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1. What does fire away mean?:a) you can ask me anything you wantb) it's safe to fire the gunc) I think I can smell something burning. Which other expression has the same meaning as fire away?3. Is fire away a friendly or unfriendly thing to say? 79300

Steve leavesMom: Can you fix me a cup of tea, Johnny?Johnny:Well...uh...how about a glass of juice instead?Mom: No. Id like tea. Can you put it in my favorite cup? You probably washed it...Johnny:Oh, yeah. Well, uh, about your mug...Mom: Ill find it.... Where are all the floral pattern plates? And dad Yankee mug?参考译文:史帝离开妈妈:强尼,你能帮我泡杯茶吗?强尼:呃……何不换成来杯果汁呢?妈妈:不我想喝茶可以倒在我最喜欢的杯子里吗?你大概洗过了……强尼:喔,是啊呃,关于你的马克杯……妈妈:我来找出来……那些花草图案的餐盘都到哪去了?你爸爸的洋基队马克杯呢?重点词汇:fix (v.)调制(餐饮)Rachel mother loves to fix things her friends to eat.瑞秋的妈妈喜欢煮东西给她的朋友吃Yankee (n.)美国纽约洋基棒球队The New York Yankees are my favorite baseball team.纽约洋基队是我最喜欢的棒球队pattern (n.)图案,floral pattern就是「花朵、花草图案」A: The pattern on this shirt is quite nice.这件衬衫上的图案真不错B: I agree. I like checkered patterns, too.我同意我也喜欢方格图案 383

Mrs. Wayne:Mr. Drake, Im pleased to do business with your company.Mr. Drake: Were glad to be able to offer our services to your business, Mrs. Wayne.Mrs. Wayne:Your company is very well respected. About how long have you been in business?Mr. Drake: Almost twenty years. We were the first total PR services company of our kind in Calinia.Mrs. Wayne:And this is your company head office?Mr. Drake: Well, yes, but now we have six offices in Calinia alone.Mrs. Wayne:That wonderful. Isnt your company part of JRE Corporation?Mr. Drake: That right. We are their sole PR sector business.Mrs. Wayne:That not bad. How long have you been in PR?Mr. Drake: Not long actually. So Im sure I will learn a lot from our cooperation.参考译文:伟恩女士:爵克先生,非常荣幸能跟贵公司合作爵克先生:伟恩女士,我们也很高兴能为贵公司提供务伟恩女士:贵公司在业界有很高的评价贵公司在这行多久了?爵克先生:快二十年了我们当初是加州第一家专门做公关务的公司伟恩女士:这是你们的总公司?爵克先生:嗯,对,不过我们现在光是在加州就有六个办公室伟恩女士:太好了贵公司不是JRE集团的子公司吗?爵克先生:没错我们是他们唯一的公关部门伟恩女士:那不错啊你在这个行业多久了?爵克先生:其实不是很久所以我觉得在这次的合作中,我会获益良多重点词汇:respected (a.)受尊重的Taiwan has very few respected politicians.台湾没几个值得受尊敬的政客PR public relations公关All companies need good PR.所有公司都需要好的公关of someone kind与某人同一类的A: I didnt know there was a Turkish restaurant in Taipei.我不知道原来台北也有土耳其餐厅B: Were the first restaurant of our kind here.我们是这里的第一家土耳其餐厅head office总部A: Sales are down this year?今年销售量下降?B: Yeah, the head office is going to start firing people.是啊,总公司要开始裁员了corporation (n.)企业A: Corporations have too much political power.企业有太多政治影响力B: No kidding.这还用说sole (a.)独家的,唯一的Im the sole owner of this business.我是这家公司的唯一老板sector business部门,领域How long has your company been in the defense sector?你们公司在这cooperation (n.)合作Cooperation is the key to success.合作是成功的关键 3670

They've always been thin, but some of the models on the catwalk these days are not just skinny, they're downright skeletal.“I see bones. I don't like the idea of a knee being the largest part of the body. I don't wanna see and count people's rib bones. When Brazilian model Anna Carolina Reston died last year of complications related to anorexia, she weighed just 88 pounds. It was front page news, and the fashion industry responded, introducing health requirements models in parts of Europe. New York responded, too. No models under on the runway. Models with eating disorders are ordered to get help. And designers are encouraged to feed the models backstage. The problem is these are guidelines. And designers are free to do as they please. At least one designer has resorted to weighing models. “What we're looking here?” Betsey Johnson says, that's not her style. “There is a healthier approach, and I think that's good. But treating the girls like jockeys or sports figures, making them weigh in, oh, I think that's horrible.”Many in the industry believe the real issue isn't weight, but age. With models as young as on the runway, editors say, of course they're thin. They're not fully grown. Actress Raquel Welch, who at 66 is MAC Cosmetics new Beauty Icon, says she doesn't fault the models. She blames designers not making clothes big enough the average woman. “Nothing fits. You can't get the zippers up. And you say, well, are they just, they just don't want me?” And the models themselves, they say “we should focus less on super skinny and more on obesity”. “The world in general has the opposite problem, I think.”“Models are never going to be average. They're models. And so, that alone, they're gonna be thinner and taller and younger than the average American woman, but I still think that they should be representatives of health.Alina Cho, CNN, New York. 5

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