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  • We#39;re all guilty of wanting to look better. Many try makeup, others plastic surgery and some people opt for Photoshop. But while Photoshop may sound like a much safer alternative - think twice!  对于想要看起来更好,我们都心存内疚。许多人尝试化妆,其他人尝试整容,还有一些人选择PS。但是当觉得PS听着更靠谱的时候……三思啊啊啊啊!  Photoshop wizard James Fridman accepts people#39;s requests and does exactly what they ask for. The only thing is, James takes his business very seriously. So seriously in fact that he will LITERALLY do whatever you ask.  PS达人詹姆斯·弗里德曼接受了人们的请求,并且确实按他们要求的那样处理了。我想说的是詹姆斯非常认真地对待他的工作。而实际上他会特别认真地按你的要求的“字面意思”去做。  He posts the results on his Twitter account (@fjamie013) which has more than 125,000 followers. So if you want to improve your photo, just send him a picture. Just a little warning however: ;Do not submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public.;  他会在他的推特账户(@fjamie013)上发布结果,而他的推特账户上拥有12万5000多位粉丝。所以如果你想P照,就把图片发给他。然而,只是一个小小的警告:“不要发送任何你不想公开的私人照片。”  Hi. Can you take the girl in violet skirt out please?  你好。可以请你把那个穿着紫色裙子的女孩移出照片吗?  I took her out. We had fun.  我把她移出来了。我们很开心。 /201604/435513。
  • Regardless of what romantic comedies and your nosy grandmother might tell you, being single isn’t the end of the world. In fact, there are plenty of real benefits to flying solo.虽然总有言情剧和操心的长辈对你叨叨有对象的好处,可单身并不意味着你的生活毫无指望。事实上,单身有很多好处。1. Single People Exercise More.单身人士运动得更多If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’re hitting the gym more often than your married peers: A 2011 study found that men and women who have never been married exercised more than people in any other marital category.如果你是单身,那么很有可能你比你的已婚同龄人更常去健身房。2011年一项研究发现,从未结过婚的男人和女人比那些处于任何其他婚姻状况的人要运动得更多。2. And Maintain a Healthier Weight.单身人士的体重更容易处于健康范围One study found that married men are more likely to be overweight than their single peers, while another found that women who lost weight in preparation for their weddings had a tendency to gain weight in the six months following the ceremony.一项研究发现已婚男士比单身汉更有可能超重,而另外一项研究则发现为了婚礼减肥的女人更有可能在婚礼过后六个月内长胖。3. They Sleep Better.单身人士睡得更香After all, having someone tossing and turning, snoring, and talking in their sleep beside you can affect even the deepest sleepers. Being single cuts down on nighttime disruptions and can help you get a more peaceful night’s sleep.毕竟,如果有人在旁边翻转、打呼、说梦话,即使是睡得最沉的人也会受影响。单身就没有这些烦恼,可以让你睡得更好。4. They Do Less Housework.单身人士家务少If you hate doing chores, single life might be right for you. A 2008 study found that single men and women spend fewer hours a week doing basic housework than their married counterparts.如果你讨厌家务琐事,那么单身生活也许适合你。一项2008年的研究发现单身男士和女士每周花在基本家务上的时间比已婚人士少。5. They Are Closer to Friends and Family.单身人士与朋友和家人更亲近According to one study, single siblings are more likely to keep in touch with, and reach out to, their siblings than those who are married.一项研究发现,单身的兄弟更有可能与彼此联系,而已婚的则联系比较少。6. They Have Less Debt.单身人士债务少Being single doesn’t just benefit your waistline and social life: It also benefits your wallet. Researchers have found that married people have more credit card debt than single people, and people who are married with children have the most debt of all.单身不仅对你的腰围和社交生活有好处,它对你的钱包也有好处。研究人员发现已婚人士信用卡债务比单身人士更高,而有孩子的已婚人士信用卡债务最多。7. They#39;re Less Stressed.单身人士压力更小Staying single can help you prevent certain kinds of stress and depression. One 2014 study found that marital stress may make couples more prone to depression.保持单身能让你避开一些压力和抑郁。2014年一项研究发现,婚姻压力可能会让夫妻双方更容易感到抑郁。8. They#39;re Less Likely to Get Divorced Down the Road.单身人士未来离婚率低Staying single now can benefit your romantic relationships in the future. In general, people who wait longer to get married have lower rates of divorce.现在保持单身能让你在未来与爱人拥有更好的关系。总体而言,结婚更晚的人离婚率更低。9. They Can Avoid Conflicts.单身人士能避开冲突For people who truly hate conflicts, staying single can have real psychological benefits. According to a 2015 study, people who are conflict-averse may experience less anxiety when they’re single.对于那些厌恶冲突的人而言,保持单身有益于心理健康。2015年一项研究表示那些排斥冲突的人单身时不会那么焦虑。10. There Are Surprising Health Benefits to Singledom.单身惊人地有益身体健康While being single isn’t necessarily healthier across the board, there are plenty of situations where being single seems to be beneficial. Single men, for instance, were found to experience less heart disease, while single women are less likely to take sick days and visited the doctor less frequently than married women.虽然总体而言单身人士不比已婚人士更健康,但是在不少情况下单身似乎是有好处的。比如,数据显示单身男人更少患心脏病,而单身女性请病假和看医生的频率比已婚女性小。11. Alone Time Is Good for You.独处对你有好处Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely. Spending time on your own gives you time to clear your mind, identify your own goals and priorities, and participate in activities that interest you.一个人并不意味着孤独。与自己独处能让你更了解自己的内心,明确自己的目标,参加自己感兴趣的活动。 /201608/461860。
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