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Hannah Storm: Pirates of the Caribbean is back and, boy, did it make a splash.The sequel Dead Man's Chest starring Johnny Depp squashed Superman's all time box-office record for an opening weekend, taking in a whopping 132 million dollars, finishing far ahead of Superman Returns which made 21.9 million dollars in its second weekend. The Devil Wears Prada was third at 15.6 million. The People Magazine editor at-large and Early Show contributor Jess Cagle is here. Hi, Jess. Jess Cagle: Hi, Hannah, how are you?Hannah Storm: You predicted this, 130-plus million, right?Jess Cagle : I think it would be at least 80 million, (Wow.) I guess I was about half right.Hannah Storm: I mean this shocked everybody, didn't it? (It shocked everyone) Biggest opening of all time. Jess Cagle: Biggest opening of all time. It broke all kinds of records. It was the first movie to cross 100 million dollars within two days. Nobody expected, really, that this was even impossible, and what has changed is these giant multiplexes that had been built, having enormous stadium theatres and so a lot of theatre owners, once they saw the lines, they made those theatres available. So they self-managed to sell a lot of tickets, a lot (Oh, so they) more than anyone knew.Hannah Storm: So they actually switched over once they saw the demand, they opened up. Well, I, cause I tried to get seats online about, about 12 hours before a movie showing, and it was impossible, they were sold out. Jess Cagle: They did not want you to see it. I don't know why, I don't know what Johnny Depp has to conceal Hannah.Hannah Storm: I mean every,everybody wanted to see this, right? Men, women, I mean kids, may, maybe not little tiny kids who will be little frightened for it. Jess Cagle: I think a lot of, I think a lot of young kids, well, you are right, it is, it is a little scary for a kid maybe under six or seven. The amazing thing about the movie is it, it appeal(s) to men and women over 25 and under 25. Very few movies appeal to all age groups and all genders.Hannah Storm: Right. Now let's talk about maybe potential for all time here, highest-grossing movie. The first one grossed about, what, 300 million.Jess Cagle : A little over 300 million. It looks like this one is on track to do at least that. I think Titanic still ranks as the,the most successful movie of all time. And um, I don't know if it's gonna crack that, but I think it's going to make it at least what the first one made.Hannah Storm: And what is it about Titanic that you think, now, what does it take to sort of crack that barrier, become one of the great movies ever, a great money makers ever?Jess Cagle : It, it has to appeal to a special, it has to appeal to everyone like Pirates did, but it also has to appeal to all age groups, to the extent that they will go to see it over and over and over again. I don't know that adults, especially, are gonna go see Pirates of the Caribbean over and over and over again.Hannah Storm: What does it say about Johnny Depp, and his box-office stardom?Jess Cagle : He is become, he was famous for a long time, (hmm) but he's really a household name now. (Right) It's really incredible. The first one, the first Pirates got him an Oscar nomination. I don't know if that will happen again, but ...Hannah Storm: For the same role, that would be, I mean, for that to happen again, it would be amazing,right?Jess Cagle : It would be strange,his,his performance in, in the new one is not quite as noticeable, because he's competing against...Hannah Storm: Himself.Jess Cagle: ...so many special effects and,and all of that. Yeah.Hannah Storm: Right. Wow, and,and they look like geniuses for making a third one, I tell you what...Jess Cagle : Absolutely. Almost aly shot.Hannah Storm: Roll quick, Superman, is it, is it a disappointment, or?Jess Cagle : Superman is a big disappointment.Hannah Storm: It's so expensive to make.Jess Cagle : So expensive to make. The last thing that Superman needed was to have Pirates of the Caribbean open, you know, (Hmm) er, in the second weekend.Hannah Storm: Oh,my. And it's such a good movie Superman.Jess Cagle : It is a great movie. And it still made a tremendous 140 million in (Oh, yeah) ten days, so it's ok.Hannah Storm: Jess Cagle. Thanks for being with us. 200809/51115。

探索世界奥秘之万里长城 4 These aren't miniatures, they are life-size. So far, the Chinese have only dug up 10% of the site. And aly thousands of warriors and some 10,000 weapons have been discovered. Look closely at the faces, each one is different. The Terracotta Army was sculpted from its real-life counterpart. The army is drawn up in battle formation. At the rear, a command post of senior generals give commands. Their age and status shown by their sping waistlines. In all, it took almost 700,000 men 38 years to complete the construction of Emperor Qin's tomb. Once China was united, and he had reorganized his empire, Qin sent 300,000 soldiers to the northern frontier to drive back the ever- threatening nomads. When their job was done, Qin ordered his army to stay. And with an extra half a million peasants, they built the first Great Wall of China. The wall was made with compressed earth. It's a technique still used every day in the Chinese countryside. First, wooden planks are laid parallel to one another as wide apart as the wall's thickness, then earth is shoveled between the planks, watered and packed down by human feet. Then the planks are built upwards, and the wall continues to grow layer by layer. It is a cheap and fast way to make a wall. A hundred times easier, it has been calculated, than building with stone. That's how Qin built 4,000 miles of wall in just 12 years. Surprisingly, these walls can last a very long time. The walls of this ancient city are nearly 2,000 years old, preserved by the extreme dryness of the Gobi Desert's climate. The wall protected China but it took a terrible toll on its people. Millions of men died of exhaustion while working on the wall. Some say the dead were used as mortar and buried in it. They said that the bones of the dead were so numerous, it turned the mortar of the wall white. No one escaped the terrible rule of the Emperor Qin. Every peasant paid his taxes and contributed to the growing wealth of his empire. The greatness of China was built on the backs of the poor. And the history of the Qin Dynasty is laced with tales of sadness. There is a fairy tale in China as well-known to the Chinese as the story of Snow White or Robin Hood is to us.real-life: existing or occurring in realitydrive back: repel, repulse, ward off, resist200707/15844。

India Grapples With Huge Power Shortfalls印度面临能源严重短缺危机   India is coping with huge energy shortfalls as a growing economy raises demand for power. The government has pledged to cover the gap in five years.  由于国内不断增长的能源需求,印度正在面对一场严重的能源短缺。印度政府希望在五年内解决能源不足的问题。Temperatures frequently soar above 40 degrees Celsius across the vast plains of India as the summer heat peaks. But for most people, like 54-year-old Renuka Taimni in New Delhi, the sweltering heat is worsened by the frequent power outages.  随着酷暑的到来,印度平原上的气温不时升到摄氏40度以上。对于大多数人来说,夏季的酷热又因为频繁停电而更加难耐。54岁的新德里市民勒努卡.塔姆尼说:"The frig did not work, the AC does not work, brings life to a standstill, you can't do anything, you just sit waiting for the power to come back," said Taimni.  “冰箱不工作,空调也不工作。生活好像停顿下来。什么也做不了。只能等着来电。”The situation is equally bad across other big cities such as Kolkata or Mumbai.  在加尔各答和孟买等其他大城市,停电问题同样严重。And it is much worse in smaller towns and rural areas, where power blackouts can last for more than 12 hours a day. Last month, violent protests erupted across India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, as long outages left people without fans and even drinking water.  在小一点的城镇和乡村地区,情况就更加糟糕。那里的停电常常持续12个小时以上。上个月,由于长期断电让人们没法使用电风扇和获得饮用水,印度人口最多的北方邦爆发了暴力抗议事件。Power blackouts have been a regular feature of life in India for many years. But a five-year-long economic boom has intensified these shortages as expanding industries guzzle more power, and a growing middle class can afford more air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines.  多年来,停电是印度人司空见惯的事情。但是过去五年的经济增长过程中,由于工业扩张对能源需求的增加,以及日益扩大的中产阶级购买了大量的空调、冰箱、洗衣机等家用电器,能源紧张格外严重。An energy advisor to the Confederation of Indian Industry, V. Raghuraman, says the current power capacity generation is about 14 percent short of demand.  印度工业联盟的能源顾问拉格拉曼说,目前印度的发电量短缺程度高达14%。"For the last 15-16 years we have not been able to add capacities required. The power-demand supply gap has been actually increasing year after year," said Raghuraman. 他说:“过去的15到16年期间,我们没能增加必要的发电能力。供需差距实际上扩大了。”The government has promised to change that, and provide power to all by 2012.  印度政府誓言改变这种局面,承诺在2012年为所有人提供充足的用电。Industry experts like Raghuraman say the situation will improve in the coming years because massive investments are in the pipeline.  像拉格拉曼这样的业内人士指出,由于大量投资已经进入筹备阶段,能源紧张有望在近年内缓解。"The investments are more than 0 billion say in the next five years … we believe a good amount of capacity will come in the next five to six years," said Raghuraman. 他说:“未来5年的投资超过两千亿美元。我们相信未来五到六年内,发电能力将大大增加。”The power plants being built by the government are expected to add 70,000 megawatts of power generation. They include thermal and hydroelectric plants.  印度政府修建的发电站预计将把发电量提高七万兆瓦,其中包括水力和热力发电。The private sector is also making large investments in power projects.  印度的私营企业也对电站工程进行了大笔投资。However, skeptics fear that many of these projects will face delays, and the gap between demand and supply will continue to grow in the coming years.  但是,持怀疑态度的人士指出,这些工程可能会遭到延误。印度能源供求差距在未来的几年可能会扩大。But optimists hope the power sector might replicate the success of the telecommunication industry. A decade ago, it could take years to obtain a phone line, but now the privatized industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world.  但是,乐观人士希望印度的电力产业能够重复电信业的成功。10年前,在印度装电话是个旷日持久的过程,但是现在,实行了私有化的印度电信行业是世界上增长最快的行业之一。200806/41481。

国家地理:Planet Carnivore: Lions 动物星球: 狮On the southern edge of Ngorongoro Swamp, the lake cats have a new opportunity to make a big kill. Buffalo have poor vision. They are only 30 meters away, but in the dim morning light, they can't see the pride. While they don't see very well, buffalo can smell predators over 150 meters away. This time, luck is on the lions' side. They are downwind.The lake cats fail again. The other two buffalo take cover in the swamp. They'll simply wait for the pride to move on. The pride is still adjusting to hunting without Moj and now Kea has now become too slow to help in the chase. But hunger isn't their only problem now. There are enemies just outside their territory.Four powerful male lions lurk on the borders of Kea and Moran's home. Now that they are over three years old, these nomadic lions have been chased out of their own pride to the crater. Today they set their sights on a big prize- the lake cat lionesses. The nomads are now sexually mature, and they want to mate. But to win control of the pride, these young males would first have to get past Moran.pride: a group of lionsdownwind: in the direction that the wind is moving200709/17385。

Energy Analyst Sees Russia as Key Oil Supplier to Europe俄修建油气管使西欧更依赖俄能源 Vladimir Socor, an energy analyst based in Germany, told Washington audience Monday planned new pipelines will consolidate Russia's position as a leading supplier of oil and gas to Western Europe.  在德国的能源分析人士弗拉基米尔.索科星期一在华盛顿发表讲话说,计划中的石油和天然气新管道将巩固俄罗斯作为西欧首要石油和天然气供应国的地位。Socor says that oil and gas pipelines advocated by Russia in the Balkans will add to Western Europe's dependence on Russian supplied energy. Concerning oil, he said the planned pipeline between Bulgaria and Greece is a major success for Russia as it will be the only Russian controlled pipeline within the European Union.  索科说,俄罗斯提议在巴尔干地区建造的石油和天然气管道将使西欧国家进一步依赖俄罗斯的能源供应。他说,计划在保加利亚和希腊之间修筑的输油管道是俄罗斯的一大胜利,因为这将是欧盟国家内唯一的一条由俄罗斯控制的管道。The deal was agreed last year and construction is expected to begin soon.  这项输油管道协议去年达成,修筑工程预计很快开工。Socor told an audience at Washington's Center for Strategic and International Studies that Moscow hopes for a similar success in gas. Its plan, he said, is to build the South Stream Pipeline under the Black Sea to Bulgaria and Western Europe. Socor said a competing European Union proposed gas line from Central Asia called Nabucco is losing support. 索科在华盛顿的国际战略研究中心发表讲话说,莫斯科希望在天然气方面也同样取得成功。他说,俄罗斯计划要在黑海海底修筑通往保加利亚和西欧的南流管道。索科说,南流管道受到欧盟拟议中的从中亚开始的纳布科天然气管道的竞争,但是纳布科计划得到的持越来越少。"With Nabucco's real prospects dwindling, Turkey, like Austria, like the Hungarian government, and like Bulgaria are losing confidence in Nabucco and are opting for the only alternative visible to them, which is South Stream," he said. 他说:“由于兴建纳布科管道的希望日趋渺茫,土耳其、奥地利、匈牙利和保加利亚政府,都逐渐对纳布克计划失去信心,只好转而做出现有的唯一选择,那就是南流管道。”Socor said Nabucco, intended to carry mostly Turkmenistan gas across Turkey to the Balkans, will happen only if the European Union and the ed States give the project high level support.  索科说,纳布科计划是让大部分来自土库曼斯坦的天然气,穿越土耳其抵达巴尔干地区,这一规划只有在欧盟和美国的大力持下才能付诸实施。Socor said through pipelines Russia is gaining control over the export of oil and gas from the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. "Russia is combining Central Asian gas reserves with its own gas reserves into a single pool under Russian commercial and physical control to supply both Russia and Europe," he said. 索科说,俄罗斯通过管道正在逐步控制中亚地区前苏联加盟共和国的石油和天然气的出口。他说:“俄罗斯正在把中亚的天然气储备与本国的天然气储备整合为一体,置于俄罗斯商业部门控制下,向本国和欧洲提供天然气。”Turkmenistan is Central Asia's biggest gas exporter and Kazakhstan is the biggest oil exporter. 土库曼斯坦是中亚最大的天然气出口国,而哈萨克斯坦是最大的石油出口国。To counter what he sees as a potentially dangerous European dependence on Russian energy, Socor advocates a dialogue with Iran, which could lead to Iranian gas being supplied to the Nabucco pipeline. Such a dialogue is opposed by the ed States. 为了抗衡他所说的欧洲对俄罗斯能源依赖的潜在威胁。索科提议与伊朗开展对话,从而能让伊朗向纳布克管道输送天然气。但是美国反对与伊朗对话。 200804/36185。

in a pinch ——— 姑且英文释义 Describing something which will not be optimal, but which will be satisfactory if other better alternatives are unavailable.例句 I prefer to drive my car when I visit my parents in their village, but in a pinch I can take a bus.我喜欢开车去农村看望父母,但如果实在不行,坐公交车也可以。 /201607/453210。

That's all. Now, I understand that you are 21 years old(Yes.) and you are from New Jersey, and FHM magazine had a nationwide search (Yes) for the cover girl, or the magazine mascot?For Miss 2005 FHM. Ok, Congratulations. That's the title. Thank you. When did you find that you won? Um...Couple (of) weeks ago.And what's it been like?Um... It's amazing, I am so kind of in shock, I don't believe in myself until I actually see the magazine which comes out in December. Actually(So, how.....), we have it, we left it in the control room. Can we bring it in? John has got it.It's right here. It's right here. All right. Ok, thank you. Oh there it is.So how fast did Playboy call and say, "We want you to take clothes off?"Ur...They didn't call yet, so, no...Would you...? No, I don't think I would ever do for Playboy. Good girl, what is(Good.) what is your voice mail, let's see if they left a message. Ur. just, just curious. Clay(里面的某个男主持,音译)you look....Now, Lauren, you think you right now are single, right? You live at home. Don't you feel that you begin...Now what's going on?you are not.I know. Ok, so I know that this is gone.No, but I'm just, I am thinking about the audience. (Yeah, I'm gonna...)We heard now in Norway and Sweden and Denmark.(Alright.) For those for the Danes, it's gonna be harder to get a date to find if I'm, I'm taking like you because people is gonna be intimidated: I can't ask out Miss FHM. I'm still the same old person now. You get, you work as......I can tell by these pictures. You work as an FHM hairstylist. Yes.Are you getting new clients now? going,YesHey,I want mine(haircut) to Miss FHMs,huh? And what about the tips? Any bigger tips. Yes.Really? Yes, tips are great. Yes.And I am sure they are.How do your fami(ly),family, how do your family feel about that?They are really really supportive. They are excited. They are so happy for me. Your brother's gonna be ticked. Yeah, he isn't really. Coz it's his job to take care of it. Yeah.I think it's kind of sick that his friends still call and ask. His friends will stop over and just,you know ,say comments. Hey, is your sister here?Yeah.Then, what do you want to do in the long-term? After Miss FHM, and that's enough for anybody's lifestyle. (Right!)So would you want to be an actress, a singer or a dancer? You took a long time to ... weathercaster? Well, I don't know. I've always been interested in modeling and acting. So hopefully, this would open up a couple of doors for me down the road. But this is just wonderful.What are your obligations now? she has to make appearances for the magazine. Yeah, I have to appear in different parties and events, and I am gonna be appearing in the magazine a couple of more times, so...(Ok.) You went to the financial obligations once you get your credit card/ in it?No, no. (What?)ok, she's got Dinner's Club. She's got a Visa. She's got a Sears Card. I have grabbed right questions and you're jealous.(All right.) Lauren Harris, Miss(That's it.) FHM 2005magazine comes out very shortly, we thank you very much for joining us.Yes, thank you.FHMus.com is the website.Yes 200807/45137。

探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 10Our studies had really convinced me that it were the later experiences of the child as the child was growing up bombarded with years and years of, em, symptoms from the parents that accounted for the effect that we observed. However, in Edinburgh, Jonathan Seckl was interested in stress exposure in pregnant women and wondered if stress effects could be transmitted to their children. He started some experiments with pregnant rats to see if exposing them to stress hormones had any effect on their offspring. And we found the next generation for the rest of the life span those animals themselves had altered stress responses and showed behavior that looked like anxiety. To see if this was affecting the genes themselves, he decided to breed them and see if the stress effects could be found in generations never exposed to the stress hormone.And their daughters and sons also got the propensity for abnormal stress responses.For Seckl the only explanation was that a stressful event was throwing a switch on a gene which was then being inherited. Oh! Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Come on! Come on!His work might have stopped there until world events took a hand. When on 9/11 the planes crashed and the towers came down, Yehuda and Seckl were critically aware of the potential for the impact to be far reaching, even affecting generations yet to be born. Ailsa Gilliam was working in a building next to the towers. As I left my building, coming out through the doors, there was a lot of ash floating through the air and some office papers. I knew that if I looked up, I may see something I didn't wanna see. Just the thought that people had died close to me. I pulled it down. I got very upset. I wanted to get out of the environment. Being pregnant, I did not want to open myself up to more emotional uncertainty and emotional distress. After the events of 9/11 unfolded, Yehuda and Seckl teamed up to study women like Ailsa who were pregnant at the time.There were a lot of different opportunities to examine what the effects of 9/11 would be on the children who might be born to parents who developed post-traumatic stress disorder in response to 9/11, and particularly those who had been exposed in uteri.When exposed to a stressful event, a person produces cortisol---- a hormone that helps regulate the body's response to that stress. If cortisol levels are too low a person finds coping with stress very difficult and are prone to PTSD: post-traumatic stress disorder.New Words amp; Phrases:bombard: If you bombard someone with something, you make them face a great deal of it. For example, if you bombard them with questions or criticism, you keep asking them a lot of questions or you keep criticizing them. 不断攻击;向...连续提出问题[(+with)]cortisol: Cortisol is a hormone which is active in the brain while people are stressed. 【生化】考的索,皮质醇200807/45047。

Bush Offers More Help for Burma美国增加对缅甸救灾援助   The ed States is pledging more than million to help Burma recover from Saturday's cyclone that killed more than 22,000 people. U.S. President George Bush says more help could be provided if Burma's military rulers allow American relief officials into the country to assess the situation. International Red Cross says revised death toll of nearly 22,500 makes Cyclone Nargis deadliest storm since 1991. 美国为帮助缅甸从灾难中恢复承诺提供300多万美元。上星期六缅甸遭受热带风暴袭击,导致2万2千多人死亡。美国总统布什说,如果缅甸军政府允许美国救援官员进入灾区评估那里的局势,美国可能会向缅甸提供更多的帮助。The new assistance raises U.S. contributions to Burmese relief efforts to .25 million. President Bush says he wants to do even more. 美国对缅甸救灾工作提供的新援助已经增加到325万美元。布什总统说,他还想再增加援助。"We are prepared to move U.S. Navy assets to help find those who have lost their lives, to help find the missing, and to help stabilize the situation," he said. "But in order to do so, the military junta must allow our disaster assessment teams into the country. So our message is to the military rulers: Let the ed States come and help you help the people." 布什总统说:“我们准备动用美国海军装备来帮助找到那些不幸丧生的人,帮助找到失踪的人,帮助稳定那里的局势。但是为了能够这样做,缅甸军政府必须允许我们的灾难评估小组进入缅甸。因此我们要对缅甸军政府说,让美国来协助你们帮助你们的人民。”The U.S. State Department says it has been told that an American assessment team will not be allowed inside Burma. White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino says U.S. aid is not conditional on that assessment team and the ed States will continue to help through the ed Nations if the team is blocked. 美国国务院说,他们被告知,美国的评估小组将不准进入缅甸。白宫发言人佩里诺说,美国的援助并非要取决于评估小组的评估,如果评估小组受阻,美国将继续通过联合国提供帮助。Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell says there are several Navy ships in the area that could help, including the USS Essex which has landing craft, helicopters, and six operating rooms with medical facilities for 600 patients at a time. 五角大楼的新闻发言人莫雷尔说,这个地区的海域有几艘能提供帮助的美国军舰,包括具备起降飞机和直升机能力的埃塞克斯号航空母舰,舰上有六个医疗设备齐全的手术室,能同时接纳600个病人。"We're now working with the State Department and with U.S. Pacific Command to at least begin the planning for a possible humanitarian assistance [mission]," he said. "But that's all we can do at this point is to plan because we have not received a request from the Burmese government." 莫雷尔说:“我们现在正同美国国务院和美军太平洋司令部一起着手开始为可能的人道主义救援使命做准备。但我们目前所能做的就是计划,因为我们还没有接到缅甸政府的请求。”While welcoming outside assistance, Burma's military rulers have told aid agencies that relief workers will still need visas. 缅甸军人统治者虽然欢迎外界的援助,但是告诉救援机构,救援人员仍然需要签。The ed Nations is asking Burma to relax those requirements so assistance can quickly reach those needing shelter, food, and medical assistance. Officials say about 41,000 people are missing, and the toll is expected to rise as information comes in from hard-to-reach places. 联合国要求缅甸放松这些要求,以便援助能迅速送到需要住处、食品和治疗的人们那里。有关官员说,大约4万1千人失踪,而且随着消息从难以进入地区的不断传来,失踪的人数会上升。In addition to U.S. assistance offers, India has dispatched two naval ships with food, tents, blankets and medicine, and the European Union is pledging million in humanitarian aid. Chinese President Hu Jintao is promising million cash and relief supplies. 除了美国提供的援助以外,印度已经派出两艘装载食品、帐篷、毯子和药品海军舰艇,欧盟也承诺要提供300万美元的人道主义援助。中国国家主席胡锦涛承诺提供100万美元援助资金和救灾物品。Cyclone Nargis hit at a crucial time for Burma's military-led government, which was scheduled to hold a nationwide referendum on a new constitution this coming Saturday in hopes of dampening international criticism of its crackdown on anti-government protesters last year. 纳尔吉斯热带风暴重创缅甸的时候,军政府领导的缅甸正处在一个关键时刻。缅甸原定在这个星期六举行一次新宪法的全国公投。缅甸军政府希望这次全国公投将能缓解国际社会对缅甸军政府去年镇压反政府抗议者的批评。Burma's rulers say the referendum will lead to democratic elections in 2010. Political opponents say the new charter will reinforce military control. 缅甸执政者说,这次公投将会导致2010年进行民主选举。政治反对派说,新宪法将强化军队的掌控。President Bush spoke from the Oval Office Tuesday after signing legislation awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to Burmese democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi. 星期二,布什总统在椭圆形办公室签署议案,授予缅甸民主活动家昂山素季国会金质奖章之后说:"This is a fitting tribute to a courageous woman who speaks for freedom for all the people of Burma, and who speaks in such a way that she is a powerful voice in contrast to the junta that currently rules the country," he said. “一位勇敢的妇女为缅甸所有人的自由而呐喊,跟目前统治缅甸的军政府相比,她的呼声更为强大。她获此殊荣,名至如归。”Asked if the recognition for Burma's detained opposition leader might complicate efforts to work with the military in providing aid, spokeswoman Perino says U.S. support for Aung San Suu Kyi has been clear for many years, and that position will not change. She says that does not affect Washington's promise to help those affected by the cyclone.  有记者问,表彰缅甸被囚禁的反政府领袖是否会使美国在提供援助上的努力同缅甸军政府的关系变得复杂,白宫发言人佩里诺说,美国多年来都明确表示持昂山素季,这个立场并没有改变。她说,这并不会影响华盛顿有关帮助热带风暴灾民的承诺。 200805/37955。