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US Stocks Decline After Bailout Passage布什签署救市法案后美国股市仍跌  Volatile trading on U.S. financial markets ended in losses on Wall Street, after President George Bush signed a massive rescue plan for U.S. economy.美国总统布什签署用巨资拯救美国经济的法案之后,美国金融市场依然动荡不已。华尔街星期五的交易以低势收盘。U.S. stock markets surged early Friday, in anticipation that the House of Representatives would pass a revised financial bailout plan. But after the bill passed and President Bush signed it, prices dropped. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished Friday down 157 points, or 1.5 percent. The NASDAQ also lost 1.5 percent, and the Samp;P 500 slid 1.4 percent.美国股票市场星期五早上大涨,因为投资人都在预期美国国会众议院将通过经过修改后的救市计划。但是,众议院通过这项议案,并且布什总统签署这项议案使之成为法律后,股市反而跌落。道琼斯工业平均指数星期五下跌了157点,跌幅为百分之一点五。纳斯达克综合指数同样下跌了百分之一点五,标准普尔500指数下跌了百分之一点四。European stock markets finished higher on Friday, but markets in Asia were down. 星期五,欧洲股市收盘时走高,但亚洲股市下滑。London's Financial Times index was up two-and-a-quarter percent, the CAC 40 in Paris gained three percent, and the DAX in Frankfurt advanced 2.4 percent. Tokyo's Nikkei index lost two percent, and in Hong Kong the Hang Seng fell nearly three percent. The dollar was lower against the Japanese yen but gained against the euro.伦敦金融时报指数上涨了百分之二点二五,巴黎CAC-40指数上扬百分之三,法兰克福股市DAX指数上涨了百分之二点五。但是,东京日经指数下跌了百分之二,香港恒生指数也下挫百分之三。美元对日圆比价下跌,但是对欧元比价上升。Asia's central banks have invested billions of dollars in credit markets since the U.S. financial crisis started to sp in September. 美国金融危机9月份扩散以来,亚洲各国中央已经在信贷市场投资数十亿美元。The secretary general of the ed Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Supachai Panitchpakdi, said Friday the rescue plan is only a first step towards major reform of the U.S. financial system.联合国贸易和发展会议秘书长素帕猜星期五表示,美国政府的救市计划只不过是美国金融市场重大改革的第一步。"This is just to prevent the crisis from deepening - it doesn't mean that we've aly succeeded in tackling the basic issues," he said. "So there needs to be a rethinking of the way that financial institutions have been managed and have been regulated in the ed States and I think throughout the world."他说:“这只不过是为了防止危机进一步深化。它并不意味著我们已经成功地解决了基本问题。因为,我们应当重新思考一下管理和监控美国金融机构,乃至全世界金融机构的方式。”The U.S. House of Representatives voted 263-to-171 to approve more than 0 billion in government spending to help stabilize the financial markets. Some lawmakers, like Democrat Barbara Lee of California, had voted against the bailout on Monday, but agreed to pass the enhanced legislation on Friday.美国众议院是以263票对171票通过政府出七千多亿美元帮助稳定金融市场的议案的。一些国会议员星期一曾投下反对票,但是星期五却对修改后的议案投了赞成票。来自加利福尼亚州的民主党人巴巴拉·李就是其中的一个。"We will not magically turn the economy around, reverse the rise in unemployment, or end this recession which we are in now," she said. "We must be honest about that. But I must err on the side of caution, so our seniors can have some confidence that their pensions are safe. And I hope that we will be able to help prevent this financial crisis from exacting an even bigger toll on the everyday lives of our constituents."她说:“我们不可能神奇地把经济形势扭转过来,转变失业率上升的趋势,或者结束我们目前正在经历的经济衰退。我们对此必须诚实。但是,即使我犯错误的话,那也是出于谨慎的考虑。因为我们的长辈们需要对他们的退休金感到安全,感到有信心。我希望我们能够帮助防止这场金融危机对我们选民的日常生活带来更大的冲击。”Others, like Republican Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado, remained unconvinced.其他在星期一投反对票的议员,却没有被说。科罗拉多州共和党众议院马莉琳·马斯格拉夫说:"Taxpayers for generations will pay for our haste, and there is no guarantee that they will ever see the benefits," she said. "We should not reward bad behavior. Wall Street will not have to learn its lesson, and we are not doing anything to keep them from running our economy into the ground again."“我们现在草率行事,可是好几代的纳税人将对此付出代价。而且,他们是否能够从中获益也没有任何保障。我们不应当奖励坏的行为。华尔街必须接受教训,我们并没有采取任何措施防止他们再次毁坏我们的经济。”Almost all members of the House will be up for re-election in about a month, and mail, e-mail and telephone calls to their offices showed overwhelming opposition to the bailout.几乎所有国会众议员一个月以后都会面临选举。他们办公室收到的信件、电子邮件和电话显示,绝大部分选民反对救市计划。President Bush signed the bill shortly after the vote. He thanked lawmakers from both parties for their support, and said the bill's passage sends a strong signal to markets around the world.众议院投票后不久,布什总统就签署了这项议案。他对两党议员的持表示感谢。他说,议案的通过向全世界的金融市场发出了强有力的信息。"We have shown the world that the ed States of America will stabilize our financial markets and maintain a leading role in the global economy," he said.“我们已经向全世界显示,美利坚合众国将稳定国内金融市场,继续保持我们在全球经济中的领导角色。”One factor in Friday's losses on Wall Street was news from the U.S. Labor Department that the country lost 159,000 jobs in September. It was the biggest job loss in more than five years. The U.S. unemployment rate remained at 6.1 percent, largely because hundreds of thousands of people were leaving the workforce. The reduction in payrolls was much sharper than economists were predicting, and this was the ninth straight month that the country has lost jobs.华尔街星期五走低的一个原因是,来自美国劳工部的消息说,今年9月份,又有十五万九千人失去工作。这是五年来失业人数最多的一个月。由于成千上万的美国人退休,因此美国的失业率依然保持在百分之六点一。工资总额的减少比经济学家们预测的还要多,而且这是美国连续九个月就业机会减少。Stuart Hoffman, an economist with PNC Financial, says the job losses are a bad sign for the U.S. economy."This is a sign that the American worker is hurting," he said. "They are losing jobs, and the economy's recession, which we believe it has been in for a while, is getting worse, not better."Meanwhile, two big U.S. banks are battling to take over the troubled bank Wachovia. Wells Fargo signed a billion agreement Friday to buy the institution without government assistance. However, under a deal announced Monday, Citigroup would acquire Wachovia with the help of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which insisted Friday that the earlier agreement go forward.与此同时,美国两家大正在为收购陷入困境的瓦霍维亚而争斗。富国星期五签署了一项在不需要政府援助的情况下以150亿美元购买瓦霍维亚的协议。然而,根据星期一宣布的一项协议,花旗将在联邦储蓄保险公司的帮助下兼并瓦霍维亚。花旗坚持说,早先的协议是有效的。Nancy Atkinson, senior analyst with the Itay Group, says Wells Fargo made Wachovia a better deal."Wells Fargo's financial standing is more secure than Citigroup's right now, and they are acquiring all of Wachovia, whereas Citi was excluding Edwards and Evergreen," she said.The Federal Reserve says it has not yet had time to review the proposed sale to Wells Fargo.200810/51755。

  • 14第十四单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Its so earlier this morning,Mr. Li! You just came back yesterday, you should have rest much more.A:李先生今天这么早啊!你昨天才刚回来,你应该多多休息。B:Id like to have rest,but I have many things to do.B:我也想休息,但还有很多事情等着我去做。A:How about this post-trip?A:这次业务旅行怎么样?B:Its very good,and the result isnt too bad.B:很好,而且效果还不错。A:Really?A:是吗?B:Of course. I will write a report about this post-trip,and then youd better type it at the moment,OK?B:那当然,我一会儿就要写一份这次出差的报告,然后你 马上给我打出来,行吗?A:OK,Its no problem.A:行,肯定没问题。B:Miss Liu. Are you typing my report?B:刘,你是在打我的那份报告吗?A:Yes,what can I do for you?A:是的,有什么问题吗?B:Nothing. I just tell you take care of it when you type. Especially the address and telephone number of those new guests. You should make sure that its no mistaken.B:我只是想嘱咐你打的时候一定要细心,特别是那些新 客户的地址和电话。确保它们不能出错。A:OK,please dont worry about it. You should set your mind at rest.A:不用担心,你就放心好了。Oh I know you are great secretary.B:哈 我知道你是一个好秘书。A:Thanks your flatter.A:多谢夸奖。Conversation 2会话 2A:Mr. Li,the report has been finished.A:李先生,报告已经打完了。B:So fast! Thank you.B:这么快,谢谢!A:Youre welcome. This is my duty. Anything else?A:不客气,这是我应该做的,还有其他事吗?B:Yes, youd print out the address and telephone number of those guests from your computer,and then send those materials to each business worker.B:有,你把刚才录人电脑里的新客户的地址和电话都打 出来,然后把这些资料分别发给业务员们。A:OK,Ill do it right now.A:好的,我马上做。B:By the way,to tell them try to persuade those new guests to cooperate with us. Because I found a biggest opponent from this post-trip.B:顺便告诉业务员们一定要尽最大的努力说这些新客 户和我们合作。因为这次出差,我发现了一个最大的竞争对手。A:Yes,l get It.A:好的,我明白。B:OK,Its no anything. Do what you should do.B:好了,没其他事了,去做你的事吧。 /201605/441158。
  • Coastal Oil Drilling Becomes US Campaign Issue麦凯恩呼吁允许开采美国近海石油  President Bush and Republican presidential candidate John McCain are both calling for an end to a moratorium on developing oil and natural gas resources along much of the U.S. coastline. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposes such a move, saying the country needs to move away from oil. Meanwhile, public-opinion polls show U.S. consumers favoring more development of domestic resources to offset high fuel prices. 美国总统布什和即将获得共和党总统候选人提名的约翰·麦凯恩都呼吁结束暂禁在美国大部分海岸线外开采石油和天然气储藏的禁令。而预料会获得民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克·奥巴马则反对这样的举措,他说,美国需要做的是结束对石油的依赖。与此同时,民意调查显示,美国消费者则倾向进一步开发国内石油资源,以应对昂贵的燃油价格。Energy has become one of the main issues clearly dividing the two U.S. political parties as they prepare for their national conventions. With oil trading on the world market at above 0 a barrel, U.S. consumers are feeling the economic impact at the gasoline pump and in increased food prices.  在美国两大政党为今年的总统大选竞选造势的同时,能源问题已经很清楚地成为两党的主要分歧之一。当世界市场上的石油价格上涨到每桶130美元以上时,美国消费者在加油站以及上涨的食品价格中感受到了经济压力。During a speech Tuesday in Houston, Senator John McCain called for an end to a moratorium on energy development in coastal areas. 麦凯恩参议员星期二在德克萨斯的休斯顿演讲时,呼吁结束对沿海地区能源开发的限制。"The broad federal moratorium stands in the way of energy exploration and production," he said. 他说:“联邦政府的广泛禁令阻碍了能源的勘探和生产”。The ban, which has been in effect since 1981, covers more than 80 percent of the U.S. coastline and the outer continental shelf. The ban was put in place to reduce the chances of environmental damage from oil spills and in part to protect the tourist industry. Senator McCain once opposed development in coastal areas, but he says the rapidly rising cost of fuel makes it necessary. 这项禁令是1981年生效的。禁令涵盖了美国超过百分之80以上的海岸线和大陆架地区。实施这项禁令的目的是消除石油泄漏可能对环境产生的污染,另一部分原因是保护旅游业。麦凯恩参议员一度也反对在沿海地区进行开采,但是,他现在表示,飞涨的燃油价格使得有必要解除禁令。"As a matter of fairness to the American people and a matter of duty for our government, we must deal with the here and now and assure affordable fuel for America by increasing domestic production," he added. “出于对美国人民的公平待遇,以及联邦政府的职责,我们不得不此时此地解决问题,通过增加国内产量,以保美国人获得付得起的燃油。”Senator Barack Obama responded in a chat with reporters on board his campaign plane Tuesday, criticizing McCain for changing his position on the issue from his earlier stance and deriding the notion that offshore oil development would reduce the energy crunch. 奥巴马参议员星期二在自己的竞选运动飞机上与记者闲聊时谈到了这个问题。他对麦凯恩改变先前在这个问题上的立场进行了批评,并对开发沿海石油会减少能源危机的说法不以为然。"There is no way that allowing offshore drilling would lower gas prices right now," he said. "At best you are looking at five years down the road." “允许进行沿海石油开发就会马上削减汽油的价格是不可能的。充其量,只能在五年后才会看到这样的情况。”In a conference call with reporters, former Democratic Governor of Iowa and Obama supporter Tom Vilsack accused McCain of pandering to voters rather than providing a long-term energy solution. 爱奥华州的前民主党籍州长威尔萨克是奥巴马的持者,他在与记者举行的电话会议上,指责麦凯恩是在迎合选民,而不是提供解决能源问题的长久之计。"It is clear that the strength of this country is going to be dependent on us moving away from oil, not towards more oil," he said. “很清楚,这个国家的力量来自我们摆脱对石油的依赖,而并非取决于生产更多的石油。”Energy sector analysts say both sides in this debate have legitimate points, but that the high cost of fuel is likely to influence voters in favor of more drilling. 能源行业的分析人士说,争论的双方都有道理,但是,昂贵的能源价格很可能会影响选民,使得他们赞成扩大开发。One man who has a politically neutral perspective, is Charles Groat, who teaches at the University of Texas and served as director of the U.S. Geological Survey under both Presidents Clinton and Bush. He says the potential of the coasts is shown by the vast amounts of oil that have been extracted with little environmental impact from offshore sites in the Gulf of Mexico. 在德克萨斯大学教学的查尔斯·格罗特在这个问题上有中立的政治观点,不受政治党派的左右。他在克林顿政府以及布什两任政府中都担任美国地质勘探局局长一职。他说,在墨西哥湾沿海大量开采石油却没有造成什么环境污染的事实表明沿海采油的可行性。"You have got to think that, with modern exploration techniques, the chances for finding substantial amounts of oil and gas off both our east and west coasts has got to be significant, but they have to have a chance to try and with the moratorium that is not happening these days," he noted. “你必须这样想,随著现代勘探技术的提高,在我们的东、西海岸找到大量石油和天然气储藏的机率将是很大的。他们必须有机会去尝试这样做,而由于这个禁令,这种可能性今天都没有成为现实。”Groat acknowledges that it may take a few years to find the oil and begin developing the infrastructure to extract it, but he says that oil could be very welcome in a few years if energy prices keep climbing, as they surely will given global demand. 格罗特承认,找到石油以及开始发展开采石油的基础设施建设可能需要几年的时间,但是,他说,如果油价继续攀升,今后几年石油可能还是非常受欢迎的。而考虑到全球的需求,油价继续攀升几乎是肯定的。As for alternative energy, Groat says there is nothing on the horizon at present that would substantially replace the need for oil and gas."I think the missing consideration in the real push towards alternatives is that demand growth for traditional fuels, transportation fuels in particular, is substantial in the ed States and globally as well," he added. "That is not going to abate even if we do have some fairly effective conservation moves. So the demand for traditional hydrocarbons is going to grow, not shrink, even if we move more and more into alternatives."Groat says failure to address the issue of rising energy costs could lead to a severe economic downturn.200806/42317。
  • O'REILLY: In the "Factor Investigation" segment tonight, more than 100,000 people have voted in the BillOReilly.com poll, which asks do you believe the U.S. oil companies are price gouging? Eighty-nine percent said yes. Just 11 percent do not believe that.By the way, the price of a gallon of regular unleaded is up about a gallon from a year ago.But the perception is not the same as the reality. And we want to know exactly who's making all the money and how they're doing so. With us now, John BIRGER, senior writer at Fortune magazine and Elizabeth MACDONALD, senior editor at Forbes magazine.All right, Elizabeth, you were here last time. And this is basically as dumbed down as I can make it so even I understand it.Oil comes to the ed States from the OPEC countries in tankers, and it arrives. And then it goes into refineries around the country. All right?The oil companies pay for that to happen. They pay OPEC. They pay for the tankers. They pay for the refineries, all right? The big five, most of them.It gets into the refinery. They take the oil. They turn it into gasoline. That comes to everybody's gas station. Who sets the price of the gallon of gasoline?MACDONALD: The oil and gas companies, based on what the oil and gas actually gets — is trading at on the open market, on the commodities exchanges.But the problem here is that when gas station owners are telling you that that they feel that the refineries are gouging consumers, then people ought to sit up and take notice and pay attention.O'REILLY: All right. So the guy ,O'REILLY, he's — what is he? Chevron? He's the CEO of Chevron . He sits there with his guys at a big, long, shiny table. And does he say, "I'm going to charge .50 a gallon?"MACDONALD: Based on what the market will bear, he will — he along with his other executives at his company will see what the other oil and gas companies are charging, and they'll figure out what the wholesale price should be.O'REILLY: So they're all looking at each other?MACDONALD: Based on what the market is telling them in terms of the commodities exchanges.O'REILLY: Now nobody knows what the market is, Mr. Berger. Nobody knows what that is. It's not a person.See, if I buy a McDonald's Big Mac, I know the Big Mac was set at a price by the McDonald's Corporation. They said, "We're going to charge .75 for the Big Mac." I know that. But I don't know what the market is or the commodity or the mercantile. These aren't human beings.BIRGER, SENIOR WRITER, FORTUNE MAZINE: I can tell you, there are no big, long, shiny tables where a cabal of oil moguls are out there setting prices. These prices are set on open markets by traders and investors all around the globe, who are simultaneously bidding or selling and buying oil. And the price...O'REILLY: Are you telling me the five big oil companies don't buy oil? Of course they do.BIRGER: Of course they do, yes. But they don't...O'REILLY: They negotiate the...BIRGER: But the chairman of Chevron doesn't wake up one morning and say the price of gasoline is going to be a gallon.O'REILLY: Well, doesn't the chairman of Chevron, David O'REILLY, say to OPEC, "I'll pay you this amount for the oil. This is what I'll pay you"?BIRGER: No.O'REILLY: He doesn't say that?MACDONALD: No.O'REILLY: He doesn't control his product?BIRGER: No, he doesn't.O'REILLY: All right. That's interesting.MACDONALD: I disagree with that. On Shell's own web site, they say that they go in and they set what the price of gasoline will be, based on what the market is telling them that the market will bear.O'REILLY: That's what I think. They charge what they think they can get away with.MACDONALD: Right. And the problem is what's going on is we've had a lot of oil company mergers. I'm only reporting back what the independent or the grand gas station owners are telling me. I'm basically a reporter here.The gas stations want supply and demand to dictate the prices. They want an open market. They want the free market to work.O'REILLY: But you can't have an open market when you only have five major oil companies.200807/44497。
  • Red Cross Appeals for Access to Victims of Congo Conflict红十字会吁刚果各方尊重人道救援  The International Committee of the Red Cross is calling for all warring parties in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to respect the Red Cross emblem. The humanitarian situation has deteriorated in North and South Kivu provinces since fighting between Congolese government troops and rebels resumed at the end of August. 国际红十字会呼吁刚果民主共和国东部交战各方尊重红十字会会徽。国际红十字会表示,自从刚果政府军和反政府组织八月底恢复交战以来,南、北基伍省的人道局势恶化。The International Committee of the Red Cross estimates more than 100,000 people have fled their homes since fighting resumed a month ago. ICRC Spokeswoman Anna Schaafe tells VOA many of these people have been displaced several times. And, as in the past, she says many have run away with just the clothes on their back. 国际红十字会估计,刚果政府军和反政府组织之间一个月前重新开战以来,有至少10万人逃离他们的家园。该机构发言人安娜·沙夫对美国之音说,他们中许多人已经多次背井离乡。她说,像以前一样,许多人离家的时候除了身上穿的衣一无所有。She says it is hard to track down the displaced because they are constantly on the move. Unlike other war situations, she says there are no organized camps for displaced people in North and South Kivu. She says they live with family or friends or set up makeshift shelters. 沙夫说,由于这些人居无定所,要想追踪他们的情况有难度。她说,在南基伍和北基伍两省,没有为流离失所的人设立有组织的临时住所,这点跟其它战区不一样。沙夫说,这些人跟家人或者朋友一起住,或者搭建简陋的临时住所。"It is difficult to locate them. It is also difficult to have access because of the poor security conditions. The ICRC has been able to assist some of the displaced in the recent weeks," says Schaafe. "But we did not get access to all the areas and mostly not to those who were the hardest hit by the hostilities ... We would like to bring the ... emergency needs, which would be health care and drinking water for all the people who need it. But, unfortunately, we are only able to access part of those who are displaced and not all of them."  沙夫说:“确定他们的安身之处非常困难。由于局势不安全,要想进入他们居住的地区也不容易。直到最近几个星期,国际红十字会才能够协助一些无家可归的人。不过,我们无法进入所有地区,尤其是去不了那些战斗最激烈的地区。我们希望给所有需要的人们送医送药和饮用水等急需物资。但非常遗憾的是,只有部分无家可归的人能够得到这些物资。”The Red Cross reports the eruption of violence between Congolese government troops and rebel factions has involved many violations of human rights, including looting and rape.Schaafe says the Red Cross has provided medicines and medical supplies for treating the wounded to 17 health-care facilities in North Kivu. She says the Red Cross has also been able to deliver drinking water for 10,000 people in the province. 沙夫说,红十字会向北基伍省17个医疗设施送去了药品和医疗设备救治伤员。她说,红十字会还已经能够向这个省的1万人提供饮用水。"In addition to that,' says Schaafe, "the ICRC is trying to maintain the actual activities we had before the fighting took off again, which were food distributions for over 40,000 people that were ongoing and that we hope to be able to carry out now, as well as distributions of seeds and tools for people who had the possibility to return to their homes just before the fighting started. So, we need to assess now carefully how the situation evolves before we can be sure that we can actually continue the programs we had before."  沙夫说:“除此之外,国际红十字会努力保持我们在冲突重新爆发之前的实际活动,也就是不间断地向至少4万人分发食品,我们希望现在也能够这样做。同时我们也曾向人们分发种籽和农具,因为在战斗重新爆发之前,人们曾有可能返回家园。因此,我们现在需要认真评估目前的局势发展,才能确定我们实际上可以继续进行的一些项目。”Under international humanitarian law, Schaafe says all parties to the conflict must protect the lives and health of the civilian population, as well as people who are wounded or captured during the fighting.  沙夫说,根据国际人道主义法律,所有冲突各方在交战过程中,都必须保护平民的生命和健康,以及伤员或者战俘的生命和健康。She says the Red Cross is in contact with all the warring parties to remind them of their obligations and to urge them to allow Red Cross aid workers carry out relief operations for people in need. 沙夫说,红十字会正在跟所有交战各方进行接触,提醒他们应遵守的义务,并敦促他们允许红十字会救援人员对需要的人进行救助。200810/51277。
  • China in Delicate Balance on Iran Nuclear Talks中国主持上海会谈讨论伊朗核问题  China is for the first time hosting talks on Iran's nuclear programs. China wants to show it is a responsible power while balancing its need for oil from Iran. 中国首次主持有关伊朗核计划的谈判。中国希望能展现自己是一个负责任的大国,但同时也不会影响对伊朗石油的需求。 The meeting Wednesday in Shanghai brings together the five permanent members of the ed Nations Security Council plus Germany and the European Union. The delegates will discuss increasing incentives for Iran to stop enriching uranium and to cooperate fully with the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency. 参加星期三在上海举行的会议包括联合国安理会的5个常任理事国以及德国与欧盟的代表。代表们将讨论如何对伊朗提供更多的刺激,以使其停止提炼铀的计划并与联合国国际原子能机构进行全面合作。The ed States, France, Britain, Germany and the EU are concerned Iran wants to use enriched uranium to build nuclear weapons and have been pushing for stronger sanctions against Tehran. 美国、法国、英国、德国和欧盟对于伊朗打算提炼釉来建造核武器感到关注,并且一直推动对德黑兰采取更严厉的制裁措施。Iran denies the allegations and rejects the U.N. demands despite three rounds of limited sanctions. 伊朗否认上述指控,并且不顾3次的有限制裁,依旧拒绝联合国的要求。Russia and China, both permanent Security Council members, do a lot of business with Iran and have been reluctant to support tougher sanctions.  安理会常任理事国俄罗斯和中国都与伊朗有著密切的贸易关系,它们一直不愿意持对伊朗实施更严厉的制裁。Shen Dingli is an expert on nuclear politics at Shanghai's Fudan University. He says China is in a delicate balancing act, trying to please both sides in the dispute.  沈丁力是上海复旦大学核政治专家。他说,中国表现得非常谨慎,试图让争执双方都感到高兴:"We have to care [about] Iran's legitimate right for civilian nuclear energy and Western countries legitimate demand for Iran to clarify its nuclear past. So, China is caught," he said. "We need to do both, but this might not reconcile." “我们必须考虑伊朗发展民用核能的权力,也要顾及西方国家提出的伊朗必须澄清其过去核项目的合理要求。所以中国进退两难。我们需要两者兼顾,但或许无法让双方都称心如意。”Iran is China's third largest source of imported oil.  伊朗是中国第三大石油供应国。Shen says Beijing will not likely support tougher sanctions unless more evidence emerges of a nuclear weapons program. 沈丁力说,除非有更多据显示伊朗的确有发展核武器计划,否则北京将不会持对伊朗采取更严厉的制裁措施。International pressure against Iran eased somewhat when a U.S. intelligence report said Iran had halted plans on developing nuclear weapons several years ago.Shen says a breakthrough at the Shanghai talks is not likely. Iran has refused offers of economic, diplomatic, and security incentives as well as cooperation on civilian nuclear power. But, in a possible sign of flexibility, Iranian officials this week said compensation for economic damage caused by the sanctions should be a part of the negotiations.  沈丁力说,上海会谈不太可能取得突破。伊朗已经拒绝接受经济、外交以及安全方面的刺激方案,并且拒绝在民用核能上的合作。但是伊朗官员这个星期曾经表示,对于制裁造成的经济损失的补偿问题,应该列入谈判的内容。这显示,伊朗可能在谈判中表现一定的灵活性。Iran's foreign minister also said Tehran would soon offer a proposal to resolve the dispute. He gave no details but said any agreement would have to respect Iran's rights and not limit them, an apparent reference to its nuclear programs. 伊朗外长也曾表示,德黑兰将尽快提出解决争议的方案。但是他并未提供细节,他只是说,任何协议都应该尊重而不是限制伊朗的权益。这显然指的是伊朗的核计划。200804/35297。
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