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泉州光子脱毛价钱泉州切双眼皮的价格国家地理:Blood Diamond: Africa 血钻There's a disturbing side to the diamond trade--- the traffic of conflict diamonds, otherwise known as blood diamonds. This is Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone on the West African coast, a country still emerging from ten years of war. During that war, it was held by rebel forces--- rebels who use diamonds to finance their rebellion. The war started with rebel forces trying to overthrow a corrupt government, but quickly descended into a terror campaign with amputation used as a weapon--- thousands of people were killed and maimed as the rebels maintained their tenacious hold on the diamond fields, using the gems to buy more guns. Rebels forced men, women and children to dig for diamonds at gunpoint. These diamonds were then smuggled into the world markets. There, they were cut and polished, disappearing into the legal supply, sold like any other gem to consumers who had no idea they'd been paid for originally in blood. Diamonds from Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo joined the illegal exodus. It doesn't look like much, but this is the Sierra Leone's government diamond office--- the new frontline of the fight against blood diamonds. Every gem in this room is supposed to be legal. Lawrence Myers who runs this office understands the danger blood diamonds posed to the industry. Thousands of diamonds pass through this office every week and every so often, a spectacular one shows up, like the stone that came through yesterday. "That stone would vary from 1 million to 1.5 million."It's aly on its way to Belgium--- the largest diamond exported from Sierra Leone in ten years at least legally. Weighing in at 110 carats, it's the size of a golf ball and worth about a million dollars in its rough state. After it's been cut and polished, it will be sold for about five times that amount. But for the government of Sierra Leone, the diamond will earn a mere 30,000 dollars in export taxes. That's not very much. But many diamond traders in the country choose not to pay any taxes at all. About 40% go through the official channels. 60% of diamonds are smuggled--- 70 to 75 million. This untamed jungle shelters a rich and fertile land, but there's almost no sign of agriculture. Farmers abandoned these fields long ago--- many to dig for diamonds, no fences, no guards, no industrial machinery. Twenty feet beneath these men is a diamond-rich gravel bed. To get to it, tons of earth have to be moved, a shovelful at a time. Ex-rebels work side by side with the civilians they once terrorized. Most of these men dig all day, every day, 365 days a year."Century ago, diamonds have been part of their life. They dream diamonds, they eat diamonds, they think diamonds. Wherever you go, you talk about diamonds.""I buy house. I buy motorcar. I do the job for my people." Whether they are large or small, diamonds from these mines feed the same pipeline that once trafficked the blood diamonds. There are up to a million miners in Sierra Leone, and only a thousand of them have licenses. It's like the Wild West, a place that obeys its own laws, because all it takes is one big stone to change a person's life, for better or for worse. 200708/16995泉州韩式双眼皮手术多少钱 福建泉州市中医院修眉手术多少钱

福建省泉州欧菲医院几点开门bed of roses ------ 舒的工作(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) An easy job; a comfortable position requiring little or no work. (NOTE: often used in the negative form “to be no bed of roses.”) 例句Compared with the difficult classes I studied at my university, my first job after I graduated from college seemed like a bed a roses.与我在大学时学习的困难科目相比,我大学毕业后的第一份工作相当舒。 /201611/471199泉州自体软骨隆鼻整形医院排行 泉州德化县绣眉团购

泉州福州市市皮肤科医院Scripts:A: What do you make of this decision by the, by the central banks to, to club together to ensure that, the credit market doesn’t freeze up ? B: I think Wednesday’s report that they were working together to auction off the, er… extra funds, er… over a 3-month period was sort of er…seen as a bit of er… a bit of positive for the markets and we saw most of the stock markets rally. But since then, the markets had digested that information and realized that this injection isn’t really going to er…alleviate the problems that we’ve seen in the credit crunch.A: It was like the interests rate cut, wasn’t it? Really, the day before, where from the Fed, it was an interests rate cut which everyone wanted, everyone said we were gonna get, but it didn’t go quite far enough. It was the same with…with what the central banks did, we are talking about a lot of money in you and me terms, something like 49 billion dollars, but it’s in banking terms, it’s a relatively small amount, isn’t it?B: Yeah, it indeed. It is a relatively small amount, and because it’s for such a short period of time. That’s the reason why the markets have taken this negative impact. I mean in Asia, we’ve seen the… the stock markets over there, react pretty badly, and the Asian Central Bankers haven’t really followed suit with what the Europeans and the Americans are doing, but the fears are still there that if the credit crunch continues, they could see their exports being crippled.A: And what do you make of the… the interests rate cut by the Fed earlier in the week, a quarter of a percentage point, er.. it was what everyone wanted, as I said, but the reaction was more sort of “Come on guys, what planet are you living on there in the…in the Fed, you know, living in the same world as the rest of us?”B: Exactly, I think it was mu(ch), came out much in lie, er… however, the rhetoric after meeting suggested that they are sort of …paving way for further rate cuts despite the inflation being pretty high, we saw both RPI and PPI coming out stronger than expected, em… and also we got CPI this afternoon, if we see this hotter than expected, it’s aly expected to come out at 4.1%, even if you strip out food and oil from there, it's still expected to come out at 2.3 which is above the Fed's two percent target.A: It’s interesting to hear you talk about inflation, and the Fed obviously sounded a lot of caution about inflation, and yet we had a survey out earlier this week which said that most of the American public thinks that the economy is aly in recession.B: Exactly, em… I think the, the word rather than recession is stagflation. We have, we are having problems with inflation at the moment, and the Fed with the difficult position of trying to control that, while it's at the same time, trying to prevent the er… American economy going into recession, and that’s where we see the rate cuts coming into play, the question now is whether the rate cuts are going to fuel inflation, or whether they are going to control er…growth as the U.S. is expecting.A: And what’s your gut feeling about the CPI today with Bridge Rick and ...?B: I think CPI’s gonna come out slightly hotter than expected, em… mostly due to higher fuel and energy cost, and the RPI and PPI gave us that direction as well. If we see it come out hotter, I think the Fed are gonna have to make another difficult rate decision about whether they are going to raise rates in January, and the …interesting to know the interests rate futures market is still predicting, 100% chance that the Fed are going to raise rate in January.Notes: PPI:Producer Price Index 生产价格指数RPI:Retail Price Index 零售价格指数CPI:Comsumer Price Index 消费者价格指数200807/43328 South Korean Officials Try to Keep Lid on Kim Jong Il Health Rumors韩官员为有关金正日健康传闻降温 North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is still nowhere to be seen, more than a week after South Korean intelligence officials revealed the belief he is recovering from a stroke. South Korean officials are trying to cool down a sizzling media demand for rumors and speculation about the North Korean leader's condition. 韩国情报官员相信北韩领导人金正日中风并正在康复已经一个多星期了,但金正日仍旧没有露面。韩国官员试图为媒体对有关金正日健康状况的传闻和揣测的热情降温。South Korea's main Cabinet minister in charge of North Korean affairs warned lawmakers Thursday to keep matters related to the health of the North's leader, Kim Jong Il, discrete. 韩国统一部长官金夏中星期四警告韩国议员们说,不要把有关北韩领导人金正日健康状况的消息对外泄漏。Unification Minister Kim Ha-joong says sping reports could lead to confrontation. 金夏中说,传播这个消息会引发对抗。He says it is inappropriate to pass on reports, even credible ones, that have not been officially confirmed by North Korea. He says Pyongyang could eventually view such behavior as slanderous and antagonistic. “没有被北韩正式确认的消息,即使是可信的,也不应该到处传播。北韩方面可能最终会认为这是诽谤和对抗行为。”Kim Jong Il has not been seen in public since last month, and was most notably absent from a military parade this month marking the country's 60th anniversary. South Korean intelligence officials told lawmakers last week they believe the North Korean leader is recovering from a stroke. 金正日从上个月起就没有公开露面,而且引人注目地缺席本月纪念北韩建国六十周年的阅兵式。韩国情报官员上星期对韩国议员们说,他们相信金正日中了风,目前正在康复。North Korea has officially denied all reports of their leader's ailing health, calling them a worthless international conspiracy. South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo told Cabinet ministers this week to avoid provoking Korea by discussing intelligence. He reminded them that nobody knows how the situation with the North Korean leader will progress at this point. 北韩官员正式反驳了所有有关金正日健康的报导,称这些报导是无用的国际阴谋。韩国总理韩德洙本星期要求内阁部长们避免因为讨论情报而挑衅北韩。他提醒部长们说,现在没有人知道金正日的健康状况会怎样发展。South Korean media reports have included details from unnamed sources ranging from alleged convulsions being suffered by the North's leader, to speculation about whether or not he is able to brush his teeth by himself. 韩国媒体的报导包括没有透露姓名的消息人士提供的细节,从金正日患了痉挛到他是否还能自己刷牙等揣测,不一而足。For South Koreans, Kim Jong Il's health is no matter of petty gossip, but a national security issue of the first order. He has absolute personal control of North Korea's secretive government, and he has never publicly named a successor. Any compromise of his health is viewed as potentially destabilizing to the North Korean system - and even to peace on the Korean peninsula. 对于韩国人来说,金正日的健康状况可不仅仅是闲言碎语,而是首要的国家安全问题。金正日对北韩政府实行绝对的个人控制,也从来没有公开指定一名接班人。金正日的健康如果出现任何问题,都会被认为可能影响到北韩体制、甚至朝鲜半岛的稳定。Unification Minister Kim called reports of a possible post Kim Jong Il collapse of North Korea unhelpful Thursday, and warned they could further aggravate the aly sensitive North-South relationship. 统一部长官金夏中星期四称有关金正日身后北韩可能会垮台的报导于事无补,并警告说,这些报导可能进一步加剧北韩与韩国之间已经很紧张的关系。200809/49278泉州鹰钩鼻整形要哪家医院好泉州哪家医院牙齿矫正做的好



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