餐气氛的饮料如鸡尾酒、葡萄酒、或天然带汽矿泉水都是不错的选择。  随着我们生活水平的提高,我们越来越注重“吃得好”而不是 “吃得饱”。有机橄榄油、有机蔬菜都是被频频提到的高品质食品之选。地中海饮食(Mediterranean Diet)这种饮食习惯受推崇健康饮食人士的推荐,成为一种流行。  美酒如何配美食  西餐中,在点完主菜后,搭配的酒也有一些普遍的规律: Local food, local wine 当地食物配当地酒品  Light wines with light food, heavy wines with heavy food 口味清淡的酒配口味清淡的主食,重口味的主食一般可配口感醇厚的酒  Simple wines with complex food, complex wines with simple food.  简单的菜配口感层次多的酒品,而复杂的菜就可配口味相对单一的酒水。  如果主食是辣的,那配什么酒水好呢?Andre建议,啤酒或是茶更好。不过,如果你还是想要来点酒,那香槟酒、干白葡萄酒或是干红葡萄酒都不妨一试?  但他同时表示,配酒的规律并不是一成不变的,最重要的一条准则是:你自己喜欢! /201109/154822 嘉兴曙光医院割双眼皮哪家好嘉兴哪里有洗纹身的好地方



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