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And it worked for Lysimachus himself, up to a point.而且,在一定程度上,这一做法对利西马科斯自己也起了积极作用。Hes a mere historical footnote in comparison to Alexander-he didnt get an empire.与亚历山大的光辉相比,他只能算个历史的注脚。But he did get, and he hung on to, a kingdom.他未能建立帝国,但毕竟实打实地拥有一个王国。Twenty years after Alexanders death, it was clear that his empire would never be reconstituted, and for the next three hundred years the Middle East would be ruled by many cultured but competitive Greek-speaking kings and dynasties.亚历山大死后二十年,帝国已彻底分崩离析,无法重拾往日荣光。接下来的三百年内,中东地区由数位说希腊语的国王统治过,他们治下的王朝文明发达,但彼此竞争激烈。In a later programme this week Ill be looking at probably the most famous monument of any of these Greek-speaking states, the Rosetta Stone, but in the next programme Ill be in India, where the great emperor Ashoka linked himself to a different kind of authority to strengthen his political position.后文将要提到的罗塞塔石碑,便是所有希腊国王所遗留下来的最著名的纪念碑。但下一节我们要先谈到印度。阿育王用了一种不同的统治方式来巩固自己的政治地位:Not the authority of a great warrior, but of one of the greatest of all religious teachers . . . the Buddha.他所依赖的不是强大的武力,而是最伟大的宗教家释迦牟尼。201410/338545

MH17 tragedy: 28 bodies identified as MalaysiansMH17空难悲剧:确认28人为马来西亚遇难者Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said that the bodies of 28 victims of the MH17 disaster have been identified as Malaysians by authorities in Amsterdam.马来西亚国防部长希山慕丁侯赛因称MH17空难灾难中28人已经被阿姆斯特丹当局确认为马来西亚遇难者。Malaysia announced a few days ago that the first consignment of bodies identified as Malaysians will arrive back in Kuala Lumpur on Friday.马来西亚几天前宣布第一批马来西亚遇难者的遗体将在周五运送回吉隆坡。The government has declared that day as a national day of mourning.政府已经宣布这一天为全国哀悼日。Flight MH17 was downed on July 17 over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people aboard.MH17航班在7月17日乌克兰东部被击落,298名乘客全部遇难。Most of them are Dutch, Malaysian and Australian citizens.他们中的大多数是荷兰,马来西亚及澳大利亚市民。201408/322213

Today China ushers in the Lesser Cold, which marks the beginning of the coldest season of the year.“小寒”意味着今年最冷季节的开始。The Lesser Cold is one of twenty-four traditional solar terms, and usually comes in early January. Experts are reminding people to stay warm and get more exercise to keep out the cold. Doctors say sunshine could help kill viruses, and guard people against diseases such as the flu, measles and meningitis.“小寒”是中国传统24节气之一,通常开始于一月初。专家提醒民众注意保暖并多锻炼以驱寒。医生表示,阳光可以帮助人们杀灭病菌并预防流感,麻疹及脑膜炎之类的疾病的发生。People also eat special foods during the Lesser Cold, like mutton soup, which according to traditional Chinese medicine, is warming. In South Chinas Guangdong Province, people usually eat sticky rice, and people in East Chinas Nanjing enjoy vegetable and meat porridge.在 “小寒”节气时,人们也应多多食用羊汤之类的食物,据传统中医药学的解释,羊汤可以帮助人们驱寒保暖。在中国广东省,人们通常会食用糯米来保暖,而南京人却较偏爱蔬菜和肉粥。201401/271636

Axes like this normally have a haft-that is, theyre fitted into a long wooden handle and theyre used like a modern axe; but its quite clear that our axe has never been hafted-in fact, it shows no signs of wear and tear at all. If I run my finger carefully, rather gingerly, round the blade end, I cant feel even the smallest chip. The long flat surfaces are remarkably smooth and still have a glossy, mirror-like sheen.斧头通常都有斧柄,装上长长的木制斧柄,才能像现代斧头一样发 挥功用。但很明显,本节中的这把斧头从未装过斧柄,且完全没有任何使用过的痕迹。用手指小心地抚摸斧刃,也完全感觉不到哪怕最细微的缺损。长而平坦的表面极为光滑,仍旧发出镜面般的光泽。The conclusion is obvious: not only has our axe not been used-it was never intended to be used. Mark Edmonds of York University explains how this magnificent prestige object was made:结论是肯定的。这把斧头从未被使用过,人们打造它的目的也不是使用,而是欣赏。约克大学的马克埃德蒙玆阐述了这件华丽迷人的物品是如何打造出来的:;If you have the good fortune to handle one of these axes-the feel in the hand, the balance, the weight, the smoothness-they have been polished to an extraordinary degree. We are talking about hour upon hour of grinding against stone, and then polishing with fine sand or silt and water, and then rubbing backwards and forwards in the hand, perhaps with grease and leaves, to really give that polish-thats days and days of work. It gives the edge a really sharp and resilient bite to it, but the polishing also brings out the shape, allows the control of form, and brings out that extraordinary green and black speckled quality to the stone-it makes it instantly recognisable, it makes it visually very striking. And those things maybe are just as important almost as the cutting edge.;如果你有幸握过一把这样的斧头,感受它的重量、光滑与均衡, 就会了解工匠们将其打磨得何等精细。要获得这样的光泽,先要用石头长时间打磨,再用细沙或混水的泥沙抛光,最后在手里反复挲,可能还要用上油脂和树叶。不知道要用掉多少天的工夫才能磨 出尖端略带弹性的利刃。在打磨的过程中还要留心形状,控制形式,体现出这种玉石特有的黑绿相间的色泽,让它变得十分抢眼,使人 一眼就能认出。对这样的斧头来说,视觉事受也许与锋利的斧刃同样重要。201406/303797

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can ID me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I once covered parts of three continents. 我曾经覆盖了三个大洲。Im a historical empire that began in 27 . 我是一个从公元前27开始建立的历史帝国。I was centered on the current capital of Italy. 我的中心位于现在的意大利首都。Im the Roman Empire, and I stretched from Britain to the Black Sea, and down to Northern Africa.我是罗马帝国,我曾延伸到了英国和黑海,向下延伸到了北非。AZUZ: You just never know what youll turn up in a land so rich in history. 你永远不会知道在这片曾经如此富裕的土地上会发生什么。Last winter, it was King Richard III in Leicester, England. 去年冬天,是在英国莱斯特的理查三世。Poor Richard, who died in the year 1485, found in a shallow grave under a parking lot. 可怜的理查,死于1485年,被发现在停车场下一个浅浅的坟墓里。This fall, people working on a new train route dug up this - about 20 human skulls near what used to be a tributary of the river Thames. 这个秋天,在一条新火车线工作的人们发现了这个——在曾是泰晤士河流的地方,发现了大约20个人头骨。Some think these could belong to people who rebelled against the Roman occupation in Britain. 有些人认为这些可能是对罗马占领英国进行反抗的那些人。That would date them somewhere from the year 60, as in 60, AD. 那可以追溯到大概60年,我指的是公元后60年。 /201310/259987

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