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周日在中国西南部贵州省的一场全国性的舞蹈比赛终于拉开帷幕, 从全国各地而来的大量舞者们聚在一起各显神通。数以百计的竞争者们参加第一轮在北京的试镜。所有的人都试图展现自己最好的一面。A nation-wide dance contest launched on Sunday in southwest Chinas Guizhou Province, is bringing scores of dancers together from across the country. Hundreds of competitors took part in the first round of auditions in Beijing. All have brought their best, trying to win a spot in the final contest.Folk dance, jazz, Ballet, hip-hop, Latin, every competitor brought their A game. Each of them was given 90 seconds, and their fate was decided by the jury made up of three specialists. On average, one out of 20 competitors would have the chance to enter the second round. The winner of auditions will participate in the final contest broadcast on Guizhou TV.Besides professional dancers, many amateurs also gave eye catching performances. Tang Qi, a mobile phone engineer is one of them.Tang Qi, competitor, said, ;Im very glad that I passed the first round. I will show my best, and keep enjoying dance, which is part of my life.;During the first round audition, a group of dancers caught the jurys attention. From their beautiful movements, its hard to realize that all of them are deaf-mute, and they have to rely on sign language to dance.The dances said, ;We hope that we can go to a bigger stage, and to be better known throughout the world.;Named ;Colorful Guizhou;, the competition has aly become well-known across the nation.For jury members, it is a good opportunity for the development of Chinese dances.Teng Aiming, jury member, said, ;This competition provides a chance to sp the local culture of Guizhou. And I believe that it is not just a national contest, but will turn into a global brand.;Thousands of Chinese dancers are expected to take part in the competition. The winner will get a 50,000 yuan award.201207/190266。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? Saudi Arabia is the worlds largest producer of oil.这合理吗?沙特阿拉伯是世界上最大的产油国。Its true. The Middle Eastern nation is home to around one fifth of the entire worlds existing reserves of oil.这是真的。中东国家在全世界现存的石油储量中占了接近五分之一。AZUZ: But Saudi Arabia might lose that number one ranking by the end of this decade.但是沙特阿拉伯或许在十年后不会再是全球第一。A new report says the U.S. will be the worlds top producer of oil by the year 2020.新的报告说,在2020年之前,美国将会成为世界最大的石油产出国。The U.S. is going through a sort of oil boom right now, and part of that is thanks to new technology.美国现在正在经历某种意义上的石油增长,其中部分原因要归功于新技术。For example, hydraulic fracturing, which is sometimes called fracking.举个例子,水力压裂,有时会被称为液压破裂法。Its a process that involves pumping water and chemicals into the ground to cause rock formations to fracture and release oil and natural gas.这是一个包含着输送水和化学物质到地里来压碎石头的形状并释放油和天然气的过程。Its controversial, though.尽管这存在着争议。Some researchers are worried that the process could hurt the environment.一些研究担心这个过程会伤害环境。That same concern, producing oil versus protecting the environment is happening up in the Arctic, where some companies are planning to drill.相同的担心,即产油和环境保护的对立正在北极发生,一些公司计划在那里钻孔。 /201211/209887。

How to Reduce Your Sugar Intake on HowcastIt’s not only diabetics who should watch their sugar intake. Diets high in sugar can actually cause diabetes or obesity. Eliminate excess sugar in your diet by following these steps.不只是糖尿病患者要注意糖的摄入量,富含糖类的食物实际上能导致糖尿病和肥胖症。按下面的步骤做消除饮食中的多余糖分。Step 1: Eat whole foodsEat natural whole foods such as meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grains without added sugar.第一步:五谷杂粮都要吃吃天然的食物,比如肉,新鲜的水果和蔬菜,以及不含糖的全麦谷物。Step 2: Go half and halfMix a half serving of regular variety foods or beverages with a half serving of low-sugar options. For instance, add a half cup sweetened yogurt to a half cup plain yogurt. Enjoy a half cup regular juice with a half cup seltzer water. Next, switch to a one-quarter sweetened, three-quarters unsweetened concoction until you’ve phased out the sugar.第二步:半对半食用半分用普通的食物兑上半分低糖的食物,混合食用。比如,半杯甜味的酸奶兑半杯无糖的酸奶。喝果汁时,用半杯的果汁加上半杯的苏打水。下一步,三分之一用甜味的食物,四分之三用不含糖的调配,直到你逐渐停止吃糖。Step 3: Avoid sugar trapsAvoid regular sodas and most breakfast cereals, both of which are chock-full of sugar. Read labels on salad dressings and condiments, and avoid those whose main ingredient is high fructose corn syrup.第三步:避免糖的诱惑不要喝汽水和吃早餐上的谷类食物,这些都含有很多的糖。看下沙拉调味品和其他调味品上的标签,不要吃那些主要成分是果葡糖浆的调味品。Tip:Be wary of sugar substitutes — while they replace sugar in baked goods and sodas, there is evidence that they can cause other health problems.小贴士:吃糖类的替代品也要多注意——虽然它们能代替烘烤类食物和汽水中的糖类,有发现表明它们会导致其他健康问题。Step 4: Enjoy desserts sparinglyMake up your own rules about when you can indulge in sweet desserts. Perhaps you do so only on the weekends, or only when dining out.第四步:吃甜食要少量制定吃甜食的规则。也许只能在周末吃甜食,或出去吃饭的时候吃。Tip:Serve up fresh fruit or cheese as a dessert substitute. While fruit is high in sugar, it beats chocolate cake and ice cream as a healthful option.小贴士:将新鲜水果或者奶酪当做甜食的替代品。虽然水果含糖很多,但比起巧克力蛋糕和冰激凌来说,水果还是健康的选择。Step 5: Add more proteinFill up on snacks high in protein, like nuts or beef jerky to head off a sugar craving. Remember, the less you fill up on sugar, the less sugar you will crave.第五步:多吃些富含蛋白质的食物多吃些富含蛋白质的食物,比如坚果或者是牛肉干来阻止吃糖的强烈欲望。记住,吃糖吃得越少,想吃的糖欲望就会变弱。201012/122075。

Step步骤 Step 1 Choose the right foundation and concealer精选粉底遮瑕膏Choose a foundation and concealer that match your skin tone. An oil-free foundation is better for the skin.选择和肌肤颜色相近的粉底和遮瑕膏。不含油类的粉底更适合肌肤。Tip: A foundation that is too light will make your blemishes stand out. Make sure the concealer matches the foundation.小贴士:颜色过浅的粉底将突出你面部的瑕疵。你还要确认遮瑕膏和粉底的颜色相配。Step 2 Cleanse your skin清洁肌肤Cleanse your face before applying makeup. Use a facial toner to bring out dirt and makeup residue and to hydrate the skin.在化妆前清洁肌肤。用化妆水擦除皮肤灰尘和化妆品残渣,并湿润肌肤。Step 3 Moisturize your skin肌肤保湿Add a moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun and keep it healthy. Moisturizers also help foundation blend smoothly and keep it from drying up.保湿肌肤,防止紫外线伤害。保湿霜能够调和粉底,防止粉底干裂。Step 4 Apply foundation涂抹粉底Apply the foundation, starting at the center of your face. Blend it in with a sponge, using a circular motion.涂抹粉底,先从脸的中间部位开始。用海绵涂抹粉底,在脸上打圈。Tip: Always apply foundation before concealer. If you apply concealer first, putting on foundation will only wipe it off again.小贴士:记得要先打粉底再用遮瑕膏。如果先用遮瑕膏,再用粉底时只是把遮瑕膏清除掉了而已。Step 5 Apply concealer应用遮瑕膏Apply and rub in a tiny amount of concealer on the blemishes – add more if necessary – and blend thoroughly.局部使用遮瑕膏——如果有必要的话多用点儿遮瑕膏——和粉底彻底混合。Step 6 Set the foundation定妆Apply a loose powder. This will set the foundation and cut down on shine.使用散粉。散粉会固定粉底,还会使皮肤有光泽。Step 7 Have a professional makeup session上专业化妆课程Use a professional makeup session to learn which colors and products are best for you and your skin tone. Visit any cosmetics counter; most stores will give you tips and a make-over for free.听取专业的化妆课程来学习最适合你肤色的化妆品颜色和产品。去化妆品中心看看,大多数化妆品柜台都会给你小贴士,并为你免费试妆。Fact: In their pursuit of beauty, women in some ancient cultures used toxic chemicals, such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and leeches to make their faces paler.小常识:在人们追逐美丽的时候,有些古代文化中的女人使用有毒化学品,例如砒霜,铅,水银和水蛭来使她们的脸庞看上去白皙美丽。You Will Need你需要Foundation粉底Concealer遮瑕膏Facial toner化妆水Moisturizer with SPF含有SPF的保湿霜An application sponge海绵Loose powder散粉A professional makeup session专业化妆课程201210/203316。