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"Hello Dad, just a few lines to let you know I'm well and hope you all are too. Finally I've got used to my machine gun. I can't say that I much like using it to shoot against people but I'm sure that I'm glad to know how to. It's very quiet here in the evening. I think the war maybe come into an end soon. You should be receiving my check soon. It will be a little more than last time. I won some money in a game and figure you could use it. Well, time to turn in. I should do miss everyone. Love, Arhie." “你好,爸爸,我只说几句话,但你得知道我很好,希望你也是。我现在已经习惯了我的机关。我不能说我非常喜欢用那打死人,但我相信我很高兴知道如何使用。在晚上这里非常安静。我也期望战争尽快结束。你应该很快就能收到我的票。我们即将到达最后时刻。我在一次游戏中赢了一些钱,希望你可以用到。是时候睡觉了。我会想念每个人,爱你的儿子。”201111/160832

Watermelon: The new Viagra? 西瓜伟哥 Affiliate KENS reports on a recent study that shows watermelon can have Viagra-like effects on consumers "The chemicals that are in the watermelon rind work much like Viagra. Oh, rollick! Give me two more. " Just a week after the annual Watermelon Thump celebration in Luling, there's something new that watermelon growers can hang their hat on. The rind on watermelons has some of the same effects as Viagra. Really? Yes. Really? Ha ha ha Well give me another one. I'll get some more. Hah……The director of Texas Aamp;M's Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center has discovered that watermelons have an ingredient that delivers Viagra-like effects and may even increase libido. Maybe you need to raise the price.I don't get used to it. Ha ha ha There is a catch. The phyto-nutrient called citrulline that relaxes the blood vessels is found in the highest concentrations in the part you generally don't eat, the watermelon rind. Would it take like a whole watermelon rind to eat to do any good, I mean you might get yourself sick before you get yourself any help. Have you ever eaten the rind? No, but I must start right now. Rinds are used in watermelon pickles and they are Kelly Allen's specialty. My husband loves these, I don't know if it's because he eats these or not, but he dosen't have a problem. Neither does Hoyt Alford, according to his girl friend, Lois. I don't know that you need them. Oh, thank you. That's a compliment, isn't it?Scientists are working to breed watermelons with higher concentrations of citrulline in the flesh, which may change Luling's image from being known for watermelons to something else. It might be a new aspect to our watermelon growing, I can tell you that, No pun intended, but, you know, but...phyto-: of plantscitrulline: An amino acid, NH2CONH(CH2)3CHNH2COOH, which occurs in watermelons and is an intermediate in urea synthesis in animals. 200812/57967

The friction between the flakes is the same force that causes sand to form a pile rather than sp out like a puddle. In fact, this same principle applies to all granular materials. If you cut the corner out of a bag of flour only a small amount will come out. If the bag contained water, which has low friction, all of it would run out. Incidentally, there are broken flakes and cereal ;dust; in boxes, but this is the result of shaking during shipping and handling, not simply the weight of the upper flakes on the lower ones. The effect of friction is very important in the cereal manufacturing process, which involves huge vats of flakes. Even in those vats the friction-induced weight distribution keeps the bottom flakes from being turned to dust, and allows whole flakes to tumble into our breakfast bowls.薄片之间的擦力和使沙形成堆,而不是分散开形成水坑形状是一样的力量。事实上,这一原则同样适用于所有颗粒状物料。如果你砍了一袋面粉的一角球,只有少量面粉会流出来。如果用包装水,那样擦力很小,水都会流尽。顺便说一下,盒子里会有破损的薄片和谷物 ;粉末;,但是这是在运输和装卸过程中摇晃的结果,而不是单纯的上部薄片压挤下面薄片的结果。擦的作用在薄皮生产过程中是非常重要的,它涉及到装薄皮的巨桶。即使在这些大桶中的擦引起的重量分布会避免使底部的薄皮变成粉末,使薄皮整片倒进我们的早餐碗中而不碎。granular adj.由小粒而成的; 粒状的incidentally adv.顺便说及地,顺便提一句vat n. 大桶tumble v. 翻倒163696


  Record Number of Americans Vote Early, Data Favors Democrats美国数千万选民提前投票热情高涨 Record numbers of Americans have aly cast their ballots in early voting - more than 28 million people in 34 of the 50 states. Election statistics and a new opinion survey show that registered Democrats are turning out to vote early in far greater numbers than Republicans. In several states, massive early turnout has forced voters to wait for hours in long lines. 在总统选举中提前投票的选民人数创纪录,在美国50个州中的34个州,已经有2800多万人投了票。选举数据和最新民调结果显示,提前投票的民主党登记选民远远超过共和党选民。在几个州里,由于提前投票的人太多,选民们不得不排几个小时的长队。Michael McDonald is an elections expert at George Mason University in Virginia. He says data from state and county officials indicate that more Americans have participated in early voting this year than in any U.S. election. 迈克尔.麦克唐纳是维吉尼亚州乔治.梅森大学的选举专家,他说,各州县的官方数据显示,今年参加提前投票的选民多于以往任何一届选举。"We have statistics that we can point to right now that suggest that 28.8 million people have so far voted in this election," he said. "We are expecting 40 million people when all the numbers are compiled. And that will be about 30 percent of the 136 million people that we are expecting to vote."  他说:“我们有数据显示,现在有2880万人已经在这次选举中投了票。我们预期全部统计完之后,人数会达到4000万人,也就是我们估计将参加投票的全美1亿3千6百万选民总数的大约30%。”McDonald says that if 136 million people go to the polls, that would mean a turnout of 64 percent of the electorate. 麦克唐纳说,如果有1亿3千6百万选民投票,今年的投票率就将高达64%。"We may quite literally see turnout of a magnitude that we have not seen in a century of American politics," he said. 他说:“我们基本上可以看到一次美国政治百年来没有过的投票热潮。”As of Monday, more registered Democrats than Republicans have cast ballots in the 26 early voting states where election statistics are available. 到星期一为止,在26个举办先期投票的州当中,可以得到的数据显示,参加提前投票的民主党选民多于共和党选民。Party affiliation does not necessarily predict which candidate a voter will choose. But analysts note that trends seem to favor Democratic candidate Barack Obama in several states. They say this is significant because early voting traditionally has favored Republicans.  党派身份并不一定能够预测一位选民会推选哪位候选人。但是分析人士注意到,几个州的趋势似乎都有利于民主党候选人奥巴马,他们说这很重要,因为提前投票传统上是有利于共和党的。A new Washington Post-A News tracking poll finds that nearly 30 percent of voters say they have aly cast their ballots. Nearly 60 percent of these voters say they voted for Obama, 40 percent say they cast their ballots for McCain. 华盛顿邮报和美国广播公司的最新联合民调显示,将近30%的选民说他们已经投了票,其中近60%的人选奥巴马,40%的人选麦凯恩。According to George Mason University's Michael McDonald, massive turnout at early voting offices has put a strain on the system. 乔治.梅森大学的麦克唐纳教授指出,大量的选民提前投票,给这个系统带来了压力。"What's happening here is that local election officials only have a limited number of polling places available for early voting in person," he said. "And those polling places seem to be completely overwhelmed. As we look from state to state where they do have these polling places, in many places they have had to extend hours. They have had to open up additional polling places to accommodate the demand for early voting." 他说:“问题是地方选举官员只能提供有限的提前投票点。这些投票点看来都是人满为患。我们逐个观察设立提前投票站的州,很多投票站不得不延长时间,不得不开放更多的投票站,来满足提前投票的要求。”Some voters have had to wait as long as 10 hours to cast their ballots, leaving some analysts to worry about the lines voters might face on Election Day. Michael McDonald says that if election officials in states that do not offer early voting are overwhelmed by high turnout, it could increase the momentum for a national early voting law. Voters in the state of Maryland will decide on Tuesday whether that state should offer early voting in future elections. 有些地方的选民不得不等候10小时才能投票,这使一些分析人士担心大选投票日当天选民可能要大排长龙。麦克唐纳说,如果那些不允许提前投票的州的选举官员难以应对大批的选民,可能会推动一项全国范围的提前投票法出台。星期二,马里兰州的选民就将决定他们的州是否允许在未来的选举中提前投票。200811/55139。

  Analysts Say Middle East Top Priority for Obama Administration中东问题是奥巴马面临的严峻挑战  One of the major foreign policy challenges facing the Obama administration will be how to revive the Middle East peace process. Senior Correspondent André de Nesnera spoke with three former senior U.S. government officials about the situation in the Middle East. The interviews were conducted before the current violence between Israeli forces and the militant group Hamas which controls the Gaza strip. 奥巴马政府面临的一个主要外交政策方面的挑战是如何重启中东和平进程。美国之音同三名前美国政府高级官员讨论了中东地区的局势。这些采访是在以色列军队和控制加沙的激进组织哈马斯最近发生暴力之前进行的。Most analysts agree the incoming Obama administration faces a daunting task in trying to find a peaceful solution to the Middle East crisis. For eight years the Bush administration has been trying to resolve that issue - but with little success. 大部分分析人士认为,对即将上任的奥巴马政府来说,为中东地区危机找到和平的解决办法是一个艰巨的任务。在过去八年中,布什政府一直在努力解决中东问题,但是并没有取得什么成果。Former National Security Adviser (1974-77;1989-93, retired Air Force) General Brent Scowcroft says Barack Obama must get involved in the Middle East early in his presidency.  曾担任美国国家安全事务顾问的空军退休将军斯考克罗夫特说,奥巴马必须在执政初期就参与解决中东问题。"I certainly hope so. There will be a lot of people saying don't do it," he said. "Presidents in the past have foundered on the peace process issue - so it's too dangerous." 他说:“我当然希望他会这样做。有许多人说不要这样做,他们说,过去有许多总统都在中东和平进程上失败了,因此这是一个非常危险的任务。”For his part, former Secretary of State (1992) Lawrence Eagleburger says the issues that need to be resolved are immense.  曾在1992年担任美国国务卿的伊格尔伯格说,需要解决的问题是巨大的。"I'm not at all certain that any involvement by anybody at any time is going to solve the problems of Israel and the Palestinians and the terrorists," said Eagleburger. "It is an almost insoluble problem. Every time some Palestinian or someone on that side of the fence moves to try to come to grips with the issue and make compromises, either they end up dead or they're ousted from office. It's the intransigence of a part of the Palestinian side of the fence - some of the people in that group just are intent on never having a solution to the thing, but driving Israel to the sea at some point." 他说:“我根本就不能肯定任何人在任何时间做任何事能解决以色列、巴勒斯坦和恐怖分子的问题。这几乎是一个不可解决的问题。每次巴勒斯坦或以色列有人采取行动,试图认真对待和平问题并作出一些妥协,这些人的下场不是死就是被赶下台。巴勒斯坦方面就是不妥协,一些巴勒斯坦人就打算永远不解决巴以和平问题,而是想把以色列逼入绝境。”Former National Security Advisor Scowcroft believes that for progress to be made in the Middle East, the ed States must talk to Hamas, the largest and most influential Palestinian militant movement, which controls the Gaza strip. 前国家安全事务顾问斯考克罗夫特认为,要想在中东问题上取得进展,美国必须同哈马斯谈判。哈马斯是巴勒斯坦最大、最有影响力的激进组织,目前控制着加沙地区。"I think we should be open to negotiate with anybody. It's much harder to solve problems if you don't talk to people," added Scowcroft. "And you don't necessarily solve problems by talking to them. But at least you open up the avenues, you understand what the hard sticking points are and how to resolve some. And you see if there is a chance for progress and if so, what kind." 他说:“我认为,我们应该同任何人进行谈判。如果你不和人家谈判,那解决问题就要难得多。可能通过谈判并不一定能解决问题,但是至少你打开了这个渠道,明白阻碍进展的障碍是什么,以及如何解决它们。你要看清是否有取得进展的机会,如果有,是什么性质的机会。”The Bush administration has rejected any talks with Hamas, describing it as a terrorist group. 布什政府一直拒绝同哈马斯进行谈判,认为哈马斯是一个恐怖组织。Eagleburger says the U.S. shouldn't talk to Hamas. 伊格尔伯格说,美国不应当同哈马斯谈判。"I find it very difficult to conceive of or to approve talking to such an enemy - and that's what they are. I don't think we are likely to achieve much," he said. "On the other hand, I am prepared to concede to those who argue that we should be talking to these people - we're certainly not getting anywhere the way it is now. On balance, I don't think we should do it because it is giving Hamas a position that I don't think they deserve, and that is that the ed states is prepared to talk to them. But I think it's a close call." 他说:“我很难想象或同意同这样的一个敌人进行谈判,哈马斯就是这样的敌人。我不认为通过和他们谈判我们能取得很大的成果。在另一方面,我也可以接受那些主张同哈马斯谈判的人的意见,因为我们目前的做法没有解决任何问题。总之,我不认为我们应该同哈马斯谈判,因为如果美国同哈马斯谈判就等于是给哈马斯一个他们没有资格得到的地位。我觉得这是一个比较冒险的做法。”Former Defense Secretary James Schlesinger (1973-1975) believes the ed States will continue to abide by its "no talks with Hamas" policy. 曾在1973年到1975年担任美国国防部长的施莱辛格认为,美国会继续奉行“不同哈马斯谈判”的政策。"I don't see any likelihood that we are going to significantly change our position. We might have, as we have in the past - as you may recall that the Palestinian organization [Palestine Liberation Organization led by Yasser Arafat] was talked to privately during the Carter administration - but never admitted publicly until the story blew. And if we were to talk to Hamas, it would be on a very devious route and not for public consumption," said Schlesinger. 他说:“我觉得我们不太可能在这一问题上明显地改变立场。我们过去也许曾这样做过,比如在卡特政府时期美国曾私下同巴勒斯坦解放组织进行谈判,不过直到这件事被曝光以前,我们都没有公开承认。如果美国要和哈马斯谈判,那将会是通过间接渠道来进行,不会公布于众。”During the presidential election campaign, Barack Obama said he does not support negotiations with Hamas until it renounces terrorism and recognizes Israel's right to exist. Analysts say it will be interesting to see, given the violence between Hamas and Israel, if he will maintain his position once he is inaugurated president January 20. 奥巴马在竞选过程中说,在哈马斯放弃恐怖主义并承认以色列的生存权之前,他不会持同哈马斯进行谈判。分析人士们说,由于哈马斯和以色列再次爆发了冲突,人们很想知道的是奥巴马在明年1月20号就职之后是否还会坚持原来的立场。200812/60028

  Some Economists, Officials in Asia Seize on the Positive on Economic Data亚洲各项经济数据相互矛盾  Recent economic data from Asia continue to show big declines in key indicators. But some economists say there are hints of a recovery.从亚洲各国传来的经济数据显示,关键指数均有大幅下跌。但是一些经济学家说,出现了一些复苏迹象。Every economist in Asia has probably been asked this question: is the worst over yet? The numbers across the region are conflicting.亚洲的每一名经济学家可能都被问过这个问题,最糟糕的阶段过去了没有?整个亚洲地区的经济数据相互矛盾。There is bad news: Japan's economy contracted an annualized 15 percent rate in the first three months ending in March from the same period last year - its deepest fall in more than 50 years. Exports - a key component in the economy - shrank 26 percent. 从日本传来的是怀消息。日本经济今年头三个月跟去年同比收缩了百分之15,这是日本经济50多年来最深重的下跌。日本经济的关键行业出口业则收缩了百分之26。But there are what some describe as "green shoots" of recovery. Consumer confidence in the world's second largest economy reached a 10-month high in April. Exports increased in March from February.不过也有一些被形容为是“萌芽”的复苏迹象。日本这个世界第二大经济体的消费者信心4月份上升到10个月以来的高点,3月份的出口比2月份有所增长。Kaoru Yosano, Japan's finance minister, looks forward. He says it seems the January to March period was the worst and that the economy is turning up a bit.日本财务大臣与谢野馨展望前景时说:“看起来一到三月份是最糟糕的阶段,经济开始有了一些上行迹象。”Elsewhere, officials say things are looking up too. Indonesia's president says recovery is in sight by next year, while Hong Kong's financial secretary expects a slight rebound in exports by the end of the year. Taiwan's president proclaimed the worst is over, although the economy is still in recession.亚洲其他国家的官员也表示局面开始好转。印度尼西亚总统说,明年将看到复苏,与此同时,香港财政司长预计年底将看到出口有些许反弹。Singapore's president warned of a worse year, with the economy contracting by between six to nine percent. However, on Thursday, Singapore's Trade Ministry said the decline in the island's gross domestic product - a measure of overall economic activity - slowed in the first three months of the year, compared with the previous quarter.新加坡总统警告,这是最糟糕的年景,经济将收缩百分之6到百分之9。不过新加坡贸易部长星期四表示,标志着整体经济活动的国内生产总值今年头三个月与前一季度相比,下降速度放缓。There are mixed signals too from one of few economies in the region that is not in recession - China. Retail sales in April rose 15 percent from last year. Authorities see this as proof that China's 6 billion economic stimulus package is working. 中国是亚洲地区没有陷入经济衰退的不多几个经济体之一,那里同样传来了混杂的信息。零售跟去年同比上升了百分之15,当局将此看作是中国5千8百60亿美元的经济刺激方案在起作用的明。But exports continue to plummet, dropping nearly 23 percent in April from the same month last year. Industrial output, a measure of factory production, fell more than seven percent, a bigger-than-expected decline.但是出口继续下滑,4月份出口跟去年同比下降近百分之23。工业产出下降了百分之7以上,这个标志着工厂生产活动的指标数据跌幅比预期要大。Xu Lin is director-general of fiscal and financial affairs at China's National Development and Reform Commission. He says the economy has shown signs of a rebound since November, as seen in electricity consumption figures - an indicator for industrial activity. He says the government's main concern now is to maintain this momentum.中国国家发改委财政金融司司长徐林说,自从11月份以来,可以从表现工业活动的指数--电器消费数据上看,经济出现了反弹迹象。他说,政府现在主要关注的是如何保住这个势头。"The current indicators have shown that the economic recovery is moving in a "V" shape. But some indicators may not support that. But we cannot say by the indicators in April that we can prove that the "V" shaped recovery has been changed to a different direction," he said. "But if there will be more indicators to show that the recovery is changing the direction, then maybe we have to take additional measures to further consolidate the "V" shape."徐林说:“目前的指数显示,经济正在以V字形复苏。但是,有些数据也许并不持这一点。可是我们不能根据4月份的数据说,我们能够实V字形的经济复苏已经改变了方向。但是如果出现更多数据显示,经济复苏改变了方向,我们也许需要采取进一步措施来巩固经济的V字形复苏。”A "V" shaped recovery is the best anyone can hope for - the economy bottoms out quickly and sharply recovers. However, economists also talk about a "U" shaped recovery, where there is a longer slump before a gradual upturn. Worse is the "L" shaped recovery - which means a sharp drop and then no real growth for a long time, or a "W" shaped recovery - when the economy starts to recover, then quickly falls back into recession.V字型的复苏是一种最好的状况,因为经济在短时间之内触底,然后随即复苏。然而,经济学家同时也在谈论U字型复苏,也就是在经济谷底时间较长,而复苏的速度则比较缓慢。最糟糕的是L字型复苏,那表示经济直坠落地,并且长时间之内没有真正的成长。W字型复苏也很糟糕,这是当经济开始复苏的时后,又很快掉回衰退。Alan Oster, group chief economist of the National Australia Bank, says a "W" recovery will be unlikely because of the massive amounts of government money pumped into the world's economies over the past year.澳大利亚的首席经济学家艾伦.奥斯特说,不太可能出现W字型复苏,因为在过去一年政府对世界经济注入了大笔资金。"You push a lot of money into economies - through interest rates and fiscal policies - I think the machine works. To get to "W" you need something else - you need an interest rate followed by an oil price shock, which is what the '80s were," said Oster. "You need to say to me something else is going to come along and clobber us."他说:“通过调整利率和恰当使用会计政策,你向经济投放很多资金,我想这有用。要出现W字型复苏需要不同的条件,你需要利率随着石油价格震荡,就如1980年时一样。你需要告诉我还有其他的事物将来冲击我们。”Governments in the region have been spending their way out of the crisis - handing out cash to citizens, building new highways, funding new programs, to revive business activity. Some countries, such as China, have indicated that they will take additional measures if their first stimulus efforts are inadequate. 在亚洲地区各国政府花费许多钱来脱离这场危机,包括发放现金、兴建新的高速公路、资助新的计划,来恢复商业活动。有些国家,例如中国,已经表明如果第一批的刺激力度不够的话,他们将会采取额外的措施。"For the central government, I think we have enough resources to support the economy to move to the "V" shaped recovery," said Xu.徐林说:“对于中央政府来讲,我想我们拥有足够的资源来撑经济走向V字型复苏。”No matter the shape of the recovery, economists say one thing is certain: when Asia passes the worst of the crisis, the economic landscape will have aly changed. Asia's export-driven economies will have started to seek a less vulnerable growth model. Xu says, in the aftermath of the slump, China's exporters will face different business conditions, and the economy will have to rely more on domestic demand for growth.不管是哪一种字型的复苏,经济学家说有一件事是确定的,就是当亚洲渡过了危机最糟糕的时刻,经济版图已经改变。亚洲出口导向的经济必将开始寻找不那么脆弱的成长模式。徐林说,衰退的后果就是,中国的出口商将面临不同的商业局面,而经济成长将必须更加仰赖国内需求。05/70946What a difference a few weeks makes in President Obama's political fortunes. Shortly after the Republican rout in the November midterm congressional elections, Obama acknowledged he and his fellow Democrats got a shellacking at the polls.几个星期就能使奥巴马总统的政治前景大为改观。在共和党取得11月国会中期选举胜利后不久,奥巴马总统承认他和民主党人在选举中遭遇挫折。It was a much more upbeat President Obama, however, who spoke to reporters at the White House after a productive so-called lame duck session of Congress that included dozens of Democrats who were defeated in November.但是,在所谓跛脚鸭国会通过了一系列法后,奥巴马总统显得振奋多了。"If there is any lesson to draw from these past few weeks, it is that we are not doomed to endless gridlock," said Obama. "We have shown in the wake of the November elections that we have the capacity not only to make progress, but to make progress together. And I am not naiuml;ve. I know there will be tough fights in the months ahead. But my hope heading into the New Year is that we can continue to heed the message of the American people and hold to a spirit of common purpose in 2011 and beyond."他在白宫对记者说:“如果说可以从过去几个星期汲取什么教训的话,那就是我们并不是注定会有无休止的僵局。我们在11月选举之后明,我们不仅能够取得进展,而且可以共同取得进展。我并不天真。我知道在未来的几个月里我们会有艰巨的战斗。但在新年到来之际,我的希望是我们可以继续倾听美国人民的声音,在2011年和以后的时间里坚持追求共同的目标。”The list of compromise agreements includes extending tax cuts for all Americans first approved by President George W. Bush, ratification of a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia, and ending a long-standing policy that prevents homosexuals from openly serving in the U.S. military.国会最后通过的妥协性协议包括延长布什总统批准的为所有美国人减税的政策,批准跟俄罗斯的新的限制核武器条约,中止长久以来不准公开的同性恋者参军的政策。Not everyone was happy. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina complained that Democrats rammed through a number of measures in the waning days of the session, especially the law that overturns the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy that had barred gays and lesbians from openly serving in the armed forces.并不是所有的人都高兴。南卡罗莱纳州共和党籍参议员格雷厄姆抱怨说,民主党人在国会会期的最后几天强行通过了一些法案,尤其是通过了推翻禁止公开的同性恋者役的“不问不说”政策。201012/122318New BMW M3, boy racer gone pro 2008 edition of this high performance vehicle is faster, lighter and more elegant then ever. Hi, I’m Sue Callaway, Car columnist of Fortune Magazine. 20 years ago, BMW thrilled the performance road with the introduction of the first M3, the E30. The company called the car a 3-series variant. But in reality it was a teenager on testosterone, a rebel with the cars, pure performance. 2 decades later, here comes the 2008 M3, the car’s grown up, it’s better educated, it’s well-rounded, it’s worldly. Purists are worried it’s gone soft. But I disagree. This is the boy racer, who’s finally gone pro. Everything on the new M3 is purpose built, from the guerney spoiler lip on the rear deck for increase down force at high speeds, the flat flurr panel underneath for increase air dynamics. The car’s lost a lot of weight, too. Aluminum suspension parts and aluminum hood help. But the biggest piece is right here, the trick carbon fiber roof. It weighs 11 pounds less than the traditional steel roof and 45 pounds less than the steel roof with a moonroof(a glass sunroof,1973) in it.Let’s have a look at the heart of this beast, the engine. BMW has literally doubled the engine since the original M3, which was a four-cylinder, 195 horsepower car. Today 414 horsepower V8 with a gut engine 295 foot-pound of torque.No amount of the data can explain just how great the new M3 is for that you have to do what it does best --drive. And then you’ll see just how far in the dust it leaves the old car.BMW has created a more usable M3 with this latest edition, but it hasn’t lost the purity of its performance roots. Like Porsche with 911, BMW has refined and refined and refined this car over the years until it’s one step shy of perfection. Hey, the company makes a lot of great cars. But to my mind, this truly is the ultimate driving machine.01/61133

  Helen Mirren pens memoirThe Oscar winning actress talks about her new book “In the Frame,” her mother and what a palm er predicted for herHelen Mirren took Hollywood by storm when she took on an Emmy Award, two Golden Globes and an Academy Award all in one year. The international super star took on the challenge of playing two of Britain’s most iconic figures, Elisabeth I and Elisabeth II. And now the 62-year-old is taking on the past again, telling her own life story. Helen Mirren’s book is In the Frame, My Life in Words and Pictures.Helen, good morning to you.Good morning.And I have to say, first of I learned in the book right away, Helen Mirren is not your real name.Well, actually it is my real name. But, em, you know, well, I was born with the name of Mironov. So, officially I guess I would be Mironov now, because my father was born in Russia.Which I didn’t realize (is) your paternal side, your grandfather actually was in the military during the Tsar. He came to England to purchase arms and live. (Absolutely) Russian Revolution breaks out; he’s suddenly a refugee and your dad was born in England.Yes, well, no, my dad was actually..(was aly born) was born in Russia. But he came at the age of two or three with my grandparents to England. So absolutely I’m half Russian, I would say it’s, my bottom half is Russian. HaWhy the bottom half?Well, you know, good old Russian peasants stopped down there, somewhere.Talk to me about your childhood, because your dad was a cab driver (Yes) and your mom was sort of a reluctant homemaker who wanted more for her girls.Yes, my mom was, is a very early feminist I guess. You know. The, you know, the issue of marriage and never came in up in our family. You know. "Oh, don’t worry, darling, you’ll get married and a man will take care of you." That was never promoted as a, as a sort of life choice. Our life choice was always, you must make your own money, you must have your own money, you must be economically independent of any one. And where my mom got that from, I don't know, but, yes, I think she was a reluctant mother. She was a great mom and she was fun, and you know, she cooked if you think she didn’t get up in the morning. But she was a great mother, but I don’t know if she really, really wanted to be a mother. I think a lot of women don’t actually.So, where did your love of acting come from?I don’t, I don’t know. I mean, er, I think a perfect combination of my parents. My, certainly one of my ancestors in Russia started one of the earliest theaters in Russia. It was a surf theater on Neri state. That was sort of like 300 hundred years ago. Em, so I had that in on my father side, or on my mother side, she was just a huge drama queen. So, you know.And yet, you write in your book: "Even now my relationship with the audience is ambivalent. I’m vaguely embarrassed by the idea of being looked at."Yes, yes, I just don't. Not all liked that to be looked at at all. They act sort of disappearance to something. And I think that is sort of the case…01/61403

  Bamp;B Bank 'To Be Nationalised' Bradford and Bingley is to be nationalised and an announcement will be made before the markets open, Sky News has learned. Savers have been told their money is safe - but what about staff, shareholders and taxpayers? Joel Hills reports. It’s a High Street name in need of rescuing, but talks to find a private buyer have run out of time. Santander was interested in some of Bradford amp; Bingley’s assets, but wouldn’t be rushed into a weekend deal. The government has decided, the taxpayer has to step in.Bradfordamp;Bingley has been in trouble for some time, just look at how its share price collapsed in the last 12 months. On Friday, shares were being bought and sold for just 20 pence.A crisis of confidence was brewing but the opposition insists nationalization is not the answer.We should have a situation in Britain, where we have the ability for the Bank of England to take over failing bank and to reconstruct it, safeguarding the depositors and then making sure that those bits of the businesses can be sold are sold. And in the end, the bill affectively is picked up…Not by the tax payers who I want to protect. Thank you for the..., So a bank is sold for…The government maintains it will act in the best interests of savers and taxpayers.This is not simply a problem for the ed Kingdom, this is a global crisis. We have taken tough decisive action to sort out the situation and I am confident that in due course, there will be a statement from the Treasury about Bradfordamp;Bingley, I am not going to add to the speculation.The message for Bradfordamp;Bingley’s 2.5 million savers is your money (is) safe, although you may find yourselve suddenly banking with someone else, retail deposits are likely to be sold on to the likes of Santander, HS and Barclays.What happens next to Bradfordamp;Bingley’s 3000 staff isn’t clear. 370 redundancies were announced earlier in the week with the branch network also said to be flogged off. More job losses look likely.For the rest of us, the news is not that encouraging. Bradfordamp;Bingley has written 41 billon pounds of mortgages; those loans are now turning bad at twice the average industry rate. In a falling housing market, no bank is likely to be interested, the really toxic stuff is likely to left with the taxpayer.The result of this breakup is that yet another mortgage provider has disappeared from the market, and less competition could well make mortgages scarcer and more expensive.Until now, banks and building societies have either been nationalized or taken over when they run into trouble. But some feel the government shouldn’t be bailing out individual banks, it’s the banking system that needs saving.We have a business models and our banking system that don’t work anymore. You know, unless we do something comprehensive, unless we really look this in the eye that the Americans have done, I really fear for what’s gonna happen in the next kind of two, three, four, five months.There're reports that the British banks have asked government to arrange a rescue package similar to the one that’s being flushed out in the ed States. The suggestion is that Bradfordamp;Bingley isn’t the only British bank in trouble.参考中文翻译:据Sky News了解,英国房贷巨头Bradford and Bingley将要实行国有化,开市之前将会进行宣布。储户被告知他们的钱是安全的——但是员工,股东和纳税人呢?Joel Hills 报道。该房贷巨头亟需救助,但是寻找私人买主时间不足。Santander有意于Bradfordamp;Bingley 的部分资产,但是不可能周末马上进行交易。政府决定:纳税人必须采取行动。Bradfordamp;Bingley陷入困境已有一段时间,从过去12个月股价狂跌可以看出。周五,股票成交价格只有20便士。政府正在酿造挽回人民对危机的信心,但是在野党坚持,国有化并不能解决问题。我们需要了解一下英国的形势。英国有能力接管破产进行重建,保卫储蓄者,确保能够售出的企业成功出售。最后,由谁买单呢?不是由我们想保护的纳税人。感谢……,出售是为了……政府坚持他们会为了储户和纳税人的最大利益而采取行动。这不仅仅是英国的问题,这是全球经济危机。我们已经采取了果断措施对形势进行控制,我相信通过这些措施,财务部关于Bradfordamp;Bingley会发表声明,我不想再进行更多的推测。传达给Bradfordamp;Bingley250万储户的信息是,你们的钱是安全的,虽然你会发现你的钱到了其他,存款可能会被转到Santander, HS和Barclays。Bradfordamp;Bingley3000名员工前途未卜。Bradfordamp;Bingley贷出410亿抵押贷款,而坏账率是市场平均值的两倍。由于房地产市场的崩溃,没有会有兴趣接受新的员工,所以这些深受其害的员工可能和纳税人处于相同境地。该破产的结果是另一个贷款巨头从市场上消失,贷款行业竞争减少,贷款资源稀缺,价格更高。目前为止,和建筑公司一旦遭遇问题,都被收归国有或者被接管。但是有人说,政府不应该对单独的某个进行救市,需要拯救的是系统。我们的商业模式和体系都不再运转。你知道,除非我们采取一些综合的措施,除非我们我们像美国人所做的那样,我真的担心接下去的几个月内形势会怎样。有报告说,英国的向政府提出申请类似美国所采取的一揽子救市方案,暗示Bradfordamp;Bingley并非唯一陷入困境的英国。200811/57470

  Anderson Cooper interviews Liz McCartney, who was named CNN Hero of the Year for her work with Katrina victims. CNN hero of the year is Liz McCartney.Do you feel like a hero? No, I mean I'm surrounded by amazing people every single day, Anderson. People who are really, really strong and amazingly hardworking, so I don't, I mean I think this award is, again, really attribute to everybody's efforts. What do you think people in St. Bernard Parish are gonna think when they when they see this and hear that you won?Well, I,I hope they are honored, you know, this award is really about them and their families and communities and getting them back to where they were before the storm. When you are in an area where people have suffered so much loss, you realize what's really important and what’s really important is family, and homes and communities. Do you think this is a reminder to a lot of folks that of, that there are still a lot of work that needs to be done there? I surely hope so, I hope the message is loud and clear, that while we are making a lot of progress thanks to all the help that we’ve received, there’s still a long way to go. What I like to do tonight is to dedicate this award to everybody in the New Orleans area that was affected by this storm. What is it being like being here on this night, I mean, you have celebrities, you know talking about you, and this crowd and your picture being taken, is it surreal? It’s totally weird, you know I mean I am used to like walking around in jeans and T shirts. All of our heroes got 25,000 dollars, you are the CNN hero the year of the award, there’s an additional 100,000 dollars. Do you know what you plan to do with the money? Oh, absolutely, we are rebuilding another ten families’ homes, with that money, yeah, so it’s going to right back into community.200812/58231。

  Economics focus经济聚焦Degrees of democracy民主的程度More education does not necessarily lead to greater enthusiasm for representative politics 受教育程度越高并不一定对代表制政治产生更大的热情Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print editionON JUNE 20th Zine el-Abedine Ben-Ali, Tunisia’s former ruler, was sentenced in absentia to 35 years in prison. Many trace the origins of the popular rebellion that forced him from office to frustration over the treatment by the police of a young man with few job prospects. That combustible mixture of authoritarianism, unemployment and youth has played a big role in sparking many of the popular uprisings across the Middle East and north Africa that followed Tunisia’s. But some argue that increased education should also take credit for the Arab spring. 6月20号,前突尼斯总统Zine el-Abedine Ben-Ali在其未出席的情况下被判35年监禁。许多人探求这场大规模的反抗的根源,由于警察部门过分的对待一个没有就业前景的年轻人导致的反抗迫使他从当政者变为了阶下囚。即突尼斯之后,包括独裁主义、失业和年轻人的易冲动的混合体在中东和北非引起许多大规模的暴动。但是一些人认为增加的教育也应该为这场阿拉伯承担责任。Many of the countries where disaffection with strongmen rulers has spilled over into revolt have seen their education levels rise sharply in recent decades. Young people in these countries are far better educated than their parents were. In 1990 the average Egyptian had 4.4 years of schooling; by 2010 the figure had risen to 7.1 years. Could it be that education, by making people less willing to put up with restrictions on freedom and more willing to question authority, promotes democratisation?许多由于对强硬领导人不满情绪涌出而导致起义的国家,其教育水平在近几十年中有大幅的提升。这些国家中的年轻人受到的教育远好于他们的父母。1990年平均每个埃及人接受4.4年的教育,到了2010年这个数字提升到7.1年。是教育促使民主化么?教育使得人们更少愿意忍受对自由的限制,更愿意挑战权威。201106/142521

  A new row about the IPCC 政府间气候变化专门委员会的新争吵A climate of conflict 气候之争The world’s climate experts must work harder to avoid conflicts of interest 全球的气候专家们必须要竭尽全力以避免利益之争Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print edition | International PANELS of experts assessing scientific investigations tend to be messy affairs, particularly when their customers are governments. People with expertise in one field, such as renewable energy, may have a bias towards it. Summaries of their work are the result of political negotiations. And findings are further boiled down in an attempt to win media coverage.那些评估科学考察的专家小组越发地变得复杂了,尤其是当他们的客户是政府时更是如此。在某个领域,如可再生能源方面拥有专业知识的人或许对此有偏见。他们的工作摘要是政治谈判的结果。这样的发现可以进一步归结为试图赢得媒体的报道。Much of this can be seen in a new “special report” on renewable energy by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was released last week. Possible conflicts of interest, revealed by Steve McIntyre, a blogger, have led to another controversy about the panel—only 18 months after its embarrassment over an incorrect claim about the imminent demise of the Himalayas’ glaciers.从新的有关可再生能源的“特别报告”中就可以看到以上的大部分情况,该报告是在上周由政府间气候变化专门委员会(IPCC,以下简称气候委员会)发布的。一个叫史帝夫.麦因特(Steve McIntyre)的客透露,可能的利益纷争已经又引发了一场关于专家小组的争议——这距离上次关于喜马拉雅山冰川即将消失的错误言论仅有18个月的时间。201106/142330

  Short breaks make people happier than one long holiday, psychologists claimTaking frequent short breaks is better for you than one long holiday, research has found.Psychologists believe that people who use their holiday allowance in bursts rather than all in one go are happier.People who take so-called mini-breaks have more happy memories than those who holiday for an extended period of time, they claimed.Dan Ariely, a behavioural economist who wrote The Upside of Irrationality, suggested that holidaymakers break up extended time away by doing some work in the middle of their break saying this would make them more appreciative of their time away from the office.The explanation is that people's enjoyment wanes as they become accustomed to their holiday lifestyle.Prof Ariely, who teaches at Duke University in North Carolina, said: "On a long vacation, day seven is less good than day one because it's not as exciting. That's why in general, going away four times [a year] provides more benefit than you would expect, and going away for one week provides less benefit than you would expect."However other experts disagree. Tim Harford, the author of Dear Undercover Economist, said that taking an increased number of trips would only increase the stress associated with travelling to and from a holiday destination.He said: "If you pack three times as many holidays into the same amount of leave, you can expect three times as much trouble. It's not obvious to me that it's worth it."Vocabulary:all in one go:一次性地背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111572

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