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渠县人民医院看妇科南充市中心医院无痛引流多少钱彭州市人民医院人流怎么样 Hillary Clinton has urged the state department to quickly release emails she sent from a personal account during her tenure as US secretary of state, as she struggles to maintain control of the narrative surrounding her second campaign for the presidency.希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)已敦促美国国务院尽快发布她担任美国务卿期间从私人账号发出的电子邮件。正处于第二次总统选战中的希拉里正艰难应对公众舆论。At an event in Iowa on Tuesday, Mrs Clinton called on the department to “expeditethe release of the messages, the existence of which sparked a controversy that continues to dog the Democratic frontrunner on the campaign trail.周二,在爱荷华州的一次活动中,希拉里呼吁美国国务院“尽快”公布这些邮件。这些邮件引发的争议一直困扰着希拉里。她目前是本次选战中的民主党头号人物。“I have said repeatedly I want those emails out,Mrs Clinton said in a brief impromptu press conference. “Nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than I do. I want the American people to learn as much as we can about the work that I did.”在一个短暂的临时记者招待会上,希拉里表示:“我已反复申明我希望公开这些电子邮件。没人比我更希望公布这些邮件。我希望美国人民尽可能地了解我所做的工作。”A federal judge earlier on Tuesday instructed the state department to release the messages on a rolling basis, rather than in one lump early next year as the department had proposed, in response to a lawsuit filed by a member of the media.周二早些时候,在回应一位媒体从业者提起的法律诉讼时,一位联邦法官指示美国国务院逐步公开这些邮件,而不是像美国国务院提议的那样,在明年初一次性公开。Mrs Clinton is failing to draw much attention on the issues she says she wants to prioritise, as headlines continue to focus on donations to the Clintonsfamily foundation and their personal wealth.希拉里未能将人们的注意力吸引到她希望摆在优先位置的问题上。媒体依然聚焦于克林顿家族基金收到的捐赠以及他们的个人财富。On Friday forms filed with the Federal Election Committee revealed that Mrs Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, had earned more than m in speaking fees since 2014.周五,联邦选举委员Federal Election Commission)提交的文件披露,2014年以来,希拉里和她的丈夫、美国前总统比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)通过演说赚得500万美元。There have also been fresh questions over her ties to longtime former adviser Sidney Blumenthal.此外,围绕希拉里与曾长期担任其顾问的西德#8226;布卢门撒Sidney Blumenthal)之间的关系,还出现了新的质疑。In Iowa, Mrs Clinton had been hoping to use a roundtable in Cedar Falls to focus on her agenda for helping small businesses, including reducing red tape, simplifying the tax process and reducing the regulatory burden on community banks that fuel much of the lending to local entrepreneurs.在爱荷华州的竞选途中,希拉里希望通过在雪松瀑布(Cedar Falls)的一次座谈会,将人们的注意力集中在她扶助小型企业的议程上。这些议程包括减少繁文缛节、简化税务流程、以及降低社区的监管门槛——这些社区的多数贷款都发放给了当地企业。However, none of the five questions she was asked related to small business.然而,希拉里被问及的五个问题都与小型企业无关。来 /201505/376344成都第四人民医院妇科华

四川去哪做不孕不育好成医附属不孕不育专科医院地址 Recriminations about US efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza grew on Monday, even though the tempo of fighting was reduced.尽管以色列和哈马斯间的战火有所减弱,但美国国务卿美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)在两者间的调停努力在周一仍然引发了更大的舆论反弹。US secretary of state John Kerry returned to Washington on Sunday after a week of shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East that failed to bring an end to the 21-day conflict, which has aly left 1,050 people dead.在中东开展了一周的穿梭外交之后,克里周日返回了华盛顿。不过,他此次斡旋没能终结这一轮已延续21天、导050人丧生的冲突。Instead, Mr Kerry’s efforts have resulted in a rift between the Obama administration and the Israeli government that could lead to more international pressure on Israel. This will make it harder still for the secretary of state to fulfil his goal of brokering a longer-term solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.相反,克里之行导致奥巴马(Obama)政府和以色列政府之间出现了裂痕。这一裂痕可能会让以色列面临更大国际压力,也令克里更难以通过外交斡旋为巴以冲突找到一个更长期的解决方案。Despite the lull in fighting, the conflict is becoming intractable: Hamas in Gaza demands an easing of economic restrictions while Israel wants to continue attacking the network of tunnels that Hamas has developed.尽管双方交火正在减少,但这次冲突正变得不可调和:加沙地带的哈马斯(Hamas)要求以方放宽经济封锁,而以色列则想继续打击哈马斯挖掘的地道网络。The tensions between Mr Kerry and the Israeli government were apparent throughout his six days in the region, notably after the US aviation regulator banned commercial flights on Wednesday from landing at Tel Aviv airport because of the risk of Hamas bombs a decision the Israeli government slammed as “a prize for terror克里和以色列政府的紧张关系在天的中东之行里表现得十分明显,特别是在美国航空监管机构由于哈马斯炸弹风险而在周三禁飞赴特拉维夫机场的商业航班之后——以色列政府曾强烈谴责这一决定,称它是“恐怖事件的战利品”。The strains broke into the open on Friday when the US circulated the text of a ceasefire proposal. Within hours, the Israeli press reported that the country’s security cabinet had unanimously voted to reject the text.周五当美国传出一份停火提案时,双方这种紧张关系走向公开。就在文本传出几小时后,以色列媒体报道称,以色列安全内阁一致否决了这一文本。Speaking on Israeli radio on Sunday, justice minister Tzipi Livni said she told Mr Kerry that the proposal was “completely unacceptableand that it “would have strengthened extremists in the region周日,以色列司法部长齐皮#8226;利夫Tzipi Livni)在以色列广播上发表讲话称,她曾告诉克里这一提案“完全不可接受”,“可能会助长该地区极端分子的势力”。US officials, however, insist that the text was never presented as a formal proposal to be voted on, but was a set of ideas to be discussed and debated. Mr Kerry said it was an act of “mischiefto suggest there was a concrete ceasefire proposal.不过,美国官方却坚称该文本根本就不是用来投票的正式提案,而是一些要经过磋商和辩论的初步想法。克里表示,那种暗示存在具体停火提案的行为是“无事生非”。The draft that US officials circulated called on both sides to “refrain from conducting any military or security targetingduring the ceasefire, which implies a halt in most military operations but does not preclude Israel from continuing to try to close tunnels. However, in the Israeli view, the document paid only lip-service to its security concerns about the threat from Hamas.这份美方官员传出的草案呼吁双方在停火期间“不要采取任何带有军事或安全目的的行动”,这意味着停止大多数军事行动,但未阻止以色列继续关闭地道。然而,在以色列人看来,对于来自哈马斯的威胁所引发的安全担忧,文件中的提法只是一种场面话。In Israeli eyes, Mr Kerry made things worse by travelling to Paris on Saturday to meet the foreign ministers of Qatar and Turkey, two governments with ties to Hamas whom Israel views as being opposed to its interests.此外,在以色列人看来,周六克里去巴黎与卡塔尔和土耳其外长的会晤,让情况变得更为糟糕。这两国政府都和哈马斯有联系,以色列认为它们都持有反以色列立场。Since then, Mr Kerry has been savaged in the Israeli press, often based on anonymous comments by officials. One widely- article in the liberal Haaretz claimed that if the fighting continued, Mr Kerry “will be one of those responsible for every additional drop of blood that is spilled除了克里个人因素之外,美国和以色列间的新裂痕暴露出两国在对加沙局势的看法上出现了微妙而重要的分歧。Although he has prided himself on being a friend of Israel since he entered US politics 30 years ago, Mr Kerry has enjoyed a fractious relationship with the Israeli government during his efforts over the past year to negotiate a peace settlement with the Palestinians. In January, Israeli defence minister Moshe Yaalon complained about his “incomprehensible obsession and a sense of messianism周一,奥巴马政府官员挺身而出,为克里的行为做了辩护。美国副国家安全顾问托尼#8226;布林Tony Blinken)表示:“对以色列来说,没有比美国更好的盟友、更强大的守护者了。没有哪个国家在帮助以色列获得可靠而持久的和平方面做得更多。”他补充说,周五以来以色列媒体收到的关于停火磋商方面的爆料“是有人试图误导舆论,或者说已经误导了舆论”。来 /201407/316555锦江区治疗闭经不孕多少钱

四川省成都市人民医院挂号预约平台Eastern European nations reacted with shock and anger to Russia’s decision to abandon South Stream, its bn gas pipeline across the Black Sea into Europe, as shares in some of the companies involved in the project dived.东欧国家对俄罗斯决定放弃穿越黑海进入欧洲00亿美元“南溪South Stream)天然气管道项目表示震惊和气愤。一些参与该项目的公司股价跳水。Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary said they had received no advance warning that Moscow was scrapping South Stream, even though they all had substantial financial and political capital invested in the project. Russia said it would export its gas to a trade hub in Turkey instead.保加利亚、塞尔维亚和匈牙利称,他们没有收到莫斯科方面放弃南溪项目的提前预警,即便他们都对该项目投入了大量财务和政治资本。俄罗斯表示,将把天然气输送到土耳其的一个中转站。South Stream is so far the biggest casualty of the falling-out between Russia and the EU over Moscow’s military involvement in Ukraine.南溪项目成为俄罗斯和欧盟因俄方军事干预乌克兰闹翻以来迄今最大的牺牲品。The project, backed by Russia’s state-controlled gas group Gazprom, was designed to bring Russian gas into Europe bypassing Ukraine. It gained momentum after a series of price disputes between Moscow and Kiev last decade led to supply cuts for some of Gazprom’s European customers.该项目此前得到俄罗斯国有控股的俄罗斯天然气工业股份公Gazprom)的持,其设计宗旨是绕开乌克兰向欧洲输送俄罗斯天然气。俄乌之间过0年里曾爆发一系列价格纠纷,屡次导致Gazprom的一些欧洲客户天然气供应中断,这一背景曾经增强南溪项目的势头。But there were fears in Brussels that the pipeline would cement Gazprom’s domination of the European gas market. The European Commission insisted other gas suppliers be given access to South Stream, arguing that the idea of Gazprom both supplying the gas and owning the pipeline violated EU competition rules.但欧盟委员会(European Commission)担忧,该管道将巩固Gazprom在欧洲天然气市场的霸主地位。欧盟委员会坚持南溪项目应当允许其他天然气供应商参与输气,称Gazprom既供应天然气又拥有管道的构想违背了欧盟的竞争规则。However, the project was backed by several countries in south-eastern Europe, which saw it as improving their energy security. They also looked forward to earning money from transit fees for Russian gas crossing their territory.然而,该项目得到了欧洲东南部几个国家的持,他们认为这条管道有利于自己的能源安全,也期待获利于俄罗斯天然气的过境运输费。Countries in the region lost another key supply option last year when the rival EU-backed Nabucco project that would have carried gas from Azerbaijan into the heart of Europe was scrapped.去年,南溪项目的竞争者、欧盟持的拟将天然气从阿塞拜疆输往欧洲腹地的纳布科(Nabucco)管道项目被放弃,已经使该地区国家失去一个重要的供应选项。来 /201412/346741 Egypt issued a preliminary report Monday saying its investigators have found no evidence of terrorism in the October 31 crash of a Russian plane in the Sinai Peninsula that killed 224 people.埃及星期一发布的一份初步报告称,调查人员未发现01日俄罗斯飞机在西奈半岛上空坠毁有关的恐怖主义据。那次空难造成224人丧生。A statement from the civil aviation ministry said the probe into what caused the crash is continuing, but that so far there was nothing to indicate terrorism or some other illegal act.埃及民航部的一份声明说,对导致飞机坠毁原因进行的调查仍在继续。但是到目前为止,没有任何据显示有恐怖主义或其它非法行为。Russia and Western nations, including the ed States, have said an explosive device placed on board the Airbus plane brought it down. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility and released pictures of what it said was the bomb.俄罗斯以及美国等西方国家称,有人在飞机上安放的爆炸装置导致了飞机坠毁。伊斯兰国恐怖组织声称对该事件负责,并公布了它所说的炸弹图片。The flight took off from the popular Sharm al-Sheikh resort area, and the crash has affected tourism with both Russia and Britain responding by suspending flights to Egypt.这架班机是从沙姆沙伊赫度假胜地起飞的,坠毁事件导致俄罗斯和英国暂停前往埃及的航班,从而使旅游业受到了影响。Islamic State said it took down the flight in retaliation for Russias air campaign in Syria, which began in late September. Russia has drawn criticism from Western governments that say it is conducting airstrikes to back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and not to combat the militant group. The Pentagon noted after the crash that Russias targets appeared to be more focused on Islamic State.伊斯兰国恐怖组织称,袭击这架飞机是要报复俄罗斯月底以来在叙利亚境内的空袭。西方政府批评俄罗斯说,它空袭行动的目的是持叙利亚总统阿萨德,而不是为了打击伊斯兰国恐怖组织。五角大楼说,飞机坠毁后,俄罗斯似乎增加了对伊斯兰国恐怖组织目标的打击。来 /201512/415970绵阳不孕不育哪个医院好成都医学院附属不孕不育专科医院妇科



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