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德惠市第二人民医院做药物流产多少钱长春省第四人民医院专家预约Todd: OK, Hello!你好!Jeanna: Hello!你好!Todd: Were back. What would you like to talk about?今天你要谈些什么?Jeanna: Driving.开车。Todd: OK. Tell us about driving.好的。跟我们谈谈驾驶。Jeanna: Well, Im gonna get my permit soon and then I get to drive. Im really looking forward to that. Its kind of the start of being independent.我马上就拿到驾驶许可了。我真的很期待能开车。这样我就能慢慢开始独立了。Todd: Yeah, I hear you, so you say permit, is that the same thing as a license?是的,你说快拿到许可了,它和驾照一样吗?Jeanna: No, you have to have your permit six months before you can get a license.不一样,要先拿到许可,六个月后才能拿驾照。Todd: Oh, really. How do you get a permit?真的。怎样拿到许可?Jeanna: You have to take driving school, then you have to go to the DMV and take a test.你要上驾驶学校,接着要去DMV接受测试。Todd: OK. What is the DMV?什么是DMV?Jeanna: The Department of Motor Vehicles.DMV就是机动车辆。Todd: OK, and they give you your license of permit so you can drive. OK, when you have a drivers license what places do you want to go to?DMV发给你许可,这样你就可以开车了。好的,等你有了驾驶,你想去哪?Jeanna: To see my friends and to hang out, just to school and back.我可以去看看我的朋友,和他们一起出去,开车上下学。Todd: OK, nice, so do you have a car right now?很棒,你现在有车吗?Jeanna: No.没有。Todd: OK, are you saving?那你在攒钱吗?Jeanna: Yeah!是的!注:译文属原创,,。 /201212/217837九台市妇幼保健站宫颈疾病 吉林省第二人民医院要预约吗

吉大四院网址29 Girls can never have enough shoes第29章 女孩子们的鞋总是不够穿David : How many pairs of shoes do you have?你有多少双鞋 ?You :I have four pairs of summer shoes. I have one, two, three......I have five pairs of slippers.我有四双夏天穿的鞋子。我还有一、二、三 ,我一共有五双拖鞋。David : You have more pairs of slippers than you have shoes?你的拖鞋比鞋还多。You :Not exactly. The slippers are for winter. I have four pairs of shoes I wear in the summer but for the winter I have about three pairs of shoes: two pairs of boots and one pair of everyday shoes.不。我的拖鞋是冬天才穿的。夏天我有四双鞋,但冬天我只有三双鞋:两双靴子和一双普通的鞋子。David : Oh, I see.噢,是这样啊。You :No, wait. I must have more than three because I also have hiking shoes. I have two pairs of winter sports shoes. That means I have more than four pairs of winter shoes. I guess for every season, I wear more than four pairs of shoes. Even that doesn’t seem like enough.不,不止三双,我还有一双郊游鞋,两双冬天穿的运动鞋。那意味着我冬天不止有四双鞋。我想,每个季节,我的鞋子都不止四双,但即使那样也不够。David : It is never enough for women. I have two pairs of dress shoes and two pairs of sport shoes.鞋子对女人来说永远都不够。我有两双皮鞋和两双运动鞋。You :You can never have too many. I like wearing different shoes every day. I think when I go home, I will wear different slippers every day, too. That should lift my spirits. Every day brings something new and I like a change of scene.永远都不够。我喜欢每天穿不同的鞋。我觉得我回家的时候,每天也要穿不一样的拖鞋。那可以让我心情愉快。每天都有新气象,我喜欢变化。 /201209/200110长春双阳区中医院可以做引产吗 William: Hello, and welcome to the English We Speak, Im William.威廉:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是威廉。Yang Li: And Im Yang Li…杨莉:我是杨莉……William: And your task, Yang Li, is to guess todays word, OK?威廉:杨莉,你来猜猜今天要讲什么短语吧?Yang Li: OK.杨莉:好的。William: Awesome. Li, try some of this cake…威廉:太好了。莉,来尝尝这块蛋糕……Yang Li: A cake? Oh, thanks! Thats very nice…杨莉:蛋糕?哦,谢谢你。太好了……William: Do you like it? Awesome. Theyre pretty awesome cakes, huh?!威廉:你喜欢吗?太棒了。蛋糕很好吃,对吧?Yang Li: Yes, and I think I know what this weeks word is. Its…杨莉:对,我想我知道这周要讲的词了。就是……William: Hang on Li, try some of this coffee as well–its really…威廉:莉,等等,再来尝尝这杯咖啡,它非常……Yang Li: Awesome?杨莉:棒?William: Exactly-its really awesome. You got it. So listen to this. Which three adjectives are used in this clip?威廉:没错,真的非常棒。你已经学会了。来听听下面的例子。在这个片段中用了哪三个形容词?Example例子This party is awesome. The food is amazing. The wine is excellent.这个派对太棒了。食物非常好吃。红酒也很美味。Yang Li: Awesome, amazing and excellent.杨莉:三个形容词为太棒了,令人惊叹和妙极了。William: Thats right. Awesome means excellent or amazing.威廉:没错。Awesome就是太棒了,令人惊叹的意思。Yang Li: Awesome. This word has existed in English for a long time, hasnt it?杨莉:太棒了。这个词由来已经久,对吧?William: Yes, and it used to mean awe-inspiring. So awe means great respect or admiration, so something that’s awesome or awe-inspiring makes you feel great respect and admiration.威廉:对,原本的意思是令人感到惊叹。awe的意思是非常尊敬或钦佩,所以如果用来形容某样东西就是说那个东西让你尊重且赞赏。Yang Li: Full of respect and admiration. But now it just means cool?杨莉:满含敬畏和赞赏。但是现在只有太棒了这个意思吗?William: Exactly, and that’s thanks to the influence of American slang. So the word can now be used to describe almost anything.威廉:没错,这是由于受到美国俚语的影响。所以这个词几乎可以用来形容任何事物。Examples例子These shoes are awesome.这些鞋子太漂亮了。This is an awesome radio programme.这档广播节目太精了。Wow! You are awesome at singing, mate!哇!伙计,你唱得太棒了!William: And there is one slightly different usage of this word. Listen to this.威廉:这个词还有一种不同的用法。来听这个例子。Example例子A: Are you free to come for hotpot tonight?A:你今晚有时间来吃火锅吗?B: Yes, I should be.B:有,我会去的。A: Awesome. That makes four of us!A:太好了。这样我们就有四个人了!William: So what does awesome mean in that clip, Li?威廉:莉,awesome在刚才的例子中是什么意思?Yang Li: Its like when we say great at the beginning of a sentence.杨莉:和用于句首的great的意思差不多。William: Well, thats it, yeah, exactly. Awesome can also be used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate agreement or approval.威廉:嗯,没错,就是这个意思。Awesome也可以用在句首表示赞同或是认可。Yang Li: Awesome! Thats clear now.杨莉:太好了!现在都弄明白了。William: Awesome. And thats the end of this awesome programme.威廉:太好了。我们今天这期精的节目就要结束了。Yang Li: William, do you have any cakes left?杨莉:威廉,你还有蛋糕吗?William: Er, just one. Do you want to share it, Li?威廉:额,只剩一块了。莉,我们来共享吧?Yang Li: Awesome. Bye.杨莉:太好了。再见。William: Bye.威廉:再见。 /201407/316310长春哪个医院妇产比较好

长春市双阳区妇幼保健所治疗不孕不育好吗经典句型:I want to deposit some money in my account. 我想往账户里存点儿钱。A:What can I help you?甲:需要什么帮助?B:I want to deposit some money in my account.乙:我想往账户里存点儿钱。A:Please fill in this form.甲:请把这张表格填好。经典句型:What is the minimum for the first deposit? 第一次存款的最低跟额是多少?A:What is the minimum for the first deposit?甲:第一次存款的最低限额是多少?B:No, there isnt minimum deposit.乙:没有存款限额。A:Even one dollar is all right?甲:即使一美元也可以吗?B:Yes. How much do you want to deposit?乙:是的。您打算存多少钱?句型讲解:在存款,根据存款账户的不同,可以说deposit 300 yuan in my account (在我的户头上 pay 300 yuan into my deposit account (在我的定期存款户头上存 300 元),deposit my paycheck (存入我的工资票)等。 /201408/319976 There are two things which really annoy me. Actually I experience both of them, sometimes, on public transport. Often when I travel I go on buses and on trains and both of these things seem to occur quite often. Firstly is when other people listen to music, they listen to their CD player or their MP3 player and the music is really loud. I mean, I dont mind if other people want to listen to music. In fact, I also really like listening to music and I often take my MP3 player to different places with me but I dont like listening to other peoples music so I wish they would just turn the volume down a bit.有两件事情真的会让我生气。实际上这两件事我在乘坐公共交通时都经历过。我通常会乘坐公交车或是火车旅行,而这两件事情似乎会经常发生。第一件事是,其他人用CD播放机或是MP3听音乐时真的非常吵。我是说,我不介意其他人听音乐。事实上,我也喜欢听音乐,我也会带着MP3去很多地方,可是我不喜欢听到其他人的音乐,所以我希望他们能把音量调小点。The other thing which really peeves me is when people leave their mobile phones on in public and the phones ring and ring and people never know whose phone it is because often people have the same ringtone. But the worst thing is when people have long conversations in public on their mobile phones. I dont really want to hear everybody elses gossip. I mean, obviously sometimes it is necessary to make a phone call to arrange a lift or to organise something. Thats different. But when people have lengthy conversations I really get annoyed. I wonder what you think about that?第二件让我不能忍受的事情是人们把手机放在公共场所,手机一直在响可是没有人知道那是谁的手机,因为通常人们都会用相同的铃声。但是最糟糕的事情是人们在公共场所用手机进行长时间的通话。我真的不想听见其他人的八卦。我是说,显然有时打电话安排行程或是安排其他事情很必要。这可以另说。但是在人们进行长时间的通话时我就会觉得生气。我不知道你们怎么看? 译文属 /201409/329447长春处女膜修补手术价格吉林大学第四医院做药流




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