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Im starting this week just over two thousand years ago, with the great empires of Europe and Asia两千多年前,欧亚大陆出现了几大帝国:empires whose legacies are still strongly felt in the world today-the Roman Empire in the West, the Empire of Ashoka in India, and the Han Dynasty in China.西方的罗马帝国,印度的阿育王朝和中国的汉朝。直到今天,它们巨大的影响力仍未消亡。In this age of great rulers, Ill be looking at how power is constructed and projected.这些帝国的权力是如何构建完成并行使的呢?Military might is just the beginning-you might say its the easy part.军事实力仅在帝国建立初期发挥作用,而武力征通常也是最容易完成的一部分。How does a ruler stamp his authority on the very minds of his subjects?统治者如何才能把自己的权威烙印在臣民的头脑里?As always, images are more effective than words, and the most effective of all images are those that we see so often that we hardly notice them.在这方面,图像往往比文字有力得多。而最有效的图像便是货币上的,这是人们时常接触但又不会太注意的东西。The ambitious ruler shapes the currency: the message is in the money.野心勃勃的统治者铸造了钱币,将信息记载其上,就算本人早已离开人世,钱币上的信息却能长存。201410/336277Iran: Wests missile demands ;idiotic; and ;insane;伊朗:西方国家的导弹要求“白痴”和“疯狂”Irans Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has criticized the West for demanding that Tehrans missile powers be restricted.伊朗最高领袖哈梅内伊批评了西方对于限制伊朗导弹能力的要求。Khamenei said on Sunday that the West expected to restrict Irans missile capability while at the same time continuously raising military threats.哈梅内伊周日表示,西方国家预计将限制伊朗的导弹能力,却同时不断提高军事威胁。He called such an expectation ;idiotic; and ;insane;.他称这样的期望“白痴”和“疯狂”。According to Irans official IRNA news agency, Khameneis remarks came during a visit to an aerospace exhibition at the air defense headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards.据伊朗官方的伊斯兰共和国通讯社报道,哈梅内伊是在革命卫队的防空司令部参观航天展览时说这番话的。The exhibition reportedly featured an advanced US-CIA spy drone, allegedly captured by Iran in 2011, and its Iranian-made copy.本次展览据说是一架先进的美国中央情报局间谍无人机,据称是伊朗在2011年缴获并且进行了复制。IRNA said aerospace experts also briefed Khamenei on the latest details of a project to reverse-engineer the drone.伊斯兰共和国通讯社称航天专家还向哈梅内伊简述了一个对无人机进行反向工程的项目的最新详情。201405/296624Purpose of your visit?你此次来访的目的是什么?Excuse me?什么?Bussiness or pleasure?公干还是旅游?Bussiness.公干。I play...I play soccer...football.我是...我是来踢球的...足球。I hope to. For Newcastle ed.我希望可以为纽卡斯尔联队效力。One moment.请稍等。This young man wants to play for your team, Mr. Henderson.这位年轻人要去为你的球队踢球,汉德森先生。Newcastle?纽卡斯尔?Yes,sir.是的,先生。Need all the help we can get.有事您说话。重点词汇: purpose 目的例句:The purpose of the letter was to get the energy industry to be the same.这封信的目的是让能源行业也面对现实。 201405/295469

Iran aims to boost role at OPEC meeting Iran looks to regain a global role at the OPEC meeting in Vienna. CNNs John Defterios has the latest.OPEC ministers in Vienna did what most of them promised to do before the meeting, and that is leave their production output exactly where it is at 30,000,000 barrels a day, and why not? Oil prices have averaged more than 0 a barrel for North Sea Brent for a record 3 years running, meaning over trillion a year in export revenues for OPEC producers, mainly here in the gulf. There is no immediate challenge for OPEC, but Iraq’s rising production and Iran’s 6-months agreement with the P5+1 could present a bigger obstacle in 2014. Iran’s oil minister suggested that the Republic could get back up to ,000,000 barrels a day if sanctions are lifted. That would mean that the group’s biggest producer Saudi Arabia may need to trim its sails. Meanwhile diplomacy is moving quickly, here in the gulf Wednesday, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif met with the president of the UAE Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.If everything is cleared on the Iran side, I think they’re prepared within about a 90-day period to probably get back up to over 3,000,000 barrels per day of oil production. And it’s a little bit contentious, but Saudi will be the one who will be forced to cut back if they want to continue to prop up oil prices. OPEC has its own internal politics to wrestle with, but at the same time, it’s competing with added production from North America. At this stage, OPEC is suggesting that the shale oil boom will begin to tail off by 2025. But this does not factor in additional finds in North America, Latin America or even Africa. At the meeting in Vienna, ministers could push that challenge to a later date and not deal with it right now. John Defterios, CNN, Abu Dhabi. /201312/268299

路透社健康编辑伊万.欧兰斯基警告说,一些荒谬的先决条件已经成为了一种让我们感到十分痛苦的流行病,比如说- 糖尿病前期,癌症前期,还有更多其他的。在这个TEDMED谈话中,他展示amp;#8203;了医疗保险系统如何能找到解决方案...从棒球中学到的重要一课。201401/272448

Its Silva, Dzeko is there, its in!席尔瓦传中,哲科在那儿,进球了!City got a goal back!Its Dzeko! Game on!曼城扳平!哲科!比赛继续!重点词汇: on 继续(下去)例句:The game is going on.比赛将继续进行。 视频介绍:曼城在伤停补时阶段由哲科打入一球,他们离冠军还有一个进球的距离,然而时间只剩下不到3分钟了。201404/285691

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