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Although audio tapes and tapes look different, theyre based on the same principles.尽管磁带和录像带看起来不同,但二者都基于同样的原理。Each has a roll of magnetic material which slides past the so-called “playback head” in the VCR or cassette deck (cassette decks have one playback head, VCRs have two or more).录像机或盒式录音机(盒式录音机有一个放音磁头,录象机有两个或更多)都有能够滑过被称为“放音磁头”的磁性材料。In both machines, these heads detect changes in magnetism as the tape moves by.这两种机器的磁头都会随着本身媒体的运动检测磁性的变化。The changing magnetic signal is translated into music on your tape deck, or both and sound on your VCR.磁信号的改变转化为你录音机中的音乐,或录像机的视频和声音。Without a changing magnetic signal over a playback head, youd get no sound, no picture.如果放音磁头没有磁信号的变化,你就得不到声音和图像。201501/355345

Throw your laundry into the dryer without a dryer sheet, and it comes out a rumpled, “staticy” mess.不加干衣机用纸就把衣物一股脑扔进烘干机里,结果衣物肯定是皱巴巴,而且还带静电。Toss one in and the results are much better.而只要放入一片就会截然不同。How can adding this flimsy sheet change the way all your clothes come out of the dryer?这纤薄的一张纸究竟对烘干机内你的衣物施加了何种魔法?When you first add a dryer sheet to your wet laundry, it does nothing at all.当你第一次将干衣机用纸放到湿衣里,一点用也没有。It only starts working when the dryer is on.只有在你打开烘干机时才开始起效。The warm air that circulates through the damp clothing releases chemicals from the dryer sheet, and these chemicals permeate all the clothing, even clothing the dryer sheet never directly touches.干燥机的热空气在湿衣物周围循环释放干衣机用纸的化学物质,而就是这些化学物质渗透所有进衣物,甚至用纸都不直接接触。The chemical that a dryer sheet releases is known as a “surfactant.”用纸上的化学物质被称为“表面活性剂”。Most surfactant molecules have two sides:大多数表面活性剂分子都有两个方面:one that holds onto water, and one that holds onto fats and oils.一个是保持水分,另一个则是保持脂肪和油。 201410/338823

Niecy,so much to talk about.Congratulations on ;Selma;.Thank you.奈希 有很多可以聊 《塞尔玛游行》很成功 恭喜了 谢谢And also nice to meet you.Weve never met before.而且很高兴认识你 我们从没见过Its so nice to meet you too.Youre actually one of the top three favorite redheads.我也很高兴认识你 你其实是我最喜欢的三个红发之一Ok.Top three.Can I ask who Im in there with?Oh,yeah,of course.If you must know.Sure.好的 前三 我能问问还有谁吗 好的 当然了 如果你一定要知道的话 是的Jesse Tyler Ferguson is number one.Ok,from Modern Family,I like him.杰西·泰勒·弗格森是第一名 好的 他来自《登家庭》 我喜欢他Ronald Mcdonald is second.For Gods sakes.Hes a clown.The five.Am I right?And then you.He doesntmake the fries.麦当劳是第二个 老天爷啊 他是个小丑 但是薯条太好吃了 我说的对吗 然后是你 薯条又不是他做的He just walks around and acts like a creep.Yeah,but your fries are awful.他只是走来走去 像个变态 但是你做的薯条太糟了Things are blowing up for you.Its all going so well.So much excitement.你现在全面开花了 全都很顺利 很多兴奋的事Youre in ;Selma;,your family is not in the business.No,no,no.Im curious,whats it like for your family?你出演了《塞尔玛游行》 你家人不是圈的 不是 我很好奇 你家人有什么感觉Is your mom,for example,comfortable around everything thats happening for you and about you becoming famous?比如说 你妈妈能接受你身上发生的事吗 能接受你的成名吗Well,my mother is very supportive.Shes my biggest fan.我妈妈非常持我 她是我的头号粉丝But shes not a good mom when it comes to meeting other celebrities.Sorry,mom.说到见其它的名人 她可不是个好妈妈 抱歉 妈妈shes not a good mom when it comes to that because my mother believes the people on TV really are their characters.在那方面她不是个好妈妈 因为我妈妈认为电视上的演员是他们扮演的角色So,you know,shell come up and be like,you know,whoever the person,shell call them by their character.Why did you break up with Neil?所以她会走近 然后不管那人是谁 她都会用他们的角色名字来称呼他们 你为什么跟尼尔分手You take that boy back.and Im like ma,its not real.Yeah,yeah.你得挽回那男孩 我说 妈 那不是真的 是啊201609/467848

And so basically she is we meet her in a chronic pain management group.所以大体上她是 我们在一个慢性病治疗小组认识了她She is addicted to drugs,She is addicted to booze,She doesnt want to live,她有毒瘾 还酗酒 她不想活下去了She too, cant make a decision to live or die.她也无法做出生与死的抉择And this movie is her journey to make the decision to live,这部电影讲述的是她如何决定活下去的and its quite extraordinary journey with this woman.而且这是一段非常特别的旅程And I got to tell you its whats so been so incredible is最不可思议的是an amount of people come out to me,with who are suffering with chronic pain,很多人来找我 他们都是同样遭受慢性病折磨的人and in the same situation,and its unbelievable how much positivity.和她处在同一种状况 无法想象这部电影能给那些thats bringing to those who are kind of silently suffering.默默承受病痛的人们带来多少正能量And I think its a beautiful, hopeful movie.我觉得这是一部好看的 能带给人们希望的电影Yeah, the final scene is amazing,是啊 最后一幕简直神了but its just its really and I know what you went through但这真的是 我懂你经历过什么I didnt see you because we- you were just basically you just go then,我没看见你自己的影子 因为你已经不见了you disappeared while you were shooting this,and I know how hard it was for you,你拍摄的时候已经融进了这个角色 我知道这有多难做到and I didnt know this though I didnt know you are terrified of being under water.但是我并不知道 我不知道你有;水下恐惧症; /201512/416795

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