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AP Highlight in History历史上的今天 6月24日June 24th, 1948. An early Cold War crisis as the Soviet Union cuts off all land and water routes between West Germany and what’s then West Berlin. It’s an attempt to force the ed States and its western allies to abandon the city amid Soviet expansion across Eastern Europe. But the US and its allies organize a massive airlift of supplies into West Berlin, and the blockade ends the next year.1895. Jack Dempsey, world heavyweight boxing champ and a sports icon during the early 20th century, is born in Manassa, Colorado.And 1987. You haven#39;t got any sense of humor.; Oh, yes, I do. I married you, didn#39;t I?;Comedian and actor Jackie Gleason, known as the Great One, dies at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Gleason, star of the early TV classic sitcom The Honeymooners, was 71.Today in History, June 24th. Carload Bradley, the Associated Press. /201309/254946It owes its name to an Aberdeen lawyer, Alexander Rhind, who in the 1850s took to wintering in Egypt because the dry heat helped his tuberculosis.纸草书因一位阿伯丁律师亚历山大莱因德而得名。十九世纪五十年代,他来埃及过冬,因为干燥炎热的天气对治疗他的结核病有好处。There, in Luxor, he bought this papyrus, which turns out to be the largest mathematical text we know, not just from Egypt but from anywhere in the ancient world.在卢克索,他买到这张手卷,它后来被明是我们已知的全埃及乃至全世界最大的古代数学文本。As it is extremely sensitive to humidity and to light, we keep it here in the British Museum, in the Papyrus Room, which I am just going to go into now.因其对光线与湿度极为敏感,我们将它保存在大英物馆里。It#39;s pretty dry and pretty stuffy in here, in fact I imagine rather like the conditions in an Ancient Egyptian tomb, which suits the papyrus-above all because of course it#39;s dark, and therefore the writing doesn#39;t fade.这间屋子干燥且密不通风,最重要的足室内全黑,十分适合在潮湿状况下会腐烂、强光下会褪色的莎草纸。The whole papyrus would originally have been about 17 feet (or 5m) long and would normally have been rolled up in a scroll.整个手卷原长约五米,通常会被卷成卷轴。Today it#39;s in three pieces-the two largest ones in the British Museum.如今则分为了三部分。较大的两部分保存在大英物馆。It#39;s simply framed under glass to protect it. The papyrus is about a foot (or 30cm) high, and if you look closely you can see the fibres of the papyrus plant.纸草书高约三十厘米,凑近了还能看到纸莎草的纤维。Making papyrus is laborious but in fact, quite straightforward.制作莎草纸是繁重的体力活儿,但程序却很简单。The plant itself-a kind of reed that can grow to about 15 feet (or 4.5m) high-was plentiful in the Nile Delta.这种植物是芦笔 的一种,能长到四米五,在尼罗河三角洲极为常见。 Article/201407/308885

乔安库吉拉-莫丁演示全息投影球,一个以全新的视角去看待和解释科学数据、将你环绕在一个充满色和声音的铁球装置。潜入大脑,感受电子的转动,聆听分子的音乐。 Article/201304/236222

2011年,大众汽车凭借一家有黑武士小鬼当家的温馨广告,给大家留下的深刻印象。2012年,大众汽车再次以黑武士为广告主角,打造了一2012超级碗广告。事实上,这个广告是广告中有广告,不看到最后你是发现不了广告中的奥妙的。 以下是中英对照:Dog:Back and better than ever!不仅要变回去更要比从前更优秀!旁字:Volkswagen----That’s the Power of German Engineering.大众——德国引擎的力量。Mutant: Oh that was great!哦,那真是不错!I kinda miss that Vader kid.我有点想念Vader kid了。No, the dog’s better.不,更好。Man: The Vadar Kid.Vader kid更好。Mutant: Are you kidding the dog is funnier than the Vader Kid.你开玩笑吗?比Vader kid有意思多了。Mutant:Sorry.不好意思。 Article/201405/297698

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