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2019年11月18日 04:25:08 | 作者:求医面诊 | 来源:新华社
The Egyptian army has deployed tanks outside the presidential palace in Cairo Thursday following clashes between opponents and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi that have killed five people.埃及政府军星期四在开罗总统府外面部署了坦克。在此之前,穆尔西总统的持者和反对者之间爆发冲突,导致5人死亡。The army has stationed at least five tanks and two other armored vehicles outside the presidential complex. More than 350 people have been injured in the Egyptian capital during the two days of violence.在总统府外面政府军至少部署辆坦克和两辆其他装甲车。在埃及首都两天来的暴力冲突中,50多人受伤。Reporting from the scene, VOA correspondent Elizabeth Arrott said the violence started Wednesday when Mr. Morsis Islamist supporters attacked opposition demonstrators angered by the presidents decree issued last month.在现场报道的美国之音记者阿洛特说,星期三的冲突是因为穆尔西的伊斯兰主义持者攻击反对派示威者引起的。示威者因为穆尔西上个月发布独揽大权的政令而愤怒。Arrott said most of the presidential supporters were men with beards, typical of members of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, while opponents of the president appeared younger and included some women.阿洛特说,大多数持总统的人都留着胡子,而反对穆尔西总统的人都是年轻人和一些妇女。留胡子是伊斯兰主义穆斯林兄弟会成员的典型形象。来 /201212/212947North Korean state media said Tuesday that the countrys military command had ordered its rocket and artillery units to be on highest alert to strike bases on the U.S. mainland, Guam, Hawaii, and other targets in the Pacific and South Korea.朝鲜官方媒体周二说,该国军事指挥部已经下令其火箭和炮兵部队进入“最高警戒状态”,以做好准备打击美国本土、关岛、夏威夷以及其它位于太平洋和韩国的目标。The threat came after the U.S. and South Korea signed a military contingency plan to respond to possible attacks from North Korea, Washingtons latest step to reassure its Asian ally as Pyongyangs increasing provocations and Chinas growing territorial ambitions fuel anxieties among its neighbors.就在朝鲜发出这一威胁之前,美国和韩国签署了一项军事应急计划,以应对可能来自朝鲜的攻击。华盛顿的这一最新举措是为了让其亚洲盟国放心。眼下朝鲜的挑衅力度不断加大,中国在领土问题上的主张越来越强硬,这令其邻国感到焦虑。The announcement of the new agreement was timed to the anniversary of the sinking of a South Korean warship, the Cheonan, on March 26, 2010, according to a U.S. defense official. South Korean officials have been anxious to signal to the public that they would not let similar future attack go without a swift response.美国国防部一位官员说,上述新协议故意选在36日对外宣布。当天是韩国军舰天安号被击沉三周年纪念日。韩国官员急于向公众释放信号,表示今后如果再发生类似攻击事件,韩国一定会迅速做出反应。Seoul said on it hadnt detected any unusual military activity in the North that might precede an attack. The Pentagon condemned North Koreas threats to target U.S. military bases Tuesday, saying it was y to respond to any contingency.首尔方面表示,此前没有发现朝鲜方面存在任何可能预示其将发起攻击的不寻常军事活动。周二,美国五角大楼谴责朝鲜威胁将美军基地列入打击目标的做法,称美军已准备好应对“任何紧急情况”。The frequency of threats from Pyongyang since its Feb. 12 nuclear test has shown that North Korea is simply running out of places and things to threaten, analysts say, undermining its own intentions.分析人士称,自朝2日进行核试验以来,从朝鲜方面发出威胁的频率看,朝鲜已经黔驴技穷。这种做法反而破坏了其意图。Stephan Haggard, a North Korea watcher at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, calls the problem of Pyongyangs routine belligerence the phenomenon of a low signal-to-noise ratio.彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute for International Economics)朝鲜问题观察人士哈格Stephan Haggard)将朝鲜定期威胁有关国家的问题比作低信噪比现象。As well as being a problem for North Korea, the recycling of old threats complicates assessing whether North Korea is actually signaling anything in all its tough talk.除了对朝鲜来说是一个问题外,反复使用一套威胁话语也加大了外界评估问题实质的难度,让人很难弄清楚朝鲜在所有这些语气强硬的威胁中是否真在释放什么信号。The concern remains that North Korea has staged deadly attacks before. But these have usually not come with a warning. Besides the attack on the warship, it shelled a South Korean island in November 2010 that it has been threatening again in recent weeks.但外界的担忧依然存在,因为朝鲜此前曾经发起过导致伤亡的攻击。但朝鲜在进行此类攻击前通常不会提前警告。除了击沉天安舰,朝鲜还0101月炮击韩国的一个岛屿。近几周来朝鲜再次威胁将炮击同一岛屿。The threats against the U.S. are also hard to take seriously because hitting long-range targets is still widely believed to be beyond the current limits of North Koreas missile technology. Putting a satellite into orbit on a long-range rocket as it did in December is a lot different from delivering a warhead to a desired location on such a rocket.针对美国的威胁也难以当真,因为外界普遍认为打击远程目标在目前仍然超出朝鲜导弹技术的能力范围。朝鲜在去年12月份用远程火箭将卫星送入轨道,但这与用火箭装载弹头打击特定目标存在很大不同North Korea has short and medium range missiles that could complicate a situation on the Korean peninsula (and perhaps reach Japan), but we have not seen any evidence that it has long-range missiles that could strike the continental U.S., Guam or Hawaii, wrote James Hardy, Asia-Pacific editor at IHS Janes Defense Weekly, in a note to clients on Tuesday.信息公司IHS旗下《简氏防务周刊Janes Defense Weekly)的亚太编辑哈James Hardy)周二在发给客户的一份报告中说,朝鲜拥有的短程和中程导弹可能会令朝鲜半岛(可能还包括日本)的局势复杂化。但我们还没有看到有任何据表明,它拥有可以打击美国本土、关岛或夏威夷的远程导弹。That is unlikely to stop North Korea making fresh threats against such locations, just not new ones.这不可能阻止朝鲜对上述地点进行新的威胁,不过威胁的内容也是老生常谈。来 /201303/232423

Silvio Berlusconis summer retreat on Sardinias exclusive Costa Smeralda, which gained notoriety for parties with topless models, features an underground cave, complete with an emergency escape exit to the sea.意大利一名摄影师近日曝光了前总理西尔维奥#8226;贝卢斯科尼位于撒丁岛独有的海岸的一座度假别墅的地下洞穴照片,洞穴还连接着一个通往海面的紧急逃生出口。这座度假别墅因招待裸胸模特开派对而臭名昭著。The existence of the cave at the former Italian prime ministers Villa Certosa estate had been rumoured for years but the first photographs of it emerged on Friday.贝卢斯科尼的这处切尔托萨别墅有地下洞穴的传闻已经有好几年了,但照片在上周五才首次曝光。They were obtained by Antonello Zappadu, an Italian photographer who made his name in by taking long-lens pictures of scantily-clad showgirls at Mr Berlusconis residence.这些照片是意大利摄影师安东内#8226;扎帕杜公布的,他曾在年因在贝卢斯科尼的住处拍到衣着暴露的女郎的长镜头照片而出名。The cave, which could have come straight out of a James Bond film, features a swimming pool, its floor decorated with a mosaic of Poseidon, the god of the sea, holding a trident.这个人工洞穴酷似007系列电影场景:洞穴里有一个游泳池,池底有手持三叉戟的海神波塞冬的马赛克图像。It is connected to a short tunnel and a gate which reportedly leads straight to the sea.这个洞穴连接着一个较短的隧道和一扇直接通向海面的门。The cave is connected to the rest of the villa by stairs and a passageway, which are illuminated by discreetly placed lights set into the floor.洞穴通过楼梯和通道通往别墅的其他地方,通过小心安装在地板上的灯来照明。The underground complex is believed to have been built in 2004 but has never been seen publicly.据称洞穴修建004年,但从未被曝光;It was the secret services who asked me to carry out the work, after I had received 38 death threats,; Mr Berlusconi explained at the time.贝卢斯科尼当时解释说:“是特务机关要求我修建的,在我收到了38次死亡威胁之后。”He said he had sought advice on the design and construction from Pietro Lunardi, a cabinet colleague who was then the minister for infrastructure and insisted that no planning regulations had been broken.他说自己向内阁同僚彼得罗-罗纳尔迪咨询了设计和建造,罗纳尔迪时任基础设施建设部长,坚称没有违反任何设计规程。Mr Zappadu, who now lives in Colombia, said on his blog that he had obtained the images from an anonymous source.扎帕杜现居哥伦比亚。他在客上说,照片从一位不愿公开姓名的人士处获得。The semi-submerged cave is not the only flamboyant feature at Villa Certosa, a 150-acre estate where Mr Berlusconi has hosted the likes of Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin.这个半掩水中的洞穴并不是切尔托萨别墅的唯一“亮点”。切尔托萨别墅占50英亩,贝卢斯科尼曾在此处招待英国前首相布莱尔和俄罗斯总统普京。He once built an artificial volcano in the grounds of the villa to entertain guests at one of his parties.在某次派对中,他曾在别墅内修建人工火山来宾客。Mr Berlusconi, who turns 76 this month, stepped down in November when Italy became immersed in the eurozone crisis and after his reputation was damaged by a series of sex scandals, most notably involving allegations that he paid for sex with an under age prostitute at ;bunga bunga; parties at his mansion in Milan.贝卢斯科尼本月将6岁。他在去1月卸任意大利总理,当时意大利深陷欧元区经济危机,而他自己也因一系列的性丑闻而声名狼藉。最著名的性丑闻包括在米兰宅邸举办bunga bunga派对,招徕未成年花钱买春。来 /201209/199138

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