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淄博中心医院位置济南市知名妇科医院老顾客天未订披萨,达美乐送餐员救其性命 -- 19:19:9 来源: 多亏达美乐送餐员的关心,老顾客及时得救Thanks to the concern of a long-time delivery driver, a Dominorsquo;s Pizza regular was rescued right in the nick of time.多亏达美乐送餐员的关心,老顾客才能及时得救According to Dominorsquo;s employees, Kirk Alexander, 8, has been ordering pizza from the same Oregon location the last ten years.达美乐的员工表示,在过去十年里,8岁的Kirk Alexander一直从俄勒冈州的达美乐餐厅订披萨The general manager of the New Salem location, Sarah Fuller, told KOIN: ;He orders every day, every other day. His order pops up on the screen because he orders online. So we see it come across the screen and wersquo;re like, lsquo;Oh, Kirkrsquo;s order.rsquo;;新塞勒姆州的总经理Sarah Fuller告诉KOIN:;Kirk每天或者每隔一天订一次披萨他一般都从网上预订,看到订单在屏幕上弹出来,我们就会说lsquo;哦是Kirk的订单rsquo;;But his regular delivery driver, Tracey Hamblen, mentioned that he has not delivered to his home in several days, so Fuller decided to look into his .但是经常给Kirk送餐的Tracey Hamblen说已经好几天没去他家送餐了,所以Fuller决定查一下他的账号;I went and looked up to see how long it had been since he last ordered and it was days, which is not like him at all,; Fuller said in an interview with KATU.;查看之后,我发现Kirk已经天没有订披萨了,这很奇怪,; Fuller在接受KATU采访时说道The next morning, she asked Hamblen to pay their loyal customer a visit and make sure everything was all right.第二天早上,Fuller让Hamblen去拜访一下老顾客Kirk,看看怎么回事儿According to the Marion County Sheriffrsquo;s Office Facebook, ;Mr. Hamblen had med a relationship with the victim because of the regular orders and knew he suffered from severe health issues.;马里昂州警长办公室在Facebook写道;受害者经常订披萨,所以Hamblen和受害者的关系很好,知道他有严重的健康问题;Thatrsquo;s when Hamblen noticed something was wrong.Hamblen发现情况有些不对The Dominorsquo;s manager said that when Hamblen arrived on the scene, ;(Alexander) wasnrsquo;t answering the door, but there was lights on and you could hear the TV playing,; she told KATU.达美乐的经理告诉KATU说:;Hamblen到达Kirk Alexander家的时候,没有人开门,但是屋里的灯和电视都开着;They then tried to phone Alexander several times, but each call went straight to voicemail.之后他们试着给Alexander打了几个电话,但是每个电话都直接转到了语音信箱Finally, Hamblen dialed 9.最后,Hamblen拨打了9When police arrived on the scene, they could hear a man calling help, the Marion County Sheriffrsquo;s Office wrote on its Facebook page. Officers ced their way into the home, and found Alexander ;in need of immediate medical attention.;马里昂州警长办公室在Facebook上写道,警察到达现场的时候听到了有人在求救警官们破门而入,发现Alexander;需要立刻送往医院;According to KOIN, paramedics found Alexander lying on the floor, and Fuller said they believed he had suffered a stroke.据KOIN报道,医务人员看到Alexander躺在地上,Fuller说他们觉得他应该是中风了Officers took to Facebook to thank the devoted delivery driver who saved his life.警官们在Facebook上表示,感谢送餐员拯救了Alexander的性命Since the incident last weekend, employees at the Dominorsquo;s have been paying their loyal customer visits at the Salem Hospital, where the Marion County Sheriffrsquo;s Office reported that he is currently in stable condition.上周发生事故以来,达美乐的员工们纷纷到塞勒姆医院看望老顾客Alexander马里昂州警长办公室表示,Alexander的病情目前基本稳定;We want to give him flowers, cards,; assistant manager Jenny Seiber told KATU. ;Hopefully help him recover faster knowing that people do care about him.;;我们想送他鲜花和卡片,;副经理Jenny Seiber告诉KATU;我们希望他知道大家很关心他,并祝他早日康复;When Fuller visited their loyal customer, she said although he did not speak much, she wanted to make sure he knew that hersquo;s ;an important customer thatrsquo;s part of our family here at Dominorsquo;s. He orders all the time, so we know him.Fuller看望老顾客的时候说:;虽然他没有说太多的话,但是我希望他知道:他不仅是一个重要的顾客,更是达美乐大家庭的一员他总是订披萨,所以我们都认识他;;I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot. We felt like we needed to do something,; she told KOIN.;检查老顾客的情况是我们份内的工作,我们想要做也需要做这些事; Fuller告诉KOIN济南阳光女子医院做无痛人流手术安全吗 德国影院发生击事件 -- :: 来源: (CNN)官员称,一名蒙面持匪徒于周四下午冲进一家德国影院,挟持人质,后被警方击毙 (CNN)A masked gunman stormed a German cinema Thursday afternoon, taking hostages bee he was killed by police, officials said.(CNN)官员称,一名蒙面持匪徒于周四下午冲进一家德国影院,挟持人质,后被警方击毙The rifle-wielding man entered the cinema in Viernheim, near Frankfurt in western Germany, shortly bee 3 p.m. local time, Hesse Interior Minister Peter Beuth said.黑森州内政部长Peter Beuth说,匪徒手持来复,冲进德国西部菲恩海姆的一家影院,此地临近法兰克福事件发生于当地时间下午3点前一些Police received reports of four shots fired.警方接到报警称,听到四声响German public TV initially said 5 people were injured, but it wasn’t clear if they were shot or hurt in other ways.德国公共电视台先前报道5人受伤,但并不清楚是因中受伤还是其他原因造成的受伤After the ordeal ended, a Viernheim police spokesman told CNN that no one was injured by gunfire aside from the attacker.风波结束之后,一名菲恩海姆的警方发言人告诉CNN记者,除了袭击者,没有人因中受伤The U.S. Embassy in Germany said officials are looking into the possibility that tear gas might have caused some of the injuries, spokeswoman Jackie McKennan said.美国驻德国大使馆发言人Jackie McKennan说,警方正在调查是否有民众因警方投放的催泪瓦斯而受伤At one point, the assailant took hostages, but it’s unclear why.目前只知道袭击者曾挟持过人质,但是原因不明"There were hostages in the vicinity of the individual. It was at this point that he was fatally shot by special ces," Beuth said. "I have no knowledge that anyone else was harmed."“袭击者身边确实有人质,但是就在这时他被特警击毙了,”Beuth说,“目前我还没有接到报告称有任何人有任何损失”The cinema is part of a major shopping center called Rhein Neckar Zentrum Viernheim. The complex, with more than 0 businesses, hosts ,000 visitors daily, according to its website.这家影院是名叫Rhein Neckar Zentrum Viernheim的购物中心的一部分根据官网信息,该购物中心有超过0家商铺,每天大概有000名访客An employee at Coyote Café Viernheim, just across from the cinema, said about 50 to 0 officers rushed to the scene.就在影院街对面工作的一名Coyote咖啡店的员工说,大约有50到0名警察冲进了被挟持影院"Our café went into lockdown. We brought all of our customers out of the back door," said the employee, who asked not to be named.该匿名咖啡店员工说:“我们的咖啡店也关闭了我们让所有的顾客都从后门走了”"This is something very unusual our town. I’ve never seen anything like that. I never want to see anything like that again."“这种事在我们这个镇上十分少见我从没遇到过,而且我再也不想见到这种事发生了”Late Thursday afternoon, the shopping complex announced the police operation was over.周四下午晚些时候,购物中心宣布警方的行动已经结束"At this moment in time we have no inmation on injured persons," the shopping center said on its Facebook page. "The driveway is still blocked. We will keep you updated on new developments. "“现在我们还没有关于受伤人员的消息”购物中心方面在脸书上写道“车道仍然在封锁之中我们会随时更新时间的新发展”The motive Thursday’s attack remains unclear, but German police said there’s no indication the incident was terror-related.周四这场袭击的动机仍然不明,但是德国警方说并没有迹象表明这场袭击和恐怖主义有关Prior to the attack, police had repeatedly warned that Germany could be targeted by ISIS.警方已经将对袭击的调查放到首位,警方也不断发出警告称德国有可能被ISIS盯上了Germany absorbed more than 1 million refugees last year, and there have been concerns about the possibility of ISIS cells in the country.德国去年吸收了超过0万难民,国内有许多关于ISIS分子趁机混入国内的担忧想加薪?多跳槽,就能多赚钱 --9 :35:19 来源:中国日报 Young workers are earning less because they don't switch jobs enough, experts are warning.专家称,近来年轻职工的收入越来越低,原因就是他们换工作不够频繁Despite record growth in employment, the number of times employees move roles has fallen over the past decade, the Resolution Foundation think tank says.决议基金会智囊团认为,在过去的十年中,虽然就业率创纪录地增长,但是从业人员更换工作的次数却减少了Hourly pay to 9-year-olds only recovered last year to its 00 level, according to its report.根据报告显示,去年岁至9岁从业人员的时薪只恢复到00年的水平Young workers' pay would be 3% higher if job mobility had not slowed, it adds.报告中还说,要是就业流动性没有下降的话,年轻从业人员的薪资就能提高3%The Foundation's senior policy analyst Laura Gardiner said: ;Frequent job moves are the main route to the rapid pay increases young people should experience as they begin their working lives, so it is a real concern that job switching slowed down all groups, and particularly young people, even bee the recession hit.该基金会的高级政策分析师劳拉;加德纳认为,;年轻人迅速加薪的主要途径就是频繁更换工作,这是他们初入职场的必经之路即使是在经济衰退之前,对所有群体来说,工作更换的速度放缓下来颇让人担忧,尤其是年轻人;Unpicking the reasons why young people are staying put in their jobs longer is crucial to understanding whether job switching can return to its previous level, or whether we are seeing a lsquo;new normal' of fewer job moves and subsequent slower pay growth generations to come.;;仔细分析年轻人在同个岗位待得时间更长,这对理解以下两点十分重要:一是更换工作的频率能否回到先前水平;二是随着更换工作次数减少,下一代人薪资增长速度越来越慢,这种情况是否会变成lsquo;新常态';Less frequent job moves among young people deepened their pay squeeze by a third during the downturn, the report says.该报告指出,在经济大萧条期间,由于更换工作次数的减少,年轻人的薪资比原来少了三分之一It could permanently slash their earnings potential in the labour market, experts fear.针对以上情况,专家担心这样会长久地削弱劳动力市场中年轻群体的收入潜力Job mobility ndash; the frequency at which people move from one job to another ndash; is a strong predictor of faster earnings growth.工作流动性,即人们更换工作的频率,可以很好地预测人们收入增长的速度And the ;switching premium; ndash; the pay boost from changing jobs compared to staying put ndash; is particularly strong young people.而;转换溢价;,即换工作比待在原岗位增加收入,这点在年轻群体中表现尤为突出Between and , pay growth among 18-9-year-olds who switched jobs was .7 times higher than those who stayed in their existing positions.年到年间,在18-9岁年龄层的群体中,跳槽的人薪资增长水平比留在原有岗位工作的人高了.7倍Ms Gardiner urged young workers - dubbed the ;Millennial generation; - to move to earn more.加德纳女士敦促被称为;新千年一代;的年轻职员,要多换工作来赚更多的钱She added: ;Unless we want to see a long term scarring effect on the wages of future generations, Millennials must regain confidence and increase the frequency with which they move jobs, and firms must be more willing to take them on.;她补充道:;我们都不愿看到下一代人在薪酬方面长期受到负面影响,所以年轻一代需要重拾信心,多换换工作,而且公司需要更乐于接纳这些年轻人;Vocabularydownturn: 衰退(经济方面)济南第五人民医院四维彩超多少钱

济南建工医院妇科医生诺贝尔奖得主奖金都是怎么花的? -- :5:36 来源: Nobel laureates sometimes display as much ingenuity when deciding how to spend their prize money as they did on the work that won them the award in the first place.有的诺贝尔奖得主使用奖金的方式就像他们的获奖作品一样匠心独运When Sir Paul Nurse won the Nobel Prize Medicine in 01, he decided to upgrade his motorbike. A fellow winner in 1993, Richard Roberts, installed a croquet lawn in front of his house. Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek, who won in , said the prize meant "financial independence."01年获得诺贝尔医学奖后,保罗?纳斯爵士决定升级托车1993年诺贝尔医学奖得主之一理查德?罗伯茨在家门口铺了一个槌球草坪年诺贝尔文学奖得主、奥地利作家埃尔弗里德?耶利内克表示,奖金意味着“财务独立”Lars Heikensten, executive director of the Nobel Foundation, said there were no obvious shopping trends among laureates.诺贝尔奖基金会执行董事拉斯?黑肯斯坦表示,诺奖得主没有明显的消费趋势"I think it depends a lot on which country they come from, their personal finances... what kind of incomes they have when they get the prize, and where they are in life," he said.“我认为,这在很大程度上取决于他们来自哪国、个人财务状况如何……获奖时收入怎样、生活状况如何,”他说Real estate, however, is a popular option, at least among those willing to reveal what they spend the money on.然而,房地产是个受欢迎的选择,至少在那些愿意透露花钱方式的得主中是这样Over a million dollars sounds like a lot but it is often shared between several winners, diluting their Nobel spending power.一百多万美元的奖金听起来很多,但往往是几个得主共享,分摊后能花的就不多了Wolfgang Ketterle at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who shared the 01 physics prize with two colleagues, put his share towards a house and his children's education.麻省理工学院物理学教授沃夫冈?克特勒与两位同事平分了01年诺贝尔物理学奖,他用自己那份奖金买了栋房子,剩下的则用作孩子的教育资金"Since half goes to taxes in the US, there was nothing (more) left," he said.“因为一半奖金在美国交了税,剩下的就没(多少)了,”他说Phillip Sharp, the American co-winner of the 1993 medicine prize, decided to splash out on a 0-year-old Federal style house.美国的菲利普?夏普是1993年诺贝尔医学奖得主之一,他用大笔奖金买了幢有百年历史的联邦风格别墅"I took that money and bought a little bit bigger house... It's a beautiful old place," he told AFP, adding that "The money is a nice part of the process" but "the important thing about the prize is the recognition."“我拿到那笔钱,然后就买了幢大点的别墅……真是个漂亮的老房子,”他告诉法新社记者他还说:“奖金是这个奖项的美妙之处,但重要的是,这个奖是一种认可” winners of the peace prize the decision is often more clear-cut, as the honour tends to go to politicians, organisations and activists who are under more public scrutiny.对于和平奖得主,奖金的去向则比较明确,因为得奖的往往是公众关注比较多的政治家、组织和活动家Many, like US President Barack Obama in and the European union in , donate to charities.许多得主都将奖金捐赠给慈善机构,比如年获奖的美国总统奥巴马以及年获奖的欧盟Others support pet projects: the winner, mer Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari, said he would finance a conflict resolution group he had set up.也有人用在个人偏爱的项目上:年的得主、芬兰前总统马尔蒂?阿赫蒂萨里表示,他将资助自己成立的一个冲突化解组织But there has been one notable exception to the charitable giving.但这项奖金也有个用于慈善之外的著名案例mer US president Woodrow Wilson won the prize in 19 but left it in a Swedish bank to earn interest, apparently because he was concerned about life after retirement in an age when mer presidents got no government pension, according to one biography.美国前总统伍德罗?威尔逊赢得了19年的大奖,但把奖金存进了瑞典生利息,根据一本传记的观点,他这么做显然是因为担心退休后的生活,因为在那个年代,总统退休后没有政府养老金Literature laureates tend to be more private about how they use the money, but the choice is often equally straightward.文学奖得主往往不会公开奖金使用方式,但他们的选择通常也很明确"Even if Nobel-winning authors are quite well known, many of them will not have made much money from writing," said Anna Gunder, a Nobel literature expert at Uppsala University.“虽然获得诺贝尔奖的作家都颇有名气,但很多人没靠写作赚到钱,”瑞典乌普萨拉大学的诺贝尔文学专家安娜?甘德说While the prize might keep the wolf from the door some years, giving them freedom to write, it can also briefly have the opposite effect.虽然奖金能让他们过几年衣食无忧的生活,令他们能自由写作,但也可能在短时期内产生相反效果"It really changes their careers... During the first year after they've won they often write less, but they generally continue after a year or two," said Gunder.“奖金真的会改变他们的职业生涯……得奖后一年内,他们的写作量往往会降低,但通常一两年后就会恢复正常,”甘德说Vocabularylaureate: 获得荣誉者;获奖者croquet: 槌球游戏splash out: 大手大脚地花钱keep the wolf from the door: 勉强度日,免于饥饿济南市历城区妇幼保健所打胎流产好吗 必胜客员工遇车祸 有爱警察路过帮送餐 --5 :00: 来源: It can be very frustrating when a pizza you’ve ordered isn’t delivered on time.  你点的披萨要是不能时到,那可真够糟糕的  That said, given many drivers deliver their food on motorbikes, there’s one good excuse turning up late, or not at all: being in a road accident.  考虑到许多送货员骑托车送餐,车祸是迟到或不到的不错理由  Over in Portland, Oregon, this was the fate that befell a Pizza Hut worker as he made his way to hand over some cheesy goodness to a customer.  俄勒冈州波特兰市的一名必胜客员工就在送餐途中遭遇车祸  But to ensure his efts didn’t go to waste, two police officers decided to finish the job on his behalf – and since, a picture proving their valiant efts has been circulating on Reddit.  为了不让他的努力白费,两名警官决定接过他的工作一张足以说明警官们辛勤工作的照片在红迪网上传播开来  ‘Commy policing at its finest!’, the contented user said.  心满意足的点餐者说: “社区警察太棒了!”泰安妇幼保健医院好?

济南建工医院打胎一般要花多少钱NASA:史上最热六月-连续个月历史最高温 -- 18:18: 来源: 据NASA公布,我们或许将迎来全球最热一年你,做好准备了吗? The first six months of were the hottest ever recorded, NASA announced on Tuesday, while Arctic sea ice now covers 0% less of the Earth than it did just 30 years ago.美国国家航空航天局(NASA)本周二公布,年前六个月为有史以来最热的一年,北冰洋冰川覆盖面积比30年前减少了0%Temperatures were on average 1.3 degrees Celsius (. degrees Fahrenheit) higher than average between January and June this year, compared to the late nineteenth century.与19世纪末期相比,今年一月至六月的平均气温高出了1.3摄氏度(.华氏度)In total, the planet has now had consecutive months of the hottest temperatures seen since records began in 1880, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said.据美国国家海洋和大气治理署(NOAA)称,从1880年到今天有记载的历史来看,地球已连续个月处于最高温Australia, the ed Kingdom, Hong Kong and Spain were some examples of places where temperatures soared more than a degree above average, as New Zealand had its hottest January to June period since records began.澳大利亚、英国、中国香港以及西班牙等地温度均高出平均气温1度,新西兰更是经历了有记载以来最热的上半年Shrinking sea ice海洋冰川减少Sea ice shrunk faster than normal as five out of the six first months of saw the smallest respective monthly Arctic sea ice extent since satellite records started in 1979.海洋冰川消融速度高于正常值自1979年开始用人造卫星记录以来,年前6个月中有5个月北冰洋海冰范围为史上最小"It has been a record year so far global temperatures, but the record high temperatures in the Arctic over the past six months have been even more extreme," NASA Goddard sea ice scientist Walt Meier said in a statement.“今年全球气温达到最高记录,然而北冰洋过去六个月来连续的破记录高温则更加极端”NASA戈达德海洋冰川科学家沃尔特迈耶在一个发布会上说"This warmth as well as unusual weather patterns have led to the record low sea ice extents so far this year."“炎热和异常天气模式导致今年海冰范围达到记载最低值”The strong El Nino pattern which began in could not be held entirely to blame, NASA Goddard Institute Space Studies director Gavin Schmidt said in a statement, as it had aly begun to fade by June.这不能全怪罪于年强厄尔尼诺现象,NASA戈达德太空研究所总监加文施密特在一个发布会上说,因为厄尔尼诺在6月份已开始减弱"It is the underlying trend which is producing these record numbers," Schmidt said.“这些破记录数据的产生是基础趋势”施密特说Many scientists blame the increase in global temperatures on an increased concentration of carbon dioxides in the atmosphere, which surpassed 00 parts per million in May at the South pole.很多科学家认为全球温度升是由于大气中二氧化碳浓度上升,今年五月份南极的二氧化碳浓度已超过百万分之四百The increase in carbon dioxide has come partly from burning fossil fuels, and has surpassed historic highs in the past decades according to NASA.二氧化碳的增加部分来源于化石燃料燃烧据NASA称,过去十年间二氧化碳浓度达到历史最高 产权之争:第五季《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声 -- :5: 来源: 由于最新法院裁决节目方禁止使用之前的冠名,浙江卫视于本周三宣布大型歌唱选秀节目《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声 Zhejiang Television had to change its top singing competition show from "China’s Good Voice " to "China’s New Singing Voice" on Wednesday night due to a court ruling that bids it from using the mer name.由于最新法院裁决节目方禁止使用之前的冠名,浙江卫视于本周三宣布大型歌唱选秀节目《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声"Zhejiang Television always respects the rule of law and will respect the court ruling. To obey the authority of the justice system, the TV station’s ’China’s Good Voice ’ will be temporarily renamed ’China’s New Singing Voice,’ and the renamed show will be broadcast on July , , as scheduled," the statement said.浙江卫视声明:“浙江卫视一直秉持法治理念,尊重司法裁判为维护司法权威性,浙江卫视《中国好声音节目将暂时更名为《中国新歌声,节目更名后仍将于年7月日如期播出”The English show title was previously changed to "Sing! China," but it is currently unknown if the English name will also be changed again.先前节目将英文版名称改为了“Sing! China.”但不知现如今该英文版名称是否也会随之更改The Beijing Intellectual Property Court rejected the appeal of mer producer Canxing Productions of "The Voice of China" (its Chinese name is literally "China’s Good Voice") on Monday night, ruling that they cannot produce further episodes under the name. But this is a temporary protection order the plaintiff rather than a verdict in a copyright infringement case.7月日晚,北京知识产权法院驳回了灿星的复议请求,维持之前针对灿星的诉前保全裁定,责令上海灿星文化传播有限公司停止使用“中国好声音” 、“the Voice of China”的节目名称及相关商标标识然而,这对于原告方来说也只是暂时的保护令,而并非版权侵权案件中的仲裁行为The brand and mat are owned by Talpa Holding, which originally produced "The Voice of Holland." Canxing acquired the rights of the show and co-produced four seasons with Zhejiang Television and made the show the top rated show in China.好声音的品牌和设计由《荷兰好声音的出品方Talpa Holding独家拥有后来灿星获得了节目的播出权,并且与浙江卫视在前四季都有合作,一步步将《中国好声音打造成为中国顶尖的歌唱节目This year, Canxing and Talpa’s negotiation fell apart and Talpa found another Chinese agent, the Zhejiang Talent Television Film Company Limited. But Canxing continued doing a similar show with some amended changes and the same Chinese name ("China’s Good Voice") that will be broadcast on July . So Talent filed a lawsuit.今年,灿星与Talpa的谈判决裂,Talpa转而向浙江唐德影视股份有限公司寻求合作然而,灿星仍旧使用相同的中国品牌名《中国好声音,制作相似的歌唱类节目,并计划在7月日播出唐德对灿星提起了诉讼But Zhejiang Television said the Chinese name of the show, "China’s Good Voice," was created by the television station itself according to laws and contracts and is approved by China’s TV watchdogs. It has also registered the trademarks and owns the rights to the name.然而,浙江卫视则坚持认为节目的中国名称《中国好声音是电视台根据法律和相关合同条款合法冠名,并且当时也得到了国内监管机构的认可除此之外,浙江卫视也表示已经登记注册了商标,应当有使用该名的权利The television station said the temporary renaming will cause them significant damage and that they maintain the right to sue the relevant parties.电视台表示现如今临时改名给台内造成了重大损失,他们表示将保留追诉相关责任方的权利Tian Ming, the CEO of Canxing Productions, said they would countersue Talent their reckless legal action and restraining order, demanding damages. Tian added his company won’t import eign show mats in the future and will focus on original creation instead.灿星公司的CEO田明表示他们将会就唐德公司草率仓促的禁止令反诉对方,并要求索赔同时,田明还表示公司未来将不会再引进国外的制作形式,将会全力着重节目的独创性山东中医药大学附属康复医院人流要多少钱济南取环要多少钱



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