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重庆第九医院在哪里?重庆新桥医院正规吗?八人民医院好不好网址 If buying Chinese shares was not aly sufficiently entertaining, Imax is about to increase the thrill factor still further — by listing shares in its China unit on Hong Kong’s stock market.如果说买入中国股票还不够有意思,IMAX正准备进一步提高刺激程度——它将把其中国分部在香港上市。Although the issue is small — up to a maximum 7m if the overallotment option is exercised — it should attract interest. China’s entertainment industry is representative of the shift in the economy from investment to consumption, and buying experiences over things. Last year, China’s box office became the first outside the US to surpass bn, with revenues rising nearly two-fifths year on year, says researcher IHS Technology.虽然募资规模较小——在行使超额配股权的情况下最多也只有3.17亿美元——这只股票应该会吸引投资者的兴趣。中国业是中国经济从投资驱动向消费驱动转型的一个代表性行业,它也代表着体验型消费的流行。研究机构IHS Technology表示,去年中国成为美国以外首个电影票房收入突破40亿美元的国家,增长了近五分之二。Imax China looks well placed to benefit. The company makes money from equipment sales, revenue sharing agreements and systems maintenance. Its partners operate 251 cinemas in greater China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) with a further 214 to be installed up to 2021.IMAX中国(IMAX China)非常有希望从这种增长中获益。该公司通过设备销售、收入分账协议及系统维护赚钱。在包括香港和台湾在内的大中华区,IMAX的合作方运营着251家电影院,到2021年还要再建设214家。There is more room to grow. Imax and similar non-conventional screening technologies account for less than 5 per cent of a broader cinema market that is still underpenetrated. China has only 1.8 silver screens per 100,000 people, compared with 14.9 in the US; lower-tier cities with fewer screens are experiencing the most rapid box office growth. The company also plans to build a facility to convert Chinese-language films to the 3D Imax format. Revenue sharing arrangements for such movies are typically more generous than for Hollywood flicks, which accounted for 22 out 28 films screened by Imax in China last year.增长空间很大。在渗透率仍然不高的中国电影市场,IMAX和其他非常规银幕技术所占的份额还不到5%。中国每10万人只拥有1.8块银幕,大大低于美国的14.9块。在银幕更少的中国三四线城市,票房增长最为迅猛。该公司还计划建设一座工厂,将中文电影转制成3D IMAX格式。比起好莱坞电影,此类电影的收入分账一般更高。去年IMAX在中国上映了28部电影,22部都是好莱坞电影。The proposed issue of new and existing shares could give the company a market value as high as .6bn. On a price to earnings ratio of 30 times 2016 earnings — a premium to the parent’s 26 times — Imax China would need to more than double its 2014 earnings to justify the top end of the price range. It may well do that. But buyers will have to be confident that Chinese cinema goers continue to put high value on the novelty of an Imax ticket.IMAX中国计划发售现有股份和新股,公司市值可能达到16亿美元。相对2016年预期盈利,市盈率为30倍,高于其母公司的26倍。IMAX中国需要拿出比2014年高一倍以上的盈利,才能明其发行价区间的高端是合理的。这是很有可能做到的。不过,购股者必须抱有这样的信心:中国观影者会继续热衷于IMAX电影所带来的新鲜感。 /201509/401127重庆市第一人民医院电话多少

永川区保妥适多少钱Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is likely to release its first personal computer next month, as part of the tech firm#39;s plan to catch up with Apple Inc in revenue.华为技术有限公司可能在下个月发布首款个人电脑(PC),这是华为赶超苹果公司营收的计划的一部分。What will be interesting would be to see if the world#39;s biggest telecom equipment maker is able to translate its success story in smartphones market to the PC sector, where demand is languishing in major markets.看着世界上最大的电信设备制造商,能否将其在智能手机市场上的成功转化到在主要市场需求已经持续减少的个人电脑领域是一件很有趣的事情。Huawei is working with chipmaker Intel Corp on a PC that is scheduled to be unveiled in February, Shanghai-based news site yicai.com said on Monday. The report did not disclose what kind of device the Shenzhen, Guangdong-based vendor will launch.总部位于上海的第一财经网周一的报道称,华为正与芯片制造商英特尔合作研发一款PC,预计2月发布。但是该报告并没有透露这家位于广东深圳的供应商将推出什么样的设备。Huawei sources said on condition of anonymity that the company may release at least one tablet device at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, next month.华为消息人士对媒体表示,华为或将于今年2月在西班牙巴塞罗那召开的世界移动通信大会上发布关于推出笔记本电脑的通告。Nicole Peng, research director of Canalys China, a market research firm based in Shanghai, said Huawei may choose to enter the PC market even if it is hard to attain profits immediately. But Huawei will also need to overcome a series of challenges to make the PC idea work. said Peng.总部位于上海的易观国际中国的研究总监彭路平表示,即使现在很难立即获得利润,华为也可能会打入PC市场。但是彭路平也说道,华为想要在PC市场取得成功需要克诸多困难。;The PC market, including tablets, is undergoing a tough time with even Apple seeing stagnant tablet sales,; Peng said, adding the enterprise market could be more important to Huawei as there are still considerable revenue opportunities.彭路平说:“目前PC(包括平板电脑)市场正处于困境中,连苹果的平板电脑销售也停滞不前。” 增加企业市场对华为可能更重要,因为这样仍然有获得可观收入的机会。;But Huawei needs to leverage the business-to-business channel to sell PCs instead of using the current retail channel. A big challenge for them,; according to Peng.“但华为需要利用业务渠道来销售个人电脑,而不是使用当前的零售渠道。这对他们来说是一大挑战。”彭路平说。 /201601/424803重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院耳部整形 重庆市第一医院在线咨询

重庆市哪个美容院开双眼皮好 New York-listed 58.com and a second Chinese online marketplace have agreed to merge, as consolidation acc-elerates in the local technology sector.在中国科技行业加速整合的大背景下,在纽约上市的58同城和中国另一家在线市集已同意合并。A memorandum of understanding between 58.com and Ganji.com, which both function much like US site Craigslist, was signed in Beijing on March 14, people familiar with the matter said. The two groups are expected to announce as soon as today that they are planning to combine to create what will become one of the largest specialised online classified companies in China’s booming mobile internet space. The combined group could be valued at as much as bn, one person involved in the transaction said.知情人士表示,3月14日,58同城(58.com)和赶集网(Ganji.com)在北京签署了一份谅解备忘录,两家网站的功能很像美国的分类广告网站Craigslist。预计这两家公司将最早于今日宣布,双方正计划合并,以在中国蓬勃发展的移动互联网市场缔造最大专业在线分类广告公司之一。据参与交易的一位人士称,合并后公司的估值最高可能达到100亿美元。Because of antitrust concerns the transaction will probably involve two stages. Currently 58.com, which declined to comment, is about twice as big as Ganji.com, but both companies provide a range of online advertising listings including job adverts, housing and second-hand goods. Last year, internet group Tencent bought a 20 per cent stake in 58.com, and the online marketplace announced last month it had acquired Shanghai-based property-listing platform Anjuke Inc for about 7m in cash and shares.由于反垄断担忧,这笔交易可能会分成两个阶段。58同城拒绝置评。目前,58同城的市值是赶集网的两倍左右,但两家公司都提供一系列在线广告列表,包括招聘广告、住房和二手商品。去年,互联网集团腾讯(Tencent)购入58同城20%股权,而58同城上月宣布,已通过大约2.67亿美元的现金加股票交易,收购总部位于上海的房地产租售信息平台安居客(Anjuke Inc)。Haoyong Yang, founder of Ganji.com, will become one of the co-chief executives along with Jinbo Yao, founder of 58.com, the person said.上述知情人士称,赶集网创始人杨浩涌将与58同城创始人姚劲波担任合并后新公司的联合首席执行官。The latest merger comes at a time when investors are bullish about Chinese internet shares. “People are fighting over the market,” said one leading tech investor.这一最新并购交易出炉之际,正值投资者看涨中国互联网股票。一位领先的科技投资者表示:“人们正为这个市场展开争夺。” /201504/370528重庆激光祛胎记价格重庆纹身的价格




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