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达芬奇涂鸦中的秘密 --5 :01:18 来源: 关于达芬奇,我们的启蒙教育一般是从那个画蛋的故事开始,达芬奇最为我们熟知的身份可能就是画家,但其实达芬奇涉及的领域包括天文学,物理学,光学,气象学,医学,生理学,数学,军事工程等等,而且在每个领域都有所建树,堪称神人,有人甚至怀疑他是不是来自未来 When you doodle, you’re probably drawing something like a square that magically turns into a 3D cube or your boss with devil horns. When Leonardo da Vinci was doodling, he was figuring out some of the fundamental laws of physics.涂鸦的时候你可能会随手画个正方形,加几笔变成一个正方体或是恶搞下老板的头像,将其画成是带着角的恶魔与你不同,达芬奇在涂鸦的时候悟出了物理学的基本原理In a new paper, Professor Ian M. Hutchings of the University of Cambridge argues that a sketch from da Vinci’s journals shows that the Renaissance-era polymath was aly working out his own ideas about the concepts of friction years earlier than previously thought.剑桥大学伊恩·哈钦斯教授在自己的论文中指出,达芬奇文稿中的一张涂鸦显示这位文艺复兴时期的多面手在当时就已经想明白了物理学的基本原理,比我们认为的时间要早数年Hutchings argues that the sketches, which had previously been seen as inconsequential, were the first known place that da Vinci began to work out his theory of friction (or "tribology"). Da Vinci is known to have permed some of the first scientific work in figuring out friction, but when he began has remains a mystery.哈钦斯说这些手稿之前并未受到重视,但其实正是这些涂鸦手稿才是达芬奇发现擦力的“起点”众所周知,达芬奇是提出擦力科学理论的第一人,但是提出该理论的具体时间却一直是个未解之谜The page in question is from 93 and is currently held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The sketch is done in da Vinci’s "mirror writing" style, done from right to left. When first examined by a director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in the 19s, the director dismissed the notations as "irrelevant notes and diagrams in red chalk."上文提到的这份手稿来自93年,现存于伦敦的维多利亚与艾伯特物馆这份涂鸦延续达芬奇一贯“镜像书写”的风格,以从右到左的格式呈现世纪年代,当其第一次出现在维多利亚与艾伯特物馆,当时的馆长将其判定为“无甚关联的笔记和图画,用红色墨水书写”.But Hutchings argues that the sketch actually shows blocks on the ground being pulled by a weight attached to a pulley—the same type of experiment you might do today in a high school physics class.但是哈钦斯却认为,在这张草图中,放置在地上的数个方块由配有滑轮装置砝码拖动——这和高中物理课上做的实验类型简直如出一辙The sketches and text show Leonardo understood the fundamentals of friction in 93, said Professor Hutchings in an put out by the University of Cambridge. "He knew that the ce of friction acting between two sliding surfaces is proportional to the load pressing the surfaces together and that friction is independent of the apparent area of contact between the two surfaces. These are the ’laws of friction’ that we nowadays usually credit to a French scientist, Guillaume Amontons, working two hundred years later."在由剑桥大学发表的一篇论文中,哈钦斯教授写到“草图和文字批注说明早在93年达芬奇就已经想清楚了关于擦力的基本原理,他清楚两个平面之间的擦力是与作用于其本身的作用力成正比,和两个物体之间的接触面积无关而我们现在普遍认可的‘库伦擦定律’(由法国物理学家库伦·阿蒙特提出)比达芬奇晚了整整两百年Da Vinici, well-known his many mechanical sketches and experiments, was fascinated by the laws governing how exactly physical objects moved. "Leonardo’s sketches and notes were undoubtedly based on experiments, probably with lubricated contacts," said Hutchings. "He appreciated that friction depends on the nature of surfaces and the state of lubrication and his use and understanding of the ratios between frictional ce and weight was much more nuanced than many have suggested."达芬奇的机械图和实验很出名,他对物体的运动规律很感兴趣哈钦斯说:“很显然,达芬奇的草图不是随便画画,是有实验基础的,很可能是用了润滑过的接触面他意识到物体之间擦力的大小取决于接触面的材质,以及粗糙程度达芬奇对于擦力和作用力之间的比例关系,不管是在实验中的测试还是考量都远比我们想象的要细致的多”Still, while the sketches show a glimpse into the mind of a genius, they had little to do with the actual systemic theory of friction that was developed by the French scientist Guillaume Amontons nearly 0 years later. If only someone had looked at da Vinci’s doodles a little closer.虽然从这些涂鸦中我们得以一窥这位天才的超前观念但是它们和两百年后法国物理学家所提出的系统化的擦定律还有很大差距除非有人能够仔细加以研究iPhone6入华:月日起接受预订 -- :01: 来源: Reports from the People's Republic of China indicate that Apple is preparing to introduce iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on October , following final approval from the Ministry of Industry and Inmation Technology  新版iphone6  中国媒体报道,公信部最终批准后,苹果计划在月号开始发售iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus  In the report by TechWeb, the .7 inch iPhone 6 was reported to be priced starting at 58 yuan (3, the same starting price as last year's iPhone 5s), while the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus is expected to start at 68 yuan ($)  TechWeb消息,.7寸的iPhone 6售价为58元起(合863美元,和去年的iPhone5s价格持平);5.5寸的iPhone 6 Plus售价则为68元(美元)  However, a report by Bloomberg stated that under pressure of Chinese state regulators, carriers were lowering subsidies new phone buyers  但彭社消息指出,在中国政府的压力下,运营商们降低了用户所能获得的优惠  That report stated that Chinese subsidies are paid over the length of users' contracts in the m of a monthly rebate applied to the user's mobile service cost, rather than as a lump sum when the user signs their contract, as is common in the U.S  报道中说,中国的优惠是合同期内每月返话费,并非像美国那样一签合同就会获得大笔补偿  Due to the changes being mandated in China, the effective hardware price users will double. However, the initial price users pay to get a new phone will actually be lower, starting at 88 yuan () rather than 58 yuan. The carriers are said to be reducing their monthly discounts on voice service from 19 yuan (.66) to 6 yuan ($.)  由于政府规定影响,手机价格将会翻倍但初始费用会从58元降至88元(73美元)运营商表示每月话费折扣将从19元降低到6元  While this move significantly reduces the overall subsidy (costing end users an additional 59 yuan () over the length of their two year contract), it makes the initial purchase more afdable (800 yuan or cheaper up front)  尽管这一举措增加了用户的全部费用(在年合同期内将多付59元),但它让初始费用更容易接受(减少了800元)部分高校生用裸照抵押借贷引担忧 -- 19:50:9 来源: 本周一,《南方都市报发布了一份报告,指出部分大学生用裸照作为抵押从某些平台借款 The loans were accompanied by weekly interest rates as high as 30 percent and extra "commission fees" charged by the platms. If the borrowers missed any repayments, the lenders would threaten to send the nude pictures, many of which included the borrowers’ ID cards, to their parents, according to the newspaper.这些贷款每周的利率高达30%,并且这些平台还要收“额外的佣金”据《南方都市报的报道,一旦借款人遗漏了任何一项付款,贷款人就会威胁把这些裸照发给他们的父母(许多这些照片都含有贷款人的身份)Platms on campuses and mobile apps offering high-interest loans typically lure students with claims such as "no collateral," "no guarantee" and "loan granted on the day of application," according to an investigation by Xinhua reporters.据新华社记者的调查显示,校园借贷平台和手机借贷软件一般用“无抵押”、“无保”、“一经申请即刻放款”等声明来吸引学生"The process is simple, borrow up to 0,000 yuan [,0 U.S. dollars]," one ad claimed.一份广告称:“程序简单,最高可贷万元(约合1.5万美元)”One of the victims told the newspaper that a lender had threatened to leak her naked pictures.据一名受害者向《南方都市报透露,一名贷款人曾威胁要公布她的裸照"tunately, my family paid the money," she said on condition of anonymity.她不愿意透露姓名,说道:“幸运的是,我的家人帮我归还了这笔欠款”"The interest is very high," she said. "If you wanted to borrow 1,000 yuan, the weekly interest is 300 yuan, which means you have to owe 1,300 yuan within a week."她说道:“利息非常高,如果你想借00元,那么一周的利息就是300元,那就意味着在一周之内,你必须还款00元”She added that the lender also charged a 0 yuan "commission fee."她还补充说道,贷款人还要收取0元的“额外佣金”It is illegal to promote unauthorized loans on campus, according to a circular issued in April by the Ministry of Education. Financial experts say an incomplete supervision system and college students’ lack of financial abilities allow the illegal businesses to pop up.据教育部在四月份发布的一份通知表示,在校园里发放的贷款是违法行为据金融专家表示,不完善的监管体系和大学生贫乏的理财能力将会导致这些非法业务滋生Xinhua reporters visited some colleges in China to find out about the high-interest campus loans.新华社记者走访了国内的一些大学,希望能够寻找到一些校园高利贷的蛛丝马迹"If I want to buy a mobile phone, worth say 5,000 yuan, I can borrow from them. It is very convenient," said Zheng Shuang, a freshman at Harbin Huade University. "In fact, many of my classmates have borrowed money from lenders, too."郑爽(音)是哈尔滨华德大学的新生,她说:“如果我想买一部5000块的手机的话,我能够从他们那里借到钱,这很方便事实上,我有许多同学也从这些借款人手中借钱”Some ads even claim to lend money as long as the borrower takes a nude picture, Xinhua found.新华社还发现,一些借款广告还声称,只要提供裸照就能够借到钱But behind the ads are exorbitant interest rates.但是在这些广告背后是高昂的利率In March, a college student in Henan’s Zhengzhou City jumped to his death after defaulting on a 1 million yuan loan. Another student in the central province of Hubei borrowed 30,000 yuan in October last year, but owed more than 700,000 yuan after just two months.今年三月份,河南郑州市一名大学生因拖欠了0万贷款而跳楼自杀湖北省一名大学生去年十月借下了3万元的贷款,但是仅仅两个月后欠款的数额就变成了70多万Industry insiders say the phenomenon has to do with attitudes toward consumption.据业内人士表示,这一现象和消费观念有关"College students’ concept of consumption is changing these days, with many living beyond their means," said Fu Jian, a lawyer with Yulong Lawyers’ Firm in the central Henan Province. "Most college students depend on their parents financially, which is why they turn to these high-interest loans."苻坚(音)是河南省玉龙律师事务所的一名律师,他说道:“当今社会,大学生的消费观念正在改变,许多人都入不敷出大多数大学生都在经济上依靠他们的父母,这也是为什么他们寻求高利贷的原因”Fu said that college students’ risk awareness is still low, making them susceptible to such traps.苻坚说大学生的风险意识仍然很低,不能识破这些陷阱Another reason is the low threshold establishing lending platms in China, with some masquerading as e-commerce companies while secretly engaging in lending.另一个原因是在中国成立借贷平台的门槛很低,一些人表明是电子商务公司,但是背地里干的却是贷款的勾当"A lack of supervision is also to blame," said Huang Xiaowu, a professor with Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. "There are no strict laws and regulations on campus loans currently, making management difficult."中南财经政法大学教授黄晓武(音)表示说:“缺乏监管也难辞其咎目前对于校园借贷缺少严格的法律法规,使得管理很困难”Fu Jian said the government should issue more specific laws and regulations targeting campus loans, and relative departments should better supervise the sector.苻坚认为政府应该针对校园贷款颁布更多具体的法律法规,有关部门应该对这一块进行更好的监管"College students should realize that naked photos cannot be collateral, and if anyone leaks the photos, they should report to police," said Huang Xiaowu.黄晓武说道:“大学生应该意识到裸照不能够成为贷款抵押,如果有人泄露了他们的裸照的话,他们就应该报警”They should also be aware of the risks associated with excessive consumption, said psychologist Yang Yongchao. "Colleges should make sure their students are more financially aware, through courses or training," he said.心理学家杨永超(音)表示,大学生们还应该意识到过度消费所带来的风险他说道:“通过课程和培训,大学应该确保学生们拥有更好的金融意识”

老公签被拒 巴基斯坦新娘玩转“一个人的蜜月” -- 3::36 来源: 丈夫签被拒,无奈只有新娘自己去希腊度蜜月,结果她给丈夫发来的照片是这样的……虽然老公不能同游,但新娘却在旅行照中用自己的搞笑精神,告诉丈夫自己无时无刻不在想念他看到这些照片,难道不觉得也是另外一种浪漫吗? Holidaying alone has its complications - even more so if you’d originally expected to travel with someone else. And if that journey was supposed to be your honeymoon, but your husband can’t join you, what’s a newlywed to do? Why, have her picture taken in every location with a sad face and her arm out to indicate her missing husband, of course.一个人的旅行真的不好玩——而当原本预计的两人旅行变成一人单独出发,就更加糟糕了可如果这是两个人的蜜月旅行,丈夫却无法成行,那这对新人该怎么办?自然,只好在每个地方拍照时留下一张悲伤的脸,伸出胳膊暗示丈夫的缺席啦Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever, a young Pakistani couple, married earlier this year. They were planning to go to Greece their honeymoon, but the Greek border agency had other ideas. Arsalaan was refused a visa, but only after the trip had aly been paid . So Huma went without him - but with her new in-laws, Arsalaan’s parents.巴基斯坦这对年轻的夫妇Huma Mobin 和 Arsalaan Sever今年初才结婚他们计划到希腊去度蜜月,可是,希腊边境署却没有这么痛快它们拒签了新郞的签,然而,此时所有的行程都已预定好并付款最后,新娘Huma和她的公公婆婆去了希腊,开启了没有新郎的蜜月之行The idea the unconventional photos actually started a year ago, when Huma and Arsalaan had just got engaged. He was sent to Budapest work, and sent back a single snapshot of himself, arm out and a pouty face to show how much he missed her.事实上,早在一年前,他们就萌生了拍这种“非常规照片”的念头当时,二人刚订婚,Arsalaan被派往布达佩斯工作,他就曾寄回过自己的单身照:伸出的胳膊以及一张撅着嘴的脸,以表达对Huma的思念Huma told the B World Service programme Outside Source: "Whenever one of us travels alone without the other, we do this. We can just show that we’re missing [each other]."Huma在接受B全球务节目采访时表示,“无论何时,只要我们单独旅行,我们就会这样做我们只是想表达对对方的思念The photos were taken by Arsalaan’s parents - Huma says she has a good relationship with her mother-in-law. So good, in fact, that the two would go out and hit the bars of Santorini at night.Huma的这些照片都是由Arsalaan的父母拍摄的——Huma称自己和婆婆的关系很好二人相处非常融洽,事实上,在圣托里尼时,婆媳二人晚上还出去泡吧But all that, Huma says she missed her husband dfully. "He’s the life of the party, my better half - I wouldn’t have gone without him but he ced me to."然而即便如此,Huma说她实在是太想念丈夫了“他总是聚会的灵魂人物,是我更好的另一半——我真的不愿一个人来度蜜月,但他要求我来”"The first night I cried my eyes out on my mother-in-law’s shoulder, who really comted me and told me to make the best of it," Huma says. Their friends in Lahore looked after Arsalaan while he was on his own.她说,“第一个晚上,我伏在婆婆的肩上哭了一夜,她一直在安慰我,并劝我好好放松心情度假”而他们在拉合尔的朋友也会帮忙照顾一个人在家的ArsalaanSo what was the reaction from other holidaymakers when they saw her putting her arm around her imaginary friend?当其他的度假的人们看到这位姑娘伸出胳膊去搂抱想象中的朋友,他们又会怎么想呢?"People were literally breaking their necks with the selfie sticks over there, so I came off really quite normal doing this," she says airily.Huma愉快的说,“人们个个都伸直了脑袋忙着自拍,所以我这样做很正常,没什么大不了”In the meantime, Huma’s photos have gone viral. She’s now back with Arsalaan in Lahore, and hoping they’ll be able to go away together their first anniversary.同时,Huma的这些照片也在网上走红二人现已在拉合尔团聚,希望能在他们的第一个结婚纪念日时一起出去度假

《独立日口碑大烂,票房收入惨淡 --6 :: 来源: 《独立日:卷土重来于本月日在全球上映,但是观影人们对其评价却却是一致的“烂” Independence Day: Resurgence came out on Friday to terrible reviews with critics branding it a ’non-movie’ and an embarrassment to the blockbuster genre.《独立日:卷土重来在本周五上映,但是却招致了极其糟糕的,家称其“根本就不是电影”,是一个大片的尴尬And on Saturday, the numbers appeared to have aligned with critics as Deadline reported that the sequel to the 1996 classic was a box-office bomb. The film which cost million to make is predicted to bring in only million on opening weekend.而在周日,Deadline杂志的一篇报道佐了影评家们的批评,据报道这部1996年经典电影续集的票房将爆炸了这部电影的拍摄成本达到了1.65亿美元,而据估计首映周的票房却只有300万美元The publication also divulged that Finding Dory, the DisneyPixar follow up to the film Finding Nemo, is projected to surpass all other new releases and bring in million.该家杂志还透露说,由迪士尼和皮克斯联手制作的《海底总动员(该部电影是年电影《海底总动员的续集)将超过其他所有同期上映的电影,首映周的票房预计将达到7500万美元Meanwhile, the disastrous FOX numbers come soon after critics and viewers alike have been tearing the franchises newest film apart.于此同时,在影评家和观影人都将这部最新电影打入谷底后,其授权方福克斯电影也损失惨重’It’s a non-movie, an insult to the blockbuster genre, and should stand only as a perfect example of Hollywood’s more glaring deficiencies as an industry,’ The Atlantic’s David Sims wrote.《大西洋杂志的戴维·希姆斯写道:“这根本就不是电影,这是对大片的侮辱,这部电影最好只作为好莱坞电影产业有缺陷的一个例子”Most viewers seemed the share the critics’ disappointment on Friday, with only a few praising Liam Hemsworth’s permance - but the actor, who plays pilot Jake Morrison, was rated as ’reliably bland’ by The Atlantic.上周五首映后,大多数观影人都和影评家们感到一样失望,只有一小部分人称赞了利亚姆·海姆斯沃斯的表现(他在剧中扮演了飞行员杰克·莫里森的角色),但是《太平洋杂志却批评他“根本不会演戏”Not even Hemsworth - and a million budget - could save Independence Day: Resurgence judging by the downpour of scathing reviews Friday.在周五观影人们严厉的批评下,尽管《独立日:卷土重来有海姆斯沃斯的加盟以及高达1.65亿美元的投入,也不能够避免其上映期间的惨败The film’s concept, branded ’hilariously dumb’ by the Associated Press, could be summarized as follows: What would happen if years after aliens invaded, they came back in a 3,000-mile-wide ship?这部电影被美联社评为“滑稽得令人哑口无言”,它的梗概可以被概括如下:外星人入侵年后会发生什么?他们会乘坐3000英里宽的宇宙战舰卷土重来?The world has changed in the two decades since those hovering ships destroyed the White House and most major cities around the globe, and alien defense is now basically a subset of every military outfit — not just some shadowy undercover operation in an undisclosed base in the middle of the desert, film writer Lindsey Bahr noted.剧本作家林赛·巴尔指出,二十年来世界发生了改变,那些描述盘旋的战舰摧毁白宫、多数大城市毁于一旦的电影不再吃香,而外星人防御这个梗现在只不过是相关军事类题材电影的一部分--而不仅仅只是沙漠中央秘密基地中上演的秘密行动The plot is a big jumble of story lines, nonsense science talk and lots of references to the previous movie.这部电影的剧情简直一片混乱,充斥着毫无意义的科学对话,以及大量前作的内容’Speaking of 1996, there’s nothing even remotely as thrilling or memorable as the first here — no mom, son and pup running through an LA tunnel, no Will Smith complaining about missing a barbecue while dragging a comatose alien through the desert, and no set pieces likely to influence future action movies,’ Bahr added.巴尔指出:“说道1996年,没有哪部电影能够像第一部《独立日那样令人兴奋、难以忘怀--在这部电影里没有妈妈、儿子和小穿过洛杉矶的街道,也没有威尔·史密斯在拖拽昏迷外星人穿过沙漠时抱怨错过了烧烤,当时没有一部电影有可能像《独立日一样影响未来的动作片”水獭潜水帮捡手机 感觉自己萌萌哒(图) -- ::5 来源:   A member of staff at an animal sanctuary who dropped a mobile phone into a pool had it retrieved by an otter.  英国一个动物收容所的工作人员不慎把iPhone掉进水池后,萌萌的水獭帮她捡了上来  Jenny Lewis feared the iPhone would be lost good after it fell into the water, until Starsky the Asian short-clawed otter dived into action. He swam down to the bottom of his tank bee hauling the handset to the surface between his paws.  把手机掉进水里的是珍妮·刘易斯,她以为自己手机就这样玩完了,可没想到,这只名叫“史塔斯基”的亚洲小爪水獭却潜入水底,用前肢把手机夹上了岸  Starsky gave it back to its animal care assistant owner, at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, in Gweek, near Helston.  史塔斯基把手机还给了它的饲养员这只萌萌的水獭来自英国赫尔斯顿附近格威克的康沃尔海豹收容所  The attraction tweeted: "#phonegate – catastrophic loss of phone #Gweek Starsky the otter."  这条消息被发上推特,并以“手机门—手机的巨大损失”以及“格威克水獭--史塔斯基”为话题,吸引了很多网友  Starsky's usual tricks include climbing up the mesh sides of his enclosure – although he's too afraid to come down by himself.  史塔斯基平时还喜欢爬围栏,但总是因为太害怕自己总会再乖乖地爬下来福布斯名人榜出炉 成龙排名1(双语) -- 18:: 来源:sohu 近日,福布斯榜单公布,流行歌手泰勒; 斯威夫特以高达1 亿7000 万美元的收入,成为年度收入最高的明星斯威夫特以超出第二名00 万美元的成绩,轻松击败了英国男孩乐队单向组合(One Direction) bes has named pop singer Taylor Swiftas the highest-paid celebrity in , with a whopping paycheck of 小羊傻笑为哪般 只因误食千磅大麻 -- :5: 来源:   A flock of sheep were left feeling rather woolly-headed after accidentally munching on thousands of pounds worth of cannabis plants.  一群绵羊感到头晕目眩,原来它们不小心嚼食了价值数千英镑的大麻类植物  The animals began stumbling about after getting high on seven bags of the intoxicating plant, which had been dumped in their field.  这些动物误食了被人遗弃在草地上的七袋具有毒性的植物,出现吸毒后兴奋症状,走路也开始东倒西歪  Police won’t be taking action against the sheep tucking into their illegal meal, but are determined to catch the “irresponsible” crooks who grew and discarded the class B drug.  警方不会对这些误食了毒性草料的绵羊加以惩治,但是他们决定要逮住那些种植并遗弃了这些B类毒品的“不负责任的”恶棍们  The £,000 hoard of cannabis plants, each about 3ft tall, was found by the flock at the edge of Fanny’s Farm in Merstham, Surrey.  这批价值000英镑的大麻类植物大约每株3英尺高,是在萨利郡梅尔萨姆镇的法妮农场边境上首先被一群羊发现的  Farm shop manager Nellie Budd said: "My sheep being inquisitive had an interesting feast on it. They weren't quite on their backs with legs in the air but they probably had the munchies.  农场商场部经理内莉·巴德称:“我的这群羊一向很有好奇心,它们的好奇心给它们带来了有趣的收获它们还不至于四蹄朝天或者如坠云雾,不过它们应该是饱餐了一顿”  "They haven't had any other side effects but I'll tell you about the meat next week.  “它们没有表现出任何其他的副作用,不过到下个星期我才能告诉你它们的肉质有没有变化”  Investigating officer Detective Constable David Fair said: "It is extremely irresponsible whoever dumped these illegal plants in this way."  负责调查此事的官方人员,大卫·菲尔警探称:“无论是谁,这样丢弃这些非法植物都是极不负责任的”  "We are doing all we can to find out how the drugs came to be at the location and who is responsible growing and discarding the plants."  “我们正竭尽全力调查这些毒品是怎么来到此地的,还在调查谁要对种植和丢弃这些植物负责”  However, bringing the criminals to justice will be a challenge because the sheep chomped their way through quite a lot of the evidence.  不过,要将那些罪犯绳之以法可能有些挑战,因为绵羊们已经嚼掉了大部分的据 million. Swift led the race with ease, beating British boy band One Direction by million in earnings. 霉霉收入的大部分要归功于她的《1989(专辑)世界巡回演唱会她的演唱会收入甚至超越了滚石乐队北美巡演纪录,门票收入每晚达到了500 万美元,在北美地区总共收入 亿美元霉霉同样也在与健怡可乐,运动品牌科迪斯(Keds)和苹果的代言中大赚了一笔 Swift owes much of her income to her 1989World Tour. The singer beat The Rolling Stones' North American touring record, selling out stadiums to some million per night, grossing 出言不逊,贾斯汀·比伯被黑人男子暴打 -- :9: 来源: 日前在美国克利夫兰一家酒店外,一名黑人男子向贾斯汀·比伯要求签名,但丁日拒绝签名还辱骂了他随后这名黑人男子怒火中烧,对丁日饱以老拳,将其暴打了一顿据悉是贾斯汀比伯先动的手 This is the moment a Cleveland man asked Justin Bieber an autograph moments bee he was attacked by the popstar.当时这名克利夫兰人正向贾斯汀·比伯索要签名,后来比伯打了他Local man Lamont Richmond has come ward as the person filmed brawling with the singer on Monday night.这名黑人男子名叫拉蒙特·里士满,是克利夫兰本地人在周一晚上,他和贾斯汀比伯爆发了争吵Richmond, who is 6ft 5in, claims the 5ft 9in pop star called him a ’motherfucker’ when he asked an autograph outside The Westin hotel in Cleveland.据里士满(身高6尺5寸)称,当他在克利夫兰威斯汀酒店外向贾斯汀比伯(5尺9寸)索要签名时,比伯对他说“艹你妈”A shoving match ensued and Bieber threw a flurry of punches as the confrontation devolved into a brawl bee the pair were restrained.紧接着比伯推了一下里士满,对方还手之后两人就爆发了激烈的斗殴,在他们被分开之前,比伯多次出拳Mr Richmond - who easily won the fight - says that he had left a bar with two female friends when he saw Justin, , outside the hotel.里士满轻而易举地把比伯胖揍了一顿他说他当时和两名女性朋友离开了酒吧,随后就在酒店外面看到了贾斯汀比伯(岁)I was with the girls. We just asked the dick’ an autograph,’ Lamont says in a Facebook . He says he chatted with Bieber bee he was attacked when he asked an autograph.拉蒙特在一份发布于Facebook上的视频里说道:“我当时和子们在一起我们只不过想要这个混蛋一个签名而已”里士满说他最开始是在和比伯聊天,想要他一个签名,随后比伯便攻击了他However his version of events has been contradicted by a photo showing Bieber posing with a female fan outside the hotel moments bee the fight.但是事件真相似乎并不是这样据一只照片显示,在斗殴发生时,贾斯汀比伯正在和一名女粉丝摆姿势拍照According to Richmond, the group enjoyed a friendly chat with the Canadian star but the atmosphere changed when he asked Bieber a photo and an autograph.照里士满的说法,他们一伙人当时正和贾斯汀比伯很友好地交谈,但是当他向比伯要求合影和签名时,气氛就变了’The fool ran up on me,’ Lamont says in the .拉蒙特在视频里说道:“这智障打我”The pair can be seen shoving each other bee fists start to fly in the fight,可以看见,在双方激烈交锋前,里士满和比伯互相推搡了几下Justin, who has previously explained he won’t take photos with fans anymore because he feels like ’a zoo animal’, allegedly snapped, telling Richmond: ’No autographs tonight, motherfucker.’比伯之前曾说自己不会再和粉丝合影,因为他觉得那样自己就跟“动物园里的动物”一样据称当时比伯拒绝了里士满的要求,并对他说:“不给你签名,艹你妈!”Richmond says the star smelled of alcohol, and was certain he could have ’killed’ the 5ft9in singer if had gone ’full ce.’据里士满称,贾斯汀比伯当时好像喝了酒里士满还说自己并没有用全力,不然的话他可能已经把这个5英尺9寸的小个子“打死”了Despite Bieber’s recent efts to bulk up and grow a mustache, the 5’9’ starlet proved no match his hulking adversary who (after recovering from the shock) bundled him to the ground with ease.尽管贾斯汀比伯最近一直在健身,还蓄了胡子,但是身高仅有5英尺9寸的他完全不是高大威猛的里士满的对手从最初的惊吓中恢复过来后,里士满轻而易举地便将比伯打倒在地 million in North America to a total. Swift also earned big bucks from her endorsement contracts with Diet Coke, shoemaker Keds and Apple. 英国男孩乐队单向组合以总收入 1 亿00 万美元排名第二而足球运动员克里斯蒂亚诺; 罗纳尔多以8800 万美元排名第五英国女歌手阿黛尔以80 万美元的收入世界排名第九中国功夫巨星成龙,作为唯一上榜的中国人,以60 万美元排在第1名中国的这位动作巨星也成为了世界收入第二的男演员韩国男生乐队Bigbang,收入00 万美元,世界排名5 British boy band One Direction claimed the second spot with total earnings of million. While soccer player Cristiano Ronaldotied at fifth spot with million. British songstress Adele ranked No. 9 with .5 million. Chinese kung fusuperstar Jackie Chan, the only person from China on the list, sat at No. 1 with million. China's action megastar is world's second highest paid actor. South Korean boyband Bigbang, raked in $ million at No. 5. 今年福布斯明星前0名单地域上更加广泛,但在性别上仍有差距,仅有 名女性,比去年的名稍有下降 Geographical diversity on the Celeb 0 is better, but the gender gap still remains; there are only women, down from last year. English Source: China Daily

里约奥运中国代表团成立 名运动健儿出征 -- 18::9 来源: 7月18日,里约奥运会中国代表团在北京人民大会堂成立,此次中国代表团共计7人,其中参赛运动员人,是中国代表团境外参加奥运会规模最大的一届 China unveiled its Olympic team on Monday made up of athletes to the Rio Olympic Games next month, with star swimmer Ning Zetao included in the swimming team.星期一,中国公布了下月将出征里约奥运会的名运动健儿名单,备受关注的游泳冠军宁泽涛也在列Ning, who rose to fame after winning the 0-meter freestyle gold at the FINA World Championships last year, was reportedly to be cut from the team undertaking too many commercial engagements.在去年的国际泳联世锦赛上,宁泽涛摘取了0米自由泳桂冠,自此名声大振此前有报道称,因频繁参加商业活动,宁泽涛无缘里约奥运会The Henan swimmer became a household name in China after winning gold at the Asian Games. The Rio Games will be Ning’s first Summer Olympic Games.自年秋仁川亚运会勇夺四金,横空出世的宁泽涛就成了中国家喻户晓的名字里约奥运将是他参加的首个夏季奥运会Reigning world champion Sun Yang also looks to defend his 1,500-meter freestyle gold medal.看起来,卫冕世界冠军孙杨也将继续捍卫他的00米自由泳金牌China will compete in 6 of the sports at the Games, as its handball and rugby sevens teams failed to qualify.个大项中,中国代表团共报名参加了除手球和7人制橄榄球之外的其余6个大项The star-studded squad includes 35 mer Olympic champions, spearheaded by veteran shooters Du Li, and diver Wu Minxia, who all competed at the Summer Games in Athens, Greece.群星云集的参赛阵容中,有35位前奥运冠军,由经验丰富的射击运动员杜丽、跳水运动员吴敏霞领衔,他们也曾参加年希腊雅典的夏季奥运会Ai Yanhan, , will compete in the women’s 0-meter freestyle and x0-meter freestyle relay as the youngest member of the Chinese contingent, while Beijing shooting champion Chen Ying, 38, will be the ?oldest athlete who is on her fourth Olympic trip.代表团中年龄最小的是游泳队的艾衍含,年仅岁,将角逐女子0米自由泳和×0米自由泳的冠军年龄最大的是年北京奥运射击冠军陈颖,今年38岁,这是她第四次参加奥运会Traditionally, China dominate table tennis, badminton, diving, gymnastics, shooting and weightlifting at the Olympic Games.一如既往,中国在奥运会的优势主要集中在乒乓球、羽毛球、跳水、体操、射击和举重等项目上Badminton great Lin Dan will also compete in his fourth Olympic Games, seeking to defend his title and bag his third consecutive Olympic gold medal.男子羽毛球运动员林丹也将参加他的第四次奥运会,力争卫冕冠军并连续取得他的第三个奥运冠军The Chinese men’s basketball team is also seeking to make a breakthrough in Rio, but they face strong teams in the group stage, with the US, European powerhouses France and Serbia and South American giants Venezuela and Argentina.中国男篮也将在里约奥运中寻求突破,不过小组赛中将迎战美国和欧洲劲旅法国、塞尔维亚等以及南美洲强队委内瑞拉和阿根廷The women’s volleyball team, which qualified Rio after winning the World Cup in Japan with volleyball legend Lang Ping at the helm, is also eyeing another Olympic title.由排球传奇郞平掌舵的中国女排,在去年的世界杯战胜日本队赢得冠军后,也第一时间获得了里约奥运会参赛资格,本次里约奥运期待实现再次夺冠的宏愿They won gold in Athens and bronze in Beijing bee dropping to fifth in London.中国女排在年雅典奥运斩获金牌,在年奥运取得铜牌,而在年伦敦奥运的排名则下滑到第五Lang was chosen the head coach in , with the country hoping the "Iron Hammer" would revive the team.有“铁榔头”之称的著名教练郎平于年起担任中国女排主教练,肩负着国家的殷切期望:重振中国女排Five-time gymnastics world champion Zou Kai failed to qualify due to poor m from injuries. Long jumper Li Jinzhe will likewise skip the Games after a disappointing season last year.“五金王”体操世界冠军邹凯因伤无缘在里约奥运会再续辉煌长跑选手李金哲也因去年表现不佳未能入围里约阵容At London , China grabbed 38 golds, 7 silvers and 3 bronzes, ranking second in the overall medal table behind the US.年伦敦奥运会上,中国夺得38枚金牌,7枚银牌和3枚铜牌,在总奖牌榜上排名第二,仅次于美国Rio is the first South American city to host the Summer Games. The lead-up to the Games has been marked by political controversies - including the corruption and instability of the country’s federal government, as well as health concerns over the Zika virus.里约是第一个举办夏季奥运会的南美洲城市由于联邦政府的腐败和动荡导致的政治丑闻不断,以及寨卡病毒的肆虐,里约奥运一路走来颇多坎坷美联社获年普利策奖:00多名奴工被解救 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:你吃的每一条海鱼和每一只海虾,都可能包含了另一个人的血和泪这并非耸人听闻,在被美联社揭露的血汗海鲜工厂,成百上千的劳工曾被非法奴役,他们像奴隶一样失去自由、健康和家人,用生命向全世界各地输送沾满鲜血的海鲜Chinese social media exploded last week with news about a prestigious culture award in the US – the Pulitzer Prize.上周中国社交媒体被美国久负盛名的文化类奖项——普利策奖的新闻刷屏了Much of the attention was focused on one of the winners: “Seafood from slaves”, an investigation by The Associated Press (AP) that won the award public service.公众的注意力主要集中在公共务奖的得主上:美联社以一篇关于“东南亚血汗海鲜工厂”的调查报道获此殊荣It is a series of stories recording how the fishing industry in Southeast Asia used slave labor to put seafood in kitchens and restaurants in the US, and around the world.这一系列的追踪报道记录了东南亚业非法奴役劳工为美国和全世界各地的厨房、餐馆输送海鲜AP correspondent Martha Mendoza was one of the lead reporters the yearlong investigation. After the series was released last year, NPR did a profile of Mendoza and the team’s work. NPR explains that the AP discovered “dozens of men being held against their will on Benjina, a remote Indonesian island, which serves as the base a trawler fleet that fishes in the area”.美联社记者玛莎?门多萨是这项调查的首席记者之一,该调查持续了一年去年系列调查刊登之后,美国国家公共电台曾介绍过门多萨团队的报道报道称,美联社发现“许多劳工被强制留在印尼的本吉纳岛,这个偏远的印尼小岛是该地区的渔船基地”When the AP’s team went to the island, they found men held in cages so that they wouldn’t run away. “They were trapped. They had no way to go home; they had not heard from their family in five, ten years,” Mendoza said.当美联社的调查团队进入本吉纳岛后,发现劳工们被关在笼子里以防逃跑门多萨说:“他们被囚禁;他们无法回家;他们已经有五年甚至十年没有和家人联系过了”These modern-day slaves were mostly from Myanmar. Some of them were lured by promises of a job, while others were kidnapped and ced to work.这些当代的奴隶大部分来自缅甸有些人被得到工作机会的承诺引诱而来,还有些人被绑架来强制工作After the AP reporters made this discovery, they began tracking where the seafood went. They watched the seafood get loaded into a cargo ship, then used GPS to track it to a port in Thailand.当美联社记者发现这个情况后,他们开始追踪这里海鲜的走向他们目睹海鲜被装上一艘货船后,用全球地位系统追踪到货船抵达泰国的一个港口The seafood was offloaded into some 0 trucks. The reporters followed as many of those trucks as they could, jotting down the names of the plants where the seafood was delivered.这批海鲜被分装到0余辆卡车上记者们竭尽全力追踪这些卡车,记下海鲜被送入哪些工厂Then the AP dug into customs records to see which of those plants were shipping seafood into the US. A lot of the seafood ended up in major supermarket chains including Wal-Mart and Safeway.之后,美联社深挖了海关记录,发现这些工厂将一些海鲜运往美国很多海鲜最终被送入包括沃尔玛、西夫韦在内的大型连锁超市The reporting eventually freed ,000 slaves, brought perpetrators to justice and caused industry rems.报道最终帮助00名奴工重获自由,将罪犯绳之以法,并敦促该行业进行改革沃尔玛和麦当劳:效仿福来鸡的成功策略 --30 :5:38 来源: 近年来,顾客们普遍抱怨美国两个最大最古老品牌沃尔玛和麦当劳的顾务差现在,两家公司纷纷向福来鸡等公司学习,投资数十亿美元来提高员工工资,加强员工培训这些措施已经取得了积极的效果 Walmart and McDonald’s, two of the biggest and oldest brands in the US, have years faced widesp complaints about poor customer service.近年来,顾客们普遍抱怨美国两个最大最古老品牌沃尔玛和麦当劳的顾务差Now both companies are investing billions of dollars in wage increases and training their workers, following in the footsteps of companies like Chick-fil-A, and they are aly seeing positive results.现在,两家公司纷纷向福来鸡等公司学习,投资数十亿美元来提高员工工资,加强员工培训这些措施已经取得了积极的效果Walmart last year committed to investing $.7 billion over two years in wage increases, scheduling improvements, and employee training.去年,沃尔玛承诺在未来两年投资7亿美元用于提高工资,改进调度,培训员工The move is improving widesp issues in stores, such as empty shelves and cleanliness, executives said.沃尔玛的主管表示,这一举措正在解决一些普遍存在的问题,比如空货架和清洁问题The company is even seeing sales and traffic improvements, which it said were driven in part by the investments in labor. In the most recent quarter, Walmart’s US same-store sales rose 1%, driven by a 1.5% increase in traffic.沃尔玛的销量和人流量也有所增加,这部分是由于投资劳动力所致上季度,美国沃尔玛店面的人流量增加1.5%,销量也随之增加1%The changes aren’t going unnoticed by customers.消费者们也注意到了这些变化"Our customers continue to tell us they are happy with the changes we’re making in our stores, as evidenced by our customer-experience scores, which rose again this quarter versus last year," said Brett Biggs, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Walmart stores, on a call with analysts.“顾客说他们很高兴看到沃尔玛的这些变化与去年相比,本季度的顾客体验指数有所上升,” 沃尔玛的执行副总裁和首席财务官Brett Biggs在电话中告诉分析人员McDonald’s has also been investing in its workers.麦当劳也同样加强对员工的投资The fast-food chain lifted its average hourly wage from .01 to .90 last July, and will raise it further to exceed $ by the end of this year.去年7月份,麦当劳员工的时薪由9.01美元提高至9.90美元,今年年底将超过美元McDonald’s also started allowing workers to earn up to five days of paid vacation every yea.另外,麦当劳开始允许员工每年享受5天的带薪休假The training and wage investments have had a significant impact on customer service, according to McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook.麦当劳的首席执行官史蒂夫?伊斯特布鲁克表示,员工培训和员工投资对顾务产生了巨大的影响He said the changes "have resulted in lower crew turnover and higher customer-satisfaction scores ... and we are gaining share relative to the [fast-food] sandwich segment."他说:“这些变化降低了员工离职率,提高了客户满意度在快餐中的三明治领域,我们获得了更多的市场份额”Customer-satisfaction scores were up 6% in the first quarter, compared to the same period last year, he said.他表示,第一季度的客户满意度比去年同比增长了6%

千万不要全价购买的种东西 --18 ::38 来源:chinadaily GIFT CARDS 1.礼品卡 If you’re in a hurry, a store-bought gift card might be your only option. But if you can plan ahead, services that act as marketplaces unwanted cards can actually wind up costing you less than the face value of the balance. The exchanges buy cards from sellers, verify they're still good, then sell them below retail price. 如果你很着急,那么在现成的礼品卡或许是你的唯一选择但是如果你提前计划,商店一些滞销的礼品卡实际上价格会比礼品卡的票面价值要低交换者从销售人员手中购买礼品卡,说明这些卡片还是不错的,然后就会以低于零售价格来销售这些卡片 . PRINTER INK .打印机油墨 While printer companies caution against recycling old cartridges or using ink kits to replenish them, doing so instead of buying brand-new refills can save you a considerable amount of money. If printing quality begins to suffer, then consider splurging a new cartridge. Until then, you’ll save well over half the cost ($ and up) of buying new. 尽管打印公司严令禁止回收旧的墨盒或者使用墨水盒来补充,而是要求购买全新的笔芯来更换,这样会节省许多钱如果打印质量开始下降,那就考虑换一个新的墨盒吧这样的话,你就能省下买新笔芯价格的一半以上(美元以上) 3. CABLE AND INTERNET 3.有线和网络 If you’ve ever sulked at the rock-bottom offers your cable company offers to new customers, don’t despair. You can often get the same deal by calling and discussing your current plan with a service representative; expressing dissatisfaction with inflated rates or inquiring about promotional offers can usually lead to a discount. 如果你曾经因为底层代理商以有线公司的价格卖给新用户,也不要绝望因为你往往可以通过给务代表打电话讨论你现在的想法,来获得同样的优惠;表达你对于价格飞涨的失望或者要求优惠价格,一般都会得到折扣价 . TEXTBOOKS .课本 Next to tuition and moving expenses, budgeting textbooks can be a college-bound student's biggest financial hassle. Try to ignore the sticker price on brand-new books and search the ones you need online. Putting up with a few tears or stains can slash as much as off a volume. 仅次于学费和搬家费,课本的预算出可能是高校学生经济压力最大的一个难题了试着忽视新书上面的标签价格,在网上找找你需要的书籍用忍受眼泪或者委屈,买书的价格就可以降低很多,70美元的书可能60美元就能买到<牛人_句子><牛人_句子>

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