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长春市中医药大学第二附属医院可以刷医疗卡吗吉大第一医院电话预约Human rights and Europe人权和欧洲Playing to the right为权利上演的“宫心计”The Conservativesplans to reform human-rights laws are a muddle保守党针对人权法案的改革计划如今还是一团糟“UNWORKABLE”, “contradictory” and “incoherent”. Those were among the epithets that have greeted the Conservative Partys plans to reform Britains human-rights laws. The Tories have long wanted to scrap the Human Rights Act (HRA), passed in 1998 by a Labour government. On October 3rd Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, promised to do just that as the Tories gear up for a May election in which the Eurosceptic UK Independence Party (UKIP) threatens to lure away voters. In fact, the reforms will change less than supporters hope or critics fear.“不切实际”、“相互矛盾”又“杂乱无序”。这些词汇都是舆论对保守党改革英国人权法案计划的反应。一直以来保守党都想废除人权法案(HRA),该法案于1988年被工党政府通过生效。司法部长克里斯格雷林于10月3日承诺此种举动仅是保守党为了一个“五月的选举”做准备,对此选举最反欧的英国独立党(UKIP)扬言会拉拢选民。实际上,此项改革能改变的远不到持者所期望的或是批评者所担忧的那样。The HRA incorporated into British law the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which Britain signed (and helped to draft) more than half a century ago. The act allowed Britons to pursue human-rights violations in British courts, rather than going to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Although demonised by the Tories as European interventionism, the HRA actually made it more likely that human-rights cases would be heard in domestic courts, albeit in the light of internationally agreed principles.英国HRA将纳入大英律法,它于半个多世纪前签署(并协助起草)后缔结成欧洲人权公约(ECHR)。此项法案允许英国人在英国法庭之上追究人权侵害之责,而免于奔赴位于斯特拉斯堡的欧洲人权法院。虽然保守党将该法案歪曲成了欧盟干涉主义,但是根据国际公认的原则,HRA实际上更加使得有关人权的案件能在国内法院受审。Several decisions by the European court have particularly upset the Conservatives. The court ruled that Britains ban on any prisoners voting was unlawful; it laid down that whole-life sentences should be subject to review; and it insisted that Abu Qatada, accused of terrorist offences, should not be deported to Jordan without guarantees that neither he nor those giving evidence at his trial would be tortured. Eurosceptics and British tabloids have seized on these cases as evidence of European meddling in British affairs.欧洲法院所做出的一些决议,犹使保守党焦躁不安。法院规定,英国针对囚犯投票的任何禁令是违法的;它主张有关终身性的判决应该受到审查;而且法院坚持认为在没有对他或是其他与审判庭上提供据的人免受责难的担保之下,被指控恐怖主义犯罪的阿布卡塔达不应被流放到约旦。欧洲怀疑论者和英国的小报抓住这类案件作为欧盟干预英国事务的据。The Tories say they will replace the HRA with a new Bill of Rights. They argue that Britain has a long history of its own human-rights laws (including Magna Carta) and that the European court is overreaching. The Conservatives want to limit the rights of individuals (notably foreigners) under the convention in certain circumstances. The European courts judgments would be merely advisory as far as British courts are concerned. If the Council of Europe, the guardian of the convention, refuses to accept these changes, Britain would withdraw from the convention.保守党表示他们将以一个全新的权利法案替代HRA。他们认为,英国在很长一段历史上拥有自己的人权法案(包括《大宪章》)但欧洲法院如今过分干预。遵从公约为前提,保守党希望在某些情况下限制个人权利(特别是外国人)。只有英国法院还是有些忠实的,那么欧洲法院的判决也仅是参考而已。如果欧洲理事会—公约的监护者—拒绝接受这样的改变,英国将退出该公约。In fact the ECHR has less legal power than first appears. International treaties are difficult to enforce, and the court cannot force Britain to change its laws even now. Prisoners do not have the vote despite the courts objection to Britains ban. The main problem is political; other members of the Council of Europe may not want to put up with Britain continually ignoring the courts rulings, as the Tories proposals suggest they might.实际上,相较于ECHR的首次亮相,如今它拥有的法律权力弱了很多,国际条约难以强制执行,即使现在法院也不能强制英国改变它的法律。尽管法院反对英国的禁令,但是囚犯还是没有投票权。这主要是因为政治性问题;由于保守党的提议表明他们可能会继续无视欧洲法院的裁定,而其他欧洲理事会成员国也可能不想容忍英国的这种无视。Nor has European human-rights legislation proved as restrictive as critics suggest. In 2012, of 2,146 foreign offenders ordered to be deported, just 256 successfully appealed on human-rights grounds. In the 16 years since the HRA came into force, domestic courts have made 28 “declarations of incompatibility”, holding that British laws conflict with the European convention. In 2013, of 1,652 British cases dealt with in Strasbourg, judges found violations in just eight.欧洲的人权立法也不如批评家们指明的限制性。2012年,在被命令驱逐的2146名外国罪犯中,仅有256名成功的以人权缘由上诉。自HRA生效施行的16年间,国内法院给出了28 次有关“无法兼容的通告”,认为英国法律与欧洲公约存在冲突。2013年,在斯特拉斯堡处理的1652起英国案件中,法官发现仅有8起出现违规。Without the HRA, the liberties enshrined in the European convention would still apply to Britons, who would then have to revert to going to Strasbourg about human-rights violations, as they did before its introduction. If the promised Bill of Rights were at odds with the convention, appeals would multiply.没有HRA,欧洲公约中的一些自由许可可能仍旧适用于英国人,随之英国人就必须恢复到奔赴斯特拉斯堡处理人权侵害的问题—就像在签署公约之前一样做。若是承诺的权利法案与公约还是存在冲突,上诉可能会增多。Even if it ditched the ECHR, Britain would still be bound by the EUs Charter of Fundamental Rights, which draws on the convention. It would also remain bound by other international treaties. The UN Convention against Torture prohibits deporting people to places where they maybe abused. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child makes expelling foreign criminals with offspring in Britain tricky. And, since the act was passed, at least some of the convention rights–such as those not to be tortured or held indefinitely without charge–have become more firmly rooted in English common law (which is based on precedent), argues Philippe Sands, a law professor at University College London.即使英国挣脱了ECHR,它还是会受到《欧盟基本权利宪章》的限制,因为该宪章的制定借鉴了欧洲人权公约。英国同样会受到其他国际条约的制约。《联合国禁止酷刑公约》表明,禁止将人流放至他们可能受虐的地方。儿童权利宣言使得驱逐外国罪犯同时要机警处理他们在英国的后代。而且自从人权法案被通过,至少有一部分公约的权利—像是那些没有被虐待或是并无指控无限期收监的人—会变得越来越扎实的植根在英国普法之中(基于先例的普通法律),来自伦敦大学的法学教授菲利普桑斯如是表明。Devolution complicates matters further. The convention is incorporated into devolution legislation and the Good Friday agreements in Northern Ireland. Scottish police could therefore become subject to different human-rights obligations for crimes for which Westminster has responsibility (terrorism, say) and for those devolved to Scotland (most other offences). Having survived the Scottish vote on independence, the Conservatives proposals may shake the union again.权力下放会使事情更加复杂化。公约被纳入授权立法和《北爱和平协议》。因此,苏格兰警方会遵从于不同的人权责任针对那些英国议会责任的罪犯(恐怖主义),和那些被移交至苏格兰的罪犯(大部分因为其他罪行)。在苏格兰独立公投中胜利了,保守党的提议可能会再一次撼动这个联合王国。Yet for those who bemoan Europes influence, the court is a lightning rod for discontent. The Tory proposals look like a sop to them, ahead of an election. But the message that such changes would send is a bad one. Five countries, led by Russia and Turkey, were responsible for more than half the violations found by the European court last year. Getting them to comply with its rulings will be harder if Britain will not do so. For citizens of countries less committed to the rule of law than Britain, the court sometimes offers a final hope.然而对于那些哀叹欧洲影响力的人来说,欧洲法院就是他们宣泄不满的“避雷针”。在选举之前,保守党的提议看似安抚了他们。但是这种变化发出的信息走势并不好。由俄罗斯和土耳其领导的五个国家,要对在去年由欧洲法院发现的一半以上的违规行为负责。如果英国不愿遵守裁决,那么要让这五国一起依从裁决将会变得难上加难。鉴于相较于英国,这五个国家的公民那较弱的坚定程度,偶尔给法院还带去了最后的希望。译者:张娣 校对:周晓婷译文属译生译世 /201506/382891长春省第一人民医院费用 White-nose syndrome is a deadly disease caused by a fungus. Its killing bats in 27 states including Michigan, and five Canadian provinces.It was first discovered in North America around a decade ago. Researchers think it came over from Europe, possibly on the shoes of a tourist or caver.The disease affects bats that hibernate underground, and the northern long-eared bat is getting hit especially hard. It was listed as threatened last April because of white-nose syndrome.The federal government recently finalized a rule that lays out how the Endangered Species Act will protect that bat.What white-nose syndrome did to bats this winterResearchers surveyed hibernating bats this winter, and they found populations are down a lot.Allen Kurta is a bat researcher with Eastern Michigan University. He says in some sites, numbers were down by 40-60%.Kurta says infected bats wake up more often than normal during hibernation.;And because of those more frequent arousals, they run out of their fat by January, February, sometimes even earlier,; Kurta says. ;And if they run out of fat, theyre in trouble.;He says some of them fly out of caves looking for food in the winter. Thats not normal for bats. They end up dying in the snow.This winter, Kurta visited Bumblebee Mine in the Upper Peninsula.He says bats inside the mine were no better off. Many of them had fallen into a pool of water.;There were bats trying to crawl out of the water, and up onto the rock,; Kurta says. ;Some of them made it, but they just couldnt go any farther. You could tell—theyre just sitting there. That wasnt pretty. That was a lot of suffering. You could tell those animals were dying.;Those bats were mainly little brown bats. Theyre Michigans most common bat species. Kurta says before white-nose syndrome arrived, the northern long-eared bat was doing well in Michigan. Thats not the case anymore.;Were having a harder time finding any northern bats,; he says. ;And thats not a good sign.;How the 4(d) rule protects northern-long eared batsThings have gotten so bad for the northern long-eared bat that the species was listed as threatened last April. This January, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finalized the 4(d) rule for the northern long-eared bat.Dan Kennedy is the Endangered Species Coordinator for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.;It protects that bat during its most sensitive life stages while limiting the regulatory burden on the public and several different government agencies,; Kennedy says.The 4(d) rule bans purposeful take—that means you cant harm or kill these bats anywhere on purpose.The rule also bans incidental take—which means you cant accidently harm or kill the bats—anywhere theyre hibernating in winter or raising young in June and July. But if you accidently harm or kill bats at any other time, the 4(d) rule basically says thats okay.Hal Zweng is with the Michigan Department of Transportation. He says the rule makes it easier to do construction projects year-round. But Zweng says MDOT will change their work plans to avoid cutting down trees in the summer. Thats because bats raise their babies in trees.;We believe that the majority of our projects are going to be planned, going forward, well do the tree removal work in the winter,; Zweng says.But theres a catch to the 4(d) rule.The rule says you cant harm or kill bats anywhere the federal government knows bats are raising young in summer.And thats controversial. The federal government keeps a list of trees where bats have babies each year, and those spots are off limits. But if a tree is not on this list, someone could cut it down.Bat expert Allen Kurta is worried that means theres a huge loophole in the rule.;Virtually every tree out there that these bats use could be removed,; Kurta says. ;And many of them are going to be removed in the summertime when theres maternity colonies inside, because no one has to look.;The DNR says it has a good grasp on where northern long-eared bats hibernate. But officials say theyre still trying to find out where the bats spend the summer. That means a lot of places those bats raise their young in Michigan are unprotected right now.See this article to learn about research scientists are doing to find a cure for white-nose syndrome. For information on how to help bats out around your house, click here.201603/434802长春都市丽人妇科医院宫颈糜烂手术

长春专业做无痛人流的医院长春三院在什么位置 All right, we love this school and so do our friends at Target.好了 我们喜欢这所学校 塔吉特百货也是For years,Target has has committed giving a billion dollars towards education so far,近些年 塔吉特一直致力于向教育事业捐款 目前已达到10亿美元They know its important for kids to have the right school supplies.他们知道孩子们能拥有学习用品至关重要So Target is 700 backpacks to fill the school supplies each student up academy.所以塔吉特为UP小学的700名学生每人提供一个装满学习用品的书包That is amazing.Also, also Genie.Yes, Ellen.All right.太棒了 还有 吉妮 怎么了 艾伦 好的Also Genie, every student is also gonna get a 100 Target gift card.还有 吉妮 每位学生还将获得一张100美元的塔吉特礼品卡Make sure they know that.I would take a break, could be right back.告诉他们这个消息 广告过后 马上回来Thank you vey so much.It’s a big day for those kids in Up Academy.非常感谢大家 今天对于UP小学的学生们而言是美好的一天We are back with Nicole Bohlmann.How many um teachers are there?我们继续采访妮可·波乐曼 你们学校有多少位老师There are 70 teachers. - 70 teachers.Yes.70位 -70位老师 对Well, we have learned that the average teacher spends at least 0我们了解到每位老师平均花500美元 都是他们自己的钱out of their own pockets on their classrooms, right?来付教室的费用 是吗 /201601/419235长春都市丽人做彩超多少钱

长春都市丽人医院咨询 听力参考文本:A bus company in Detroit sees a future for the city where every kid can get a free ride to their after-school programs, and then back to their door for free.The Detroit Bus Company is trying to make that dream a reality with the Youth Transit Alliance, which currently runs during the week in Southwest Detroit.The bus takes 20-50 kids from 10 different schools to their after-school programs, and makes sure they get home safely afterwards.The YTA began last year, and in its pilot year they gave rides to more than 5,000 kids.;The goal is increased engagement,; says Andy Didorosi, president of the Detroit Bus company. ;Its to show kids that theres a world outside of their ... neighborhood that they can go and learn and do lots of amazing things that they otherwise wouldnt think possible, and have opportunities available to them now that werent available, and its just via a simple bus ride.;Salvador Villagrana is a senior at Detroit Cristo Ray high school. He takes the bus to get back and forth from robotics.;What were doing now could help us out on our transcript, and going to college. And it opened my eyes as in wanting to go into engineering. I wanted to start off with being a pre-occupational therapist, and it kinda changed my mind.;Didorosi has seen the benefits these after-school programs have had on former riders of the YTA. Two kids last year got scholarships to college that they may not have been able to get otherwise.;To see a teacher tell you, my kids are now successful and they wouldnt have been otherwise without this bus is moving, and its powerful,; Didorosi said.But some of the kids that take the bus arent thinking about college – theyre elementary schoolers who like riding this big, colorful bus with their friends.;I would say this bus looks like it came from outer space and came to earth, that it chose us,; says eight-year-old Daniel Estrella.Theres a supervisor, or ;conductor; who is especially important for the little ones that ride the bus. The conductor helps them with homework, and walks them to their door at the end of the day.;I had a few moments last week where it was really kind of emotional, to walk them to their door and to make sure they get them home safely, and to be the one responsible for that,; says conductor Mary Mares.Some kids ride the bus every day. Others ride just once a week. Participation in the program has been growing as more parents hear about the service. Because participation fluctuates, the bus route changes every day. Its kind of a logistical nightmare for the people running the operation. But for the kids, its free, safe, and reliable.;The kids have something that they can rely on every day, day in and day out,; says Didorosi. ;They see the same adult on the bus, the same driver, theyre expecting them. That bus is there on time, it will wait for them if they dont show up. This is a level of customer service that these kids dont have in their daily life.;But if the company doesnt find money, and fast, the buses could stop running.The Skillman Foundation funded the first year of the YTA, but this year the Detroit Bus Company has had to come up with money to keep the YTA moving. If it doesnt make its fundraising goal, the bus will stop running in April.201503/365655四平人民医院诊所长春第四人民医院官网专家在线咨询



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