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  • So we have to have backup power to power the place in the event brownouts and stuff. And I think what were gonna end up doing is making the energy center our primary source of power.所以需要后备电源,能源中心将用天然气或其他绿色能源发电。Because we can generate power with Natural Gas and other ways that can be cleaner and cheaper and use the grid as our backup.我们希望将其作为主要的电力来源,把国家电网用作后备电源。Weve got an auditorium because we put on presentations. Much like we did yesterday but we have to go to San Francisco to do them.这里将修建一个大礼堂,我们就不用像昨天那样跑到旧金山去开会了。Fitness center and some RD facilities, these are just things that where we do testing and we need some buildings to test in and theres hardly any people in them.这里是健身中心和研发大楼,这个地方专门用来做测试,里面没有员工。So this is roughly the kind of thing were thinking about.这就是我们的设想。We think about 12,000 people, I put 13,000 on the slides, just because we may make a little luckier than 12,000.苹果现有12000员工,但可能增加到13000人。Were up roughly 40% in people V.S. What the site has been used for aly and were increasing spaceto 3.1 million square feet.将来这里可以多容纳40%的员工,增加20%的使用面积,这样总面积大道了310万平方英尺。So 20% increase in space. The landscaping though increases by 350%, which is nice, trees by 60%. The surface parking goes down by 90%.绿化面积增长350%,这个就厉害啦,植树量增长60%,地上停车面积减少90%。And so I think the overall feeling of the place is gonna be zillion times better than it is now with all the asphalt.你会爱上这片土地的,这比一滴沥青给力多了。And the building footprint actually goes down by 30%. So, we wanna take the space and in many cases making it smaller.建筑占地面积将减少30%。减少建筑面积。Were putting more of desirable things on the space and thats what we like to do. So just wanna give you a look at it.这样有更多的空间留给想象力去发挥。This is a cafe. We have cafe as our facilities. And this cafe will, you know,这里是间咖啡厅,这个可以有,你懂的。feed the better part of the 3,000 people sitting. Thats what you need when you 12,000 people in the campus.它能容纳3000人同时就餐。足足有12000名员工在此贡献智慧,So thats what were looking at. Id love to answer your questions if you have any.所以我们需要那么大的容量。我的介绍到此为止,有什么问题吗?Thank you, Mr jobs. And were really excited that you call Apple our home.谢谢你的演讲,很高兴苹果能在Cupertino安家。If you go to your shop at anything they have a T-shirt that says the mother ship has landed,现在都有印有“苹果飞船”的T恤卖了。and if you look at this picture, definitely the mother ship has landed here in Cupertino.看看印花,亮点是这飞船的登陆地就在Cupertino。Is there any questions or comments from council colleagues, council member Wang?各位参议员同僚有什么要问的吗?王议员?201412/349908。
  • Narrator: The time has come to make a choice about which candidate can actually make a difference for you. In a world as complex as this, we need a president as experienced as Hillary in the situation room, at the negotiating table and always on your side, fighting for children and families with a real plan to get incomes rising, reduce drug prices, win equal pay for women, and protect Social Security and Medicare for seniors. Shell build on Obamacare, not start over; break through the gridlock, not add to it; defend Planned Parenthood, not attack it; stand up to the gun lobby, not protect it; lead on foreign policy, not ignore it. We need a president with the experience and determination to get the job done.Hillary Clinton: Im running to make a difference, a real difference, for you and your families across our country.I am Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.201602/426310。
  • On Monday, an act of terror wounded dozens and killed three innocent people at the Boston Marathon.周一,一个恐怖行径在波士顿马拉松赛上造成三人遇难和几十人受伤。But in the days since, the world has witnessed one sure and steadfast truth:但是此后几天,全世界目睹了不容置疑的事实:Americans refuse to be terrorized.美国人民没有被吓倒。Ultimately, thats what well remember from this week.最终这是我们从这周起要铭记在心的。Thats what will remain. Stories of heroism and kindness; resolve and resilience; generosity and love.这是我们要继续弘扬的-英雄主义和善良正义,决心和坚韧,慷慨和大爱。The brave first responders-police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and National Guard-who ran toward danger to help their fellow citizens.英勇的第一现场救援人员们-警察们、消防队员们、紧急救援人员们和国民警备队员们-迅速冲向危险救助他们的同胞。The race volunteers, spectators, and exhausted runners who rushed to help, including troops and veterans who never expected to see such scenes on the streets of America.竞赛志愿者们、观众们和筋疲力尽的参赛者们也冲过去协助救援,包括军人和退伍军人-他们都从没见过美国的大街上的惨状。The determined doctors and nurses at some of the worlds best hospitals, who have toiled day and night to save so many lives.来自世界上最好的医院的全心全意的医生和护士们呕心沥血地辛苦了一天一夜挽救了许多生命。The big-hearted people of Boston-residents, priests, shopkeepers-who carried victims in their arms; delivered water and blankets; lined up to give blood; opened their homes to total strangers.慷慨大度的波士顿人民-居民们、牧师们和业主们-把受害者们抱在怀里;发放饮水和毯子;排队献血;腾出自家房间供陌生人入住。And the heroic federal agents and police officers who worked together throughout the week, often at great risk to themselves, to keep our communities safe.英雄的联邦调查人员和当地警官们在这周同心协力,舍生忘死,保护社区的安全。As a country, we are eternally grateful for the profound sacrifices they make in the line of duty-sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice to defend the people theyve sworn to protect.作为一个国家,我们永远感谢他们尽忠职守时做出的深沉的牺牲-有时为了保护他们发誓保护的人民献出了宝贵的生命。If anyone wants to know who we are; what America is; how we respond to evil and terror-thats it.如果有人想知道我们是谁;什么是美国;我们如何应对邪恶和恐怖-从这里就可以知道。Selflessly. Compassionately. And unafraid.大公无私,同情爱、英勇无畏。Through days that would test even the sturdiest of souls, Bostons spirit remains undaunted.经过几天对最坚韧的灵魂的考验,波士顿精神仍然英勇无敌。Americas spirit remains undimmed.美国的精神仍然坚定不移。Our faith in each other, our love for this country, our common creed that cuts across whatever superficial differences we may have-thats what makes us strong.我们的相互信任、对国家的热爱、我们共同的打破我们可能有的表面的不和的信条-使我们国家强大。Thats why we endure.这就是为什么我们是美国。In the days to come, we will remain vigilant as a nation.在未来的日子里,我们仍需保持警惕。And I have no doubt the city of Boston and its surrounding communities will continue to respond in the same proud and heroic way that they have thus far-and their fellow Americans will be right there with them every step of the way.我们坚信波士顿市以及周边社区会继续以他们已经彰显的自豪的英雄主义方式应对-他们的美国同胞将与他们同舟共济、生死与共。May God bless the people of Boston and the ed States of America.上帝保佑波士顿人民,上帝保佑美利坚合众国。201304/237435。
  • I always expected this election to be exceptionally difficult for the Liberal Democrats given the heavy responsibilities we’ve had to bear in government in the most challenging of circumstances. But clearly the results have been immeasurably more crushing and unkind than I could ever have feared. For that, of course, I must take responsibility, and therefore I announce that I will be resigning as leader of the Liberal Democrats. A leadership election will now take place according to the party’s rules. For the last seven years it’s been a privilege, a huge privilege, an unlimited honour, to lead a party of the most resilient, courageous, and remarkable people. The Liberal Democrats are a family and I will always be extremely proud of the warmth, good grace, and good humour which our political family has shown through the ups and downs of recent years. So I want to thank every member, ever campaigner, every councillor, and every parliamentarian for the commitment you have shown to our country and to our party. It is simply heartbreaking to see so many friends and colleagues who have served their constituents so diligently over so many years abruptly lose their seats because of forces entirely beyond their control. In 2011, after a night of disappointing election results for our party, one of our candidates in Edinburgh, Alex Cole Hamilton, said this, he said: if his defeat was part-payment for the ending of child detention, then he accepted it with all his heart. Those words revealed a selfless dignity which is very rare in politics but common amongst Liberal Democrats. If our losses today are part payment for every family that is more secure because of a job we helped to create, every person with depression who is treated with a compassion they deserve, every child who does a little better in school, every apprentice with a long and rewarding career to look forward to, every gay couple who know that their love is worth no less than anyone else’s and every pensioner with a little more freedom and dignity in retirement, then I hope at least our losses can be endured with a little selfless dignity too. We will never know how many lives we changed for the better because we had the courage to step up at a time of crisis. But we have done something that cannot be undone because there can be no doubt that we lead government with Britain a far stronger, fairer, greener, and more liberal country than it was five years ago. However unforgiving the judgement has been on the Liberal Democrats at the ballot box, I believe the history books will judge our party kindly for the service we sought to provide to the nation at a time of great economic difficulty and for the policies and values which we brought to bear in government – opportunity, fairness, and liberty, which I believe will stand the test of time. To have served my country at a time of crisis is an honour that will stay with me forever. I hope those who are granted the opportunity to serve our country in government now and in the future will recognise the privilege and responsibility that they’ve been given. It’s the greatest thing they’ll ever do. It is of course too early to give a considered account of why we have suffered the catastrophic losses we have, and the party will have to reflect on these in the time ahead. But one thing, it seems to me is clear: liberalism, here, as well as across Europe, is not faring well against the politics of fear. Years of remorseless economic and social hardship following the crash in 2008 and the grinding insecurities of globalisation have led people to reach for new certainties: the politics of identity, of nationalism, of us versus them is now on the rise. It is clear that in constituency, after constituency, north of the border, the beguiling appeal of Scottish Nationalism has swept all before it and south of the border a fear about what that means for the ed Kingdom has strengthened English conservatism too. This now brings our country to a very perilous point in our history where grievance and fear combine to drive our different communities apart. I hope that our leaders across the ed Kingdom realise the disastrous consequences for our way of life and the integrity of the ed Kingdom if they continue to appeal to grievance rather than generosity and fear rather than hope. It’s not exaggeration to say that in the absence of strong and statesmanlike leadership, Britain’s place in Europe and the world and the continued existence of our ed Kingdom itself is now in grave jeopardy. And the cruelest irony of all is that it is exactly at this time that British liberalism, that fine, noble tradition that believes we are stronger together and weaker apart is more needed than ever before. Fear and grievance have won, liberalism has lost. But it is more precious than ever and we must keep fighting for it. That is both the great challenge and the great cause that my successor will have to face. I will always give my unstinting support to all those who continue to keep the flame of British liberalism alive. On the morning of the most crushing blow to the Liberal Democrats since our party was founded, it is easy to imagine that there is no road back, but there is – because there is no path to a fairer, greener, freer Britain without British liberalism showing the way. This is a very dark hour for our party, but we cannot and will not allow decent liberal values to be extinguished overnight. Our party will come back, our party will win again. It will take patience, resilience and grit, but that is what has built our party before and will rebuild it again. Thank you.201507/385954。
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