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Kepler World开普勒的世界Much has been made of the 00th anniversary this year of Galileo pointing a telescope at the moon and jotting down what he saw.00年前伽利略用望远镜观测月球并简要记录了观测结果,00年后的今天我们很隆重地纪念了这一历史性事件But is also the 00th anniversary of the publication by Johannes Kepler,a German mathematician and astronomer,of ;Astronomia Nova;.不过,年也是德国数学家和天文学家约翰尼斯?开普勒发表《新天文学00周年This was a book that contained an of his discovery of how the planets move around the sun,correcting Copernicus own more famous but incorrectly mulated description of the solar system.这部著作论述了他发现的行星围绕太阳运行的规律,从而修正了哥白尼给太阳系作的错误描述,尽管哥白尼的论述更加广为人知And it established the laws planetary motion on which Isaac Newton based his work.另外,该著作还创立了行星运行定律,为艾萨克?牛顿的发现奠定了基础Four centuries ago the received wisdom was that of Aristotle,who asserted that the Earth was the centre of the universe,四个世纪以前,人们普遍接受的是亚里斯多德的观点他认为地球是宇宙的中心,and that it was encircled by the spheres of the moon,the sun, the planets and the stars beyond them.月球、太阳以及其他所有的行星和恒星都绕着地球旋转Copernicus had noticed inconsistencies in this theory and had placed the sun at the centre,with the Earth and the other planets travelling around the sun.但是,哥白尼注意到这个理论的一些观点自相矛盾,他认为太阳才是宇宙的中心,地球和其他星球都绕着太阳运行Some six decades later when Kepler tackled the motion of Mars,he proposed a number of geometric models,checking his results against the position of the planet as recorded by his boss.大约60年后,开普勒为研究火星运行轨迹假设了大量的几何模型,但是根据这些模型预测出的结果和他上司记录的火星位置不一致Kepler repeatedly found that his model failed to predict the correct position of the planet.当开普勒反复发现他的模型无法正确预测火星的位置时,他决定对它进行改造He altered it and, in so doing,created first egg-shaped ;orbits; and,finally, an ellipse with the sun placed at one focus.开普勒先是建立了一个蛋型“轨道”,并在此基础上提出了椭圆轨道的模型,在这个模型中,太阳位于椭圆轨道的其中一个焦点上Kepler went on to show that an elliptical orbit is sufficient to explain the movement of the other planets and to devise the laws of planetary motion that Newton built on.接着,开普勒又明椭圆轨道模型同样适用于解释其他行星的运行轨迹,并且依此模型足以归纳出行星运行定律,而这些定律日后成为了牛顿的理论基础A.E.L. Davis this week told astronomers and historians that it was the rotation of the sun that provided Kepler with what he thought was one of the causes of the planetary motion that his laws described,although his reasoning would today be considered entirely wrong.A.E.L. Davis在这周告诉天文学家和历史学家说,正是太阳自转现象让开普勒得到启发,从而得出他在行星运行定律中所描述的引起行星运动的其中一个原因,尽管他的论过程在现在看来是完全错误的In astronomy and astrology were seen as intimately related;mathematics and natural philosophy,meanwhile, were quite separate areas of endeavor;however, Kepler sought physical mechanisms to explain his mathematical result.年,天文学和星象学被视为联系紧密的两个学科.而数学和物理学则是完全独立的两个研究领域.但开着勒却试图以物理机制来验数学结墨He wanted to know how it could be that the planets orbited the sun.他想弄清楚行星怎么会沿一定的轨迹绕太阳运行Once he learned that the sun rotated,he comted himself with the thought that the sun rays must somehow sweep the planets around it while some magnetism ed the exact elliptical path.当他得知太阳存在自转现象时,他就自欺欺人地认为太阳的光线无论如何一定会照射到周围的行星,而某种磁力使堡这些行星沿着规则的椭圆轨道运行As today astronomers struggle to determine whether they can learn from the past,Kepler tale provides a salutary reminder that only some explanations stand the test of time.现在的天文学家们极力想知道他们是否能从历史中得到一些启示,而开普勒的故事的积极意义在于:它提醒我们并不是所有理论都经得起时间的考验Let Life be Beautiful Like Summer flowers生如夏花Life, thin and light-off time and time againFrivolous tireless生命,一次次平淡,一次次热情,轻狂不倦I heard the echo, from the valleys and the heartOpen to the lonely soul of sickle harvestingRepeat outrightly, but also repeat the well-being ofEventually swaying in the desert oasisI believe I amBorn as the bright summer flowersDo not withered undefeated fiery demon ruleHeart rate and breathing to bear the load of the cumbersomeBored我听见来自山谷和心间的回响回应着收割孤寂的灵魂重复着果敢,也重复着幸福最终回荡于沙漠绿洲我相信自己生来便如璀璨的夏花永不凋谢,胜过妖艳如火我的心率和呼吸,承受繁杂累赘已然厌倦I heard the music, from the moon and carcassAuxiliary extreme aestheticism bait to capture mistyFilling the intense life, but also filling the pureThere are always memories throughout the earthI believe I amDied as the quiet beauty of autumn leavesSheng is not chaos, smoke gestureEven wilt also retained bone proudly Qing Feng muscleOccult我耳旁响起来自明月和遗骸的乐声辅以极致唯美诱捕浩渺充盈着旺盛和纯净的生命在尘世间总留有思念我相信自己消逝如恬静美丽的秋叶笙声不乱,姿态如烟即便憔悴枯萎也傲骨清风玄奥莫测I hear love, I believe in loveLove is a pool of struggling blue-green algaeAs desolate micro-burst of windBleeding through my veinsYears stationed in the belief我听见了爱,我相信爱爱是一池奋力的蓝黑水藻如同凄寂的微风如同我体脉的血流于信仰中长久驻留I believe that all can hearEven anticipate discrete, I met the other their ownSome can not grasp the momentLeft to the East to go West, the dead must not return to nowhereSee, I wear Zan Flowers on my head, in full bloom along the way all the wayFrequently missed some, but also deeply moved by wind, frost, snow or rain我相信万物均有声即便预见离散,我也随遇而安有些转瞬即逝任凭东来西去,逝去的必定不返看,我头戴一路盛开的簪花,时有遗憾,却也被风雾雪雨所感动Prajna Paramita, soon as soon aslife be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leavesAlso care about what has一声般若波罗蜜直到生如夏花,死如秋叶依然心念所有更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 5355

啃嚼语段One day in August the sun was rising through the mist.8月的一天,太阳正从薄雾中缓缓升起In a yellow cornfield near Marlott village it shone on two large arms of painted wood.在马勒特村附近的一片金黄的麦地上,阳光正照射着两根漆过的木头These,with two others below, med the turning cross of the reaping-machine.这两根,加上下面的两根,就组成了割麦机上转动的十字形曲柄It was y today harvest.这是在为今天的收割做准备A group of men and a group of women came down the road at sunrise.日出时分,一群男人和女人沿着大路走来了As they walked along, their heads were in the sun while their feet were in the shadow of the hedge.他们的脸沐浴在阳光中,脚则落在了树篱的阴影里They went into the field.他们走进了麦地Soon there came a sound like the love-making of the grasshopper.很快传来一种蚱蜢求爱时发出的声音The machine had begun, and three horses pulled it slowly along the field.Its arms turned,bright in the sunlight.机器开始运转了有三匹马拉着它慢慢地往前开机器的曲柄转动着,在阳光下闪闪发光Gradually the area of standing corn was reduced.渐渐地,麦地里竖着麦子的部分减少了So was the living space of the small field animals,who crowded together,not knowing that they could not escape the machine in the end.田间小动物们的生存空间同样也就减少了它们簇拥在一起,并不知道它们终究是无法从机器下逃生的语段精讲1. One day in August the sun was rising through the mist.短语窜烧:in August:在十月份 rise through:穿过......而升起妙语生花:The sun was rising through the mist.(景物描写). In a yellow cornfield near Marlott village it shone on two large arms of painted wood.短语窜烧:a yellow cornfield:金黄的麦地 in a cornfield:在麦地上语法点拨:painted wood是指“刷过油漆的木头”,这里painted是过去分词作前置定语修饰wood妙语生花:The sun shine on something.阳光照在......上(景物描写)3. These,with two others below, med the turning cross of the reaping-machine.词汇窜烧:m:形成 cross:交叉 reaping-machine:割麦机 reap:收割短语窜烧:turning cross:转动的十字柄 two others:其它的两个3. It was y today harvest.加分短语:be y :准备...... e.g. They were armed to the teeth, y any emergency. 他们已全副武装, 随时准备应急The filter is now y operation. 这种滤器目前即将投入运转. A group of men and a group of women came down the road at sunrise.短语窜烧:1. a group of:一群 e.g. A group of children are playing games on the playground. 一群孩子正在操场上做游戏. at sunrise:在日出时分,在日出时 e.g. They set out at sunrise. 他们日出时出发The birds start singing at sunrise. 鸟儿在黎明时开始歌唱 3. come down the road:沿着大路向下走 PS:down在这里是介词,表示方向,意思是“沿着......而下”5. As they walked along, their heads were in the sun while their feet were in the shadow of the hedge.短语精讲:1. walk along:一起走 PS.:along既可以做副词也可以做介词,作为副词,意思是“向前,一起”,作为介词,意思是“沿着......”例如:walk along the street(沿着街道走). in the sun:在阳光下 3. in the shadow:在阴影中妙语生花:Their heads were in the sun while their feet were in the shadow of the hedge. 他们的脸沐浴在阳光中,而他们的脚则落在了树篱的阴影里6. Soon there came a sound like the love-making of the grasshopper.语法点拨:这个句子是倒装句,倒桩的结构是:there+come+主语再如:There comes the bus. 公交车来了词汇详解:sound在这里是作为可数名词用,前面有a修饰作为可数名词,它的意思是“ thing that produces such a sensation; thing that can be heard ”例如:I heard a strange sound outside. 我听到外面有一种奇怪的声音He crept upstairs without a sound. 他悄悄地上了楼词汇串烧:love-making:n. 做爱,性交 grasshopper:n.蚱蜢,蝗虫7. Its arms turned,bright in the sunlight.妙语生花:Something is bright in the sunlight. (某物)在阳光下闪闪发光Ps. in the sunlight:在阳光下8. Gradually the area of standing corn was reduced.词汇精讲:1. standing corn是指“竖立着的麦苗”,standing是现在分词作前置定语,意思是“竖立着的”. reduce:vt. 使......减少 e.g. This shirt was greatly reduced in the sale. 这种衬衣在大减价时降价很多3. area:u.n. 范围,面积 e.g. The area of the office is 35 square metres.办公室的面积是35平方米8. So was the living space of the small field animals,who crowded together,not knowing that they could not escape the machine in the end.语法点拨1:So was the living space of the small field animals是倒装句式结构是:so+系动词+主语这句话是以so开头,was是系动词,the living space of the small field animals是主语语法点拨:the living space意思是“生存的空间”,living在这里是现在分词作前置定语语法点拨3:who crowded together是非限定性定语从句修饰先行词animals语法点拨:not knowing that they could not escape the machine in the end是否定结构的现在分词短语做后置定语定语,修饰名词animals短语窜烧:in the end:最后 e.g. Justice triumphs in the end. 正义终将得胜crowded together:簇拥在一起 e.g. She takes us to dark place in the est where the trees are crowded together. 她将我们带到树林里黑暗的地方,那里树木拥挤的生长在一起 357

How come I stand alone by the river?怎么独自站在河边上?The hazy sky is that dawn or dusk? Where can I inquire?这朦胧的天色,是黎明还是黄昏?何处寻问,I simply feel I am in an ocean of flowers,只觉得眼前竟是花的世界amid the flowers mixed a few white roses.中间杂着几朵白蔷薇There she comes,she comes down from the hill.她来了,她从山上下来了With a bunch of flowers in hands,手里抱着一大束花she appears in a plain white dress with beautiful make up.靓妆着,仿佛是一身缟白Come hither,give you a white rose,you may pin on the lapel.我说,你来,给你一朵白蔷薇,好簪在襟上I say. She beams with a word,but I can not hear.她微笑说了一句话,只是听不见However,I seem to no pick one,然而似乎我竟没有摘,and she does not wear it,holding the flowers still,she walks ward.她也没有戴,依旧抱着花儿,向前走了Looking up the path she passed,抬头望她去路,I can see both sides of the path covered with blooming flowers,drooping flowers,and fallen flowers.只见得两旁开满了花,垂满了花,落满了花I suppose white flower is better than red flower all the time;我想白花终比红花好;yet why didnt I pick one,and she didnt wear one?然而为何我竟没有摘,她也竟没有戴?What the place ward?前路是什么地方,Why not go with her?为何不随她走去?It over,the flowers disappear,都过去了,花也隐了,and the dream awakes,梦也醒了,what may be ahead?前路如何?If I had picked one,had she been wearing it?便摘也何曾戴? 69

In one salutation to thee, my God, let all my senses sp out and touch this world at thy feet.在我向你合十膜拜之中,我的上帝,让我一切的感知都舒展在你的脚下,接触这个世界Like a rain-cloud of July hung low with its burden of unshed showers let all my mind bend down at thy door in one salutation to thee.像七月的湿云,带着未落的雨点沉沉下垂,在我向你合十膜拜之中,让我的全副心灵在你的门前俯伏Let all my songs gather together their diverse strains into a single current and flow to a sea of silence in one salutation to thee.让我所有的诗歌,聚集起不同的调子,在我向你合十膜拜之中,成为一股洪流,倾注入静寂的大海Like a flock of homesick cranes flying night and day back to their mountain nests let all my life take its voyage to its eternal home in one salutation to thee.像一群思乡的鹤鸟,日夜飞向他们的山巢,在我向你合十膜拜之中,让我全部的生命,启程回到它永久的家乡 7798


Self-control is essential to happiness and usefulness. It is the master of all the virtues,and has its root in self-respect. Let a man yield to his impulses and passions, and from that moment he gives up his moral freedom.It is the self-discipline of a man that enables him to pursue success with superior diligence and sobriety.Many of the great characters in history illustrate this trait. In ordinary life the application is the same.He who would lead must first command himself. The time of test is when everybody is excited or angry,then the well-balanced mind comes to the front.There is a very special demand the cultivation of his trait at present.The young men who rush into business with no good education or drill will do poor and feverish work.Endurance is a much better test of character than act of heroism.A fair amount of self-examination is good. Self-knowledge is a preface to self-control. Too much self-inspection leads to morbidness; too little conducts to careless and hasty action. There are two things which will surely strengthen our self-control. One is attention to conscience; the other is a spirit of good will.The man who would succeed in any great undertaking must hold all his faculties under perfect control; they must be disciplined and drilled until they quickly and cheerfully obey the will. 365

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