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英语会话800句 23 /200608/9111本期句子:1,刷牙了吗? 2,我得梳梳头了。3,穿什么好呢? 4,快换衣。5,把睡衣收好。6,我走了,妈妈。7,今天我们逃学吧。8,你毛衣穿反了。9,上下颠倒了。10,别忘了扔垃圾呀。参考及注解:1,Did you brush your teeth? 2,I have to comb my hair. 3,What should I wear?4,Hurry up and get dressed.5,Put those pajamas away!6,I'm leaving. Bye, mum!7,Let's play hooky today! 注: play hooky: 俚语, “逃学”。8,You're wearing your sweater inside out.9,It's upside down. 10,Don't forget to take out the garbage.注: garbage也可以用trash和rubbish替代。 /200607/8237

Chris. Thanks, Chris.克里斯。谢谢,克里斯From flutes to golf courses to same-sex marriage, that was a genius link.从分配笛子到高尔夫球场,再到同性婚姻,真是天才式的串连Now look, youre a pioneer of open education.您是开放式教育的先锋之一,Your lecture series was one of the first to do it big.您的系列讲座是这一领域最早的几个大项目Whats your vision for the next phase of this?请问您对下一阶段的预期是什么?Well, I think that it is possible.我想我的计划是可以实现的In the classroom, we have arguments on some of the most fiercely held在课堂上,我让学生就一些重大政治话题moral convictions that students have about big public questions.以及它们背后尖锐的道德理念展开辩论And I think we can do that in public life more generally.我想我们可以更广泛地开展这样的公开辩论And so my real dream would be我的最终梦想是,to take the public television series that weve created of the course把我们制作完毕放到网上的系列电视节目its available now, online, free for everyone anywhere in the world免费提供给全世界用户观看and to see whether we can partner with institutions, at universities in China, in India, in Africa, around the world,然后与中国、印度、非洲等的大学及教育机构合作to try to promote civic education and also a richer kind of democratic debate.以推广公民教育以及内容更加丰富的民主辩论So you picture, at some point, live, in real time,那么您的预见是,在将来的某一时刻you could have this kind of conversation, inviting questions,您可以跟来自中国和印度的人们展开类似这样的开放式对话?but with people from China and India joining in?您可以跟来自中国和印度的人们展开类似这样的开放式对话?Right. We did a little bit of it here with 1,500 people in Long Beach,是的,我们今天在长滩和1500名观众展开此类讨论and we do it in a classroom at Harvard with about 1,000 students.我们也在哈佛大学课堂上与1000名学生展开此类讨论Wouldnt it be interesting to take this way of thinking and arguing, engaging seriously with big moral questions,要是将这种思考辩论重大严肃问题,exploring cultural differences and connect through a live hookup,探索文化差异的方式通过实时视频直播,students in Beijing and Mumbai and in Cambridge, Massachusetts and create a global classroom.通过实时视频直播,让来自北京、孟买、剑桥、马萨诸塞的学生共同参与,大家齐坐与一个虚拟的国际大课堂中,Thats what I would love to do.这就是我想做的事So, I would imagine that there are a lot of people who would love to join you in that endeavor.我相信很多人会愿意加入到这一事业Michael Sandel. Thank you so much.迈克·桑德尔。非常感谢201607/453311

美国习惯用语-第71讲:To eat one's hat要是我们仔细想一想的话,恐怕每个人都有不能兑现自己所说的话的时候,在中文里我们有时把这种现象叫做:食言。英文也有和中文同样的说法,那就是:to eat one's words。 To eat one's words是一个很普遍的俗语。今天我们首先要给大家介绍一个和to eat one's words相仿的习惯用语。那就是:to eat one's hat。当一个人说to eat his hat,那就是他十分肯定他说的话是对的,要是他错了,他宁可把自己的帽子给吃了。中文的意思就是:要是他错了,他就不姓张,或不姓李等等。 举个例子来说吧:一个密执安大学的研究生王某某对自己的学校感到非常骄傲,他对他的朋友说: 例句-1: "Michigan has a great football team this fall. If we don't win the national championship this year, I'll eat my hat." 这个学生说:“密执安大学今年秋天绝对会有一个非常强的足球队。要是我们今年不能获得全国足球赛冠军的话,我就不姓王。” 下面这个例子是一个姓李的股票商正在对他的顾客说话,预测股票市场的前景。他说: 例句-2: "One thing I do know something about--playing the stock market. And I'll eat my hat if it doesn't go up another three hundred points by the end of the year." 这位股票商说:“有一样东西我还懂得一点,那就是玩股票市场。要是到今年年底股票价格不上升三百个百分点的话,我就不姓李。” 下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语也是和“吃”,也就是eat这个字有关的,但是不是吃帽子,而是to eat one's heart out。大家都知道,heart就是人的“心”。To eat one's heart out难道是吃人心吗?具体来说,to eat one's heart out不是这个意思。但是,从某种意义上来说也确实包含着这种含义。To eat one's heart out的真正意思是:非常沉痛和绝望的悲痛。下面的例子是一个朋友在告诉他的朋友关于家里发生的不幸的事: 例句-3: "Ever since grandmother died, grandfather has been eating his heart out--he's lost all interest in life and won't even get out of bed to eat." 这个人说:“自从祖母去世后,祖父非常伤心,他对生活失去了一切兴趣,都不愿意起床吃饭。” To eat one's heart out还可以用在另一种场合,也就是半开玩笑地让别人对你产生妒忌。你听了下面这个例子就会明白它的意思了。这是一个大学生在对他的要好朋友说话: 例句-4: "Hey, Pete, you know that girl in the physics class you like so much, the one who won't pay any attention to you? Well, eat your heart out, buddy--I'm taking her out for dinner and a movie Saturday night." 他说:“喂,彼得,你知道那个和我们一起上物理课的女孩吗?那个你非常喜欢,但是她从来也没注意过你的女孩?这下好了,你去伤心去吧,我星期六请她出去吃晚饭、看电影!” 听了这种话,再好的朋友恐怕也会生气的。所以,除非你当真把它作为开玩笑,而且肯定对方也把它当做玩笑,否则还是不要叫别人去eat his heart out。 今天我们讲了两个俗语,一个是:to eat one's hat,这是指一个人打赌说自己说的话绝对正确。我们今天讲的第二个俗语是:to eat one's heart out,这是指悲痛,或半开玩笑地让别人对你产生妒忌心理。 /200601/3026

网络社交英语口语 49:这我做不来SCENE① D 柔丝家 Sue: Because you want him, but you don't have him.苏: 因为你想要他,却还没得到。 Rose: I can't do it.柔丝: 这我做不来。 Sue: Just look at him as if he were a big piece of chocolate... and you 1) have a weakness for chocolate...苏: 你就把他当作是一大块的巧克力……而你一看到巧克力就忍不住…… Rose: Like this?柔丝: 像这样? Sue: Oh, yes! That's 2) provocative!苏: 对了!这样够挑逗! Rose: Is that all there is to 3) flirting?柔丝: 眉目传情就这样子而已啊? 语言详解 A: Keep that candy away from me! 把那糖果拿远一点! B: Oh! You have a weakness for sweets, too! 哦!原来你也挡不住甜食的魅力! 【...have a weakness for... 对于……无法招架】 每个人都有自己的弱点。所以当你遇上了你的克星,或是有哪样事物的魅力,是你挡都挡不住的,你就可以用上这个表达法。 A: If you want to win Tom's heart, make him a cheesecake. 若是你想讨汤姆欢心,做起司蛋糕给他吃准没错。B: Great idea! I know he has a weakness for sweets. 好主意!我知道他看到甜食就没辙。 【Is that all there is to... 这样就完成……了吗?】 这句话用在你觉得事情没有那么简单,但又不知道接下来还有什么可以做的时候。 A: ...And you pour the spaghetti sauce over the noodles. ……再把意大利肉酱倒在面条上。B: Is that all there is to making spaghetti? 做意大利面就这点功夫啊? 1) have a weakness for... (n.) 抵抗不了……的诱惑。2) provocative (a.) 撩人的3) flirt (v.) 调情 /200708/168171_03 Great class (2) You’re an excellent teacher.你是个很棒的老师. Your material is great. 你的教材真好. Your methods are useful. 你的方法很有用. You’re never dull. 和你在一起绝不会无聊. You’re full of pep. 你充满活力. You keep us on our toes. 你让我们专心上课. I like your teaching. 我喜欢上你的课. I like your style. 我喜欢你的方式. You do a good job. 你教得真好. /200705/13646

Hi, everybody. On the first day of my administration, I promised to restore science to its rightful place.大家好。在我就职的第一天,我承诺重建科学的重要地位。I told you we would unleash American innovation and technology to tackle the health challenges of our time.我告诉你们,我们将释放美国人民的创新精神和让科学技术来处理我们时代的健康挑战。Over the last eight years, weve delivered on that promise in many ways, both big and small在过去的8年里,我们用各种方式来实现这样的承诺,不管大的还是小的including, of course, providing health coverage to 20 million more Americans, and making health care more affordable for all Americans.包括,当然,为2000万多的人们提供了医保覆盖,并让人们更能负担得起医疗保险。Right now we have the chance to put our best minds to work one more time -- and in a big way.当下,我们有机会用我们最好的想法,让其再一次起到作用--在一个更大的方面。Theres a bill in Congress that could help unlock cures Alzheimers, end cancer as we know it,国会有一个法案能够治疗阿尔茨海默氏症,治愈我们已经了解的癌症,and help people seeking treatment for opioid addiction finally get the help they need.帮助人们找到阿片成瘾的治疗方案,并最终找到他们需要的帮助。Its called the 21st Century Cures Act.这就是21世纪治愈法案。Its an opportunity to save lives, and an opportunity we just cant miss.这是一个拯救生命的机遇,而且是我们不能错过的机遇。This bill would do a lot of good things at once. Let me tell you about five of them:这一法案将一次性完成很多有利的事情。让我告诉你其中的五点内容:First, it will make real investments this year to combat the heroin and prescription drug epidemic thats plaguing so many of our communities.第一,这将在今年带来实质性投资,来战胜海洛因和处方药方面的流行病,这困扰着很多我们的社区。201612/484306即学即用英语会话词典C部分:下决心 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200707/15209And what that allows you to do though is to connect directly with literally millions of people On the internet, you can what each others ing 毫不夸张 这为你们提供了直接同数百万人直接建立联系提供了可能性互联网上 你可以读别人所读的书籍文章You can share the same music you can watch the same TV shows you can immerse yourselves in one anothers lives 你们可以听相同音乐你们可以观看相同电视节目你可以将自己融入到别人的生活中Learn one anothers languages learn one anothers recipes and even cook the same food and take a picture and 相互学习各自的语言相互学习各自的食谱甚至制作相同的食物 并拍照片Send it to your friend across the world if you want Now Im not saying that youre going to wake up tomorrow and automatically starts Skyping with somebody in Nairobi 发给世界另一端的朋友这里我倒不是说让你们明天早上起来就自然而然开始同身处内罗毕的某人进行视频聊天And its probably wise to ignore those emails you get from somebody in Nigeria saying they can help you make a large fortune but over the course of your lives 如果某个尼日利亚人发电子邮件告诉你能让你发大财 你自然是不要信为好不过在生命历程中I promise you, you will have so many opportunities to use technology to make the world bigger to meet different kinds of people 我保你们会有很多使用科技的机会来让你的世界更大来碰到不同类型的人And to keep in touch with more people that you meet Now these connections, theyre important in and of themselves but I have to admit 来同更多你遇到的人保持联系这些联系本身就具有极其重要的价值不过我不得不承认I dont want you to connect for connection sake alone I want you to connect because I believe it will inspire you to do something to take action 我不希望仅仅为了联系本身而去联系我希望你们联系 是相信这能激发你们去做一些事采取行动To make a difference in the world Humanity in the abstract, will never inspire you the way meeting another human being will 改变世界仅凭抽象人性的思考 无法激起人的行动只有同他人相遇才行Poverty is not going to motivate you to do something but meeting people, that will motivate you to do something When my husband and I started our foundation 贫穷不会激励你做什么事情但碰到真实的贫穷之人 则能够激励你行动刚和丈夫一同创立基金会时I really didnt know much about global health We got ourselves immersed in the data We met a lot of academics 我还不甚了解全球医疗状况我们只是沉浸在数据之中和很多专业学者一同201608/457722

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