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Sabre makes NASDAQ debut CNNs Richard Quest speaks to Sabre CEO Tom Klein about their performance over the first few days on the market.As shareholders at the company that owns Travelocity, something to celebrate this Easter Holiday.Sabre shares continue to rise on NASDAQ trading on Thursday. It was a positive debut on the NASDAQ. Sabre rose up to 3%. They closed at 16.5 dollars. Sabres known best for its online brands: Travelocity, Last Minute in the US, last.com in Europe. Sabres software business is the engine of growth. It basically is a major computer system that runs airlines and hotel companies. I spoke to the Chief Exec Tom Klein on Thursday and I asked what the debates taking place and the distribution about how companies like Sabre give you and me enough choice.We provide our suppliers the ability to personalize products. Today we announced a few product launches just today. One was for airlines to be able of managing unique experiences and personalize travel to travelers which is what that NDC initiatives all about. And then today for hotels, we announced the ability post of the guest making the reservation to be able to push out specific offers based on that guest profiles. So we believe that that personalization trend is real and for a big complex industry like travel industry, its gonna take software from companies like ours to make it happen. So, yeah, we are excited about that trend and we are working with IATA in a work group to deliver services their airlines that allow them to personalize products, because thats what consumers are saying they want to have.Everybody in the entire industry is now watching with something more than curiosity. The result of cause of Malaysia 370, now youre not an airline, I understand that. But youre imbeded firmly in the industry and you know what people are thinking. And as we wait for further details on 370, how do you think this incident is going to change the industry?Well, of course, the first thing is, yeah, for the families of the crew and the passengers on that plane, our hearts go out to them. Malaysias a great customer of ours. And, you know, I think at the end of the day, technology is gonna be part of the solution and I think the debate thats going on in the industry right now is healthy and overlong haul will make the industry better. But again, I think technology is gonna be the answer and the airline industry will decide what makes the most sense of going forwards to make sure that situations like this sort arent encoutered again. /201404/292123Buying a wedding present can test your time, patience, and wallet. Keep it simple, celebratory, and personal, and you’ll be a hit with the newlyweds.购买结婚礼物能考验你的时间,耐心和钱包。礼物要简单,喜庆,而且还要有个性,你肯定能给新婚夫妇留下深刻印象。Step 1: Use the registry1.使用登记簿Couples register for a reason—they’re politely picking out exactly what they want. Using their registry is the simplest way to get them something they need and like, and to help them complete matching sets like dishes or silverware.新人将礼物登记的原因是他们想礼貌地选择自己想要的礼物。看新人的的登记薄是了解新人需要和喜欢的礼物的最简单的方法,帮助他们完成比如盘子和银器的搭配。Tip:If you worry that choosing from a registry isn’t personal enough, pick something you can relate to and mention that on the card, like, “Hope this blender will mix up many of those margaritas we enjoyed down in Mexico!”小贴士:如果你担心从登记薄中选礼物没有个性,可以选些可以在卡片上标明的礼物,比如“希望这台果汁机能制作我们在墨西哥喝的那种鸡尾酒”。Step 2: Consider the couple2.考虑新人If you know the couple well and you’d rather not deal with a registry, feel free to make your gift personal. Go for something special that caters to their interests, like a classic first-edition novel for book lovers or tickets to a concert for music buffs. Or, just give them cash.如果你很了解新人,而且你不想使用登记簿,那就送点有个性的礼物。买些迎合新人喜好的特殊礼物,比如给喜欢读书的人买一本古典首印版的小说,给音乐迷送音乐会的票,或是直接给他们钱。Tip:Think about how much storage space the couple has. If they live in a studio apartment, they probably don’t want a lot of big stuff.小贴士:考虑一下新人有多大的存储空间。如果他们住在公寓中,他们很可能不想要大件的东西。Step 3: Dont overdo it3.不要过火Do you really want to blow all your money on a gold-plated doodad? Consider a gift that honors the couple while respecting your bank balance.你真的想将所有的钱买一个镀金的小饰品?想想买一件既能向新人表示敬意同时也比较划算的礼物。Tip:It’s ok to give a less expensive gift if you’re attending a destination wedding or spending a significant amount on travel.小贴士:如果你参加度假婚礼或是你要在旅途中花很长时间,送一个不那么昂贵的礼物就可以了。Step 4: Do it yourself4.自己制作礼物If you’re a skilled artist and you think the couple would appreciate a unique, one-of-a-kind gift, consider giving a handmade present.如果你是手巧的手工艺者,而且你认为新人会喜欢一件独特的礼物,可以考虑制作手工礼品。Tip:It’s one thing to give a handmade quilt, and quite another to present the pair with a last-minute pipe-cleaner sculpture. You don’t have to blow your savings, but don’t be a tightwad.小贴士:送手工制作的棉被是一件事,最后送给新人一个很普通的雕塑却是另一回事。你不必大放血,但不要做吝啬鬼。Step 5: Rely on tradition5.根据传统If you don’t know the couple well, go for a traditional all-purpose — and easily returned — present, like a crystal bowl or picture frame. Or give a gift certificate.如果你不太了解新婚夫妇,就按照传统来——这很容易把握——买一个水晶碗或是相框或是送礼券。Tip:Some people use the general rule that the gift’s value should roughly equal the couple’s cost per guest at the wedding.小贴士:有些人会遵循这样的原则:礼物的价值要大略等同于新婚夫妇的花费除以来参加婚礼的人数。Step 6: Respect the couples taste6.尊重新婚夫妇的口味Even if the newlyweds’ taste redefines tacky, remember—you’re buying a gift for them, not you. Give them something suited to their sensibilities, whatever they are.即使新婚夫妇的口味有些俗气——要记住你是在给他们买礼物。送一些他们喜欢的礼物,无论是什么。Step 7: Ask them7.询问他们The very best way to figure out what a couple wants? Ask them or someone close to them, like the maid of honor. Even if they’ve registered, there might be an item they’re hoping for above all else.想知道新婚夫妇想要什么的最好的办法?问一下他们或是和他们十分亲近的人,比如伴郎或伴娘。即使他们已经登记了,肯定还有他们想要的其他东西。视频听力译文由。201405/297915

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了。The top speed record of what currently stands at about 150 miles per hour? If you think you know it, shout it out! 目前速度最高能达到每小时150英里的是什么?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it a rollercoaster, baseball pitch, cheetah or blimp? Youve got three seconds, go!是过山车、棒球场、非洲猎豹还是软式小型飞船?你有三秒钟的时间。开始!The fastest thing on this list is the rollercoaster, one of which has been clocked at over 149 miles per hour. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.这几个选项中最快的就是过山车,其中有一个超过了149英里每小时。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: And that was in the ed Arab Emirates. 那是在阿联酋。But it seems that rollercoasters designers are always trying to set a new bar. 但看起来过山车的设计者总是在打破新的界限。This one is not about speed. 这并不仅仅与速度有关。Its about going the distance. 还与距离有关。More than 4100 feet, the longest distance for an inverted coaster. 世界上最长的翻转式过山车,长达4100多英尺。Thats the kind where the seats hang below the track. Hold on tight. 这种过山车的椅子直接挂在轨道上,牢牢困住。The right time for Benchie (ph) is a screaming 2.5 minutes. 坐上Benchie,你要一直尖叫2.5分钟。Top speed, 68 miles per hour. 最高速度可达68英里每小时。It costs Kings Island million to build. 国王岛屿花了两千四百万美元建造过山车。There were surely twists and turns along the way, but they kept the project on track and built something that holds the record from coast to coaster. 当然其中还有翻滚和弯道,但他们的项目正在进行中,他们要保持好记录。The first riders called it a scream. 它的第一个乘坐者说它是尖叫。They say its railly faun, even if it throws you for a loop. 他们说这真的很有趣,尽管它会将你甩出一个圈。So, if you have nerves of steel, the Benchie will test your metal.那么,如果你的神经像钢铁一样坚硬,Benchie将会检验你的意志。 /201404/290807

Tailor helps alter pockets to fit larger iPhone裁缝调整口袋大小以符合变大的iPhoneiPhone 6 sales have begun in China, but the new handset brings with it a peculiar problem, it just wont fit into standard sized pockets.iPhone 6的销售正在中国如火如荼进行,而这款新手机也引发了一个奇怪的问题:那就是不适合标准尺寸的口袋。But, theres a solution.不过也已经有了相应的解决方案。A tailor in the southwestern city of Chongqing is helping new customers out by altering jeans pockets to accommodate the new handset.在西南部的重庆市,一位裁缝就正给新客户们改裤子口袋以适应新手机。He has very cleverly, positioned himself outside an Apple store with his old school sewing machine, and put up a banner offering his service.他带着自己的老式缝纫机非常具有生意头脑的在苹果专卖店外地设了摊位,还有一面宣传旗帮他招揽着生意。These pictures were posted online and won quite a few ;likes; Chinese Apple fans.这些照片一经在网上发布,立刻受到了相当多中国苹果迷们的欢迎。201410/336573

He was very appealing to anybody whos ever been oppressed because of ethnic reasons or other reason.那些被压迫的人觉得他充满魅力,有民族自豪感的原因或者其他的原因。That time when Bruce was on the rise,we were looking for counter cultural heroes to fight the establishment.Its 40 years. Wouldnt have people forgotten him by now?No, I think a lot of cultures have picked him up as sort of their hero.布鲁斯展露锋芒的时候正是我们在寻找民族英雄来对抗压迫者的时候。过去四十年了,人们会不会已经忘记他了?不会,我觉得很多民族把他当做英雄看待。You had Muhammad Au. You had Malcolm X.You had the Black Panthers.You had a lot of radicalism going on.Bruce Lee represented that same kind of radicalism.我们有穆罕默德·欧,有马尔科姆艾克斯,我们有黑豹党员。有很多这种根本的改革主义,李小龙代表了这种改革主义。Bruce Lee emerges when America is having a very bad time in Vietnam and cannot beat the Viet Cong,these little yellow guys in pyjamas,so Bruce Lee speaks to that.当美国在越南碰壁,对于那些穿着宽松裤的,越共束手无策的时候,李小龙展露头角,他响应着这种精神。Anywhere you go,everybody is about Bruce Lee and rallies behind him.Hes the underdog.You dont have to start shouting political declarations to be culturally and politically significant.无论你走到哪里,每个人都因为李小龙得到极大的鼓舞,他也是处于劣势的,你不需要高喊你的政治宣言来体现你在政治和文化上的重要性。That Colosseum fight was very accurate.Taking nothing away from Chuck Norris,but I think Bruce Lee would be victorious.That fight scene gave Chuck Norris pretty much a career.那场罗马剧院的对抗很微妙。查克·诺里斯没损失什么,但我觉得李小龙是赢家。这个打斗场景让查克·诺里斯声名大噪。If they said Bruce could have beat Chuck Norris,Id say,;How much do you wanna bet?;I got a fistful of green backs in my pocket.如果有人说布鲁斯能打败查克·诺里斯,我会说,你想赌多少?我口袋里有得是钱。Chuck got chucked out right there in that movie.Thats one of my favourites.Boom. Guillotine choke in the 70s.Hello.Thats being ahead of your time.在那个电影中查克被好好收拾了,那是我最喜欢之一。70年代的颈锁术,那要早我好多年了。201312/269182Channel those inevitable couples spats into constructive, conflict-resolution sessions.将情侣之间不可避免的争吵变成建设性的,解决冲突的聚会。You Will Need你需要A fair fight公平的争吵A time-out暂停A schedule日程安排Communication skills沟通技巧I or We statements“我”或“我们”的人称Positive affirmation积极的肯定Listening skills倾听技巧Follow up (optional)跟进(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Take a time out1.暂停If you feel yourself getting angry, gauge your emotion level on a scale from one to 10. Take a time-out if you or your spouse feels your emotions running too high.如果你觉得自己非常愤怒,从一数到十,控制一下情绪。如果你或你的伴侣情绪太激动,最好冷静一下。STEP 2 Have a schedule2.安排时间Schedule a time to discuss the conflict, so you can be civil. Avoid bringing up hot-button topics while one or both of you are running out the door.安排时间讨论一下你们之间的冲突,这样双方都能做到彬彬有礼。当其中一方或双方都失去理智的时候,最好不要提起敏感话题。Pick your battles wisely. The things you argue about should be things that really matter – try not to sweat the small stuff.聪明地挑起争吵。你争论的必须是比较重要的事情,不要在小事上斤斤计较。STEP 3 Communicate3.沟通When the scheduled time arrives, start by communicating your desired outcome, as well as your feelings and needs. Invite your spouse to brainstorm ways to fix the problem. Cooperating to find solutions will avoid urges to place blame and help satisfy a mutual goal.当安排的时间来临时,开始沟通你期望的结果,你的感受和需要。邀请你的配偶一起讨论解决问题的方法。团结合作寻找解决方法可以避免互相指责,帮助达成共同的目标。Follow up at a later date on any resolutions made to avoid broken agreements.过段时间跟进一下,制定一些解决方法避免违约。STEP 4 Use ;I; or ;We; statements4.使用第一人称Use I; or ;We; statements and avoid using ;You; messages. ;We need to find a way to save more money,; is more positive and constructive than saying, ;You spend too much money.;使用第一人称“我”或者“我们”,避免使用“你”这个第二人称。“我们应该想办法存更多钱”相比“你花钱太多了”更积极,更有建设性。STEP 5 Affirm5.肯定Acknowledge something positive about your spouse before segueing to the issue. Knowing they are appreciated may help balance any perceived criticism.承认你的配偶比较积极的方面,然后再继续。知道自己被赞赏可以帮助平衡随后的批评。STEP 6 Listen6.倾听Listen to your spouse and make sure they feel heard. Acknowledge their point of view and validate their position before stating your own.倾听配偶的心声,确保他们觉得你把他们的话听到心里去了。说出自己的观点之前先承认他们的观点,确认他们的立场。STEP 7 Fight fair7.公平Fight fair. Stick to the argument at hand, and dont make generalizations or bring up past conflicts. Avoid yelling,dominating the discussion, and unconstructive criticism and insults.公平地争吵。集中于现在争吵的话题,不要一概而论或提起过去的冲突。不要大喊大叫,喋喋不休,避免不可理喻的批评或侮辱。A University of Michigan study found that earlier death is twice as likely in couples who suppress anger when unfairly attacked.密歇根大学一项研究发现,受到不公平的攻击而压抑自己的愤怒的夫妻早亡的几率高两倍。201411/343172

He doesnt look right.His balance is all wrong.他的踢法不太对。完全没有平衡感。Doesnt look up enough.一个劲儿地盯着脚下。Doesnt lift his legs high enough.腿抬得也不够高。Thats what all the other teams think.其他球队都是这么说他的。重点词汇: balance 平衡例句:The first thing is to balance the budget.首先要平衡预算。 201405/294856

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