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The commercial success of many high-profile Chinese entrepreneurs appears to have done little to encourage young Chinese college graduates to become their own boss. According to a recent report, only 1.6% of Chinese college graduates started businesses last year, essentially flat with the year before. 中国诸多知名企业家在商业方面的成功似乎并没有对中国大学生毕业后创业起到什么鼓励作用。最近一份报告显示,去年中国只有1.6%的大学毕业生选择创业,比例与前年基本持平。Also, while young Americans often look to create the next Facebook, China#39;s budding business owners start out with lower skills and more modest ambitions.美国的年轻人通常希望创造出下一个Facebook,而中国年轻创业者具备的技能更低,抱负也没那么大。The ;2012 Graduate Employment Report,; released last week by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and MyCOS Research Institute, a Beijing-based education consultancy, shows that vocational-college graduates were more keen on starting businesses than those graduating from four-year colleges-with a ratio of 2.2% compared with 1% respectively.Getty Images南京举行的一场招聘会被大学毕业生挤得水泄不通。中国社会科学院(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)与北京教育咨询机构麦可思研究院(MyCOS Research Institute)上周发布了《2012年中国大学生就业报告》。报告显示,高职高专毕业生的创业热情高于四年制本科毕业生,前者的自主创业比例是2.2%,后者仅为1%。The report showed that a large share of young entrepreneurs are based in China#39;s less developed central and western areas, painting a picture of the typical Chinese entrepreneur as a restaurant owner or a pig farmer.报告显示,年轻人中相当大一部分是在中国欠发达的中西部地区创业,一般是开餐馆或办养猪场。The vast majority of graduates received their funding from their parents and relatives-80% of four-year graduates and 82% of vocational-college graduates-while most Western young entrepreneurs are funded by so-called angel investors and public sources, such as government or university-based funds.绝大多数毕业生的创业资金来自父母和亲戚(本科毕业生中这个比例为80%,高职高专毕业生为82%),而在西方,大多数年轻创业者会从天使投资人以及政府或大学基金等公共渠道获取资金。According to the study, arts and design majors were prominent among Chinese start-up entrepreneurs with four-year degrees, while among vocational-college graduates logistics-management studies was a common major, with many graduates setting up e-commerce or transportation and storage businesses.报告显示,在中国本科毕业生创业大军中,比较突出的是艺术和设计专业的学生,而在高职毕业生中,物流管理专业的创业者则很常见,很多学生毕业后会去做电子商务或搞运输仓储。Even though business competitions in China sponsored by government and universities to boost young entrepreneurship draw a lot of entries, many participants are not actually competing for future business. According to a survey conducted by Xiamen University, 53% of participants in its university business competition claimed that they entered to gain more work experience and contacts to help them in their future job hunt.在中国,虽然政府和大专院校为鼓励年轻人创业组织了各种商业竞赛,也吸引了大批前来报名的人,但很多人参赛并不是为了能够未来创业。据厦门大学(Xiamen University)一项调查显示,参加该校商业竞赛的人有53%声称,他们参赛是为了获得更多工作经验,积累更多人脉,以帮助他们日后找工作。A number of academic surveys indicate that while Western graduates benefit from business-focused college courses where critical thinking is encouraged, Chinese students often put little value on creativity and refrain from taking risks, a trait researchers attribute to a Chinese education system traditionally based on rote learning.一些学术调查报告显示,西方大学毕业生获益于那些鼓励批判性思考的商务课程,而中国学生往往不怎么重视创造性,也不愿承担风险。研究人员认为,中国学生的这个特点是历来只注重死记硬背的中国教育制度造成的。Lack of angel capital investors are also blamed for the comparatively small number of start-ups. ;It is difficult for young entrepreneurs to find investment,; said Li Kaifu, chief executive of Innovation Works, at a conference in April.另外,缺少天使投资人也被认为是中国创业者数量相对较少的原因之一。创新工场(Innovation Works)首席执行长李开复今年4月在一个会议上说,年轻创业者很难找到投资。To be sure, plenty of high-skill, high-tech businesses are started in China every day, especially in the coastal provinces and major cities. And funding opportunities are growing. ;The potential of domestic angel investment is huge and will be vital for China#39;s business ecosystem,; Mr. Li said in April.当然,中国每天都有很多需要高技能人才的高科技企业成立,特别是在中国沿海省份和主要城市。另外,融资机会也在不断增多。李开复4月份时说,国内天使投资潜力巨大,对中国商业生态系统来说非常重要。Xue Manzi, a prominent Chinese angel capital investor, said in a business competition this February that China#39;s entrepreneur environment is second only to that of the U.S. However, he said, innovation remains a problem.中国知名天使投资人薛蛮子今年2月在一个商业竞赛中说,中国的创业环境仅次于美国。不过他说,创新仍是个问题。;Capital is not the issue, but a good project. Some start-up programs by Chinese students are simply copycats,; he said.薛蛮子说,现在的问题不是缺资本,而是缺好项目,中国大学生的一些创业项目完全是山寨品。 /201206/1878471. Learn your sleep positionYour “sleep position” is the position you always move into right before falling asleep. If I’m not very tired I’ll spend some time on my back, stomach, or other scenario until I feel like sleeping. Then, as soon as I feel like sleeping, I move onto my side and get down to sleeping business. Once you know your sleep position you can move into it immediately once you get into bed. Take a few deep breaths, relax, and your body will assume that it’s time to sleep and you’ll be drooling on your pillow in no time.1.弄清楚你的睡姿 你的“睡姿”通常就是你即将入睡之时摆好的姿势。要是不感觉到累,我通常会花些时间平躺着,趴着或者做其他姿势,直到睡意降临。当睡意渐浓,我会侧着身体,开始入睡。要是你晓得自己的睡姿,你就可以在上床时候马上摆好姿势。做几下深呼吸,然后全身放松,你的身体会认为睡觉的时候到了,于你就能迅速坠入梦乡。 /201003/99830

If homework is strewn across the kitchen table and toys are piling up around the sofa, you probably wish there was a bit more space.当作业散布在饭桌上,玩具堆积在沙发上时,你或许会祈求多一点空间。You are not alone. Nearly a third of parents say they feel squeezed into their homes but cannot afford to move to a bigger property, a report reveals today.并不是只有你才这样。今日的一份报告显示,英国近三分之一的父母称他们感觉家中拥挤,但是没钱搬迁到更大的房子。Twenty-nine percent say ;their property is too small to accommodate the size of their family; ; rising to 40 percent for those 34 and under.29%的父母称;他们的房屋小得无法容纳他们的家庭;;;在34岁以下父母中,这个比例上升到40%。One in four children is #39;forced to share; a bedroom, according to the FindaProperty.com website, part of a digital division of the Daily Mail and General Trust.据《每日邮报》及全局信托集团的数字部门FindaProperty.com网站称,四分之一的孩子;被迫共享;卧室。Property analyst Samantha Baden said: #39;Affordability remains a key issue for families, with the average cost of a three-bedroom home around pound;193,000.;房地产分析师萨曼莎bull;巴登说:;付能力对家庭来说始终是关键,如今一套三居室房的平均价格约为19万3千英镑。;A recent report, from investment firm LV, also found that many ;space-starved parents; are squashed into a two-bedroom home which was perfect when they were a young couple, but has no space for three or so children.LV投资公司近期的报告也发现,许多;空间紧缺的父母;只能勉强挤进去他们年轻时候最完美的两居室房,但已经没有空间留给三个左右的孩子。Grown-up offspring who cannot afford to leave home are also adding to the problem facing families in Britain#39;s ;big squeeze;.已经成人的子女承担不起离开家的花费,这也恶化了英国家庭;大拥挤;的问题。For a home to be the correct size, which means it is not overcrowded, parents must have their own bedroom. Children under ten can share, as well as same-sex children between ten and 20. Anyone over 21 also needs their own room.一个大小合适(也就是不过度拥挤)的房子意味着父母必须有自己的卧室。10岁以下的孩子可以共享卧室,10-20岁同性孩子也可以。但任何人超过21岁就需要有自己的房间。The report comes as official figures, published yesterday by the Land Registry, reveal house prices are falling sharply in every region except London, although they remain unaffordable for millions.这份含官方数据的报告昨日由地政局发布。报告显示,除伦敦之外,英国所有地区的房屋价格都大幅下降,然而数百万民众依然买不起。The worst-hit area is the North East, where average house prices have fallen to below pound;100,000 for the first time in seven years.东北部地区房市遭受的打击最为严重,房屋均价降到七年来的最低水平:10万英镑以下。By comparison, house prices in the capital are close to an all-time high of pound;345,298 following a rise of 2.8 percent in 2011.与此同时,继2011年上升2.8%之后,首都伦敦的房价接近史上最高峰:34万5298英镑。 /201202/169858

A new campaign organized by the Beijing Women#39;s Federation to honor ;harmonious; families in Beijing has sparked controversy, Beijing News reported.《新京报》报道,北京市妇联发起的一项;首都和谐家庭;评选活动引发了争议。The campaign has different systems for urban and rural areas and will select 200 harmonious families every two years.该活动体系分为城区版和郊区版,每两年评选一次,每次评选200个和谐家庭。There are 27 criteria for the urban harmonious family, with some saying that family members must frequently access the Internet, own at least 300 books, subscribe to at least one newspaper or magazine, and consume less than eight tons of domestic water per month.城区版标准达27项,其中一些标准要求家庭成员要经常上网﹑家庭藏书量300册以上﹑订阅报刊不少于一份﹑每月家庭用水少于八吨。The new campaign stresses the harmony between family members, the family and society, and the family and nature. However, some residents can not figure out what the listed 27 criteria have to do with being a ;harmonious; family.虽然该活动强调家庭内部和谐、家庭与社会和谐、家庭与自然和谐,但有些居民实在搞不懂这27项标准到底与家庭;和谐;有什么关系。 /201202/170319

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