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2019年10月17日 00:51:12 | 作者:泡泡信息 | 来源:新华社
Madagascar High Court Endorses New President马法院持军方让拉乔利纳当总统  Madagascar's highest court has backed the military's move to replace President Marc Ravalomanana with his rival, opposition leader Andry Rajoelina. But some African leaders are questioning whether the move is constitutional. 马达加斯加最高法院持军方让反对派领导人拉乔利纳取代拉瓦卢马纳纳担任总统的做法。不过,有些非洲国家领导人对这种做法是否符合宪法规定提出质疑。Madagascar's constitutional court declared Wednesday on national radio that opposition leader Andry Rajoelina has become president of the republic. 马达加斯加宪法法院星期三通过国家广播电台宣布,反对派领导人拉乔利纳成为国家总统。The court noted that President Marc Ravalomanana had resigned and handed power to the military. It said this left the decision to the military. The army said it did not wish to wield power but rather wanted Mr. Rajoelina to take charge. 法院指出,拉瓦卢马纳纳总统已经辞职,并把权力交给军方。宪法法院表示,这就等于让军方决定由谁担任总统。军方表示,军方不希望执掌国家权力,而是希望拉乔利纳担任总统。The 34-year-old Rajoelina, who is six years younger than the minimum age required by the constitution to be president, earlier announced he was forming an interim government that would revise the constitution and hold elections within two years. 拉乔利纳现年34岁,比宪法规定的总统最低年龄还差6岁。拉乔利纳早些时候宣布,他将组成过渡政府,过渡政府将修改宪法,并在两年内举行大选。In a speech Tuesday at a central plaza, Mr. Rajoelina thanked the military for its support. 拉乔利纳星期二在一个中心广场讲话时感谢军方的持。He praised the army for taking over a presidential office in the city center and invited the people to come with him to occupy it. Soldiers had seized the building a few hours before. 拉乔利纳在市中心感谢军方接管总统府,他邀请大家跟他一道进入这座建筑。马达加斯加军人一度占领这座总统府几个小时。Mr. Ravalomana announced Tuesday he was stepping down due to the crisis characterized by what he called a polarization of opinion within the army and the citizenry. 拉瓦卢马纳纳星期二宣布,鉴于目前的危机,他决定辞职。他称这场危机的突出表现是军队和公民内部观点对立。He said it is crucial to re-establish order so that we can work together. We all love our country, he said, and appealed for serenity. 拉瓦卢马纳纳说,现在关键的是恢复法治,这样我们才能共事。他说,我们都热爱我们的国家,他还恳请持者保持平静。The dramatic transfer of power brought to a head weeks of confrontation that killed more than 100 people and hurt tourism and foreign investment. 马达加斯加新首脑产生于这场戏剧性的权力移交,此前,这个国家经过了几个星期的对峙局面,造成100多人丧生,旅游业和外国投资受到打击。The capital was calm and businesses operated normally although some embassies were closed. Residents expressed different opinions on the legality of the transition, but most expressed hope for peace and stability. 马达加斯加首都安塔那那利佛恢复了平静,商家开始正常营业,但仍有几家大使馆没有恢复办公。尽管当地居民对这次权力转移的合法性表达了不同的看法,但大多数人希望国家和睦与稳定。But some African governments expressed concerns over the legality of the transition. 不过,有些非洲国家政府对马达加斯加这次总统权力转移表示担忧。Zambia says it is rejecting what it called the unconstitutional change of government and called for Madagascar's suspension in the African Union and Southern African Development Community, SADC. 赞比亚表示不接受这次不符合宪法的政府更迭,并呼吁非洲联盟和南部非洲发展共同体暂停马达加斯加的成员国资格。The African Union said its Peace and Security council would review Madagascar's situation this week. 非洲联盟表示,非盟和平与安全理事会这个星期将审议马达加斯加的局势。The Chairman of SADC, South Africa's President Kgalema Motlanthe, said its security organ would meet Thursday to discuss the development. He said SADC would never accept the unconstitutional transfer of power from a democratically elected government. 南部非洲发展共同体主席、南非总统莫特兰蒂说,该组织安全机构星期四开会,讨论马达加斯加的事态。他说,南部非洲发展共同体决不会接受通过违宪手段让一个民选政府交出权力。The European Union and ed States have said that an unconstitutional transfer of power could bring sanctions.03/64972World Markets Slide on Negative Economic Indicators负面经济消息导致全球股市下滑  Another dismal day on the overseas markets as the global economic downturn continues. In Asia, tumbling Chinese exports are now affecting jobs there. In Europe, British retail sales are nose-diving. 星期二,全球股市在经济衰退继续蔓延的阴影下又度过黯淡的一天。在亚洲,中国出口暴跌影响到就业。在欧洲,英国零售额急剧下降。Wave upon wave of negative economic reports keep pushing the world markets down. 一波又一波的经济坏消息接踵而来,促使全球股市大幅走低。In Asia, Japan's Nikkei index lost nearly 5 percent of value as commodities followed oil prices lower. 在亚洲,由于大宗商品价格紧随油价下跌,日本日经指数损失了将近5%。Hong Kong's Hang Seng slid 2 percent. 香港恒生指数下跌2%。Chinese exports in December were down nearly 3 percent from the same time last year and the drop has triggered a spate of factory closures and layoffs there. 中国12月的出口比去年同期下降了近3%,引发大批工厂倒闭和裁员。In Europe, shares fell for a fifth straight session led by banks, electricity and commodity stocks. 在欧洲,股市在、电力和大宗商品类股的引领下连续第五天下降。U.S. stock futures pointed to a fifth straight loss early Tuesday, with grim earnings news and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's warning that the timing of an economic recovery was uncertain denting sentiment. 美国股市开盘前的预期指数显示股市将连续第五天下跌。开盘之后,市场在动荡起伏中走过了一天,最后三大股指涨跌互见。美国公司赢利大幅缩水,美联储主席伯南克警告说,经济复苏的时机尚不能确定,这些都打击了投资者的情绪。Here in Britain, two new reports point to more economic pain in the pipeline. 英国新出台的两份经济报告显示更多的经济震痛还在前面。In its fourth quarter economic survey, the British Chambers of Commerce found strong, deep declines across all businesses, all over the country. C director, David Frost says the findings were even worse than expected. 英国商会公布的去年第四季度经济调查显示,全国各地的所有经济部门都出现深度收缩。英国商会会长大卫.弗罗斯特说,调查结果比预想的还要严重。"A truly awful set of results from virtually every part of the U.K. and every sector and size of company," said Frost. "We have seen a real worsening in their fortunes and how they view the economy in and 2010, whether that be exports, home orders, whether that be the service sector or manufacturing, companies are reporting a real fall-off in orders and confidence."  他说:“无论哪个经济部门,无论公司规模大小,实际上英国所有产业的结果都非常糟糕。我们看到它们的财务状况正在恶化,也了解到它们如何看待和2010年的经济。无论是出口还是房屋销售,也无论务部分或是制造业,各种公司都在抱怨订单和信心纷纷下降。”Stephen Robertson from the British Retail Consortium says sales figures for December were the worst in 14 years. 英国零售联合会的斯蒂芬.罗伯森说,12月的零售额是过去14年来最差的。"Retailers, particularly non-food retailers, have been hit by a triple whammy of declining sales, crushed margins due to all these promotions and offers that we have seen and steeply rising costs," said Robertson. "I am thinking here of energy costs that do not seem to have gone down with the price of oil." “零售商,尤其是非食品类零售商受到来自三方面的沉重打击:一是销售下降,二是各种促销和打折导致利润被严重压缩,三是成本大幅度攀升。我这里所说的是能源成本并没有随着石油价格下跌而走低。”Economists now predict the British economy will likely contract by between 2 and 3 percent in what will prove to be a very difficult year ahead. 经济学家预测,英国经济在将被明是非常艰难的年中将收缩2%到3%。01/61048An online company has begun marketing an "Anti Vuvuzela Filter" that promises to silence the sound of the controversial plastic trumpets that have become the trademark of South Africa's World Cup.The company's web site, antivuvuzelafilter.com, sells an MP3 audio file for 2.95 euros (3.60 dollars) that the company says will cancel the vuvuzela noise for TV viewers by producing a sound wave similar to the horn's that cancels the noise."Just download our specially designed vuvuzela noise cancellation MP3 and play it back on your home stereo system, computer, iPod, iPhone, etc.," the website says."Depending on the circumstances, the resulting soundwave may be so faint as to be inaudible to human ears."But Anthony Sullivan, a physicist at South Africa's Rhodes University, called the idea "a marketing hype and a waste of money.""Noise cancelling depends on specific positions. You're not going to get that cancelling," he said.His advice to those who don't like hearing the vuvuzela?"Mute the TV."Vocabularystereo system: 立体音响系统hype: the use of a lot of publicity and advertising to make people interested in something such as a product 大肆宣传,炒作背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106503China's economy中国经济Even splits正分裂China does its bit to calm worries about the world economy 中国尽能及之力,平抑对世界经济的担忧 Jul 14th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the print edition A RUNNER cannot sprint all the time, noted Sheng Laiyun of China’s National Bureau of Statistics, after the release of China’s new growth figures on July 13th; he must pace himself so that he can run better later. Over the past four quarters China’s economy has recorded what runners call “even splits”, keeping a steady pace, lap after lap. It grew by 9.5% in the second quarter (year on year), having grown at a similar rate in the previous three. 中国新的经济增长数值公布之后,国家统计局新闻发言人盛来运表示,赛跑者不能永远在保持冲刺状态,他必须调整自己的步伐以便今后跑得更好。过去的四个季度中国经济经历了被跑步者称为“正分裂”的情形,保持稳定的速率,一圈又一圈的跑下去。(与去年同期相比)中国经济在第二季度以9.5%的速率保持增长,这一增长速度与其前三年的速度相近。The figures helped allay fears of a hard landing for China’s economy. But they raised some doubts about whether the economy is landing at all. Consumer prices rose by 6.4%. in the year to June. The economy’s pace may be steady. But is it too fast to sustain? 这一增长速度缓解了中国经济硬着落的担忧。但是怀疑论者担忧中国经济是否是正真的良好发展。今年6月份居民消费价格与上月相比上升了6.4%。中国的经济增长速度也许是平稳的,但太快了反而难以为继。China’s macroeconomists, if not its consumers, can take some comfort from the nature of the inflation. Two-thirds of it was due to food prices, and much of that was due to pork. Farmers responded to low pork prices last year by breeding fewer pigs, some of which have since fallen victim to porcine diarrhoea. That pushed up prices by 11.4% in June alone, an annualised rate of 265%. This has played havoc with many economists’ inflation forecasts. “Perhaps I should have become a veterinarian,” says Andy Rothman of CLSA. 中国的宏观经济学家,如果不是消费者的话,可以从通货膨胀中得到些许安慰。2/3的通货膨胀是由食物价上涨引起的,而期中最大的原因在于猪肉价格的上涨。养猪户以减少饲养数量的方式来应对去年的猪肉价格低迷状况。这致使仅仅今年七月份猪肉价格以265%的年率上升了11.4%。这打乱了许多经济学家对通货膨胀的预期。里昂券的经济学家安迪#8226;罗斯曼笑称“要是我是一名兽医就好了”201107/145011

Have you ever wondered why we swing our arms while walking? Itrsquo;s a curious phenomenon, since arms donrsquo;t play an obvious role in locomotion. You can still walk normally when your arms are full of groceries or with your hands in your pockets, so why do we do it? Isnrsquo;t it a waste of energy? Two independent studies, both published in , may provide some answers to this mystery. The Answer; Using a combination of mechanical models, computer simulations and tests with human walkers and runners, the studies concluded that arm swinging just sort of;happens. In other words, you donrsquo;t need muscles for your arms to start swinging, although you can use muscles to swing your arms higher or more forcefully. If yoursquo;re walking and your arms are hanging relaxed by your sides, they will normally swing in sync with the opposite leg. That is, your right arm swings forward when your left leg steps forward and vice versa.你想过为什么走路时我们要甩胳膊吗?这是很有趣的现象,因为胳膊在走路时并没有明显的作用。当你手上拎着东西或将手口袋里,你仍然可以正常走路。那我们为什么要甩胳膊呢?是在浪费体力?两项发布在年的独立研究也许能为此提供。;;利用机器模型,电脑模拟和对走路的人和跑步的人测验,研究得出:走路时甩胳膊只是一种自然而然的动作。换句话说,你不需要胳膊上的肌肉来甩胳膊,尽管你可以用肌肉来甩胳膊甩得更高些或有力些。走路时如果你的胳膊垂在身体侧面,无事可做,那胳膊就会朝腿运动的相反方向甩动。phenomenon n. 现象locomotion n. 运动independent adj. 独立自主的simulation n. 模拟conclude v.得出结论sync n.同时发生163021

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half 生活与消费 The cheapest family in America offers tips on how to save money. We're all paying more for groceries than ever before except for one family. They had nearly cut their grocery bill in half while everyone else's just keeps going up. So, how do they do it? How could you do it too? Our Mike Von Fremd reveals the answer in our latest Recession Rescue.To the aptly named Economides family, shopping is a game . The thrill of victory is to find the cheapest food. Entertainment for you, it seems like. I know, you like the deal. It's a fun you get the deal. Well, it is. I mean, If your job is to stretch your dollars and you can do it and have success at it, and wouldn't you? Steve Annette Economides feed their family of six for just 0 a month-- something you have to see to believe. At the first store, they used coupons for almost every item, buying more than 0 worth of food for just . Thank you all.The typical American family buys only a few bags of groceries for 0. So at our next stop, I challenged the Economides to see how much they could \ buy with 0. And the race was on."Wait, wait, we'd better check and make sure you didn't short us. Trust but verify. It's all there. Ok, good, we are y. And they did not disappoint, buying 13 bags of groceries, everything from Global Mart, yogurt to fruits and vegetables for only 1.77. An average person would have spent 200,250, what do you think. At least 200, I'm thinking. Coz of all the price match. Think about the price match. You’re convincing you got about at least 50 percent off? Yah. Proud of yourself? Yeah, she did good.Price match means the store will match the lowest price from any competitor. It's a good way to stretch your dollars. And the Economides have some other tips. 1. Don't go to the grocery store often. A lot of families are going three, four, five times a week. We're gonna take a challenge, let's say, I'm gonna plan the , I'm gonna plan five dinners. And I am gonna go shopping once this week, and buy the stuff I need, use what's in my pantry, whatever, and not go back to the store, no matter what.The Economides planned for each grocery trip. They bring coupons which save them \ .57 on this trip. And they write down price match items, saving .18.2. Leave the kids at home. You'll save three times the price of the baby- sitter if you have time to really think and walk through the store and get and pick up the things you need 3. Have the deli slice your lunch meat. I need you to slice this up for me, real thin, can you do that? Yes. By buying a chop of meat and asking the deli to slice it for you, you can save to a pound. And finally, the Economides recommend: You grind your own meat. You can buy the cheapest cuts of like, chuck roast or chuck steak at .50 pound, and leave most of the fat on there , put it through the grinder and the stuff will come out looking like and cooking up as if you have bought the a pound lean ground beef.Total savings? .50 a pound. This family wins the gold medal when it comes to saving money .I mean, this is like your moment of glory, when you look and see that you tripled your money, isn't it.... Yes. And they'd like to teach you how to do the same. For Good Morning America, Mike Von Fremd , A news, Phoenix200811/56360

Bush Establishes Huge Pacific Marine Sanctuary布什将太平洋大片海域定为保护区  U.S. President George Bush is launching one of the biggest conservation efforts in the world. He is designating large tracts of the Pacific as national monuments - meaning they are protected from commercial fishing, mining and other uses. 美国总统布什发起世界上最大的环境保护努力之一。他把太平洋大片海域规定为国家自然保护区,在这些海域禁止商业、采矿和其他商业活动。With just two weeks left in office, the president has taken action to safeguard parts of three remote Pacific island chains that are U.S. possessions. 目前离布什卸任还有两个星期。布什总统采取行动,保护属于美国属地的3个偏远的太平洋群岛。All will be designated as marine national monuments under provisions of the 1906 Antiquities Act, which is used to protect scientific and historical sites.  布什总统根据1906通过的古迹法的规定把这些海域划定为国家海洋保护区。"The monuments will prohibit resource destruction or extraction, waste dumping and commercial fishing," President Bush said. 布什总统说:“这些保护区确立以后,将禁止摧毁和开采资源。禁止倾倒废物和商业。”President Bush says the goal is to keep these delicate ecosystems intact, while gradually opening them up to scientific research and recreation. "For sea birds and marine life, they will be sanctuaries to grow and thrive. For scientists, they will be places to expand the frontiers of discovery. And for the American people they will be places that honor our duty to be good stewards of the Almighty's creation," he said. 布什说:“对海鸟和海洋生物来说,这些地区将成为生长和繁衍的保护区。对科学家来说,这些地区将成为扩展新发现的边界地带。对美国人民来说,它们将成为让我们履行我们作为上帝造物守护人的职责的地方。”Freedom of the seas will be unaffected in the three monument sites, as will U.S. military operations. President Bush says the military will also keep watch out for those who violate restrictions in the protected areas. 在3个保护区,海上自由通行不会受到影响。美国的军事活动也不会受到影响。布什总统说,美国军方将继续监视在受保护的地区违反规定的活动。White House officials say these locations are among the last pristine marine areas left on Earth. The three new marine monuments together equal an area roughly the size of Spain and are made up islands, reefs, atolls and underwater mountain ranges that are home to countless species. 白宫官员说,这3个地区是地球上最后保存下来的原始海洋的一部分。这三个新的海洋保护区的总面积大致相当于西班牙。这3个地区有岛屿、暗礁、珊瑚礁和海底山脉。在那里生活着无数的物种。President Bush notes the protected zones include parts of the Mariana Trench - the world's deepest canyon.  布什总统指出,受保护的地区包括马利亚纳海沟的一部分,那是世界上最深的海沟。"This unique geological region is five times longer than the Grand Canyon. It is deeper than Mount Everest is tall. It supports life in some of the harshest conditions imaginable," he said. 布什说:“这个独特的地质构造比美国的大峡谷长4倍。它的深度超过珠穆朗玛峰的高度。这个海沟持着在人们能够想象的最严酷的生存条件下生活的生物。”Aides to the president say Mr. Bush has protected more of the marine environment than any of his predecessors. And some environmentalists agree he has ushered in a new era of ocean conservation in the ed States. 总统的助手说,布什保护的海洋环境规模超过他所有的前任。有些环保人士同意,布什揭开了美国海洋保护的新时代。But others argue his efforts to protect the oceans must be weighed against his stands on other environmental issues, such as climate change and oil drilling on land.  但是也有人认为,在看到布什保护海洋的努力的同时,不应忘记他在其他环保问题上的保守立场。比如布什在气候变化和在美国大陆开采石油问题上的立场。"The Bush presidency will be seen as a dark period for environmental issues. Really across the board, whether it be domestic regulations, but certainly the global issue of climate change, President Bush sought to take the country backward," said Chris Flavin, Director of the Worldwatch Institute.But Bush administration officials say that is just not so, that the 43rd president of the ed States can be proud of his efforts to protect the air, seas and land. 但是布什政府官员表示,情况并非如此。他们说,布什这位美国第43任总统可以为他保护空气、海洋和陆地的努力感到骄傲。01/60670

China baby milk scare scandal Chinese officials have ordered widesp checks on dairy products and a recall of tainted items after thousands of babies became ill. Liz Kennedy reports.For more than a week, worried parents have crowded hospitals across the country, all hoping that urgent medical treatment will be enough to overcome the tainted milk that’s in their child's system. While thousands of babies have become sick, thousands more are still at risk, raising fears that the death toll could rise as more cases are diagnosed. The scandal first emerged last week when the Sanlu Group, China’s biggest baby milk maker, announced that some babies had developed kidney stones and complications after drinking milk made from powder tainted with melamine. As cases of contamination soared, the Chinese government took immediate action. And late on Friday, officials said that all children who’d consumed tainted milk would be given free treatment. The position that China now finds itself in is a result of unscrupulous farmers and negligent food companies. Tests show that in an attempt to cut costs, the nitrogen-rich compound melamine was added to water down milk in order to pass quality inspections. Contamination was thought to be restricted to powdered baby milk. But officials have confirmed that 10% of liquid milk from three of China’s dairies was also tainted with melamine. The companies have been named as Mengniu Dairy Group, Yili Industrial Group and Bright Dairy.With uncertainty about China’s milk production growing by the day, Malaysia has now joined neighboring Singapore in the ban of all Chinese milk imports. And as the European Union and the US demanded an explanation, Chinese quality officials have been trying to regain consumer confidence, saying that most milk was safe. With a string of food scares in recent years, it may take some time to restore their trust. Liz Kennedy, Reuters.参考中文翻译:数千婴儿因食用奶粉患病后,中国官方下令对奶制品进行大范围的检查,召回污染奶制品。一周多以来,全国各地的医院里都聚集着忧心忡忡的父母,希望紧急医疗措施能够解决问题奶粉给他们的婴儿造成的问题。数千名婴儿已经患病,还有数千名仍然处于危险期,越来越多的病例被确诊,增加了人们对死亡数字上升的恐惧。丑闻上周首次传出,中国最大的婴儿奶粉制造商之一,三鹿集团宣布,他们生产的奶粉受到三聚氰胺污染,导致婴儿肾结石等一系列症状。随着病例增加,中国政府采取紧急措施。周五,官方宣布,所有受到污染奶粉影响的婴儿可以接受免费治疗。中国政府调查结果显示,这一问题是由于奶农的肆无忌惮和食品公司的疏忽造成的。测试显示,三聚氰胺含氮量高,为了降低成本,通过质量检测,奶农像牛奶中加入三聚氰胺。中国官方确认,来自中国三家奶制品商10%的液态奶还有三聚氰胺。分别是蒙牛,伊利和光明。由于中国奶制品的不确定性与日俱增,麻辣西亚紧随新加坡之后,禁止从中国进口奶制品。欧盟和美国方面要求中国给出合理解释,中国质检官员试图挽回消费者信心,表示大多数牛奶是安全的。由于近年来一系列的食品安全问题,要重树消费者的信任还需要一定的时间。200811/57389

The revival of independent film独立电影的复兴Scripts, not effects 剧本才是王道,资金不是问题Independent films are at last recovering from the slump独立电影终于起死回生了I’m bored with the radio. Let’s go to the cinema听广播太无聊了,我们去看看电影吧THE Toronto film festival, which ends this week, marks the start of the serious-film season. Out—at least untilThanksgiving, in late November—go the superhero spectaculars. In come the foreign films and the dining-room dramas. The autumn crop is far more prone to failure than the summer one. But highbrow films now come with higher hopes.本周谢幕的多伦多电影节标志着严肃电影的活跃期已到来。看来要到感恩节,也就是11月末这场群雄逐鹿的盛大比拼才会散场。紧接着外国电影和爱情文艺片就要闪亮登场。今年秋季档的影片失败的风险比暑期档的还大,不过这次文艺片获胜的希望还大一些。For the past few years the independent film business has resembled a low-budget horror movie. Outside financing was brutally killed in 2008, as banks stopped lending. Three of the six major studios axed subsidiaries that had specialised in buying independent films. Consumers struck another blow by switching from buying DVDs to renting them.过去几年里,独立电影的票房就像低成本的恐怖电影一样惨淡。因为不能再从贷款,外界融资渠道也在2008年中断了。六大制片公司中有三个都砍掉了专门收购独立电影的子公司。而观众对影碟从买到租的转变对于独立电影又是一大打击。201110/155824

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