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凉山州一医院做药物流产多少钱锦江区妇女医院网络咨询新津县儿童医院在线咨询 China’s masses of globetrotting tourists are changing their habits amid currency shifts, evolving fashions and upheavals in everything from politics to visa policies — with Japan, South Korea and Russia among the biggest beneficiaries.随着汇率变动、风尚演变,以及从政治到签政策等事情的变迁,中国的海外观光大军正在改变出行习惯——日本、韩国和俄罗斯成为最大受益者。Despite historical enmity and persistent political tensions between Beijing and Tokyo, the number of mainland Chinese tourists visiting Japan jumped to 359,000 last month, a year-on-year rise of almost 160 per cent, according to the Japan National Tourism Organisation.尽管存在历史的仇恨以及两国政府间持续的政治紧张,但根据日本国家旅游局(Japan National Tourism Organisation)的数据,上月赴日旅游的中国大陆游客数量跃升至35.9万人,同比上升近160%。Mainlanders’ visits to South Korea also soared, up 58 per cent to 516,787 last month against the year before, according to the Korea Tourism Organisation.赴韩国旅游人数也同样飙涨,根据韩国旅游发展局(Korea Tourism Organisation)的数据,上月赴韩旅游的中国游客人数达到516787人,同比增长58%。Meanwhile, China overtook Germany in 2014 as the biggest source of foreign tourism to Russia with almost 410,000 visits, according to Rostourism.同时,俄罗斯联邦旅游署(Rostourism)的数据表明,2014年中国超越德国,成为俄罗斯的第一大海外游客来源。“Currency is a big factor in choosing destinations, since Chinese tourists still do a lot of shopping while travelling and they are very price-sensitive,” says Dai Bing, head of the China Tourism Academy in Beijing. “Trips to Japan and Europe have been boosted by their weak currency. We have also noticed a significant growth in tourist numbers to Russia because of currency depreciation.”“就选择目的地而言,货币是一大因素,因为中国游客依然在旅游时大量购物,而且他们对价格非常敏感,”中国旅游研究院(China Tourism Academy)院长戴斌说,“日本和欧洲的货币走弱提振了日本游和欧洲游。我们也注意到因为俄罗斯卢布贬值,赴俄旅游人数大幅增长。”Last year the number of outbound tourist departures from mainland China hit 100m for the first time, according to state media.根据中国官方媒体的报道,去年中国内地游客出境游次数达到了1亿人次。But almost half of that figure is accounted for by Hong Kong. Visits to the Chinese territory rose 16 per cent last year to 47m, despite street protests in September and October, but began to decline during February’s lunar new year holiday and fell even more steeply this month as anti-mainland sentiment grew, according to the Shanghai Daily.但其中近一半人去的是香港。尽管香港在去年9月和10月爆发了街头示威,但根据《上海日报》(Shanghai Daily)的报道,去年赴香港旅游人数仍然增长16%,至4700万。但今年2月农历春节期间,赴港内地游客数量开始下滑,而随着香港反内地情绪的升温,该数字在3月份以更大幅度下滑。In recent weeks scuffles have broken out between Hong Kong residents and day-tripping mainland traders who buy goods in the city to sell over the border.近几周,香港市民和利用赴港一日游,在香港购买商品带回内地售卖的内地商人爆发了多起冲突。But if fewer mainlanders are heading to Hong Kong to buy everything from milk powder to handbags, the numbers going further afield to shop have risen sharply — and they are coming home with a whole new range of products, from Japanese toilet seats and rice cookers to Korean skin cleansers and hydration creams.但是,如果说前往香港购买从奶粉到手袋等各种商品的内地人减少了,那么去更远的地方购物的人数已大幅增长。这些游客带回国内的是全新的一类产品,从日本的马桶座和电饭煲,到韩国的洁面仪和保湿霜。“Chinese tourists now shop for a broader range of products, not just luxury goods but daily necessities”, says Mr Dai. “They no longer buy things to show off their wealth but things that they really need and are worth the price.”“现在中国游客购物的种类变得更广,不仅仅是奢侈品,还包括日常必需品,”戴斌表示,“他们不再为炫富而购物,而是购买他们真正需要,值得花那样的价钱的东西。”Mr Dai says Hong Kong has lost its advantage over other destinations, and not just because of political tensions or hostility from the locals. “Almost all the middle-class mainlanders who have the money to visit Hong Kong have aly done so, while visa policies in other countries have been relaxed for mainlanders,” he says. “The tourism competitiveness of Hong Kong has been weakened.”戴斌表示,香港已失去了相对于其他目的地的优势,而这不仅是因为政治紧张或者当地人的敌意。“几乎所有有钱去香港的内地中产阶层已经去过香港了,而其他国家对内地游客的签政策已经放松,”他说,“香港的旅游竞争优势已经变弱了。”Travel experts say Chinese are now travelling for experiences, not just for shopping. Ctrip, the Chinese online travel agent, says twice as many mainlanders will visit Japan for the spring cherry blossom season this year as last, while Australia’s largest provider of camping vans says Chinese rentals have doubled over the past year.旅游专家表示,中国人现在旅游不仅仅是为了购物,也为了体验。中国在线旅行社携程(Ctrip)表示,今年在樱花季赴日旅游的人数是去年的两倍,而澳大利亚最大的露营车提供商表示,过去一年里租用露营车的中国人翻了一番。Cultural trends are also playing an increasing role in travel choices — particularly in the growing allure of South Korea.在出行选择方面,文化潮流也扮演着日益重要的角色,这一点尤其表现在韩国不断上升的吸引力方面。Choi Kyung-un, a researcher with the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute, says Chinese purchases in the country are driven by trends derived from Korean television, movies and K-pop music. “Chinese people have become more interested in South Korean culture — and the country itself,” she says. Visa procedures have also been simplified.韩国文化和旅游学会(Korea Culture and Tourism Institute)研究员崔京云(Choi Kyung-un)表示,中国人在韩国购物受到了韩剧、韩国电影和韩国流行音乐潮流的驱动。她表示:“中国人对韩国文化和韩国这个国家本身更感兴趣了。” /201503/366744川北医学院附属医院官网

四川生殖专科医院治疗好不好A:Why in the world would a dog come to see a psychiatrist?A:为什么世界上还会有去看精神病医生呢?B:For one thing, we don’t yell at them for getting up on the couch.B:第一,你没有对他吼过从沙发上醒来。 /201504/371665广安市妇幼保健院预约电话 四川成都治疗尖锐湿疣的医院

金牛区中心医院有微创手术吗It#39;s no secret celebrities spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on maintaining their looks.世人皆知,明星们为了使自己容颜永驻可谓是不惜一切代价。From bloody #39;vampire facials#39; to placenta serums and of course plastic surgery - the fountain of youth runs deep.从敷人血面膜驻颜到胎盘面部护理,明星们为了看起来更年轻真是使出了浑身解数。But an app is now trying to cut through all the cosmetics to determine exactly how old a person looks based on a picture.但现在有一款应用,能够识破你所有“伪装”,仅从照片判断你的年龄。(有人将奥巴马最开始的照片和现在的照片年龄进行对比,发现他任职6年,颜龄老了13岁。今年这位总统53岁,照片显示已有58岁。)(虽然已经51岁,米歇尔夫人却被测出只有37岁。奥巴马总统曾经说过:“米歇尔一天都没有变老,我问她青春永驻的秘密是什么,她只是说,‘新鲜的水果和蔬菜#39;,这太让人恼火了。”) The website, called How old do I look, it allows people to analyse any image found on Bing, Microsoft#39;s search engine, or upload their own.这个通过分析图片来鉴定年龄的网站叫How old do I look,人们可以上传从微软搜索引擎必应(Bing)上下载的图片,或上传自己的图片,系统将对图片进行分析。(乔治王子显示的年龄就是他的实际年龄,但是十分遗憾的是,软件搞混了他的性别。) It even allows users to search for celebrities - and see what Microsoft thinks their real ages are.用户甚至可以在该网站上搜索名人的照片,应用将会测算出该名人的“真实年龄”。#39;This may be hard to believe but it took a couple of developers just a day to put this whole solution together, starting with the pipeline from the web page to the Machine Learning APIs to the real time streaming analytics and real time B,#39; said Microsoft.“这个应用是两个研发人员的劳动成果,他们完成了从网页到机器学习编程接口(Machine Learning APIs)的信息传输,继而完成后者到实时流量分析,再到实时扫描的信息传输,整个过程仅用了一天时间,这非常不可思议。”微软有关人员表示。(67岁高龄的希拉里·克林顿经过软件分析后显示只有40岁。这张照片选自她的竞选宣传片“我想成为捍卫者”。) It designed to site to show off the capabilities of its cloud server software.微软设计这个网站是为了体现其云务器软件的性能。(照片中51岁的普京实际年龄已经是62岁了。) It revealed the site today at its annual Build developers conference in San Francisco.在当地时间4月30日于旧金山举办的年度Build开发者大会上,微软公布了这个网站。(比尔-盖茨实际年龄59岁,而自家公司开发的软件测算的年龄居然已经77岁了。) #39;We wanted to create an experience that was intelligent and fun could capture the attention of people globally, so we looked at the APIs available in the Azure Machine Learning Gallery,#39; it said.微软表示:“我们想开发一款足够智能的产品,抓住全世界人们的目光,因此我们在Azure机器学习库(Azure Machine Learning Gallery)中查找可利用的编程接口(APIs)。”The system works by analysing 27 points on the face.这个系统将在人的面部选取27个点并进行分析。(美国乡村音乐小天后泰勒·斯威夫特的这张照片摄于她23岁时,软件却认为泰勒的颜龄就像她的流行单曲“22”一样。) Called face landmarks, they are a series of specifically detailed points on a face; typically points of face components like the pupils, canthus or nose.系统将这27个点称为“脸部地标”,选取的是一系列非常能够体现面部特征的点;尤其是像瞳孔,眼角和鼻子。(足球明星大卫·贝克汉姆刚于上周五过了他40岁的生日,软件测的结果是45岁。) #39;These attributes are predicted by using statistical algorithms and may not always be 100% precise.“该应用是通过统计学算法来对这些特征进行测算,有时并非百分之百准确。”(“颜龄”认为默克尔只有47岁,比实际年龄小了11岁。不过,照片中在默克尔身边的时任泰国总理英拉更抢镜,只有29岁,要知道当时英拉的实际年龄是45岁。) #39;However, they are still helpful when you want to classify faces by these attributes.“然而,当我们想要通过这些特征来鉴别人的面部时,这个应用仍然有其用武之地。”(这两年,爱折腾的安倍老得快,“颜龄”测试给出的结果是73岁。)#39;Face landmarks are a series of specifically detailed points on a face; typically points of face components like the pupils, canthus or nose.“‘脸部地标#39;是脸部一系列非常能够显示面部特征的点;尤其是像瞳孔,眼角和鼻子。Face landmarks are optional attributes that can be analyzed during face detection.“脸部地标”是在脸部随机选取的特征点,系统会对人脸部进行识别,继而对这些特征点进行分析。By default, there are 27 predefined landmark points.默认情况下,系统将预先确定27个这样的“脸部地标”。 /201505/373659 Aries buys the first thing that catches their eye.白羊座总是购买一眼就看上的东西。Taurus gives stocks and bonds, with piggy banks for the kids.金牛座花费很多在孩子身上。Gemini rewraps a present they didn#39;t use from last year.双子座会送给你一件他用不着的的去年的东西。Cancer knits sweaters and makes fudge for the neighborhood.巨蟹座会为邻居织毛衣或者自制巧克力。Leo makes charitable donations on behalf of their loved ones.狮子座代表他们爱的人进行慈善捐助。Virgo#39;s gifts don#39;t matter quite so much as their impeccable wrapping.处女座的礼物并不像像精美的包装一样华丽。Libra will reach a decision sometime next year.天秤座会决定明年再送礼物。Scorpio gives their partner a night to remember.天蝎座会给对方一个难忘的夜晚。Sagittarius distributes strange souvenirs from exotic locations.射手座分发异地带回的奇异的纪念品。Capricorn showers their coworkers with engraved pens.羯座给同事很多刻上字的钢笔。Aquarius purchases virtual gifts online.水瓶座在网上购买实质的礼物。Pisces plants a tree in the name of their dear ones.双鱼座会种下一棵以爱人名字命名的树。 /201507/385406四川成都市妇幼保健院网上预约成都第一人民医院专家咨询



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