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青岛冰点脱毛多少钱青岛怎样才能更好的除掉粉刺3. Milkshake3.奶昔Milkshakes are a lovely treat for the young, but you definitely would not want to give the original recipe to a child.奶昔是款待年轻人的好东西,但你绝对不愿意给孩子们品尝早期的奶昔。The first time the world saw the word ‘milkshake’ was in 1885, in a British newspaper. The article did not go on to talk about if people preferred strawberry or banana flavour; in fact, what the article did say was that milkshake was a “sturdy, healthful eggnog type of drink, with eggs, whiskey, etc., served as a tonic as well as a treat.” Yes, that’s right; the original milkshake contained alcohol.“奶昔”一词于1885年在英国的一份报纸上第一次问世。文章并没有继续讨论人们更喜欢草莓还是香蕉的香味;实际上,这篇文章所描述的奶昔是一种“坚硬的、健康的蛋酒式饮品,里面加有鸡蛋、威士忌等,既是一种补药,也可用来款待宾朋。”没错,最初的奶昔里面含有酒精。The actual milkshake we know and love came a little later in the 1900s. In 1922, a man called Ivan “Pop” Coulson wanted to make a remix on the recipe. Ever an experimenter, he added the one ingredient that made a huge impact on the recipe of milkshake forever; ice cream. Since then, the version with whiskey in it has fallen out of public knowledge; unfortunately, alcoholic milkshakes are not an item on the ‘hidden ’ in fast food places.我们现在知道且喜爱的奶昔出现得较晚,到20世纪90年代才出现。1922年,一个名叫Ivan Pop Coulson的人想在食谱中再混合点东西。他在试验品中加入了一种发挥了重要作用的原料——冰激凌。从那以后,加有威士忌版本的奶昔就逐渐退出了公众视野;不幸地是,酒味奶昔在快餐店的“隐藏菜单”里也不提供。 /201506/383164青岛市大学附属医院贵吗 As China#39;s economy and culturalprominence grows, expats from around the world and all walks of life flock tothe Middle Kingdom. While one of the oldestexpats in China haslived here over half a century, one recent survey asked the question, ;Whoare China#39;stypical expats?;随着中国经济文化发展显著,世界各地从事各行各业的外国人开始涌向这个中央王国(译注:明清以来西方国家对中华地区政权或者中原王朝的称呼)。在中国居住最久的一名外国人已在中国待了半个多世纪,最近一项调查提出了这样一个问题:“中国典型的老外形象是什么样的”?The short answer: overwhelmingly male andilliterate. According to the China Society for Research on InternationalProfessional Personnel Exchange and Development, 74 percent of expats in China are male.In terms of nationality, 34 percent come from North America, 28 percent fromEuropean countries and 21 percent from Asia. Awhopping 73 percent of them barelyspeak Chinese – even though 30 percent have been living in China for 5-10years and 20 percent have been here for more than a decade. Clearly, companieslooking for expat workers aren#39;t interested in providing Chinese lessons.是简短的:男性数量占绝对优势的文盲群体。据中国社会国际专业人才交流与发展研究,74%在华外国人是男性。就国籍来说,其中有34%来自北美、28%来自欧洲国家、还有21%来自亚洲。他们当中多达73%的人几乎不会讲中文——尽管30%的人已经在中国生活了5年至10年,还有20%的人已经在中国生活了十年以上。显然,想要雇佣外国人的公司并不会有向他们提供中文课程的意愿。Along with summarizing demographics, thesurvey asked what expats what they didn#39;t like about their lives in China. Asidefrom language barriers and constant visa-renewing troubles, the majority offoreign expats are concerned with education for their children, and medical andsocial insurances offered by their employers.除了作出汇总统计,调查还询问了外国人在中国生活不如意的方面。除了语言障碍和需要经常更新签的麻烦外,大多数移居国外的人会关心的是孩子的教育问题以及用人单位提供的医疗和社保福利。Of the 2000+ foreigners who participated insurvey, more that 70 percent are satisfied with their lives in China, and 75percent of their employers said that they were satisfied with their expatemployees. Just 17 percent expressed a little dissatisfaction with their lives,but still wished to continue working in China. Fortunately, only 3.3percent reported to be extremely dissatisfied with their professional lives, andwanted to leave as soon as their contracts terminated.两千多名参与调查的外国人中,超过七成的人对自己在中国的生活感到满意,75%的雇主对他们的工作表现感到满意。只有17%的外国人对他们的生活表现出些许不满,但他们仍希望继续在中国工作。据报道,所幸只有3.3%的人对他们的职业生涯表现出极度不满并想要在合同期结束后尽快离开。Foreigners in China complain a lot aboutpollution, racism, and the inability to secure permanent residency status.Despite all this, one study showed that China is actually the bestplace for expats looking to make money. The Chinese government is stillunsatisfied with these results, and in fact, they think “Chinaneeds to do better to hire and keep professional expats.” So hang in there,semi-professional English teachers!在中国的外国人对污染问题、种族歧视以及无法获得永久居留资格颇有怨言。尽管有这些问题存在,一份研究表明中国其实是想要赚钱的外国人的最佳去处。中国政府仍然对这样的结果不满意,事实上,他们觉得“中国需要为在中国就业的有专业水准的外国人提供更好的条件并留住他们”。所以,忍耐一下吧,那些半职业化的英语教师们! /201411/343206青岛整形医院怎么样

青岛市第一医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱In an announcement abruptly moved up after his death, the German architect Frei Otto on Tuesday was named the winner of the Pritzker Prize in recognition of his airy tentlike structures and other inventive feats of engineering.周二,德国建筑师弗雷·奥托(Frei Otto)因其轻盈通透的帐篷式建筑结构,以及其他独树一帜的工程作品被授予普利兹克奖,这项决定是在他去世后迅速公布的。Mr. Otto, 89, died in Germany on Monday, two weeks before he was to be named this year’s laureate, the prize jury said. He is perhaps best known for roof canopies designed for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, admired for their blend of lightness and strength.奥托于周一在德国去世,享年89岁,普利兹克奖项评审团称,他本应于两周后获得该奖。他最著名的作品是为1972年慕尼黑奥运会设计的顶棚,它们既轻盈又有力,因此备受赞誉。“He has embraced a definition of architect to include researcher, inventor, form-finder, engineer, builder, teacher, collaborator, environmentalist, humanist, and creator of memorable buildings and spaces,” the jury said in its citation.“他相信,建筑师应当是研究者、发明者、形式的发现者、工程师、建造者、教师、合作者、环保主义者、人文主义者,乃至令人难忘的建筑与空间的创造者,”评审团在评审词中说道。The Pritzker is regarded as architecture’s highest honor and usually goes to a living architect. The committee said it was the first time that a winner had died before the announcement was made.普利兹克奖是建筑师的最高荣誉,通常授予尚在人世的建筑师。评奖委员会说,获奖名单尚未公布,获奖者已经死去,这还是第一次。Mr. Otto learned of his selection early this year when Martha Thorne, the prize’s executive director, flew to Stuttgart to inform him of the jury’s choice. He was blind but otherwise in good health, the panel said. Mr. Otto was honored and surprised, according to Edward Lifson, a spokesman for the prize.今年年初,奥托已知道自己获奖的消息,该奖项的执行官玛莎·索恩(Martha Thorne)坐飞机来到斯图加特,把评委们的意见告诉他。委员会说,他双目失明,但健康状态良好。该奖项的发言人爱德华·里弗森(Edward Lifson)说,奥托得知获奖消息,感到荣幸和惊喜。“I’ve never done anything to gain this prize,” Mr. Otto was ed as saying. “Prizewinning is not the goal of my life. I try to help poor people, but what shall I say here — I’m very happy.”他引述奥托的话说“我从来没为这个奖而做过什么,普利兹克奖并不是我的人生目标。我一直努力帮助穷人,但现在我该怎么说呢——我很高兴”。Mr. Otto may not have been a household name, but he was widely esteemed in the profession. Prominent architects had quietly pushed for him to receive the award for years.奥托的名字或许并非家喻户晓,但他在行业内广受尊敬。多年来,许多著名建筑师都默默持他获得该奖。“Time waits for no man,” said Peter Palumbo, the Pritzker chairman, in a statement, calling Mr. Otto’s death “a sad and striking example of this truism.”“时间不等人,”普利兹克奖主席彼得·帕兰波(Peter Palumbo)在一项声明中说,他说奥托的去世“是这一真理悲伤而显著的例”。The announcement was originally to be made on March 23. The architect Frank Gehry was to award Mr. Otto the prize at a ceremony on May 15 at the New World Center in Miami. That will proceed as scheduled, with past Pritzker laureates speaking there about Mr. Otto’s life and work.该奖项本应于3月23日公布。5月15日,将由建筑师弗兰克·盖里(Frank Gehry)在迈阿密的新世界中心举行的典礼上为奥托颁奖。颁奖礼仍将按计划进行,届时将有往任普利兹克奖获得者进行关于奥托的生平与作品的讲演。Mr. Otto first became known for tent structures used as temporary pavilions at the Federal Garden Show in Germany and other events in the 1950s.奥托是在20世纪50年代最初为人们所知,当时他为德国的联邦园林展等活动设计了帐篷结构的临时建筑。His large-scale roofs for the 1972 Olympics stadium in Munich, designed with Günter Behnisch, defied expectations, though the games were vastly overshadowed by the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes there by Palestinian terrorists.1972年,他与甘特·班尼奇(Günter Behnisch)合作,为慕尼黑奥运会场馆设计了挑战传统的大型顶棚,然而那年的奥运会被笼罩在11名以色列运动员遭到巴勒斯坦恐怖分子杀害的阴影之下。Mr. Otto often designed in collaboration with others, collaborating with Shigeru Ban on Japan’s pavilion for the 2000 Hannover Expo in Germany and with Rolf Gutbrod on the West German pavilion at the Montreal Expo of 1967.奥托经常同其他人合作进行设计,他与坂茂(Shigeru Ban)合作,设计了2000年德国汉诺威世界览会上的日本馆,与罗尔夫·古特布罗德(Rolf Gutbrod)合作设计了1967年蒙特利尔世界览会上的西德馆。Born in Siegmar, outside Chemnitz in eastern Germany, Mr. Otto grew up in Berlin. He designed glider planes as a hobby, fascinated by the structural forces at work when thin membranes are stretched over light frames.奥托出生于德国东部开姆尼茨城外的西格马尔,在柏林长大。他爱好设计滑翔机,迷恋结构的力量,喜欢纤细的薄膜在轻盈的结构撑下伸展的样子。During service as a pilot in the Luftwaffe during World War II, he was captured near Nuremberg, Germany, and spent two years as a prisoner of war near Chartres in France, where he worked as a camp architect, learning to build various structures with the minimal materials available.“二战”期间,他在纳粹空军中担任飞行员,在纽伦堡附近被俘,在法国沙特尔,他度过了两年战犯生涯,在战俘营担任建筑师,学会了使用手头极为简单的材料建造不同的建筑结构。After the war Mr. Otto returned to study architecture at the Technical University of Berlin, where he earned a doctorate in civil engineering in 1954.战后,奥托回到柏林技术大学学习建筑,1954年获得土木工程士学位。In a clear reaction to the heavy columned buildings commissioned under the Third Reich, Mr. Otto’s work was lightweight, democratic, low-cost and sometimes temporary.奥托的作品轻巧、平民化、低成本,有时是临时建筑,这显然是对第三帝国时期布满重重圆柱的建筑风格的一种反拨。After a trip through the ed States, where he viewed the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and others, Mr. Otto became a freelance architect in 1952, opening an office in Berlin. He went on to found several institutions dedicated to lightweight structures.去美国旅行时,他参观了弗兰克·罗伊德·怀特(Frank Lloyd Wright)、埃罗·沙里宁(Eero Saarinen)、路德维格·密斯·凡·德·罗(Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)等人的作品,1952年,奥托成了自由建筑师,在柏林开了事务所。其后又开了若干致力于轻型建筑的机构。He was inspired by “natural phenomena — from birds’ skulls to soap bubbles and spiders’ webs,” the British architect Richard Rogers, a member of the Pritzker jury and a past laureate, said in a statement prepared before Mr. Otto’s death.普利兹克奖评委、该奖曾经的得主——英国建筑师理查德·罗杰斯在一份写于奥托生前的声明中写道,奥托的设计受到“从鸟儿的头骨到肥皂泡和蜘蛛网等自然现象”的启发。Mr. Otto’s work has been widely recognized. In 2006, for example, he won the 18th annual Praemium Imperiale prize for architecture, awarded by the Japan Art Association; in 2005 he received the Royal Gold Medal for architecture from the Royal Institute of British Architects.奥托的设计广受好评。比如,2006年,他曾获得第18届年度日本皇室世界文化奖,该奖项由日本文化协会颁发;2005年,他获得英国建筑皇家协会颁发的皇家建筑金奖。“Frei Otto is one of the great architects and engineers of the 20th century,” Mr. Rogers said. “His work has inspired and influenced modern architecture, as we all learn to do more with less, and to trade monumental structures for economy, light and air.”“弗雷·奥托是20世纪的伟大建筑师与工程师,”罗杰斯说。“他的作品启发并影响了现代建筑,我们都多少从中受益,他的作品用经济简约和轻盈通透取代了纪念碑式的沉重。” /201503/364585青岛诺德整形医院绣眉多少钱 1. Jon: Hi, there... I#39;m Jon Arbuckle. I#39;m a cartoonist, and this is my cat Garfield.『大家好!……我叫姜?艾伯克,是个漫画师,这是我的猫——加菲』2. Garfield: Hi, there. I#39;m Garfield. I#39;m a cat, and this is my cartoonist, Jon.『大家好!……我叫加菲,是只猫,这是我的漫画师——老姜』3. Jon: Our only thought is to entertain you『我们只有一个想法——让大家都开心』Garfield: Feed me.『我也只有一个想法——快拿吃的给我』 /201505/375870青岛双眼皮哪个医院比较好

市南区中医医院属几甲7.General Hannibal#39;s Elephant Cavalry7.汉尼拔将军的大象奇兵One of the most famous wartime scenes in all of world history is Hannibal crossing the Alps with his army riding on elephants to scare the Romans and give them a series of unforgettable battles. The legends claim that not only did he cross the mountains with a large company of elephants in his army, but that a multitude of them showed up at major battles against the Romans.有幕战争场景赫赫有名,永载世界史册,那就是汉尼拔(Hannibal) 骑着大象,率领大军翻越阿尔卑斯山脉(the Alps),将罗马人打了个措手不及,并发起一系列惊心动魄的大战。在这个传奇的故事里,这训练有素的大象骑兵,不仅跟着汉尼拔翻越了阿尔卑斯山,而且在与罗马对抗的几场重大战役中,也都有它们的身影。According to historians, it is likely all or most of this tale is total fabrication, much of it cooked up by Roman writers at the time who wanted to make Hannibal seem more intimidating so that his defeat would make their generals look more glorious.史学家们认为,这可能全属凭空捏造,至少绝大部分为编造。当时的罗马作家虚构了大部分场景,将汉尼拔的形象塑造得令人生畏,旨在以汉尼拔的溃不成军来反衬那些罗马大将的无上荣耀。Historians have reason to believe most of the elephants originally brought along did not even survive the crossing, leaving Hannibal with only a handful at best—if any survived at all, that is. Some accounts of large numbers of elephants also claim that the animals were spooked at the sound of battle. These accounts also suggest that the war-bred animals with trained riders on their backs went crazy and trampled through Hannibal#39;s own line during major battles.史学家认为,象群里大多数成员本就无法存活,遑论翻越阿尔卑斯山脉;即便存活下来,适者生存,那么留下的自然也只是象群里的少数“精英”。关于这群数量庞大的大象骑兵,有说法是他们在战场上受到惊吓,也有说法是训练员骑着大象,不料大象狂性大发,在多次重要战争中突破了汉尼拔军队的防线。As far as many historians are concerned, these stories sound like utter myth, and it#39;s most likely there was not a single elephant at any of the major battles Hannibal staged against the Roman Empire.众多史学家认为,这些都是彻头彻尾的神话故事。汉尼拔与古罗马抗衡的任何一场大型战役中,其实都没有“大象骑兵”助阵。6.Napoleon Would Have Won The Battle Of Waterloo If Only He...6.其实拿破仑也可以赢得滑铁卢战役,只要他……Napoleon Bonaparte was one of of the greatest military strategists and conquerors to ever walk the globe. Many people still laud him for his tactics, and his actions certainly changed the world. Many people know well that Napoleon#39;s final defeat, the one that was said to finally break him, was the Battle of Waterloo. Most stories claim that if not for losing this battle, Napoleon could have gone on to regain control of everything he had lost and perhaps conquer even more than he had before. According to many historians, on the other hand, such an outcome would have been extremely unlikely in any situation.拿破仑·波拿巴(Napoleon Bonaparte )是世界上最伟大的军事战略家和征者之一。至今仍有许多人对他的战术称赞不已,且他的行为也确实改变了世界。大家都知道拿破仑的最后一战是滑铁卢战役(the Battle of Waterloo),也就是他最终被击败的那场战役。很多故事里都是这样说的:如果拿破仑赢得了滑铁卢战役,那他就能重新掌控自己所失去的东西,也许还能征他不曾拥有的东西。不过很多历史学家都说,这种情况是无论如何也不会发生的。Various historians have pointed out different ways that he could have won the Battle of Waterloo. They theorize that if he had led the battle more personally, pressed his advantage in certain key situations, or taken certain risks, he may have been able to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat. Most of these theories hinge on knowing what we know in hindsight, but that isn#39;t the main reason Napoleon#39;s success was so unlikely.有很多历史学家提出了各种各样可以让拿破仑赢得滑铁卢战役的方法。他们提出,如果拿破仑在战争中表现得更“任性”一些,在关键时候发挥自己的优势,或者再冒险一些,那么他就有可能险中取胜。虽然我们在这里吐槽以上结论都是事后诸葛亮,但这并不是我们认为拿破仑不可能获胜的主要原因。The problem was that even if Napoleon had somehow managed a successful victory, it would have still been an absurdly uphill battle for him from that point forward. His support from his own people was waning, and his enemies were consolidating their forces, allying against him and mounting serious resistance that even his genius would have likely been unable to overcome. The Battle of Waterloo may have been his last major defeat, but he was aly unlikely to have any chance at a real comeback.其实问题的关键在于,就算拿破仑最终在滑铁卢战役中赢得了胜利,在那之后,他还是会遇到滑铁卢这样荒谬可笑的艰苦战役。那时候拿破仑统治下的人民对他的持已经大不如前,而他的敌人们则结成同盟,不断地巩固自己的力量,并对他设下重重阻碍,即使天才如拿破仑,面对如此险峻的形势,恐怕也难以克。5.The Harshness Of The Treaty Of Versailles Led To World War II5.其实是凡尔赛条约的苛刻条件导致了第二次世界大战One of the most commonly repeated myths about World War II is that the reason it started in the first place was that the Germans were disaffected by the harshness of the Treaty of Versailles. The claim goes that the deal was so financially tough on Germany that it created a deep well of resentment, allowing Hitler and his Nazi Party to take control of the reins of power and then go on a rampage of destruction. For a while, this was a fairly commonly held belief, but a history professor from Toronto named Dr. Margaret MacMillan has been studying every angle of this theory, and her conclusion is that people are getting the history all wrong.关于二战,最广为流传的一种观点是:二战起因是德国对凡尔赛条约(the Treaty of Versailles)的苛刻条件感到不满。德国方面表示条约上的经济条件太过苛刻,导致国内上下怨声载道,使得希特勒及其纳粹党执掌了政权,从而造成了毁灭性的的破坏。曾经有段时间很多人都坚信以上观点,但是,来自多伦多的历史学教授玛格丽特·麦克米伦士(Dr. Margaret MacMillan)从各方面研究了这一理论后,最终得出的结论却是:一直以来,人们对于这段历史的看法都是错的。In fact, Dr. Macmillan#39;s conclusion is that if the Treaty of Versailles had any effect on World War II, it#39;s that it was not harsh enough. The treaty hurt the Germans, but it didn#39;t leave them in a truly defeated state. It left them annoyed. This left Hitler just enough resentment to amass a following and left Germany with enough force left to cause serious trouble. It could easily be argued that the Treaty of Versailles is proof of how compromise can sometimes fail. What began as an attempt not to be too lenient or too harsh resulted in a failed compromise.实际上在麦克米伦看来,如果要说凡尔赛条约对二战的爆发有一定影响,那一定是因为该条约还不够苛刻。虽然凡尔赛条约使德国蒙受了损失,但德国并没有因此而觉得自己沦为了战败国,人们只是因此感到恼火而已。这不但让希特勒愤懑不平开始集结人马,也使得德国拥有足够的力量来发起战争。因此有人认为,凡尔赛条约恰恰明了妥协有时候反而会事与愿违。开始的时候人们总想尝试着不要过于宽容或是过于苛刻,从而妥协,结果却起到了相反的作用。It could certainly be argued that Hitler played up the Treaty of Versailles and tried to make it sound terrible in order to sway people to his side, but people also forget the amount of popular support Hitler actually had. Many people forget that Hitler#39;s Nazi Party never won enough votes to outright get him the highest elected position. Hitler managed to take his seat of power through a lot of backroom deals, subterfuge, and who knows what else behind the scenes. The Nazis were skilled propagandists and would have used the Treaty of Versailles to help achieve their ends, but the idea that Hitler used it to sweep himself to victory in a popular election is a myth.有人认为是希特勒把凡尔赛条约渲染得很可怕,从而号召人们持他,但是这些人却忘了,早已经有很多人衷心拥护着希特勒;他们也忘了,希特勒的纳粹党从未赢得足够的选票助他获得总理职位。希特勒其实是通过幕后交易和阴谋诡计扩大了自己的势力,谁又知道这其中有什么黑幕呢?纳粹党确实精于宣传,也会利用凡尔赛条约来达到自己的目的,但希特勒却并不是凭借于此才在大选中获胜的。4.The Tet Offensive Determined The Vietnam War4.“春节攻势”战役决定了越南战争Many people think of the Tet Offensive as the final push that proved the ed States couldn#39;t win the Vietnam War. North Vietnam#39;s ability to make such a military push after the long, punishing years of fighting was evidence that the war was at an end. Finally, the ed States retreated from Vietnam and put an end to the war and the madness of the previous years.大多数人认为,“春节攻势”战役作为最终攻势显示,美国无法赢得越南战争。北越在经历了长久疲惫战后,还能有巨大的军事力量反攻,昭示了战争结束在望。果不其然,美国从越南撤兵,为这场战争和这些疯狂的作战日子划上了句号。However, while it is true the Tet Offensive was the turning point of the war and likely caused the end of it indirectly, the truth is that the war was far from lost militarily. In fact, if we had continued fighting for much longer after the Tet Offensive, historians now believe we likely would have won soundly.“春节攻势”确实是战争的转折点,也可能间接促使战争结束,但战争远非美国失去军事力量那么简单。事实上,历史学家认为,如果美国在“春节攻势”后坚持奋战,极有可能稳胜越南。The Tet Offensive actually caused the North Vietnamese forces to sp themselves dangerously thin—an incredibly risky move. Fortunately, the gamble paid off, but only because the American public was so deeply tired of the war. When the images, scenes, and reports from the Tet Offensive played on news channels across the ed States, an aly exhausted and demoralized public felt that the war was lost. Before long, the unpopular war was over. The ed States simply lost the will to continue.不过,“春节攻势”可谓破釜沉舟之战,北越冒险分散了兵力。让人欣喜的是,孤注一掷取得了成效——但取胜的真相,仅是因为美国民众对这场战争深感疲倦。当“春节攻势”的图片、影像、报道在全美的新闻渠道中流传时,美国民众就已经开始意志低落,认为战争失败了。不久之后这场万众唾骂的战争结束,原因不过是美国失去了继续作战的意愿。审校:瑶瑶Yvonne 校对:丸子 编辑:Freya然 /201507/386946 青岛诺德整形美容医院网上咨询黄岛开发区小腿减肥多少钱



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