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Research shows that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates can help shed pounds and normalize blood-glucose levels, improvements that lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 研究表明,含有高蛋白、低碳水化合物的饮食有助于减肥并能使血糖水平恢复正常,而血糖水平得到改善能降低糖尿病和心血管疾病的患病风险。But will you live longer on a high-protein, low-carb diet? Two studies in the current edition of the scientific journal Cell Metabolism suggest the opposite. One involved an experiment conducted on mice, the other an 18-year study of humans who had divulged their dietary habits. Both studies found a strong association between longevity and a low-protein, high-carbohydrate diet, although the human study bore a twist: Beyond age 65, higher protein levels appeared to promote longevity. 但你会因为高蛋白、低碳饮食而活得更久吗?科学期刊《细胞代谢》(Cell Metabolism)本期上的两项研究认为是否定的。其中一则研究涉及对老鼠进行的一项试验,另一则项则对那些暴露自己饮食习惯的人进行了长达18年的研究。尽管针对人类进行的研究与最终的结论有些出入,即过了65岁以后,更高的蛋白水平似乎会延年益寿。但前述两项研究均发现:在长寿与高蛋白、低碳水化合物的饮食习惯之间存在着一种强烈的关联。#39;Those high-protein diets were developed with a shortsighted vision,#39; said Valter D. Longo, a University of Southern California professor of gerontology and biological sciences and the lead author of the human study. #39;On a high-protein, high-fat diet you can lose weight, but in the long run you may be hurting yourself.#39; 南加州大学(University of Southern California)老年医学和生物科学教授、上述人类研究的首席作者瓦尔特#12539;D#12539;隆戈(Valter D. Longo)说:“那些高蛋白饮食的发展伴随着一种短视现象。坚持高蛋白、健康高脂的饮食习惯,你是可以减肥,但长远来看,你现在的所在所为可能正在伤害你自己。”These studies are anything but definitive, showing only associations derived from highly limited evidence. But in gerontology, the influence of protein consumption on longevity is a hot topic. Last year, the American Federation for Aging Research hosted a symposium on #39;Optimal Protein Intake for Older Adults,#39; featuring a panel of scientists from academia and industry. No concrete answers emerged, except perhaps that protein consumption influences health in ways that are complex. 这些研究目前均无定论,仅仅显示出了一些关联性,这些关联性还是从非常有限的据中提炼出来的。但在老年医学中,蛋白质摄取对寿命的影响是一个热门话题。去年,美国联邦老化研究所(American Federation for Aging Research)举办了一场有关“老年人最佳蛋白摄取量”的研讨会,有一组来自学界和业界的科学家出席了会议。对于前述问题,大家尚未得出具体的,或许只有这样一个结论:蛋白质摄取量会通过复杂的方式影响健康。#39;High protein diets may be effective to lose weight rapidly,#39; said Elena Volpi, a professor of geriatrics at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. #39;But very high protein diets may also be harmful.#39; 德克萨斯大学加尔维斯顿医学分部(University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston)老年病学教授埃琳娜#12539;沃尔皮(Elena Volpi)说:“高蛋白饮食对快速减肥可能会有效,但特别高的蛋白饮食可能也会有害。”In the human study, those consuming high levels of plant-based protein had a threefold increase in cancer mortality but no higher rate of overall mortality. That suggests, as other research has shown, that there may be benefits from minimizing consumption of animal-based protein. #39;These results indicate that respondents ages 50 to 65 consuming moderate to high levels of animal protein display a major increase in the risks for overall and cancer mortality,#39; the researchers concluded. 在上述针对人类的研究中,那些摄取高植物蛋白的人群癌症死亡率增加了三倍,但并未出现更高的总体死亡率。那表明──也正如其他研究所示──将动物蛋白摄入量最小化可能会有所裨益。研究人员得出结论称:“这些结果表明,那些食用中到高水平动物蛋白、年龄在50到65岁的受访者在总体死亡率和癌症死亡率方面的风险大幅增加。”For subjects 66 and older, the opposite proved true: Higher protein consumption was associated with greater survival. Gerontologists say this makes sense, because the ability to absorb protein appears to diminish in the aging body, requiring perhaps greater consumption. 而在那些年龄为66岁及以上的受访者身上,事实明情况正好相反:更高的蛋白质摄取量与更大的生存机会息息相关。老年病学者称,这个完全说得通,因为在衰老的身体内,吸收蛋白的能力似乎会减弱,这就可能需要更高的摄取量。Even then, though, the takeaway is somewhat complicated. Americans tend to consume the bulk of their protein at dinner, and the body isn#39;t always able to process an entire day#39;s worth in one sitting, said Dr. Volpi, who wasn#39;t involved in either study. #39;It appears you can better use the protein you need if you distribute it across three meals, especially if you are a senior,#39; she said. 然而即便如此,有关蛋白质的摄取问题还是有些复杂。沃尔皮士说,美国人倾向于在晚餐时进食他们一天中的大部分蛋白质,而人体并非总能一口气消化掉一整天的营养。她还说:“如果你能将蛋白质的摄取任务分配到一日三餐中,你似乎就能更好地利用所需的蛋白质,尤其当你是位老年人时,情况更是如此。”沃尔皮并未参与到上述的任何研究中。In one study, 858 mice were fed one of 25 diets with differing ratios of protein to carbohydrates. Those that ate higher ratios of protein were leaner. But they didn#39;t live as long. #39;Median life span increased (by about 30%) from about 95 weeks to 125 weeks as the protein-to-carbohydrate ratio decreased,#39; said the study, conducted by researchers in Australia. #39;Our results show that healthy aging is not achieved in mice fed high protein diets.#39; 在其中一项研究中,有25种包含了不同蛋白质和碳水化合物比例的饮食,858只老鼠则会被喂食25种饮食当中的某一种。那些吃了更高比例蛋白质的老鼠更为精瘦,但它们活得并不长。该研究称:“随着蛋白质比例相对碳水化合物比例的减少,老鼠的平均寿命长度也从大约95周增至125周(增幅约为30%)。我们的结果显示,健康老龄化并未体现在那些喂食了高蛋白饮食的老鼠身上。”这项研究是由澳大利亚的科研人员完成的。Of course, mice aren#39;t human. Indeed, the Australian researchers acknowledge that the same results may not be achieved in a different strain of mice. 当然,老鼠并非人类。的确,澳大利亚研究人员们承认,即便是不同品种的老鼠,实验结果也会不一样。The second study followed 6,381 adult humans for 18 years after they completed a nationally administered survey on their food consumption over a 24-hour period. It divided the subjects into three groups: high-protein consumption (20% or more of calories from protein), moderate-protein consumption (10% to 19% from protein) and low-protein consumption (less than 10%). 第二项研究则在18年的时间里对6,381位成年人进行了追踪调查,在此之前所有受访者都完成了一项有关他们在24小时时间段内食物摄取的全国性问卷调查。该研究将受访者划分为三类:高蛋白摄取(有20%或以上的卡路里来自蛋白质)者,中等蛋白摄取(有10% 到 19%的卡路里来自蛋白质)者以及低蛋白摄取(不到10%的卡路里来自蛋白质)者。In the 50-to-65 age range, #39;subjects in the high protein group had a 74% increase in their relative risk of all-cause mortality, and were more than four times as likely to die of cancer when compared with those in the low-protein group,#39; the researchers reported. 在50岁到65岁的年龄段人群中,研究人员报告称:“高蛋白摄取组的受访者全因死亡率的相对风险增加了74%。而当与低蛋白摄取组的同龄人相比时,高蛋白组死于癌症的可能性是前者的四倍多。”One prominent diet expert and high-protein opponent, physician Ron Rosedale, saw the studies as vindicating his longtime warning about the risks of excessive protein. But Dr. Rosedale, who advocates a diet high in so-called healthy fats such as those found in avocados, argues that high levels of carbohydrate consumption are no less dangerous. #39;If people take these studies as a thumbs up for high carbohydrates, that#39;s missing the point,#39; he said. 著名饮食专家及高蛋白反对论者、医师罗恩#12539;罗斯代尔(Ron Rosedale)长期以来就对蛋白质摄取量过多发出了警告,他认为上述研究正好明了他的警告是对的。罗斯代尔士提倡一种含有高健康脂肪的饮食,这种所谓的健康脂肪常见于诸如鳄梨这样的食物中。罗斯代尔声称,高水平的碳水化合物摄取量所带来的风险跟高蛋白饮食不相上下。他说:“如果人们将这些研究当成是对高碳水化合物饮食的赞许,那就是没有抓住要旨。” /201403/282278Falling in love comes at the cost of losing close friends, because romantic partners absorb time that would otherwise be invested in platonic relationships, researchers say.研究者称谈恋爱的代价是损失亲密的朋友,因为恋人会占用原本投入到友情中的时间。A new partner pushes out two close friends on average, leaving lovers with a smaller inner circle of people they can turn to in times of crisis, a study found.一项研究表明,谈一次恋爱平均让人损失两个朋友,使得他们身处困境时可以求助的好朋友更少。The research, led by Robin Dunbar, head of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, showed that men and women were equally likely to lose their closest friends when they started a new relationship.这项研究由牛津大学人类认知与进化学研究协会会长罗宾·邓巴发起,研究显示无论男性还是女性,开始一段新恋情都会使他们失去亲密的朋友。Previous research by Dunbar#39;s group has shown that people typically have five very close relationships – that is, people whom they would turn to if they were in emotional or financial trouble.邓巴的团队在之前的研究发现人们通常维系五段亲密关系——也就是5个在发生情感危机或是财政危机时能求助的人。;If you go into a romantic relationship, it costs you two friends. Those who have romantic relationships, instead of having the typical five #39;core set#39; of relationships only have four. And of those, one is the new person who#39;s come into their life,; said Dunbar.邓巴称:“如果你谈恋爱了,那么你会失去两个朋友。那些谈恋爱的人只维系4段亲密关系,而不是一般人的5段。并且其中一个是才开始关系,刚要融入他生活的人。”The study, submitted to the journal Personal Relationships, was designed to investigate how people trade off spending time with one person over another and suggests that links with family and closest friends suffer when people start a romantic relationship.这项研究已提交给了杂志《个人关系》,研究意在调查人们如何分配自己与人交往的时间,结果表明人们开始一段恋情时,亲情和友情会受到影响。Dunbar#39;s team used an internet-based questionnaire to quiz 428 women and 112 men about their relationships. In total, 363 of the participants had romantic partners. The findings suggest that a new love interest has to compensate for the loss of two close friends.邓巴的团队通过网上发起问卷,调查了428位女性和112位男性的个人关系。参与调查的人中,总共有363位有恋人。结果表明新的恋情是以牺牲两个死党为代价的。Speaking at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, Professor Dunbar said: ;This was a surprise for us. We hadn#39;t expected it. ;在伯明翰举行的英国科学节上,邓巴说:“研究结果令人意外,我们从未料想过。”;If you don#39;t see people, your emotional engagement with them drops off and does so quickly. What I suspect is that your attention is so wholly focused on the romantic partner you don#39;t get to see the other folks you had a lot to do with before, and so some of those relationships start to deteriorate.;“如果你不和朋友见面,你和他们的情感联系就会淡化,而且会淡化地非常之快。而我认为你把所有的注意力都放在恋人身上,以至于见不到以前经常在一起的朋友,那么你和他们的关系就开始疏远了。”The questionnaire allowed people to mention whether any of their closest confidants were ;extra romantic partners;. In all, 32 of those quizzed mentioned having an extra love interest in their life, but these people did not lose four friends as might be expected. Instead, the extra person in their life bumped their original romantic partner out of their innermost circle of friends.这份网络问卷允许被调查者填写他们的密友中是否包括他们的恋人。一共有32个人提到他们的恋人是生活中的密友,但是这些人并没有像预料的那样失去四个朋友,相反,新的恋人会将之前的恋人挤出他们的朋友圈子。In a separate study, Dunbar#39;s team looked at how men and women maintained friendships on the social networking website Facebook. They found that women#39;s Facebook friends were more often friends from everyday life that they spent time with, while men tended to collect as many friends as they could, even if they hardly knew them.在另一项研究中,邓巴的团队研究了男性和女性是怎样在社交网站Facebook上维系友情的。他们发现女性在Facebook上的朋友往往是她们生活中的朋友,而男性则尽可能的多交朋友,哪怕是不认识的人。;Boys seem to be in a competition to see who can have the most Faccebook friends and that could be a form of mate advertisting. One of the cues women use for male quality as a mate is the number of other girls chasing them, so signing up lots of girls as Facebook friends seems to be a good idea,; said Dunbar.邓巴说:“男生似乎在互相竞争,看谁Facebook上的朋友最多,这似乎还是一种宣传手段。女性评判男人质量的标准之一就是看他被多少女生追求,因此在Facebook上加更多的女性好友不失为一个好主意。” /201407/309294

LAST NOVEMBER, my female co-workers at The Wall Street Journal discovered that the sole product I used on my face was soap. Their reaction to this mundane revelation wasn#39;t all that nice. They began calling me #39;the man who doesn#39;t moisturize.#39; As in, #39;Would you ask the man who doesn#39;t moisturize if I can borrow his stapler?#39;去年11月,我在《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)的女同事发现了我用在脸上的唯一产品是香皂。对于这个平淡无奇的发现,她们的反应并不那么友好。她们开始叫我“不用保湿霜的男人”。比如她们会说,“你能问问那个不用保湿霜的男人,我能借他的订书机用一下吗?”One of our style editors took pity. #39;You#39;ve never moisturized?#39; she asked gently. #39;I don#39;t remember,#39; I admitted. Judging by her expression, she graciously decided to assume I had amnesia. #39;Well, we#39;ll have to do something about that,#39; she said. And so began my eye-opening, skin-altering, brain-addling, four-month adventure in the world of male beauty regimens.我们的一个时尚编辑表示同情。她轻声问道:“你从没做过保湿吗?”我承认:“我不记得了。”从表情来看,她优雅地断定我有健忘症。她说:“好吧,我们得做点儿什么。”于是我开始了历时四个月在男士美容世界里大开眼界和脱胎换骨的脑补探险旅程。First, a little background. It isn#39;t that I am unaware of the guy-beauty industrial complex. I know, for instance, that Clinique basically started it all with its pioneering men#39;s skin-care line in 1976--a program it#39;s relaunching this month. According to Jenny Belknap, vice president of global treatment marketing, the relaunch was triggered by the company#39;s discovery that, while women traditionally bought the men#39;s products for their husbands and sons, #39;we firmly understand that now men are buying for themselves.#39; To make the line more male-friendly and less boggling, Clinique is cutting back from 25 products to 19 and shortening product names. Not that men seem all that intimidated by skin care: According to Mintel, a Chicago-based market research group, 63% of guys 25-34 report that they use moisturizer.首先介绍一点背景。我并非不知道男士美容的产业联盟。比如我知道倩碧(Clinique)基本上是靠它1976年首创的男士护肤系列发展起来的――本月又即将重新推出。其全球护肤业务营销副总裁珍妮#12539;贝尔纳普(Jenny Belknap)表示,这次重新推出是因为公司发现,虽然过去都是女性为丈夫和儿子购买男士产品,但“我们坚信,现在男士们都是自己购买”。为了让这个系列对男性更加友好而且更容易让人接受,倩碧把产品数量从25件减到了19件,并且缩短了产品的名字。并不是所有男士都对护肤感到畏惧:据芝加哥市场研究机构英敏特(Mintel)调查,25岁至34岁的男士中,有63%的人称自己使用保湿霜。Though I am legitimately hazy regarding my own historic moistness levels, I did go through an exceptionally vain phase in my mid-to-late 20s, a couple of decades ago. I had a Manhattan stylist renowned as the #39;King of Blondes#39; highlight my hair, whose natural color suggests a particularly lackluster mouse. I visited a Mexican spa where a bored local woman rolled me in seaweed as if fashioning a giant joint. I spent wads of money on stress-relieving massages, including one that concluded abruptly when the theretofore silent, aged Asian masseur stopped kneading my right shoulder and shrieked, #39;The wing is broken! The wing is broken! It cannot carry the child!#39;尽管我对自己脸部的湿度情况一直不清不楚,但几十年前,在我25到30岁之间那几年,我的确经历过花时间 饬的阶段。当时被誉为“金发之王”(King of Blondes)的一位曼哈顿造型师给我做了头发挑染,我本身的自然发色就像一只毫无生气的老鼠。我去了一家墨西哥水疗中心,一个百无聊赖的当地女人用海草把我卷起来,就像卷一巨大的大麻烟。我花了大把钱在缓解压力的上,包括那次遇见一个上了年纪的亚洲男师。他默默揉捏着我的右肩,突然停下来尖叫道:“翅膀断了!翅膀断了!它没法带幼仔了!”那次就意外结束了。I remember at one point growing convinced that my boss was monitoring my under-eye puffiness, but, soon after, I regained my equilibrium. My grooming routine was gradually reduced to: unscented Dove soap, Barbasol shaving foam, interchangeable drugstore shampoos and some despised hair gel that made me feel like one of those oil-coated ducks blinking in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez disaster.我记得有段时间我坚信老板在观察我浮肿的眼袋,但不久后我重新找到了平衡。我的日常梳洗用品逐渐缩减成:无香型多芬(Dove)香皂,Barbasol剃须泡沫,各个牌子的超市洗发水,还有被人鄙视的发胶,这款发胶让我觉得自己是埃克森#12539;瓦尔迪兹号(Exxon Valdez)漏油事件发生后,满身油光闪闪的鸭群里的一员。So, naturally, I was wary when the aforementioned style editor dumped a box of skin-care and grooming product samples on my desk: #39;We#39;ll start with these,#39; she said. #39;You#39;ll use four products at night and eight in the morning.#39; I nervously mentioned that I didn#39;t live in an alternate universe where mornings last 107 hours. #39;Just get up earlier,#39; she said.所以很自然的,在上文中提到的时尚编辑把一盒护肤和梳洗产品小样扔到我桌上时,我非常谨慎。她说:“我们先从这些开始。晚上你要用四种产品,早晨用八种。”我紧张地提到我并不是生活在早晨有107小时的另一个宇宙。她说:“那就起早点。”In the shower the next day, I washed my hair with my new Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo, a pricey Italian product designed to rehabilitate messed-up hair, and immediately felt like some dapper Milanese guy who eats oddly shaped pizzas and whose apartment is full of strange, half-size appliances. Next, I used Clark#39;s Botanicals Face Wash (a soothing, mild, herbal goop) and shaved my face with what appeared to be pink icing, but was really a premium rose-scented cream from the storied British company Geo. F. Trumper. Next came a spray toner, an antiaging serum and the pivotal moisturizer (mine came from the Jack Black brand). Then I did a few jumping jacks to maintain my stamina and applied an age-combatting smidge of La Mer Eye Concentrate under each peeper using the complementary wand. (Wands? Arguably manly in wake of Harry Potter phenomenon? Discuss.)第二天早晨洗澡时,我用新的Davines Love Smoothing洗发水洗了头发,这是一款价格昂贵的意大利产品,专门修复受损头发。洗了以后我立刻觉得自己像是一个衣冠楚楚的米兰人,吃着奇形怪状的披萨,公寓里全是奇怪的小型家电。接着我用Clark#39;s植物洁面乳(一种舒缓温和的草药黏液)洗脸, 然后用一种看似像粉色糖霜但实际上来自知名英国公司Geo. F. Trumper的高级玫瑰香剃须膏刮胡子。接下来是爽肤水喷雾和抗衰老乳液,还有关键的保湿霜(我用的牌子是Jack Black)。接着我做了几组开合跳保持活力,然后用附送的魔法棒在每只眼睛的下眼睑涂了点 La Mer抗衰老眼霜精华。(魔法棒?哈利#12539;波特(Harry Potter)现象后应该算是男子气的装备了吧?可以讨论一下。)Finally, I groomed my hair with Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade, which gave my hair the texture of a mink pelt, but was still a bit greasy for my taste.最后,我在头发上抹了点Baxter of California软水发膏,让我的头发有了光华毛皮的质地,但对我来说还是有点油。I walked to the subway feeling fresh and tingly and evangelical about the value of taking time to value oneself. I also felt a little like Patrick Bateman, the murderous skin care devotee from #39;American Psycho,#39; but was too busy caressing my curiously soft face to brood on that. Upon reaching the subway 15 minutes later, I realized that, in my heady self-absorption, I#39;d forgotten my wallet. I felt less evangelical running home again.我走到地铁站,觉得很清爽,对于花时间珍惜自己的价值也感到很兴奋。我还觉得自己有点像帕特里克#12539;贝特曼(Patrick Bateman),就是《美国精神病人》(American Psycho)里热衷护肤的杀人狂,但我忙着抚摸我那异常柔软的脸,无暇去思考这些。15分钟后到达地铁站时,我意识到,自我陶醉让我忘记了拿钱包。再折回家时我的热情就没那么高涨了。By day three, the tingliness had given way to a burning sensation around my jaw. Was this my choice: To feel youthful but on fire versus old and content? The culprit turned out to be the rose shaving cream, which the style editor replaced with Proraso Shaving Foam for #39;pelli sensibili#39; (sensitive skin). After carefully testing this amazing product, I can honestly tell you that it#39;s fun to say #39;pelli sensibili#39; repeatedly in a heavy Italian accent.到第三天,那种兴奋感消失了,取而代之的是下巴周围的灼烧感。我需要做出选择:是觉得年轻但有刺痛感还是觉得老而满足?罪魁祸首原来是那玫瑰剃须膏,时尚编辑把它换成了敏感肌肤(pelli sensibili)适用的Proraso剃须膏。小心翼翼地对这款不可思议的产品进行试用后,我可以老实告诉你,用浓重的意大利口音重复说“pelli sensibili”很有意思。And so it went. As I continued my regimen, either my skin improved visibly or my colleagues formed a vast conspiracy that required them to gush about my face. I asked non-coworker friends if they noticed anything different about me, but they were stumped and resistant to broad hints. Still I could swear that, in a certain group photo taken at a steakhouse about seven weeks into my program, I look like a cast member of a teen drama on the CW Network: weirdly lineless, buoyant, possibly a vampire.于是我继续用这些东西。随着护肤的持续,要么我的皮肤有了明显改善,要么就是我的同事串通好了对我的脸进行议论。我问非同事的朋友有没有注意到我有什么异样,但他们都很为难,不愿意给出提示。不过我仍然可以断定,护肤计划进行七周左右,在某家牛排餐厅所拍的某张合照里,我看起来肯定像是哥伦比亚及华纳兄弟联合电视网(CW network)某部青春偶像剧里的演员:皱纹出奇的少,光照人,像极了吸血鬼。By week 12, long after my co-workers had acclimatized to the undocumented miracle that was my face, I was bored by my regimen#39;s demands and losing my motivation. I decided to tempt fate by subbing out my original, conventional moisturizer for Clinique#39;s new Oil-Control Mattifying Moisturizer. Life so seldom offers opportunities to be #39;mattified#39; that it seemed worth the risk. But, although the product left my skin powder-dry and Botox-taut, I was still feeling restless.到第12周,在同事们早就习惯我脸上潜移默化的奇迹后,我对护肤计划的要求产生了厌倦,失去了动力。我决定冒险把倩碧新型控油保湿霜换成原来的传统保湿霜。生活提供“被控油”的机会太少了,所以我似乎值得冒这个险。不过,虽然这款产品让我的皮肤干爽紧绷,但我仍然觉得不安。The style editor decided we needed to seriously up the ante and helped me book a facial with celebrity youthifier Tracie Martyn, who#39;s rejuvenated Brad Pitt, Alan Rickman and Madonna. When I arrived at Ms. Martyn#39;s Fifth Avenue penthouse studio, I was taken aback by the estrogen-y décor, which is entirely lavender and white with gauzy curtains that should properly be billowing in a strong breeze. A Borzoi would not be out of place. I was told that I#39;d been squeezed in between Diane von Furstenberg and a businessman who#39;d just run a marathon.时尚编辑认为我们需要下更大的血本,她帮我预定了明星焕肤专家特蕾西#12539;马丁(Tracie Martyn)的面部护理。马丁为布拉德#12539;皮特(Brad Pitt)、艾伦#12539;里克曼(Alan Rickman)和麦当娜(Madonna)做过青春焕肤。到达马丁在第五大道的顶层公寓工作室时,我因为其充满女性气质的装潢而吃了一惊,里面全是淡紫色和白色,薄纱窗 在微风袭来时应该会摇曳生姿。再养一只波索犬(Borzoi)也不会显得突兀。我得知自己被安排在黛安#12539;冯#12539;芙丝汀宝(Diane von Furstenberg)和一位刚跑过马拉松的商人之间。#39;About 20% of my clientele is male,#39; Ms. Martyn, a hypnotically placid Brit, told me once she had me on her table. As she applied potions with darting little swipes, tightened my jawline with a tool that emits electricity, and exposed me to red light that she said once healed astronaut wounds, she mentioned a male 60-something lawyer who visits her every week. She started cooing excitedly as my face responded--brilliantly, it seemed--to the electricity: #39;Oh, it#39;s looking very good.#39;马丁是一个异常平和的英国人。我一躺上化妆台就听她告诉我说:“约有20%的客户是男性。” 她迅速地给我擦上药水,用释放电流的一个工具紧实我的下巴轮廓,然后让我照射她声称曾经用于修复宇航员伤口的红光。她提到一位60多岁、每周都来的男律师。随着我的脸对电流有了反应――看上去很亮泽――她开始兴奋地嚷道:“噢,看起来非常棒。”Back at the office, I stared at my face in the bathroom mirror, searching for evidence that it was more chiseled. One cheekbone looked pointier, but I couldn#39;t be sure.回到办公室,我在卫生间的镜子前观察自己的脸,寻找轮廓更分明的据。一边的颧骨更尖了,但我不能确定。Confession: In the end, I abandoned all the products in my regime, except for the Italian shampoo, the #39;pelli sensibili#39; shave foam and a truly addictive cleanser from Tracie Martyn that I added post-facial. Turns out that I#39;m just not vain enough to fuss with wands in the pursuit of advanced male beauty. I still moisturize occasionally--if only to ward off ridicule.告白:最后我放弃了护肤计划中的所有产品,除了那款意大利洗发水、敏感肌肤适用的剃须泡沫和特雷西#12539;马丁的一款我在做面部护理前用过的洁面乳,这款洁面乳让我用了还想用。事实上我只是没有足够的闲工夫费那么多讲究去追求高级男性美。我仍旧还是会偶尔做做保湿――即使只是为了避免别人的嘲笑。 /201403/280484

Growing up in a hard-working Midwestern city in the 1980s, I quickly learned that sleep is the first expense I should cut in a given day. The men I looked up to at a young age regularly boasted about running on just a few hours of sleep. While this was rooted in a good-natured work ethic, it led me to view needing sleep as a sign of weakness. I continue to see this perception in the workplace today, where it is considered a badge of honor to stay at the office late working on a project.我是上个世纪80年代在美国中西部一个崇尚努力工作的城市长大的,我很快就认识到睡眠是我在一天中应该削减的第一样东西。我小时候崇拜的人经常夸耀自己每天只睡几个小时。尽管这根源于一种良好的职业操守,但却使我认为对睡眠的需求是一种软弱的表现。如今在职场中我仍能看到有人持这样的观点。在办公室为一个项目工作到很晚被视为是一种荣耀。The problem is, one less hour of sleep is not equal to an extra hour of achievement. In many cases the opposite occurs. When you lose an hour of sleep, it decreases your well-being, productivity, health, and ability to think the following day. One of the most influential studies of human performance, conducted by professor K. Anders Ericsson, found that top performers slept 8 hours and 36 minutes per day. The average American, for comparison, gets just 6 hours and 51 minutes of sleep on weeknights.问题是,少睡一个小时并不等于多做出一个小时的成绩。很多时候情况恰恰相反。少睡一个小时,第二天的精神状态、效率、健康和思考能力就会降低。教授埃里克森(K. Anders Ericsson)的研究发现,表现优秀的人每天睡8小时36分钟。相比之下,普通美国人非周末每晚只睡6小时51分钟。这是有关人类表现的各种研究中最有影响的研究之一。You are simply a different person when you operate on insufficient sleep. And it shows. If you do not get enough sleep, it can lead to a cascade of negative events. You achieve less at work, skip regular exercise, and eat poorly.当你在睡眠不足的状态下工作时,你会失常。而且这会表现在方方面面。如果你睡眠不足,可能会导致一系列的不良后果。你的工作效率会下降,定期的体育锻炼也不再坚持,饮食也会一团糟。This lack of sleep is also costly. According to a study from Harvard Medical School, lack of sleep costs the American economy billion a year in lost productivity alone. The problem is not just people missing work on account of sleep, the larger issue is people who show up for work in a sleepless state. One scientist, who has studied this topic extensively, claims a loss of four hours of sleep produces as much impairment as consuming a six-pack of beer. According to a survey from the National Sleep Foundation, roughly two-thirds of people studied do not get enough sleep on weeknights.睡眠不足还会带来不菲的代价。据哈佛大学医学院(Harvard Medical School)的一项研究显示,睡眠不足导致生产效率低下,仅此一项每年就给美国经济造成630亿美元的损失。问题不止是人们因睡眠不足而翘班,更大的问题是以睡眠不足的状态上班的人。一位一直广泛研究这个主题的科学家称,少睡四个小时造成的损害与喝六瓶啤酒不相上下。据美国国家睡眠基金会(National Sleep Foundation)的一项调查显示,约有三分之二的被研究者非周末睡眠不足。However, if you are able to get an additional hour of sleep tonight, it can make the difference between a miserable day and a good one. A small adjustment, even 15 or 30 minutes, could make or break your next day. The key is to aim for somewhere between seven and nine hours of quality sleep per night. While getting this much sleep each night is easier said than done, there are a few small tricks to improve your odds of a good night#39;s sleep.不过,如果你今晚能够多睡一个小时,明天就会是一个美好的一天,而不是痛苦的一天。小小的调整,哪怕是15分钟或30分钟,都可能使第二天你的状态有天壤之别。关键是争取每天晚上能有七到九小时的高质量睡眠。尽管每天睡这么长时间的觉说起来容易、做起来难,但有一些小窍门可以帮助改善你的睡眠。What you do in the hours before bed could matter most. More than 90 percent of Americans admit to using electronic communications in the hour before bed. This is an obvious problem in terms of allowing things like late-night messages to enter your thoughts. What you may not realize is that the light from these devices alone could also suppress your melatonin levels by as much as 20 percent, which is a more direct threat to your sleep. To avoid these issues, impose a moratorium on all electronic devices in the hour before your normal bedtime and be cautious about bright light from any sources in the hours before bed.你上床睡觉前的几个小时都做些什么可能最重要。有九成以上的美国人承认在睡前一小时使用电子通讯工具。这是一个显而易见的问题,因为它使深夜发来的信息等可以进入你的头脑里。你可能没有意识到的是,这些设备发出的光本身也可能使你的褪黑素水平至多减少20%,这对你的睡眠是一个更为直接的威胁。为避免这些问题,在正常上床睡觉前的一个小时停止使用所有电子设备,避开任何光源发出的亮光。Creating the right environment for sleep in your bedroom can also give you a head start. It is easier to sleep in a room that is a few degrees cooler than the temperature you are accustomed to throughout the day. This prevents your natural body clock from waking you up in the middle of the night. The same principle applies to noise, where using white noise apps or devices can drown out sounds that wake you up unnecessarily throughout the night. What#39;s critical for a good night of sleep is to create a routine where you eliminate as much variance as possible.在卧室营造一个良好的睡眠环境也可能有助于睡眠。在一个温度比你全天习惯的温度略低几度的房间里,可能更容易安睡。这可以防止你的天然生物钟在半夜把你唤醒。同样的原则也适用于噪音。使用白噪音应用或设备可以掩盖会在夜间将你意外吵醒的声音。一夜好眠的关键是制定一套固定程序,尽可能消除各种变数。Prioritize seven to nine hours of high-quality sleep ahead of all else. You will be more likely to have a good workout, get more done at your job, and treat your loved ones better when you put sleep first. Keep in mind that every hour of sleep is a positive investment - not an expense. Based on all of the research on this topic, we need to make sleep a core value at home and work.把每天力争七到九个小时的高质量睡眠摆在其他任何事之前。当你把睡眠放在第一位的时候,你更有可能开心地健身,工作效率提高,更好地对待你的亲人。记住每一个小时的睡眠都是积极的投资,而不是一种出。根据有关这一主题的各种研究显示,我们需要在家庭和工作中把睡眠作为一个核心价值。Sacrificing sleep may no longer be a sign of strength.牺牲睡眠可能不再是实力的表现。 /201312/270457With the Bennett sisters among her most famous creations, it comes as no surprise that Jane Austen left most of her worldly assets to her own sibling, according to her will published online today.根据日前在网上公布的英国女作家简·奥斯汀的遗嘱,她将自己的大部分遗产都留给了自己的兄弟,对此我们并不吃惊——这位作家曾经创作了文学史上著名的班纳特形象,可见她对手足之情的重视。The novelist#39;s last request was for her #39;dearest#39; sister Cassandra to receive all of her possessions, worth around £800 (more than £27,000 today), spare the cost of her funeral, £50 - the equivalent of £1,700 in today#39;s money - to her brother Henry and another £50 to his cook.这位小说家最后的愿望是,希望她“最亲爱的” 卡桑德拉接受她的全部财产,约为800英镑(相当于今天的2.7万英镑),除了她的葬礼花销,奥斯汀还给弟弟亨利和弟弟的厨师各留下50英镑(相当于当今的1700英镑)。Austen#39;s will was among a collection of thousands, including those of William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Drake, which were published online for the first time today.除了奥斯汀的遗嘱,日前网上还首次公布了其他很多英国名人的遗嘱,如威廉·莎士比亚和冒险家弗朗西斯·德瑞克爵士。According to his will, William Shakespeare left £150 (£14,400 today) to his daughter Judith in 1616, and famously decreed that his #39;second best bed#39; should go to his wife Anne.英国最著名的剧作家莎士比亚在他1616年订立的遗嘱中,给女儿留下了150英镑(相当于今天的1.44万英镑)。莎士比亚的遗嘱中很著名的一条,是把“第二好的床”留给了自己的妻子安妮。Sir Francis Drake, who died of dysentery at the age of 55 in January 1596, left £40 (£4,000 today) to the #39;poor people#39; of Plymouth.伊丽莎白一世时代的航海家和冒险家德瑞克给普莱茅斯的“穷人” 们留下40英镑(相当于今天的4000英镑)。他在1596年1月因痢疾去世,享年55岁。Miriam Silverman of Ancestry.co.uk said: #39;These probate records provide fascinating insight into the final fortunes of some of our nation#39;s most famous names. They are an incredibly valuable family history resource, covering a period in history from which few official documents remain.#39;Ancestry网站的米里亚姆·希尔曼说:“这些遗嘱文件生动地展现了英国历史上一些最著名的人物生前最后的财产状况。这些文件是极为珍贵的家族史资源。它所涵盖的历史时期在其它官方文件中很罕有体现。” /201401/274349

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