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温馨贴士: 每日睡前床头物语,让您的生活质量更高 经典语段: There was no one to look after the baby in the workhouse. So Oliver was sent to a special “baby farm” nearby.在济贫院里没有专人照顾婴儿,所以奥利弗被送进了附近一家专门的“育婴堂”There, he and thirty other children rolled around the floor all day, without the inconvenience of too much food or too much clothing.在这里,奥利弗与其他三十多个孩子每天在地上滚爬着,没有过多的衣物和食物来“麻烦”他们Mrs Mann, the old woman who “looked after” them, was very experienced.曼太太“照顾”着这些孩子,这老女人非常有经验She knew what was good children, and a full stomach was very dangerous to their health. She also knew what was good herself, so she kept her own use the money that she was given the children’s food.她知道什么对孩子们有好处,知道吃饱肚子对孩子们的身体是非常有害的同时她也知道什么对她自己有好处,于是她把人家给孩子们的伙食费都留给自己The board responsible the orphans sometimes checked on the health of the children, but They always sent the beadle. a kind of local policeman, to announce their visit the day bee.负责孤儿事务的地方董事会有时会来检查孩子们的健康状况,可他们往往在前一天派执事去通告他们要来访问,执事是一种地方警察So whenever the board arrived, of course, the children were always neat and clean.所以,无论他们什么时候来,孩子们准是个个头净脚净的 语段精讲: 第一、词汇精讲1. experienced双语释义:having knowledge or skill in a particular job or activity[adj.] 有经验的,老练的搭配模式:~ in something ~ in doing something典型范例:He very experienced in looking after animals.他有饲养动物的经验She is an experienced teacher and every student loves her.她是一个很有经验的老师,每个学生都很喜欢她. inconvenience双语释义:trouble, difficulty or discomt[U.N.] 麻烦;打扰;困难典型范例:He apologized the inconvenience he had caused.他为打扰了人家而道歉Your remarks put me to great inconvenience. 你的给我带来了很大的麻烦第二、固定短语1. look after:照顾,照看,照管例句:People dont look after other people property in the same way as they look after their own.人们是不会像照管自己的房产那样照管别人的房产的I love looking after the children.我喜欢照顾小孩. be good :对......有益处例句:Spa water is thought to be very good health.人们认为矿泉水对健康有益It good students to puzzle things out themselves.让学生们自己思索解决难题很有好处. check on:检查,查对,调查例句:Dont get to check on your work. 别忘记检查一下你们的工作Let make a check on his calculation. 让我们查核一下他的计算结果 5. be responsible :对......负责,有责任例句:I tried to make clear to him that Im not responsible this. 我再三跟他解释这事与我无关That kind archbishop is responsible our church district. 那个好心的大教主负责我们这个教区The holder of the office of chairman is responsible arranging meetings.担任主席的人有责任安排会议6. be dangerous to:对.....有危险例句:It is dangerous to overtake at a corner. 转弯时超车危险 It is dangerous to drive in a thick fog. 在浓雾天驾车很危险 7. the day bee:前一天例句:The wise job seeker explores the place the day bee. 精明的求职者总是前一天探明地方He ruminated over what had happened the day bee. 他沉思前一天发生的事 第三、写作语汇1. keep something one own use:把......留作己用. in the workhouse:在救济院3. thirty other children:其他的30个孩子. announce one’s visit:通告(某人)来往第四、语法讲解1. She also knew what was good herself, so she kept her own use the money that she was given the children’s food.要点:句中的the money that she was given the children’s food是这个句子的宾语,因为它被一个定语从句“that she was given the children’s food”修饰它而使这个宾语很长,为了平衡句子结构就将之放于句尾. The board responsible the orphans sometimes checked on the health of the children, but they always sent the beadle, a kind of local policeman, to announce their visit the day bee.要点:句中的responsible the orphans是形容词性短语,由于responsible后面接有介词短语 the orphan,必须将之放于被修饰词后做后置定语 019580

Good morning, everyone. I believe we are all here. Please be seated and let’s get started. Please join me in welcoming Olivia Dansk, from Garland Corporation I’m afraid that Lionel Wu from Manatect can’t be with us today, but I’m pleased to welcome representatives from both Danth and Boyent. We’re here today to discuss the progress of our joint venture project. Have you all received a copy of the agenda? Good. As you can see, there are six items on the agenda. If there are no objections, I suggest we take the items in order. Let’s start with number one………I think that takes care of the first item? Why don't we move on to item number two. I’d like to hand it over to Olivia, who will take us through the report. Olivia?...……If there are no other issues to discuss, I’d like to wrap up this meeting. Our next meeting will be on Monday, November th. Bee we end today, I’d like to thank all of you coming. This has been a very productive meeting. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 60

Our company hired an outside firm to set up a computer system to help us keep track of the progress on major projects. The company gave us a presentation on how the new system worked. Afterwards, the employees got a chance to ask questions.Cecelia: So, in a nutshell, those are the features of the new system. Any questions?Yuri: Yes, I have a question. From your description, it sounds like the new system may be difficult to use. Can you speak to that?Cecelia: I understand your concern, but actually, the system is very simple to use. I mentioned a lot of features that the system has, but the typical employee won’t be using more than two or three on a daily basis. Yes, you had a question?Alessandro: Yeah, my biggest concern is that all of the employees in the company will have access to the system. How does this affect my projects that have sensitive inmation?Cecelia: That’s a good question. One of the key features of the program is that it allows the project manager to limit access any of his or her projects. Now, if there are no other questions, thank you all coming and we look ward to working with you in the future. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 170


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