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Talks for Foxconn’s bn takeover of Sharp have stalled after the Apple supplier postponed signing a deal only hours after the ailing Japanese electronics group agreed to the sale of a controlling stake.有关富士康(Foxconn,又称鸿海精密)以60亿美元收购夏普(Sharp)的谈判已陷于停滞。就在这家境况不佳的日本电子集团同意出售控股权数小时后,苹果(Apple)供应商富士康决定推迟签署协议。Terry Gou, the founder of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry, had appeared to achieve his years-long pursuit of the Japanese display maker after Sharp’s board on Thursday voted in favour of its offer against a competing bid by a Japanese state-backed fund.周四,夏普董事会通过表决决定接受富士康发出的收购要约,而不是日本政府持的基金“产业革新机构”(INCJ)发出的竞争性要约,富士康创始人郭台铭(Terry Gou)数年来对这家日本显示屏制造商的追求似乎终于修成正果。But in a brief statement late on Thursday, Hon Hai, better known as Foxconn, said it had received “new material information” from Sharp.但周四晚富士康发布了一份简短的声明,称收到夏普提交的一份“新的关键文件”。“We have accordingly informed Sharp last night that we will have to postpone any signing of a definitive agreement until we have arrived at a satisfactory understanding and resolution of the situation,” it said.声明称:“我们已经在当天(即夏普召开25日董事会前)通知夏普,我方必须厘清内容,并在双方达成共识之前暂缓签约。”A person familiar with the matter said the issue concerned new details on Sharp’s financial position, but added that Mr Gou did not intend to walk away from the deal.据一名知情人士透露,此事与夏普财务状况的新增细节有关,但这名人士表示,郭台铭并没打算退出这笔交易。Sharp declined to comment.夏普拒绝置评。 /201603/429152。

  • China#39;s annual consumer rights day TV show took aim at online food delivery apps, faked online sales and dodgy false teeth when it aired late on Tuesday, but the much-hyped program unusually failed to snag any major international firms.一年一度的中国消费者权益日电视晚会在周二播出,并将矛头指向了网络送餐应用,虚假在线销售,假牙制造等。但是这一大肆宣传的栏目这次却一反常态的未能抓住任何国际大公司的把柄。The show, similar to the CBS network#39;s ;60 Minutes; in the ed States, has previously aimed barbs at companies from Apple Inc to Volkswagen , and can leave global corporations and their press teams scrambling to respond to allegations after seeing their companies named and shamed.这一节目有些类似美国CBS的“60分钟”,此前曾揭露过苹果公司、大众公司等。而在看到公司被点名批评后,这也会促使这些全球企业和他们的新闻团队争先恐后地回应指控。But in an unusually low-key outing, the show#39;s highest-profile target was food delivery app Ele.me. The food-ordering platform Ele.me was accused of partnering with unlicensed restaurants, mostly home kitchens, with poor sanitary conditions. The website also allegedly allowed restaurants to post false pictures and addresses that could mislead customers.但是在本次不寻常的低调曝光中,该节目瞄准的最高知名度目标是网络送餐应用“饿了么”。订餐平台“饿了么”被指与多家无经营的餐馆合作。这些餐馆大多是卫生条件差的家庭式作坊。据称,该网站还允许商家上传虚假照片、虚构地址,误导消费者。Ele.me, which has investment from firms such as Tencent Holdings Ltd and JD.com Inc, said in a statement on its official microblog it took the issue seriously and had removed the offending restaurants from its platform.由腾讯控股有限公司和京东公司联合投资的“饿了么”,在其官方微上的一则声明中表示,该公司已高度重视此事,并下线相关涉事餐厅。 /201603/432284。
  • Consumers in China will be entitled to a full refund on unsatisfactory products purchased online, even if the packages have been unsealed, under a draft regulation that protects buyers#39; rights.根据一项保护消费者权益的条例草案,对于不尽人意的网购商品,我国消费者有权获得全额退款,即使包裹已拆封。The latest draft, released by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, is based on China#39;s consumer protection law. Public opinion is being sought until Sept 5.国家工商总局近日发布了这项基于我国的消费者权益保护法的最新草案。目前相关部门正就草案公开征求意见,截止日期为9月5日。The draft says businesses must provide refunds to consumers within seven days of receiving returned products.根据草案,商家必须在收到退回商品7天内给消费者退款。The returned goods must be intact. Goods whose packages have been opened for inspection or goods that have been tested only for inspection of quality and function are considered intact, the draft says.退回商品必须完好无损。草案称,出于查验目的而被拆封的商品,或仅被查验过品质和功能的商品被视为完好。The rule does not apply to several types of goods such as those that can pose hazards to personal safety or health after opened, or perishable goods that are near their expiration dates, it says.规定不适用于几类商品,比如拆封后会影响人身安全或健康的商品,或临近保质期的易变质商品。Under China#39;s consumer rights protection law, revised in 2014, consumers can return goods for up to seven days, and get a refund for items that fail quality standards.根据2014年修订的中国消费者权益保护法,消费者可以在最多七天之内退货,并获得没有达到质量标准产品的退款。Wu Jingming, an associate professor in economic law at China University of Political Science and Law who participated in the formulation of the draft, said this is the first draft regulation in China that specifies clearly that goods bought online can be returned for a refund, even if the packages have been opened.参加了制定该草案的中国政法大学经济法学副教授吴景明表示,这是中国第一个明确规定网上购买的商品,即使已经打开包装也可退还退款的草案。;The regulation is scheduled by the State Council to be adopted in October, though there are likely to be some changes made to the draft,; he said.他说道:“虽然这个草案很有可能会有多处更改,但是按照计划,该条例会于今年十月由国务院获批通过。” /201608/460393。
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