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Looking at the cup again, I can see that around the oval base runs a thin band with 67 Chinese characters on it.Now in Europe you might expect this kind of band to be a motto or a dedication, or something like that, but in fact here the characters list six craftsmen involved in the different processes involved in manufacturing the cup-making the wooden core, undercoat lacquering, top-coat lacquering, gilding the ear handles, painting, and then final polishing-the name of every one of the craftsmen.And then-and this could surely happen only in China-it goes on to list the seven product inspectors, whose responsibility was to guarantee quality.Six craftsmen, seven supervisors-this is the stuff of real bureaucracy.The list s:在耳杯的椭圆形底部有一圈共六十七个汉字。在欧洲,这里通常会是一句箴言或一条献词。但实际这里写的却是负责生产的六位不同种类的工匠的名字。制作木胎的,刷底层漆的,刷表层漆的,为把手镀金的,描画图案的和最后打磨的。接下来列出了七位质量监督员的名字:这种情况恐怕只有在中国才会出现。六位工匠,七位监督人员,是官方组织运作的明。这些字是:;The wooden core by Yi, lacquering by Li, top-coat lacquering by Dang, gilding of the ear- handles by Gu, painting by Ding, final polishing by Feng, product inspection by Ping, supervisor-foreman Zong.In charge were Government Head Supervisor Zhang, Chief Administrator Liang, his deputy Feng, their subordinate Executive Officer Long, and Chief Clerk Bao.;素工矣、髹工立、上工当、铜耳黄涂工古、画工定、玥工丰, 清工平、造工宗造,护工卒史章、长良、丞凤、椽隆、令史褒主。What I find fascinating about this cup, is that it is such a powerful document of the link between craft production and state administration; bureaucracy as a guarantee of beauty.It#39;s not something that#39;s familiar to the modern European, but for the journalist and China expert Isabel Hilton, it#39;s a continuing tradition in Chinese history:漆杯是工匠生产与官府管理相结合的产物。官僚系统保了产品的品质。现代欧洲人也许对此并不熟悉,但作家兼中国专家伊莎贝尔希尔顿则认出这是中国的传统:;Well in Han times, the government had a major role in industry, partly to deal with its military expenditure in order to finance the kind of expeditions that it required against the aggressive peoples of the north and the west, again echoes of today.汉朝时,朝廷大量参与工业制作,目的之一便是筹措军费,征讨西方与北方的蛮夷。 Article/201411/344758。

  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201511/407840。
  • The auroras dancing displays of celestial light在天空中熠熠生辉的极光are caused by particles from the solar storm smashing是太阳风暴夹带的微粒through the magnetic field at the poles.撞击地球两极磁场的结果When they strike the upper atmosphere它们撞击高层大气时they light up the polar skies.会照亮极地天空In the strongest storms at the peak of the solar cycle在太阳周期达巅峰时产生的强烈风暴中the Northern lights can be seen连雅典和古巴as far south as Athens and Cuba.都看得到北极光But the buffeting of the magnetic field has other unseen effects.但对磁场的冲击还有其他肉眼看不到的影响Migratory animals that navigate using the magnetic field利用磁场导航的动物can lose their bearings.可能会迷失方向Racing pigeons don#39;t come home.赛鸽回不了家And whale strandings have been鲸鱼搁浅的频率seen to increase with solar activity.会随着太阳的活动而增加But most worrying for us is the effect但最让我们担忧的是that the disrupted magnetic field can have on electronics.混乱磁场对电子系统造成的影响The strongest storms can damage强烈太阳风暴可能会破坏or destroy satellites with devastating effects.或摧毁卫星,造成严重影响We#39;re sort of more sensitive to the sun我们对太阳的敏感程度than we probably realise也许超乎我们的理解because when the sun releases these,因为当太阳以太阳闪焰和this magnetic energy in the form of solar flares and,日冕物质抛射and coronal mass ejections,的形式释放磁力时maybe you don#39;t notice it at first, but um,也许你一开始不会注意到the crackle on your cell phone但手机出现杂音or your cell phone going out或手机没信号may actually be caused by enhanced activity on the sun.很可能是因为太阳活动增强所致Mobile telephones, television,行动电话,电视airplane navigation even weapons guidance systems飞机导航系统,甚至武器导航系统all rely on satellite communication都仰赖卫星通讯and all can be disturbed by space weather.所以都会受到太空天气的干扰The more we are reliant on these systems我们越仰赖这些系统the more we will feel the effects of the sun#39;s tantrums.就越能感受到太阳发火的威力But we still don#39;t understand但我们对太空天气all of the effects of Space Weather.造成的影响仍未透彻了解No-one can explain the effect on the climate.没有人能解释其对气候造成的影响Or why the disappearance of sunspots should cause an ice age.或是太阳黑子消失为何会引发冰河时期It may not matter.也许已经无所谓了The small effect that solar variation has on the climate太阳活动对气候造成的微小变化has long since been drowned out by man-made global warming.早就因人为的全球暖化而相形见绌 Article/201504/370085。
  • ;we know everything about you so now,;我们知道你所做的一切;Just we need you to tell us,;;只是现在需要你说出来;But I knew that they don#39;t know anything.但我知道他们其实什么都不知道By using Tor, I was an anonymous user通过使用洋葱路由 我变成了匿名用户so they couldn#39;t tell因此他们不知道that Reem is doing so-and-so, is watching so-and-so.我在网上做了什么 看了什么So, that#39;s why Tor protected me in this way.这就是洋葱网络保护我的方式Syria was not the only place where Tor was vital.洋葱网络不仅是在叙利亚至关重要It#39;s used in China and in Iran.中国和伊朗也在用In any country where internet access is restricted,在任何网络受限制的国家Tor can be used by citizens to avoid the gaze of the authorities.人们可以用洋葱网络来躲避当权者的监视China, for example, regularly attacks and blocks the Tor network例如中国经常攻击和屏蔽洋葱网络and they don#39;t attack us directly但他们不是直接攻击我们so much as they actually attack people in China using Tor.而是攻击在中国使用洋葱网络的人They stop them from using the Tor network.阻止他们使用洋葱网络But Tor wasn#39;t just helping inside repressive regimes.但洋葱网络不只是帮助人们反抗政权重点解释:1.so-and-so 某某例句:Who is the old so and so just mentioned? Do I know him? 你刚才提到的老某某是谁,我认识他吗?2.for example 举例来说例句:For example, air is invisible.比如:空气是看不见的。3.much as 几乎与…一样例句:He retorted that it was my fault as much as his.他反驳说我的错误并不比他的小。 Article/201702/494407。
  • 打招呼时几乎所有人都会搬出小学英语课本的#39;Hello. How are you?#39; #39;I#39;m fine. Thanks. And you?#39; 不仅句子结构一样,连语调都是一样的。很多外国人都纳闷,怎么所有人说话都像在放录音?今天Jenny和Adam就要帮你脱离小学课本时代。快看看吧! Article/201507/389373。
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