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David Bowie was known his ability to reinvent himself. But he also helped inspire a pocket of Wall Street that tries to create money out of weird things like billboard rental income, cellphone tower lease payments and literary or film libraries.大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)以擅于重塑自我著称但他对华尔街亦有所启迪华尔街为了赚钱花样百出,广告牌租金收入、手机塔租赁费、文学或电影资料库藏都成为他们的工具In 1997, Mr. Bowie bundled up nearly 300 of his existing recordings and copyrights into a million security that paid the buyer — Prudential Insurance Company of America — a 7.9 percent annual rate over years, backed by the income from his royalties and record sales, and the licensing of his songs films or other uses.1997年,鲍伊把他现成的近300项录音和版权打包为一个5500万美元的抵押,卖给美国保诚保险公司(Prudential Insurance Company of America),在他的版税和唱片销售收入,以及电影等场合使用他的歌曲所付的授权费持下,买主得到了十年期7.9%的年收益率The so-called Bowie bonds were among the first in what would become a wave of esoteric asset-backed securities deals based on intellectual property, including a more recent one involving Miramax’s film library (including titles like “Pulp Fiction” and “The English Patient”). Bankers have also come up with securities backed by franchise revenue the restaurant chains Sonic and Church’s Chicken, among others.这种所谓的“鲍伊债券”(Bowie bonds)是基于知识产权的资产担保券交易的先驱之一,外界对这种交易知之甚少,它还包括后来米拉麦克斯公司(Miramax)电影资料库(其中有《低俗小说和《英国病人等电影)的交易还推出了特许经营收入担保的券,比如餐厅连锁索尼克(Sonic)和德州炸鸡(Church Chicken)等等The buyers in these deals, which are negotiated privately by the banks that put the transactions together, tend to be specialized hedge funds or big institutions that can negotiate terms with the bankers. Individual investors never got their hands on a Bowie bond because Prudential never sold any of its stake.这些交易是由牵头的私下协商的,买主往往是专门的对冲基金或大型机构,可以与协商交易条款“鲍伊债券”从未落入过个人投资者手中,因为保诚没有出售过它的任何份额A Prudential spokesman declined to comment.保诚发言人拒绝对此置评At the time it was a good deal Mr. Bowie. He got upfront cash a decade’s worth of royalty and licensing revenue without having to give up ownership of his songs.在当时,这个交易对鲍伊来说相当有利他不必放弃自己歌曲的所有权,就可以预十年版税和授权费收入Originally rated A3 by Moody’s Investors Service, Bowie bonds were later downgraded to Baa3, just above junk status. By the early 00s, Internet file sharing had become a factor, and musicians were generating less income because album sales were declining.“鲍伊债券”最初被信誉评级机构穆迪(Moody)评为A3级,后来降为Baa3级,仅高于垃圾级到1世纪初,互联网文件共享蔚然成风,随着专辑销量下降,音乐人的收入也在减少Still, Mr. Bowie’s Wall Street collaboration inspired other celebrities to cash in while the getting was still good. Edward Holland, Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier, the Motown hit songwriters, did a deal, as did James Brown and Rod Stewart. In , DreamWorks SKG entered into a billion deal involving its film catalog.不过,鲍伊与华尔街的合作启发了其他名人,他们在收入还不错的情况下也开始套现城唱片(Motown)金曲作者爱德华·霍兰德(Edward Holland)、布赖恩·霍兰德(Brian Holland)和拉蒙特·齐尔(Lamont Dozier)达成了一个交易,詹姆斯·布朗(James Brown)和罗德·斯图尔特(Rod Stewart)也是如此年,梦工厂(DreamWorks SKG)达成了一项亿美元的电影资料库交易Most asset-backed securities are secured by income generated from mortgages, credit card loans and auto loans. But mortgage-backed securities gave the sector a bad name during the financial crisis and investors backed off a while.大多数资产担保券,都是通过抵押贷款、信用卡贷款和汽车贷款产生的收入获利的但在金融危机期间,抵押贷款担保券毁了这一行的名声,投资者也离开了一段时间Issuance of asset-backed securities dropped .6 percent last year, to billion, with a steep drop off in deals backed by credit card loans, according to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.券业和金融市场协会的资料显示,资产担保券去年的发行量下滑.6%,至180亿美元,信用卡贷款担保交易量出现暴跌Deals backed by unusual assets make up about a tenth of the asset-backed security market, appealing to investors who want higher yields and are willing to take on more risk.在资产担保券市场中,用非常规资产担保的交易约占十分之一,它们吸引的是那些追求更高收益率,也愿意承担更多风险的投资者“There’s a nonanalytic aspect to these deals that makes them riskier,” says Sylvain Raynes, a founder of Ramp;R Consulting who worked at Moody’s at the time the Bowie bond was being rated.“这类交易存在一种非分析性,它们风险更高,”咨询公司Ramp;R Consulting创始人西尔万·雷恩斯(Sylvain Raynes)说鲍伊债券接受评级的时候,雷恩斯在穆迪工作 06959;jCx3lC1)NRQ7Iy7XP^Qu,;H|I;FU531rf(snp3HE A BIG GOOF;He very funny. We often had to stop filming because we were laughing so hard. He goofy and he brings out goofy in me.;– The Tourist costar Angelina Jolie他是一个大呆瓜“他很幽默rKxCJ6;_qzsHYZZwQ我们经常不得不因为笑得太厉害而停止拍摄Uvl8CH0HXlrME]w6他很搞笑,而且他能激发我的搞笑细胞fO|GbSA#3[Y”——《致命伴侣合演安吉丽娜#86;朱莉WnGm0hVMlJx9w7l*on(Bs7YN_@MXDPwV(.Y~h*~YY0 3575A bunch of great, DEAD scientists were playing hide-and-seek in heaven.When it's Einstein's turn to be the seeker, he counted untill 0 andopened his eyes. All the others were hide, but only Newton were stillstanding there 一群伟大的科学家去世后在天堂里玩藏猫猫轮到爱因斯坦抓人,他数到0睁开眼睛,看到所有的人都藏起来了,只有牛顿还站在那里  Einstein walked to him and said: "Newton, I've got you!"  爱因斯坦走过去说:“牛顿,我抓住你了”  Newton answered: "No. You didn't got Newton."  牛顿:“不,你没有抓到牛顿”  Einstein said: "Then who are you!?"  爱因斯坦:“你不是牛顿你还能是谁?”  Newton said: "Look, where am I standing?"  牛顿:“你看我脚下是什么?”  Einstein looked down and found that Newton was standing on a square floor board with one metre long and one metre wide. He didn't understand  爱因斯坦低头,看到牛顿站在一块长、宽都是一米的正方形地板砖上,大为不解  Newtonthen said: "There's one square meters under my feet. It then make us'Newton divided by square meter". So, what you've got is not Newton,but Pascal."  牛顿:“我脚下是一平方米的方块,我站在上面就是牛顿平方米所以你抓住的不是牛顿,你抓住的是帕斯卡”  小编解释:物理公式当中“1牛顿平方米1帕斯卡”……物理学家的笑话好冷、真的好冷…… 13

When the history of America’s onscreen visions of China is written, from Charlie Chan to “House of Cards,” it may be that a turning point came with a film that had almost nothing to do with China at all. Instead, it was one about the Middle East.从陈查理(Charlie Chan,美国作家厄尔·德尔·比格斯笔下的华人探长)到《纸牌屋,在美国屏幕上中国形象的历史上,可能称作是转折点的是一部几乎与中国无关的电影相反,它是一部关于中东的电影Representations of China began to appear on the American movie screen in the nineteen-twenties. Back then, the country was generally cast in the role of a beguiling, reflective, and fundamentally dangerous counterpart. In “The Bitter Tea of General Yen” (1933), a warlord on the make casually orders the execution of his captives, then justifies it to his comely American guest as a more humane solution than letting them die of starvation in prison. Consistent with the clichés of the day, the general had a lascivious streak—he foists “sing-song” girls on an American missionary—but he remains a man of depths; he sweetly recites love poems and waxes philosophical to the heroine.中国的代表形象最早出现在美国电影屏幕上是二十世纪二十年代当时,中国通常被扮作是欺骗性的、深思熟虑的、完全危险的对应人物在《袁将军的苦茶(1933)电影中,追求名利的一名中国军阀随意下令对他俘虏的犯人执行死刑,并且还向他清秀的美国客人明这是比让他们在监狱里饿死更人性化的解决方案如同当时的陈词滥调一样,这名军阀也有好色的品性,他蒙骗美国传教士的歌女,但他仍然是一个有深度的人,他也会温柔地朗诵爱情诗,或向女主角谈论哲学To a viewer with no knowledge of China, the country, which was then in a state of upheaval, seemed intrinsically menacing. “No attempt was made to understand why the wars occurred, nor the role of imperialism in precipitating the crisis, which led to the downfall of the Manchu dynasty and the ensuing anarchy,” Richard Oehling, who writes on film and history, observed in an essay. Worse, he noticed, many of the films on the subject “suggest or imply an alien civilization.”对于不了解中国的观众来说,当时正处在动荡状态中的这个国家似乎本质上很险恶“没有人试图去理解为什么会发生战争,也没有提及导致危机的帝国主义角色,而这场危机最终导致了满清王朝的覆灭和随之而来的无政府状态”写电影和历史的理查德·厄尔林(Richard Oehling)在一篇文章中写道他还注意到,更糟的是,很多关于这一主题的电影“显示或暗示一种异域文明”After a brief interlude around the Second World War, when the role of villain was assigned to Japanese characters, the American renderings of Asia drifted back to China, without much sophistication acquired along the way. There was “The Manchurian Candidate” (brainwashers); Wo Fat, of “Hawaii Five-O” (general turned super-criminal); and Julius No, in James Bond’s “Dr. No” (the “unwanted child of a German missionary and a Chinese girl” who eventually meets his end when he is buried under a giant pile of guano). Rarely were the actors any more genuinely Chinese than the characters. Charlie Chan was played by Warner Oland, a Swede. Wo Fat was portrayed by Khigh Dhiegh, who was a mix of American, Egyptian, and Sudanese.在第二次世界大战中反派角色被分配给日本这样一个短暂的插曲之后,美国对亚洲的描绘未经多少变化就又回到中国比如说《满洲候选人(The Manchurian Candidate)中的洗脑者,《天堂执法者(Hawaii Five-O)中的吴法(超级罪犯)和詹姆斯·邦德的《诺士(Dr. No,“一个德国传教士和一个中国女孩遗弃的孩子”最终被埋葬在一个巨大的鸟粪堆而结束其一生的故事)中的朱利叶斯这些演员中却很少有完全符合角色的中国人陈查理的扮演者是华纳·欧兰德(Warner Oland),一个瑞典人刻画了吴法角色的则是Khigh Dhiegh,一个美国、埃及和苏丹的混血儿A decade and a half after the end of the Cold War, as China’s economy thrust the country into the role of an emerging superpower, the narrative took a new turn. Instead of being depicted as mysterious or thuggish, the Chinese characters in “Syriana” (), the Middle East thriller directed by Stephen Gaghan, were framed as midable, sophisticated opponents. A Chinese delegation seeking natural-gas drilling rights from an Arab prince arrives speaking fluent Arabic, in contrast to Matt Damon’s American energy analyst, who knows only a few pleasantries. As a plot element, it was brief and secondary, but it was unprecedented, as far as I could tell, and it gave way to a new generation of onscreen Chinese villains: in “Batman: The Dark Knight” and the latest Bond, “Skyfall,” in which our hero battles the usual onslaught against spectacular futuristic backdrops in Shanghai and Macau.冷战结束十五年后,随着中国经济的增长推动该国成为一个新兴超级大国的角色,叙述模式发生了一个新的转折中国不再被描绘成神秘的或嗜杀成性的,由斯蒂芬·加汉(Stephen Gaghan)导演的中东惊悚片《辛瑞那(Syriana,年)的中国形象是被构建成强大的、老谋深算的对手向阿拉伯王子寻求天然气钻探权的中国代表团到达时讲着一口流利的阿拉伯语,而相比之下,马特·达蒙的美国能源分析师只会用阿拉伯语寒暄几句作为剧情的元素,这个细节是短暂而次要的,但却是前所未有的据我所知,旧形象让位给新一代的荧幕中国恶棍:在《蝙蝠侠:黑暗骑士(Batman: The Dark Knight)和最新的邦德电影《0:大破天幕杀机(Skyfall)中,美国英雄依然对战来自敌人的猛攻,但却是在上海和的壮观的未来主义背景之中With the Netflix series “House of Cards” (adapted from the British television show of the same name), the onscreen China has taken another turn. I watched the first season with trepidation: at the time, I was living in Beijing and preparing to move to Washington, D.C. (Are congressmen really lurking in parking garages waiting to snuff each other out?) It’s more relaxing, a year later, to watch Frank Underwood as one of his neighbors. (Members of Congress, it turns out, don’t lurk in parking garages. They Uber.)在Netflix的美剧《纸牌屋(改编自英国电视同名节目)中,屏幕上的中国形象已经又产生了一个转折我看第一季时提心吊胆:当时我正住在北京,并准备搬到华盛顿特区(难道国会议员真的潜伏在车库等待着消灭掉对方了吗?)一年后看着弗兰克·安德伍德(《纸牌屋中凯文·斯派西扮演的一位报复心极强的中年议员)成为他的一名邻居时真是令人松了一口气(事实明,国会议员并不潜伏在车库里他们都用Uber打车)When the “House of Cards” plot turns to China, the themes are contemporary and plausible: cyber espionage, rare earths, territorial disputes, and a cunning, meditative, libertine plutocrat who plays on his connections at the highest ranks in Beijing. By the low standards of cinematic history, the depiction of China rings true enough—the show is a hit, with subtitles, in China—and it does a fine job of capturing a moment in time when it can be difficult to know if a man like the character Xander Feng, the emissary from Beijing, speaks the leaders whom he purports to represent. Retiring the image of a monolithic Chinese government is one of the show’s innovations.当《纸牌屋的情节转向中国时,主题是当代的且可信的:网络间谍,稀土,领土争端,以及一个狡猾的、沉思的、放荡的富豪,后者依靠他在北京高层中的关系网络发挥作用照电影史上的低标准来说,对中国的描绘足够真实——这部美剧(带字幕)在中国走红了——而且它捕捉到了精的瞬间,即可能很难知道一个像角色冯赞德(Xander Feng)这样的男人,一名来自北京的使者,是否为其所声称代表的领导辩护放弃完全统一的中国政府形象是该剧的创新之一But, now that we’ve mastered the latest incarnation of the Chinese onscreen villain, maybe the time has come popular American productions to explore other elements of the modern-day Chinese story: the dramas of aspiration and social mobility; the struggles around identity and patriotism and who speaks the country; the fights over education, the environment, and employment.然而,现在我们已经掌握了最新的中国在荧幕上的恶棍形象,也许已经到了美国流行电影探索现代中国故事的其他要素的时候了:关于抱负和社会流动的戏剧;围绕身份、爱国主义和谁为国家发声的斗争;为教育、环境和就业而奋斗If those plotlines sound familiar to Americans, they should; never have the engines of middle-class drama in China and America had so much in common. the moment, though, it’s refreshing to watch a production in which it is the Americans, not the Chinese, who are expected to be beguiling, reflective—and fundamentally dangerous.如果这些主要情节在美国人听来感到很熟悉的话,事实也的确如此中美两国的中产阶级戏剧的设计从未有过如此多的共同点虽然就目前而言,看一部由美国人,而非中国人扮演欺骗性的、深思熟虑的、完全危险的角色的剧还是令人耳目一新的 87

Posing alongside Daniel Craig, they are the women who provide the glamour, action and intrigue in the new James Bond film Spectre.站在丹尼尔·克雷格身边一起合影的这些女人就是为詹姆斯·邦德系列最新电影《幽灵党增添魅力、曲折的情节和阴谋诡计的存在But if youre thinking of referring to Monica Bellucci, 51, Lea Seydoux, 30, and Naomie Harris, 39, as Bond girls, then think again.但如果你打算用邦女郎来指代51岁的莫妮卡·贝鲁奇(Monica Bellucci)、30岁的蕾雅·赛杜(Lea Seydoux)和39岁的娜奥米·哈里斯(Naomie Harris),那你不妨重新考虑一下Honor Blackman – who memorably played Pussy Galore to Sean Connery 0 in 196 Goldfinger – revealed that she thinks the phrase is derogatory to women and added: top calling us Bond girls, we are women and actresses!霍纳尔·布莱克曼(Honor Blackman)在196年肖恩·康纳利(Sean Connery)版0电影《金手指中饰演的角色普斯·格洛(Pussy Galore)相当令人难忘,她日前表示,她认为邦女郎这个称呼是对女性的贬低,并说“不要再叫我们邦女郎了,我们是女人、女演员!”Miss Blackman was 39 when she appeared as Pussy Galore, making her the oldest Bond girl until the casting of Miss Bellucci in Spectre, which will be released on Monday. Current 0 Craig is 7.布莱克曼39岁出演普斯·格洛,她一直是所有邦女郎中年龄最大的,直到贝鲁奇出演《幽灵党而现任0的扮演者克雷格为7岁《幽灵党将于当地时间月6日上映Now 90, Miss Blackman added that she thinks too much fuss is made over the age of the actresses paired with Bond on screen.布莱克曼今年已经90岁了她觉得屏幕上与邦德配戏的女演员的年龄被小题大做了She said: I just dont understand why we are still obsessed with age. Or rather, I dont understand why MEN are still so obsessed with the age of women. Because that really what were talking about.她说:“我就是不理解为什么我们还如此纠结年龄问题或者说,我不明白为什么‘男人始终纠结女人的年龄问题这确实就是我们一直在谈论的问题”Grow up guys! In the days of yore, young men were sent to a mature woman to learn something about love-making, so that they didnt make complete fools of themselves.“成熟点吧,小伙子们!以前,年轻的男人都是从成熟的女人那学会性爱技巧,这样他们才不会出洋相”There are double standards when it comes to men and women appearing on screen as they get older, she said in a guest column the Daily Mirror.她在《每日镜报(Daily Mirror)的一个特约专栏里表示,人们对于出现在 荧屏上的男人和女人变老这件事有着双重标准She wrote: Ageing men constantly appear on television with their ;destroyed; craggy faces and pot bellies, with their belts closer to their crotch than their waist, getting series after series. While older women are never afded the same opporty.她写道:“上了年纪的男演员仍活跃在电视上,一季又一季地出演他们容颜不再、满脸皱纹,长出啤酒肚,腰带都快系到胯部了而上了年纪的女演员却从没有同样的机会”On Thursday in London Craig posed a photoshoot with his co-stars ahead of Spectre release. Some critics say the movie could break Skyfall record as the most successful Bond film to date.在《幽灵党上映前,克雷格与各位主演日在伦敦合影一些家认为这部电影的票房可能会打破《大破天幕杀机的纪录,成为史上最成功的0电影

The CW has ordered a pilot a current adaptation of ;The Tomorrow People,; a beloved 70s British series about humans with supernatural abilities. Powers like telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and other interesting tele-things emerge in teenagers, complicating their lives and relationships. Presented as the next stage of human evolution, the only thing these teenagers cant do is intentionally kill other people.CW宣布预订最新版的《The Tomorrow People(未来青年),这是一部70年代广受欢迎的科幻类英剧,讲述一群有着超能力的人们的故事这些年轻人有心灵感应能力、念力、隐身等各种神奇的特异功能,而这些特殊能力也让他们的爱情、友情和生活更加复杂作为进化到下个阶段的人类,这些孩子唯一不能做的就是故意杀掉别人The new adaptation has quite a pedigree, as it executive produced by Greg Berlanti (;Arrow;) and Julie Plec (;The Vampire Diaries;). The pilot was written by Phil Klemmer (;Chuck;).这部英剧翻拍而来的美剧的执行制片人是《绿箭侠的制片人Greg Berlanti,和《吸血鬼日记现任制片人Julie Plec,剧本改编将会由《超市特工的编剧来做 03535

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