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hard as nails ------ 铁石心肠(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Unyielding; lacking compassion; unsympathetic.例句The wealthy old woman was as hard as nails, and never gave help of any kind to her friends or family members if they were experiencing difficulties.这位有钱的老妇人是铁石心肠,在朋友或家人有困难时从不给他们任何形式的帮助。 /201611/471251。

instigate ------ 激发(及物动词) 英文释义(transitive verb) To actively urge or cause drastic action. 例句Confident and outspoken, our new young company president seeks to instigate many significant changes at our old and very traditional institution.公司年轻而自信的新总裁想在我们这家老迈而非常守旧的机构里激起很多重大的变革。 /201610/466510。

Well, less profit is better than no profit.利润少点总比一点利润都没有强。And who knows, if this goes well, it might lead to more contracts.谁知道呢,如果事情顺利,将会带来更多的合同。But its down to you now to make that call.但现在是由你来打电话决定了。But what am I going to say?但我要说什么呢?Be friendly and say… Im sorry to hear youre not happy with our price.礼貌的说,很抱歉听说你对我们的价格不满意。Tell them Tip Top Trading prides itself on quality products and good value for money.告诉他们 Tip Top Trading以优质的产品和物有所值的价格为豪。And flatter them and say they are a valued customer and their business is very important to us.奉承他们并说他们是重要的客户,他们的生意对我们很重要。And what shall I say about the price?关于价格,我要怎么说?Tell them you can match the price of our competitors.告诉他们你能给出我们竞争者匹配的价格。Match the price. Right. Thanks.匹配的价格,没错,谢谢。OK, I had better call them.好,我最好打给他们。Bonjour. Fruit Traders International.你好,Fruit Traders International公司。Oh, erm, hello, is that Monsieur Brown?你好,是布朗先生吗?Oui. Yes.是的。This is Anna… from Tip Top Trading.我是Tip Top Trading的安娜。I was sorry to receive your message.收到你的留言,我感到很抱歉。Yes, well. I thought we were doing good business and then another company called me and offered me a much better deal.是的。我以为我们生意谈得很好,但是另一家公司打给我提供了一份更好的协议。 /201704/506741。

Alexis Glick: It's been nearly 8 years since the world mourned the loss of one of the most famous women in the world, Princess Diana was a fixture on the front pages of newspapers and magazines, from the moment she stepped into the arms of the Prince of Wales. Countless books, interviews in television specials have claimed to shed light on who she was. Now comes a new book from a woman who says her friendship with the princess helped her to write the most honest and intimate portrait yet, it's called Diana, The Last Word, Simone Simmons was Diana's energy healer and friend, her co-author is Ingrid Seward, an expert on the royal family and a writer for the Majesty magazine. Good morning to both of you.Both: Good morning.Alexis Glick: Well, first of all, let me send my condolences to the 2 of you for coming in just from London after what we have experienced over the past couple of days, I'm sure it's been difficult.Simone Simmons: A nightmare.Alexis Glick: At home? I am sure. Simone Simmons: Yeah.Alexis Glick: Let's talk a little bit in the beginning here about how your relationship developed with Diana because that many wonder sort of how you guys got to know each other?Simone Simmons: Right. Diana was introduced to me for healing initially, and then after a while, the friendship became a friendship I suppose to patient- therapist relationship, We became close friends, ...Alexis Glick: And you say you knew her...Simone Simmons: ...and I taught Diana how to heal.Alexis Glick: And you say you knew her for 4 years before she died, ...Simone Simmons: Yeah.Alexis Glick: ...while there're certain claims that in the last year before she did die that you guys were not as close,Simone Simmons: I've not got letters and things from her from 97 before she died.Alexis Glick: One of the things that people talk about in the book is your first chapter. It is the chapter that everybody, every critic's writing about, everybody's talking about, and then is that you claim that she had a relationship with JFK Junior and that in fact they actually had an intimate night together at the Carolel hotel.Simone Simmons: Yes.Alexis Glick: Tell us about that.Simone Simmons: We were sitting down on her couch one day just talking, and talking about women, and we started talking about Grace Kelly(Hollywood actress.She starred in Rear Window,one of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpieces. Later she married the King of Monaco), then we started talking about Jacky A, and then while we talking about Jacky A, Diana said to me in this very sheepish voice, 'I've got something to tell you', and she blurted it out, I uttered 'Are you joking?' and she said 'No.' and I was quite stunned, but it happens. I didn't go into details, I didn't ask her any questions, she was going to tell me.Ingred Seward: You should have definitely asked her some questions.(yes, I should) I would've done.Simone Simmons: Yes, I am sure, I know you would have done, you are a journalist. (I know, that's it)Alexis Glick: As you know, Simone, you know her butler, her secretary, I mean many people who are the very best friends with Diana. Claimed of thisSimone Simmons:as her membered staffAlexis Glick: claimed that... Simone Simmons: Yes.200707/15186。

Democratic Candidates to Debate Before Crucial Primary克林顿和奥巴马准备关键宾州辩论  Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are preparing to face-off in a nationally televised debate Wednesday evening in Pennsylvania, just days ahead of the critical Democratic primary in that state. The debate is likely to draw a large audience. 美国国会参议员克林顿和奥巴马在为星期三晚上在宾夕法尼亚州进行全国转播的电视辩论做准备。几天后,宾州将举行关键的民主党总统候选人初选。这场辩论可能会吸引很多观众。 Senator Hillary Clinton is favored to win in Pennsylvania, and will need the victory to try to create political momentum for the rest of the primaries into early June. 克林顿参议员是赢得宾州初选的热门人物,她需要这场胜利来创造一股政治势头,把初选维持到6月初。 "Pennsylvania will determine whether Hillary Clinton can actually finish the primary season," explains political analyst Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. "If she loses, or even if it is a squeaker, I think she is probably out. If however, she finishes 53-47, 54-46 or better, she is in. She will be in [the race] through June 3, and Obama will have to deal with that." 维吉尼亚大学的政治分析家萨巴托解释了其中的原因。他说:“宾州将决定克林顿是否能在实际上完成初选。如果她在这个州失利,或者说,如果两人的持率很接近的话,我认为,克林顿可能会被淘汰出局。但是,如果她以53%对47%,或者以54%对46%的比例取胜的话,那么两个人的竞争还没有结束。克林顿的竞选将维持到6月3号,奥巴马必须面对这种形势。”Larry Sabato says the pollsters and other experts he knows in Pennsylvania believe Clinton has a lead of between four and seven percentage points ahead of next Tuesday's primary and is likely to win. 萨巴托说,他认识的宾州选举分析人士和其他专家认为,克林顿在下星期二的初选中领先的幅度是4%到7%,她很可能会获胜。"The demographics of the state favor her," Sabato said. "It is an older state, it is a working-class Democrat state. Plus Governor Ed Rendell and Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia have really put their own political reputations at stake here by backing her so strongly. They can't afford to have Obama win, it will damage their political futures."  萨巴托说:“宾州的人口组成对克林顿有利。这个州的人口平均年龄比较大。这个州有很多持民主党的蓝领工人。再加上州长伦德尔和费城市长纳特尔实实在在地用他们的政治声誉来坚决持克林顿。这两个人不能承受奥巴马的胜利,那将损害他们的政治前途。”Senator Obama has been on the defensive this week over comments he made describing small town voters as "bitter" over their economic circumstances. His Democratic rival Senator Clinton and Republican candidate Senator John McCain have both called the remarks "elitist."  奥巴马本星期一直处于守势,他在为自己有关小城镇选民对他们的经济处境不满的讲话作辩解。奥巴马的民主党对手克林顿和共和党候选人麦凯恩都说奥巴马的讲话是精英论的论调。On Tuesday, Senator Obama was campaigning in Pennsylvania when a voter suggested Senator Clinton's "elitist" accusation may have racial overtones. 星期二,奥巴马在宾州竞选的时候,一位选民说,克林顿对奥巴马的精英论指责可能带有种族主义的色。"Let me say this. I don't think there are racial overtones to the attacks going on right now," Obama said. "I think that, you know, it's politics. This is what we do politically, when we start getting behind in races then we start going on the attack." 奥巴马说:“我要这样讲,我不认为现在对我的抨击带有种族色。我认为,这是政治。这是政治手段。在竞选中落后的人要开始发动攻势。”Senator Obama is hoping for a close finish in Pennsylvania to maintain his lead in the number of delegates needed to win the nomination, and to protect his frontrunner status going into early May primaries in North Carolina and Indiana. 奥巴马希望在宾州的初选中两人的持率很接近,这样就能保持他本人为赢得民主党提名而在党代表人数方面的领先地位,保护他的领先者的地位来进入5月初北卡罗莱纳州和印第安那州的初选。 200804/35293。

outlier ———— 孤立的事物(名词)英文释义 (noun) Anything that exists at the extreme edge of an area, pattern, or group, far from other similar objects.例句 A single outlier, an ancient pine, grew on a windswept field of stones beyond the great forest.出了这片大森林,是一片多风的石滩,那里孤零零地长着一棵老松树。 /201605/445070。

In 2001 a new NASA probe was launched. Called Odyssey, it was sent to Mars to carry out the most detailed analysis ever of the planet’s surface. What it has discovered may be about to answer one of the great questions and solve one of astronomy’s biggest mysteries. Are we alone in the universe? Or is there life on Mars? Ever since people first looked up into the night sky, there’s been a question that has bothered us all. From the smallest children to the world’s greatest astronomers, all have wondered "Are we alone in the universe?”.The question of life beyond comes to me strongest at night, looking up at the stars and looking at all those little points of light and wondering "This is a galaxy full of life, or is this it?"It’s the question that societies often have been asking over the ages. We really just wanna know how did we get here? Why do we exist? Are we the only people in the universe? Are we the only signs of life? This search for life elsewhere in the universe is perhaps the greatest scientific quest of all. But so far most efforts have concentrated on just one planet. Searching for life is, is a difficult job. You know, what we'd like to be able to do is travel to all these distant worlds and scoop up samples. Unfortunately the worlds that we can/ travel to, or the other planets in our solar system and none of them are very good in terms of prospecting for biology. The best one is probably Mars. Mars, one of our nearest neighbors, just 60 million kilometers away. The reason Mars is important because it’s close by. It's our nearest neighbor to earth. And we’d like to see if life is there because if we can find life in 2 places in our solar system we know that life isn’t unique here just on Earth. It’s much more likely that life fully exists elsewhere, perhaps elsewhere in our solar system, perhaps in other solar systems, other parts of the universe. 200809/47884。