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A: We really need to talk.我们真的需要谈谈B: What do we need to talk about?谈什么?A: Was there a party going on in your apartment on Friday?周五你在公寓举办聚会了?B: I did throw a party on Friday.确实如此A: Oh, well, you were quite loud.你们发出的动静太大了B: I really didnrsquo;t mean to be loud.我真没想发出很大声响A: I donrsquo;t mind if you have company, of course, but the noise made it difficult me to sleep.如果你有伙伴,我不介意,但是噪音让我很难入睡B: I am sorry if my party kept you up.对此我很抱歉A: Itrsquo;s all right, but next time could you try to keep it down?没事,下次能小点声吗?B: I will try to.我会的A: Thank you, because that would be great.谢谢,那样就太好了B: Yoursquo;re welcome, and I apologize the inconvenience.不客气,给你带来不便对此我深感歉意 8379

A baby elephant has become a star attraction at a farm in Thailand where he falls into the arms of tourists and demands to be cuddled.泰国某农场的一只小象已然成为了明星,引得游客慕名前来这只小象喜欢往人臂弯里钻,特别黏人The endearingly playful infant named Nampuu—which means fountain in Thai—lives at the Patara Elephant Farm in the northern city of Chiang Mai.这只讨人喜欢的贪玩小象名叫“南浦”,泰语里意为“喷泉”,生活在泰国北部城市清迈的帕塔拉大象农场Images of the encounters between Nampuu and unwitting tourists show visitors screaming in delight as the cheeky calf climbs on top of them, falls between their arms and wraps his trunk around their heads.从图片中可以看到,毫无防备的游客们被这只大方索抱的小象惊呆了,大家都高兴地尖叫着小象直接攀到游客身上,钻进他们的臂弯里,用象鼻搂住他们的脑袋During the visit to the farm, tourists can take part in an Elephant Owner the Day package tour. The tour allows them to learn all about what is involved in rearing and caring elephants.去这个农场的游客可以参加一个团体项目——“大象主人一日游”,进而得以学习各种饲养、照顾大象的技能During the tour, the trainers explain to visitors the communication and the temperament of the elephants.期间,培训师会向游客们介绍大象的脾性,以及跟大象交流的技巧According to the farm Facebook page, baby Nampuu is always supervised by his mother Ploy, just in case he becomes too unruly during playtime with tourists.根据该农场脸书主页的介绍,小象南浦的妈妈“普洛伊”一直对他管束很严,防止他在跟游客互动时不知轻重She also calls her baby boy to her with a rumbling sound when it is time him to breastfeed.要喂奶的时候,普洛伊会发出咕噜声,引自家小象过来The farm had noted he was born a lot smaller than normal newborns and were worried his survival.农场方面称,小象出生时体重低于平均水平,大家还一度担心他可能活不下来The farm even designed a little step so little Nampuu could reach his tall mother a feed.为了南浦吃奶方便,农场还专门为他设计了一个小台阶,让他能踩在上面够到高大的妈妈 36199


  Invitation邀请A: Hello, Mr. Bolt. Do you have plans this evening?您好,波尔特先生您今晚有什么安排吗?B: Not yet the moment.暂时还没有呢A: May I invite you to a dinner at a Chinese restaurant? I know a restaurant here where delicious Chinese food is served.那我们可以请您一起去吃中国菜吗?我知道这有一家中国餐馆,菜品很不错B: Thank you. I am delighted to go with you. I have had Chinese food bee in New York, but till now I have been not good at using chopsticks.谢谢我很高兴前往我以前在纽约时吃过中国菜,但是但现在为止我还是不怎么会用筷子A: It does not matter. I will help you.不要紧,我会帮助您的B: Thank you very much. What kind does Chinese food include?多谢中国菜都有什么种类呢?A: It very abundant. There are types of most famous Chinese foods in our country. They are Sichuan Food, Cantonese Food, Jiangsu Food and Shangdong Food.非常丰富在我们国家有四大名菜系,川菜、粤菜、苏菜和鲁菜B: Oh, it is very interesting. If I can I want to try them all. This food is out of this world!哦,真有意思如果可能的话,我都想尝试一下这些食物只有天上才有A: Sure! You have the chance. You can try one kind this time, and another the next time.当然可以您有机会的您这次可以品尝一种,等下次再尝试另外一种B: How do you eat Chinese food? How do you start?你们是怎么吃中国菜的,怎么开始的?A: Remember one sentence, ;When in Rome, do as the Romans do;. When we start, the host will take the chopsticks first, then the others.记住一句话就可以了,“入乡随俗”当我们开席之后,主人先动筷子,然后其他人再动B: What about drinks?那喝酒呢?A: The host will usually take the wine firstly and all the people will stand up, then the host will have a toast, then they will say ;cheers; all together. The host usually bottoms up and the guests will follow. But if you cant drink, you can sip a little.主人会先端起酒杯然后其他人都会跟着站起来,接着主人说一些祝福的话,随后大家一起说“干杯”主人通常会一饮而尽,客人也是如此但是如果你不能喝酒,你可以抿一点B: It very interesting. I have learnt a lot about Chinese food from you today. Thank you very much.真是有趣今天从你那学到了很多有关中国菜的知识非常感谢A: It very kind of you saying so.您这么说太客气了 193。

  A: Can you tell me about some good deals on produce?能告诉我这里有没有在打折的食物?B: The mangoes are on sale today. 今天芒果打折A: What exactly are mangoes?芒果具体是什么样的?B: They have yellowish red skin. It a fruit with one big seed.他们有黄红色的外皮是一种中间有种子的水果A: Is the seed edible?种子能吃吗?B: Maybe if you were a parrot. I wouldnt recommend it.也许如果你不是真的想买,我就不该给你推荐了A: How much does a mango cost?一个芒果多少钱?B: Normally, theyre $ each. Today, theyre only each.它们通常是美元一个今天,它们一个只要一元A: Maybe I wont like the taste.或许我不是很喜欢芒果的味道B: It hard to describe. Theyre sweet, but also sort of acidity.这个很难描述它们很甜,但是会有点酸A: How do I tell the difference between a ripe one and an unripe one?我怎么知道哪个是熟了的,哪个是没有熟的?B: Theyre similar to an avocado. When the outside feels soft, theyre ripe.它和鳄梨有点像当外皮变软了,它们就成熟了A: Where do most of them come from?它们大多产自哪里?B: These are from Mexico.它们产自墨西哥 765

  A: Tom, are you there? It's Hannah from C.B: Hey, Hannah. Long time no hear from.A: My garbage disposal refuses to work.B: What happens when you turn on the switch?A: When I turn on the switch, nothing happens.B: When did you first notice this?A: A week ago it started sounding different.B: Did you put something in it that you shouldn't have?A: I use it rarely. When I do use it, I put pasta or other soft food into it.B: Maybe you haven't been using the disposal enough.A: Sort of like an air conditioner in your home or car?B: Exactly. However, sometimes you can get it going again by using the key.A: What key?B: A disposal key. I've got a spare one, so I'll come over to show you.A: Okay, come on over now, and show me how to use it.B: If the key doesn't correct the problem, I'll have to call someone.A: Well, like I said, I rarely use it so it won't be a problem.B: Well, it's my nature to fix things as soon as I can. 6997

  Chinese tourists on the country blacklist because of uncivilized behavior will face restrictions when taking flights, joining travel groups or even taking overseas trips, under a revised draft of travel regulations released last Monday.根据上周一发布的一项旅游条例的修订草案,因不文明行为被纳入我国黑名单的游客在乘坐航班、参加旅游团,甚至出境旅游时将受限Provincial and national tourism authorities can maintain records and share them with the public, travel agencies, industry organizations, as well as government agencies responsible public security, customs, inspection and quarantine, border protection, transportation and finance.省级、国家级旅游部门可以保留记录,并向公众、旅行社、行业组织,以及公安、海关、检验检疫、边防、交通、金融等政府部门进行通报;Punishments can be imposed by travel agencies or other related agencies or organizations based on the record,; according to the revised draft, which is in its public comment phase.根据修订草案,旅行社或其他相关机构组织可以根据记录对不文明游客进行处罚目前修订草案处于征求公众意见阶段A few ugly incidents involving Chinese tourists have triggered negative reactions. The China National Tourism Administration introduced a measure in April to regulate tourist behavior by keeping records of bad behavior. So far, 19 people have been named.一些涉及中国游客的丑陋事件引发了负面反应中国国家旅游局于年月出台了一项措施,通过记录不良行为来规范游客行为到目前为止,已有19人被记录在案According to the administration, examples of bad behavior include violating order on public transportation - including flights - damaging public facilities or historical relics, ignoring social customs at tourism destinations and becoming involved with gambling or prostitution.国家旅游局表示,典型的不文明行为包括:扰乱公共交通秩序、破坏公共设施或文物古迹、不尊重旅游目的地社会风俗、参与或色情活动Liu Simin, vice-president of the tourism branch of the China Society Futures Studies, said the blacklist may not work as effectively in practice as it was envisioned to do.中国未来研究会旅游分会副会长刘思敏表示,黑名单也许并不像期待的那样在实践中行之有效;It is not that difficult to introduce restrictive measures on flights,; Liu said. ;However, if tourism authorities want to restrict blacklisted tourists from traveling overseas, they can only do this through travel agencies. If travelers plan their own trips and skip the agencies, theyre out of reach.;刘思敏说道:“在航空上采取限制性措施并不是一件难事然而,当旅游局想要限制黑名单游客在海外旅行,他们只能通过旅行社这样做如果游客跳过旅行社自己规划行程时,他们就鞭长莫及了” 59877Cashier Calls to Remind Guest to pay His Bill出纳员打电话提醒客人付款C:Hello?出纳员:喂?C:Good morning.This is Laura Dong from the Finance Department.出纳员:早晨好,我是财务部的Laura Dong,Im calling about your Sundry Fee Bill which was due the sixth.我想和您谈一下本月6日应交杂费的事宜,Did you receive the bill?您收到账单了吗?G:Yes,I did.旅客:是的,收到了C:We were wondering if you had any questions about the bill that出纳员:如果您对账单有疑问,we might be able to answer you.我们可以做解答G:No,I dont have any questions.旅客:不,没有什么问题C:In that case,we hope that you can pay as soon as possible.出纳员:要是这样的话,我们希望您尽快来结账,When would you like to pay your bill?请问您何时来付账?G:Ill come downstairs tonight after work to pay it.旅客:今晚下班后我下楼来付款What time are you open until?你们什么时候下班?C:The cashier counter desk is open until 8:00 p.m..出纳员:前台出纳一直要工作到晚上8:00时G:Okay.Ill see you later,then.旅客:好的,那么,一会儿见C:Thank you,Mr. Green.出纳员:谢谢您,格林先生 3

  本文选自Gossip Girl 《绯闻女孩,欢迎大家共同欣赏Dan: So, tell me. What… what exactly happened with you and man-bangs?Vanessa: He is prettier than me, but that wasn’t the problem. Dan: And so what was it then? The, uh, the whole perpetually stoned, brooding guy thing? Vanessa: I actually enjoyed the quiet. It was a nice change of pace from you. Dan: Was it his past with Serena?Vanessa: No. That’s just your issue.Dan: It must’ve been, uh, the … the different worlds thing, right? One of you is always feeling like a fish out of water?Vanessa: I know exactly what you’re doing. Ask me enough questions about Nate, and I won’t ask you about Serena. Dan: Best offense is always a strong defense. I, um … I’m not y to talk about it, her.Vanessa: Good. Then maybe it’ll be quiet 30 seconds.Dan: No,no, no, no, no. You’d better get used to it, Abrams. Welcome to the summer of Dan Humphrey, babblin’ at your ass 7, from dusk till dawn. Come Labor Day, you’re gonna be so sick of me.Vanessa: It’s been years, and I’m still not sick of you.Dan: Oh, not lack of trying. 5

  As children, many of us are fed fantastical tales of gigantic birds airlifting human infants to mask the icky, sex-induced reality of childbirth.小时候的我们总能听到巨鸟带来婴孩的奇趣故事,这种故事是用来遮掩分娩过程的;恶心;以及避免对孩子么产生性诱导的But truth is stranger than fiction. And sometimes, babies are brought into the world under circumstances that would make delivery by stork sound believable by comparison.然而真实故事却比虚构的故事更加神奇相较于以下离奇的分娩经历,鹳鸟声有时能催生婴儿反而显得更为可信些.Flash Gordon.闪电戈登In the ed States, the Fourth of July holiday is usually capped off by a fireworks display that rivals the splendor of stars in the night sky.7月日是美国的独立日,这天一般有烟花表演压轴,绚丽的烟火在夜空中绽放,与星争妍But in , Mother Nature decided to inject her own brand of pizazz to Independence Day festivities in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the aid of her favorite sparkler: lightning.然而年的这天,大自然母亲决定在新墨西哥州的阿尔伯克基市用自己最喜爱的烟火棒——闪电,为独立纪念日助兴That night, expectant mother Kendra Villanueva and her boyfriend, Ian Gordon, were outside when the weather turned an ominous shade of thunderous.那晚,天气转阴、雷鸣阵阵时,妇肯德拉·维拉努埃瓦和她男朋友伊恩·戈登恰好外出上街Bee the couple had a chance to make their way to safety, a tendril of lighting leaped out from the sky and struck them as they passed under a tree.这对情侣尚未成功找到安全的地方藏身,天空就劈出了一道闪电,恰巧击中了正经过一棵树下的他们A violent jolt of electricity ran a circuitous route through from Gordon ear and Villanueva body bee exiting through her thumb. Both were zapped unconscious.一阵强烈的电流穿过戈登的耳朵,流经维拉努埃瓦的身体,最后从她的大拇指流出两人随即昏迷Although Villanueva had weeks to go bee her oven bun was due, doctors were ced to perm an emergency Cesarean in hopes of saving her lightning-kissed baby. Amazingly, the child survived.尽管离维拉努埃瓦的预产期还差几周,但是为了挽救她被闪电;亲吻;过的宝宝,医生不得已为其做了紧急剖腹产手术孩子奇迹般地活了下来Adorably nicknamed ;Flash Gordon,; young Kimberly Gordon has been heralded as a ;medical marvel; by specialists. But her high-voltage ordeal didnt leave her unscathed.医生救活了小金柏莉·戈登,她还有个可爱的小名叫闪电·戈登,专家们称之为;医学奇迹;但高压电还是对她造成了一定的伤害A one-year-old Kimberly struggled to digest food and was incapable of crawling or sitting up. And given the rarity of her circumstances, it impossible to map an expected developmental trajectory.一岁的金柏莉消化食物有困难,也不能爬行或者端坐由于她的这些症状十分罕见,所以很难预料她会发育得如何On a much lighter note, Baby Flash hair purportedly has a bizarre propensity to stand up straight as if in a perpetual state of static cling.更值得一提的是,据说闪电宝宝的头发异于常人,总是地直直竖立起来,就像永远有静电一样9.Against The Wind9.顶风而生There never really an opportune moment a tornado to touch down in your neck of the woods.无论何时,龙卷风降临到你的地盘都不是好事But having one assail your hospital during the birth of a child seems particularly untimely.但如果它在你生产时降临到你所在的医院,就更加不合时宜了Oklahoman Shayla Taylor found herself in that precise predicament when a twister bore down on her hospital as she tried to pass a bundle of joy through her birth canal.俄克拉荷马州的谢拉·泰勒就恰恰陷入了这种困局,就在她费尽力气要把宝宝生出来时,龙卷风袭击了她所在的医院Untunately Taylor, the arrival of her family latest addition, much like that of natural disaster outside, couldnt wait.不幸的是,她们家的这位新成员就像外面的龙卷风一样,已经迫不及待要来到这个世界While her husband and four-year-old son took cover on a lower floor of the hospital, she was carted to a windowless room where the delivery could be completed.泰勒的丈夫和她四岁的儿子躲在医院较低的楼层,而她自己则被推到一间没有窗子的密闭房间进行分娩Relocating failed to halt the twister furious onslaught. The tornado buffeted the building with winds blowing at 300 kilometers (0 mi) per hour, tearing the outside wall right off of Taylor operating room.可惜即便医院如此安排,也未能躲过龙卷风的猛烈侵袭龙卷风以每小时300千米(0英里)的速度持续冲击着大楼,不费吹灰之力就撕裂了泰勒手术室的外墙Hospital staff shielded her with blankets and a human cocoon of their own bodies as tiles and lighting fixtures collapsed overhead. The room was reduced to a sloppy medley of debris and heavy machinery.房顶的瓷砖和灯具纷纷破裂坠下,医务人员用毯子将泰勒裹住,用身体为她筑起了一道人体防护墙手术室内,各种碎片与重型机器乱飞,一片狼藉Taylor, still not yet done birthing her baby, had to be relocated to a nearby hospital after being lugged downstairs on a flat board.泰勒却因尚未分娩,不得不在被推下楼后立马转移到附近的医院Even with a meteorological nightmare threatening to upend her delivery, Shayla gave birth to a bouncing baby boy via C-section.尽管这场龙卷风把泰勒的生产搞得一团糟,但她还是通过剖腹产生出了一个活蹦乱跳的小男孩The parents named him Braeden. After seeing the way nurses defied death to protect her and her child, Taylor, herself an aspiring nurse, expressed a deepened commitment to helping others.泰勒夫妇给这个宝贝取名为布里登泰勒自己就是一名有理想的护士,生产时她看到医院的护士们无惧死亡、舍命保护她和孩子的情景,深深被打动,于是更加坚定了自己要无私助人的信念However, that selfless service might have to take place elsewhere, as her brush with nature fury has since made Taylor rethink living in Tornado Alley.不过泰勒也许要换个地方无私奉献了,此次与;自然之怒;擦身而过的经历,使得她不得不重新考虑还不要继续留在;龙卷风走廊;生活了8.Trial By est Fire8.森林火灾In June , Amber Pangborn reportedly left her Orville, Calinia, home to visit a friend at a casino.据说年6月时,安伯·潘伯恩离开了她在加利福尼亚州奥维尔的家前往一家赴约But it was after leaving the betting house that the 35-year-old was ced to make a major gamble.但真正的豪赌却是在这个35岁的女人离开后才悄然而至While trying to drive to her parents house, the nine months of baby inside her decided to pay the world a visit.就在她开车前往父母家途中,腹中九个月大的孩子已经决定要造访这个世界了Trying to avoid a roadside delivery, she cut through a est to save time. Instead Pangborn got lost and ran out of gas.她为了不在路上分娩,决定穿过一片森林抄近道,然而却不幸迷了路,更糟的是,她车上的燃油也已经耗尽Stranded, she was ced to give birth in the backseat of a car (where babies are typically made, not delivered), at which point things purportedly got wild.受困于此,她不得不在车的后座上把孩子生出来(而车后座一般用来造人而不是分娩,你懂的)自此开始事情似乎就开始走疯狂路线了According to Pangborn, to stave off the exhaustion, she dosed herself with meth.据潘伯恩说,为了避免自己虚脱无力,她吸食了一些冰毒That narcotic pick-me-up—along with three apples, a can of soda, and a bit of water—would be all that she had to tough it out in the wilderness with her newborn daughter three days.而要在荒野中顽强生存三天,潘伯恩和女儿能依靠的却只有冰毒这种致幻毒品、三个苹果、一罐苏打水以及一些水During that interval, she claims to have fended off placenta-hungry mosquitoes and bees, getting stung repeatedly in the process.在此期间,她还需驱赶被胎盘吸引而来的众多蚊虫,免不得被叮咬了多次Desperation eventually took over, and Pangborn tried to start a signal fire in hopes of flagging attention.当绝望的气息把她们重重包围时,潘伯恩试着生了一堆火以期能够引起人们哪怕一丝一毫的注意That signal quickly ballooned into a quarter-acre blaze, which—while unintended—did the job.这团火焰迅速蔓延至四分之一英亩的范围,以出乎意料的方式完成了它的使命The US est Service sprang into action and stumbled upon the marooned mother-daughter pair. A helicopter was sent in to rescue them.美国林务署迅速采取了行动,并且在灭火的过程中偶然发现了这对孤独而绝望的母女最终她们被一架直升飞机成功地救走了Pangborn bid to brave the wilderness with her daughter Marissa in tow made compelling news, but Child Protective Services officials werent exactly thrilled to hear her tale of post-childbirth drug use and accidental est destruction.潘伯恩与她的女儿玛丽莎在荒野中;敢于直面惨淡人生;的故事简直就是引人注目的新闻事件,被各大媒体争相报道但是潘伯恩分娩之后吸食毒品,破坏森林,儿童保护务部工作人员对此十分不满Concerned about the circumstances of her delivery, CPS took Marissa into protective custody. Pangborn has since sought to get her back.鉴于当时的特殊情况,儿保部决定对玛丽莎施行保护性监禁,潘伯恩自此又踏上了一条漫漫;夺女;路 7697。

  A cat that appears to have human hands has captured the hearts of Twitter users to become the latest feline online sensation.近日,一只似乎长了人手的猫咪引起了推特用户的关注,成为了新晋网红The white and grey cat is carefully positioned so that it looks like the feline has miniature prosthetic human hands instead of paws.这只灰白相间的猫的拍摄位置很巧妙,使得其看起来没有爪子,而是一双微型假肢人手A series of images of the cat were shared online and within hours they had attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of users.有人在网上分享了许多这只猫的照片,在数小时内就吸引了数十万用户的注意The pictures, which have previously surfaced on Twitter and Tumblr, were shared by a woman known only as Emma who wrote: I always knew cats would make me famous.这些图片被一位名叫艾玛的女子分享到了推特和汤乐上,她说:“我知道猫肯定会让我出名”Emma post has been re-tweeted more than 1,000 times, liked by over 0,000 and attracted thousands of comments.艾玛的发帖已经被转载.3万多次,点赞万次,数千次Some viewers expressed admiration the cat, describing it as cute, while others were confused by the image.一些人表示很喜欢这只猫,认为它很“可爱”,而另外一些人则被这些图片搞糊涂了Twitter user Silla Rene said the cat was terrifying. Chalie Robinson agreed, writing: Maybe if the cat had a different face. It haunting.推特用户萨利·雷内称这只猫“很可怕”沙利·罗宾森也表示同意,他写道:“也许是因为这只猫的脸和其他猫不同,一直萦绕在我们心头”Another user, known only as Ciara, wrote: It so funny I cant stop laughing.但是另一名用户西娅拉则写道:“太搞笑了,我笑得停不下来了” 90



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