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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in a television performance typical of his 10 years in power, says he will "think about" running in the 2012 presidential election for a six-year term. During his annual question-and-answer session with the Russian people, broadcast live by state media, Putin responded to a question asking whether he will run for another presidency. Vladimir Putin said, "I will think about it. There is enough time. Each one of us should perform his duty and work effectively in their current positions." 2 million questions were submitted to Putin's marathon television show, which was similar to previous call-ins he did as president.It demonstrates that he continues to call the shots, overshadowing his designated successor, President Dmitry Medvedev During a visit to Rome, President Medvedev said he would not rule out running in 2012. Dmitry Medvedev, Russian President, said, "…as we both said before, Putin and I are very close, who understand each other and work well together. We would be able to agree, not elbow each other, and make a reasonable decision for the country. But this is only if Mr. Medvedev and Mr.Putin have a chance." Putin had to leave the leader's seat in 2008 following two consecutive termsin office, but since then the presidential term has been extended to sixyears and Putin is eligible to run again in 2012.12/91096Did Apples CEO dis Google Glass? Apple CEO Tim Cook weighs in on Google Glass, the future of wearable tech and his congressional testimony.苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)出席《华尔街日报》主办的D11科技大会,担当首位访谈嘉宾。库克在会上表示,可穿戴设备有望成为一个影响深远的领域,但谷歌眼镜能否普及很难定论,该产品缺乏吸引力;仅耐克的Fuelband腕带做得很不错。Googles newest product called glass has been steadily getting burst that new wearable technology that takes s was a simple command.;OK glass,recording ;;I think the light that will be hit here has a broad range of appeal.I dont,thats tough to see.; Apple CEO Tim Cook making the rare public appearance at the technology conference seems to be given it as a thumbsdown.;I wear glasses because i have to. I cant see without it. I dont know a lot of people that wear them that dont have to. But the company that pionners the smart phone may soon branch into the category known as wearables. If we do the comments like this ;I think there will be times of companies playing in us; Will Apple be one of them?“I dont wanna answer that one”Sharing the stage with technology blockers Walter Mossbergand Kara Swisher,Cook waited on the other hot tech topics like why doesnt Apple come out with the biggest screen for the Iphone.;A large screen today comes a lot of trade-offs;And why not come out with other versions of phones like its competitors?;We have been so far that doesnt shut off the future;Then the subject turns to taxes.Will Apple has recently been criticised?; We pay six billion dollars and that is the big highest in the US. We pay more taxes than anybody.;Cooks appearance comes about a week after testifying in Washington.He was questioned by the Senators about the compamy allegedlly keeping money overseas to avoid paying US taxes. Apple has 144 billion in cash but about 100billion of that is capital offshore but is not subect to the US corporate taxes.;Can you understand there is a perception of unfair vantage share?;Honestly speaking,I dont see it as being unfair.Im not an unfair person.And that is not who we are as a company.;But as John Steward noted it wasnt exactly a ruining testimony.;Youve managed to change the word which is a incredible legacy.;“I harassed my husband until it converted to a Macbook.”“Your product makes great.” ”My granddaughter even knows how to use it.;;I love Apple,I love Apple;;What the hell is that,whats the opposite of genius bar?;Did you give the mall free staff for what happened.; No I didnt feel this a love fancy,I dont know its a sort of media sitting in the witnessing chair.You dont necessarily have that feeling. /201306/242605

特别声明: 该节目由可可原创。 视频出处: 选自B记录片《英国史》中第七集《女王的一生》。 精视觉: 精解说:On March 7th, while she was dining, Darnley and his fellow plotters burst into Marys chamber, tore the terrified Riccio from Marys skirts and stabbed him to death in front of her.3月7日,她正在吃晚餐达恩利带着一群密谋者冲进了玛丽的房间,把吓得发抖的里奇奥从玛丽裙下揪了出来,当着玛丽的面捅死了他。Between 50 and 60 wounds were discovered on his body after it was thrown down the privy staircase.他的尸体被从厕所楼梯上扔下来,上面有50多处伤口。At some point the murderers turned to Mary, pointing a pistol at her heavily pregnant belly.他们甚至还冲着玛丽,用手指着她因怀而大腹便便的肚子。Perhaps at that moment, Mary knew how to turn terror into power, for in the months to follow, she milked the melodrama of the threatened womb for all it was worth.也许正是在那一刻,玛丽学会了如何化恐怖为力量。因为在随后的几个月里,她上演了一出情节跌宕起伏的闹剧。Instead of being reduced to a weeping wreck, Mary was strangely calm. She knew she could be strong because she was carrying her greatest weapon inside her womb.她没有被吓坏,成为一个嘤嘤哭泣的废物,而是出奇地冷静。她知道她会强大起来,因为她肚子里怀着的是最强大的武器。Whatever happened to her useless, drunken, homicidal, nitwit of a husband, she knew a baby would be born. Mother and child were going to survive.不管她的丈夫是多么没用、 烂醉、 滥杀无辜、 孱弱无能...她知道孩子将会生下来,他们母子会平安无事。On June 19th, at Edinburgh Castle, Mary gave birth to the boy who would become James VI of Scotland.6月19日,在爱丁堡城堡里,玛丽生了一个男孩他就是日后的詹姆斯六世。On hearing the news, Elizabeths reaction was to cry, Alack, the Queen of Scots is lighter of a bonny son and I am but of barren stock.听到这个消息之后,伊丽莎白当即哭了起来——呜呼哀哉,苏格兰女王有了个漂亮儿子,而我只是个不生育的老木头。 /201301/218147

Nutrition myths exposed揭开关于营养的神话This morning on Today’s Health. Choose about what you eat. Should you choose the white meat over the dark meat? Does the vitamin C really help? Today’s contributing…, introducing Joy Bauer, has some answers to help us live a healthier life.今天早上在《今日健康》节目里,(来讨论)你应该吃什么样的东西。你是应该选白颜色的肉而非深颜色的肉吗?维生素C真的有用吗?今天的专栏… 这是Joy Bauer,她有一些可以帮助我们过上更健康的生活。Joy, Good morning.早上好, Joy。Good morning, Ann.早上好, Ann。So many myths. Let’s get to them because so little time. White meat turkey is healthier than dark meat turkey. True or False?有这么多(和健康相关的)神话,因为时间不够多,让我们赶紧开始吧。白颜色的火鸡肉比深颜色的火鸡肉要健康,对还是错?False. Believe it or not, False. Dark meat gets its dark color from a compound called myoglobin which is in muscle meat because it transports oxygen. If you can imagine turkey and all other types of poultry, they walked around a lot. So there is a lot of myoglobin and dark meat within the thigh. And thanks to myoglobin, there is more iron, there is more zinc, thiamin, and also riboflavin.错,不管你是否相信,这是错的。深颜色肉的深颜色是从一种叫做肌红蛋白的化合物而来的,因为肌红蛋白(用来)运输氧,所以存在于肌肉当中。如果你能想象一下,火鸡和别的禽类,经常要走很多的路,所以在大腿里面有很多的肌红蛋白和深颜色的肉。而且正因为有了肌红蛋白,也就有了更多的铁,锌,维生素B1,以及核黄素。And fat.还有脂肪。Here is a thing. A lot of people automatically assume white meat is better because of calories. But, 3 ounces of white meat turkey compared to 3 ounces of dark meat only has about 20 fewer calories and 2 fewer calories fat.还有个问题是,很多人自动地假设白颜色的肉在热量方面要好一些。但是,3盎司的白火鸡肉和3盎司的深颜色的肉相比仅少了20卡路里的热量和2卡路里的脂肪。You are kidding.你是开玩笑的吧?It’s true. It’s true. And …是真的。确实是真的。还有…I don’t believe that. Because you, on the outside, you are eating a lot more of the, of the oil that’s on it because it’s a small piece when you cutting into the white…, you may not believe me, but, just to kind of make sure…, because people would probably agree with me, if you don’t have the skin of the white, you are not getting all that…我才不信呢。因为你,从外表上看,当你切开白肉的时候,那是一小块,你吃进去的油要多得多,你可能不信我,但是,只是为了确认一下,因为大家可能会同意我的观点,如果你不吃白肉的皮的话,你就不会吃进所有那些…There is a little bit more fat, and there is a little bit more calories. You are exactly right. But the bottom line is: there is not that much. So, choose whichever color you want, but discard the skin because that’s the problem of …稍微多了那么一点点的脂肪,稍微多了那么一点点的热量。你完全正确。但是问题的底线是:(它们之间的)差别并不是很大。所以,想选什么颜色的肉就选什么颜色的肉,但是要把皮给仍了,因为这才是问题…201001/95274UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for ;The Shoutout.;这是“大声喊出来”时间。The term ;bicameral; means having two of what?这个术语“有两个议会的”表示有两个什么?If you think you know it, then shout it out! Is it: parties, lenses, cylinders or chambers? Youve got three seconds, go!如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出它!它是:党派,镜头,圆筒还是议院?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!In a bicameral legislature, there are two chambers or houses.在一个双议院立法机构中有两个议院。Thats your answer, and thats your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Those who serve in Americas bicameral legislature, are back at work today, and along with the president, representatives and senators have a major challenge ahead in December: the fiscal cliff youve heard us talk about.那些在美国两院制的立法机构工作的人今天回到了工作岗位,包括了总统、代表和参议员都将在十二月遇到严峻的挑战:你刚才才听到我们提到的财政悬崖。Senators and representatives and the president are trying to find a way to avoid this.参议员,代表和总统正在努力避免这件事。And it all comes down to agree on how the government spends money and takes in money.这全都取决于在政府如何花费和赚钱方面达成一致。But with Democrats controlling the Senate and Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, Athena Jones explains how compromise is going to be the name of the game.但民主党控制着参议院同时共和党控制着众议院,雅典娜#8226;琼斯解释了妥协为何成为这场游戏的名字。 /201211/211299

How To Go on Your First Date on HowcastFollow this advice to make the most of your first date and increase your chances of a second.记住下面的几条建议,让你们的第一次约会顺利进行,并提高再次约会的可能性。You Will NeedPermission Destination Sincerity Questions Principles Respect 你需要允许目的地真诚问题原则尊重Step 1: Ask permissionBefore you leave, ask your parents’ permission. Tell them where you are going and agree on a curfew.Don’t be late. If you want to go out on a second date you will need your parents’ approval.第一步 得到父母的允许在约会之前,先得到父母的允许,告诉他们你们准备去哪,并同意宵禁。不要回来的太晚,因为下一次约会你还需要父母的同意。Step 2: Plan aheadChoose a location that allows you and your date to engage in conversation but also has an enjoyable atmosphere. If conversation is slow, events will spark discussion.第二步 提前计划找一个方便说话,且气氛很好的地方约会。如果不知道说什么,当时的场景会给你灵感的。Step 3: Be yourselfBe yourself – do not act, fake, or pretend to be someone you are not. Expressing sincerity and honesty is your best bet.Don’t gossip about other people. Keep a positive attitude with the focus on you and your date.第三步 做最真实的自己做自己——不要做作,伪装或者试图去扮成另外的人。表达自己的真诚是你最好的选择。不要议论别人,正确对待你和你的约会。Step 4: Ask questions about your dateAsk your date questions to learn more about them and discover common interests. Listen to them attentively.If you find that you are doing all of the listening don’t hesitate to politely interrupt with information about yourself.第四步 问对方问题问对方问题,以获得更多的了解,并找出大家的共同爱好。仔细聆听对方的说话。如果你发现自己一直在听,那么不要犹豫,礼貌地打断对方,说一些自己的事。Step 5: Do not abandon your principlesDo not abandon your principles when it comes to kissing or sexual activity. Decide what feels right for you and set limits for yourself.第五步 不要放弃自己的原则如果涉及到接吻和身体接触的时候,不要放弃自己的原则。按照自己的想法走。Step 6: Treat your date with respectDo not pressure your date to engage in activities that they are not comfortable with. Treat them with respect and you are more likely to get a second date.Two percent of respondents to a New York survey said the best way to ask someone to go on a first date is by text message.第六步 尊重自己的约会对象不要逼着对方去做一些他不想做的事,尊重对方,这样你更有可能获得第二次约会的机会。纽约一项调查研究发现,第一次约会的最佳方法是通过手机短信。 201007/109394

我们的科技—我们的手机和iPod还有相机--使我们停止梦想了吗?年轻的艺术家希洛·西瓦·苏尔曼说不,正如她展示的iPad上应用程序“Khoya”,她新的故事书将领我们在一个充满了单纯想象力的魔幻世界漂浮7分钟。201207/189994Over watering is the primary cause of house plant death, and of course under watering can be just as risky. Getting the balance of watering your plants just right is absolutely key to success, so Tom Cole shows exactly how we should water house plants.浇水过多是导致盆栽植物死亡的首要原因,当然,浇水不足对植物来说也很危险。正确地平衡植物水分是种植成功的关键,所以,汤姆·科尔向我们展示怎样为盆栽植物浇水。Step 1: When to water1.何时浇水Insert your finger into the soil at the pots edge. If the soil feels dry then water the plant, if it is damp then wait a little longer. This is only a general rule, and the need for watering can vary greatly from plant to plant.向花盆边缘的土壤中插入一根手指。如果土壤感觉很干燥就要浇水,如果土壤比较湿润,就多等待一段时间再浇水。这只是一个普遍的原则,各种植物对水分的需求有所不同。You can also tap the pot, and if your hear a hollow sound it may well need watering.还可以轻轻敲打花盆,如果听到比较空洞的声音,说明你的植物已经需要浇水了。Plants can sense the natural shortening of daylight hours and may go dormant, so water less in the winter months.植物可以感觉到日照时间的缩短而进入休眠状态,所以,冬季少浇一点水。Step 2: Watering2.浇水Allow your water to reach room temperature by leaving to stand for a few hours. This avoids shocking the plants.把水放置几个小时,让水的温度达到室温。这样可以防止对植株造成刺激。House plants with tough foliage and strong stems require watering from above. Use a watering can without a rose attachment,and apply directly to the soils surface. Leave for a few minutes and water again until the water drains out of the bottom of the pot. Avoid watering on the plants folliage as this can cause limescale.枝叶比较坚硬,茎秆比较强壮的盆栽植物需要从上面浇水。使用没有莲蓬式喷嘴的喷壶,直接向土壤表面浇水。等待几分钟后再次浇水,直到花盆底部有水分排走。不要从枝叶上方浇水,否则会形成水垢。Step 3: Watering from below3.从下面浇水Soft sappy plants such as Cape Primrose, Begonias, and most succulents should be watered from below. Simply pour the water in to the dish that the pot is set in. If it is absorbed quickly, then top up by half.比较柔软的植物例如秋海棠等,和大部分肉质植物需要从下面浇水。只要把水倒在放置花盆的盘子里就可以了。如果吸收的比较快,可以加一半的水。Step 4: Urn plants4.凤梨科植物Urn plants such as Bromeliads should be watered directly into the crown of the plant. Pour water into each crown so that it pools in the urn, only a small amount of water being needed for each. If you were to water at the base of the plant it would simply rot.凤梨科植物等需要直接向植株顶部浇水。向每一个植株的顶部浇水,这样水就会直接流到花盆中,每一株植物只需少量水。如果在植株根部浇水会造成植株腐烂。Thanks for watching How To Water House Plants.感谢收看“怎样为盆栽植物浇水”视频节目。201211/210653

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