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厦门祛痤疮专业医院厦门自体脂肪鼻翼整形要多少钱瑞士规定只养一条金鱼违法 -- ::57 来源:chinadaily Many families will have been delighted to win a goldfish as a prize at a funfair, happily putting it in a bowl and feeding it every day after school.许多孩子在游乐场赢得一条金鱼当奖品后会很高兴,开心地将它放进碗里,每天放学后去喂它 But they could have been guilty of animal cruelty without even knowing it.但他们可能犯了虐待动物罪而不自知Goldfish might get a bad reputation of being boring pets - and having rubbish memories - but they're more clued up than we realise.金鱼或许享有“无聊宠物”的坏名声,也糟糕,但它们比我们意识到的还要喜欢群居In Switzerland, it has been illegal to own one solitary goldfish since , when the country introduced a whole host of animal rights' legislation.年,瑞士出台了大量有关动物权利的法规从此,在瑞士单独养一条金鱼就是违法Why? Because fish are actually 'social' creatures. In the sea they swim in shoals, so it makes perfect sense that they would need companions.你问为啥?因为鱼类实际是“社会性”生物在海里它们成群地游动,它们需要同伴合情合理 The Swiss government believes it is cruel to ce them to live in isolation - but it doesn't just apply to fish.瑞士政府认为强迫它们独居是残忍的——而这一点不仅仅适用于鱼类Other social creatures like guinea pigs and budgerigars are also covered by this legislation.其他社会性生物,比如豚鼠和虎皮鹦鹉,也在法规保护范围内Switzerland even has companies which pair guinea pigs up with partners when the inevitable happens and one of the original couple dies.甚至当不可避免的事情发生,原伴侣死去时,瑞士还有帮豚鼠重新配对的公司While allowing animals to keep each other company makes perfect sense, the country has other bizarre rules regarding pet ownership.让动物互相有个伴儿是完全可以理解的,但该国还有其他养宠物的神奇规定 Dog lovers having to take courses bee they can own one - and then have practical training, according to techly.com .据澳大利亚科技网站techly报道,汪星人爱好者在养之前必须上课,然后还要接受实际训练If you want just the one cat, you must let it outside so it can see other cats. If it's going to be kept indoors, then you've got to get two.如果你只养一只喵,那就必须让它出门见见同类如果想把喵关在室内,那就必须养两只Looking to purchase a solitary parrot in Switzerland? get about it. It'll be considered abuse unless you can get him a friend to talk to.指望在瑞士单独买一只鹦鹉?别想了除非你给他找个能交谈的伴儿,否则这就是虐待One thing's sure, this will certainly make a few Brits feel guilty about their pet-owning habits.可以肯定的是,这一法规一定会让一些英国人因自己养宠物的习惯而感到愧疚英国首相府和外交部各养一只捕鼠官大概不算在内反正拉里和帕默斯顿这对死敌可以三天两头互撕,完全不会寂寞相伴相杀是最长情的告白啊~地盘争夺战:“首相猫”和“外交猫”打斗升级Venice: Feeding the pigeons is against the law. :喂鸽子违法Penalty: Fine. 处罚:罚款Japan: It's illegal to bring some commonly available nasal sprays containing pseudoephedrine into Japan. 日本:不可携带含有假麻黄碱的喷鼻剂入境Penalty: Fine. 处罚:罚款Barcelona: It's against the law to wear a bikini, swimming trunks or to go bare-chested away from the beach-front area in Barcelona. 巴塞罗那:在巴塞罗那海滨以外的地区,不可穿比基尼、泳裤或袒胸露乳Penalty: Fine. 处罚:罚款Singapore: Chewing gum on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is strictly prohibited. 新加坡:严厉禁止在大众快速交通系统内吃口香糖Penalty: Fine. 处罚:罚款Italy(Florence): It's an offense to sit on steps and courtyards or to eat and drink in the immediate vicinity of churches and public buildings inFlorence. 意大利(佛罗伦萨):在佛罗伦萨,不可在教堂和公共建筑附近区域的台阶和庭院内落座,也不可进食Penalty: Large fine. 处罚:罚重金Saudi Arabia: Photographing government buildings, military installations and palaces is prohibited. 沙特阿拉伯:禁止对政府大楼、军事设施和宫殿拍照Penalty: Arrest and detention. 处罚:逮捕并拘留Barbados: It's an offense anyone, including children, to dress in camouflage clothing. 巴巴多斯岛:任何人包括儿童不可身穿迷等伪装装Penalty: Fine. 处罚:罚款Nigeria: It's illegal to take mineral water into Nigeria. 尼日利亚:不可携带矿物质水入境Penalty: Fine, confiscation. 处罚:罚款,没收Fiji: Sunbathing topless is prohibited. 斐济:不可裸露上身晒太阳Penalty: Fine. 处罚:罚款Maldives: Public observance of religions other than Islam is prohibited non-Maldivians and visitors. 马尔代夫:非当地人和游客不可参加除伊斯兰教以外的公共宗教仪式Penalty: Arrest, detention. 处罚:逮捕,拘留Meanwhile, we've added a few others: 同时,我们补充以下几点:ed Arab Emirates: Alcoholic drinks are served in licensed hotels and clubs, but it's a punishable offense to drink, or to be under the influence of alcohol, in public. 阿拉伯联合酋长国:有许可的酒店和酒吧可提供酒精饮料,但禁止在公众场所饮酒,或醉酒闹事Tourists won't have any problems in licensed venues, though residents need a permit to be able to drink in them. 旅客可在特许场所内饮用酒精饮料,但当地居民须经许可才能在上述场所饮酒Sri Lanka: Another country that doesn't take kindly to its religion being insulted, whether the slight is intentional or not. 斯里兰卡:另一个无法容忍自己宗教被侮辱轻视的国家,不管是出于有意或无意Tourists have been arrested mistreating Buddhist images and artifacts while taking photos, while one woman was reportedly arrested and deported having a tattoo of Buddha. 曾有游客在为佛像拍照时因为不妥善对待佛祖肖像和史前文物而被捕据报道,一女人因身上刻有佛祖纹身而被捕并驱逐出境Peru: It's illegal to purchase any souvenirs made with animal parts. 秘鲁:不可购买任何动物制品That includes condor feathers, which are found widely in the tourist markets of Cusco. 其中包括在库斯科游客市场随处可见的秃鹰羽毛Though in most cases officials reportedly turn a blind eye, tourists could face fines the offense. 虽然大多数情况下官员对此熟视无睹,游客仍会面临罚款的危险Thailand: Got a sudden urge to Instagram photos of the bottoms of your breasts? 泰国:突然有股冲动想在Instagram上炫耀自己乳带?Wait till you get back home. 等回到家再秀吧The government caught global attention saying women who post "underboob" photos face five years in jail as their actions could violate the country's strict computer crime laws. 泰国政府表示女性在网上发布“乳带”照片将被判入狱5年,称这样的行为违反了他们国家严厉的网络犯罪法这一举动引发全球关注英文来源:镜报翻译:实习生徐晓彤编审:yaning厦门脱毛手术要多少钱 The "post-digital" phenomenon, the craving live experience, is showing a remarkable vigour. The US is a place of ever greater congregation and migration, to parks, beaches and restaurants, to concerts, rock festivals, ball games, religious rallies. Affinity groups frantically seek escape from the digital dictatorship, using Facebook and Twitter not as destinations but as portals, as route maps to human contact.  C) involving厦门比较大的整容医院

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