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Bush Wants Free Trade with Colombia布什吁国会批准哥伦比亚贸易协议   U.S. President George Bush wants Congress to approve a free trade agreement with Colombia. Opposition Democrats have delayed that vote until after November elections. 美国总统布什希望国会批准与哥伦比亚的自由贸易协定。但是国会民主党人把对这项协议的投票推迟到11月份美国总统大选之后。Most Colombian exports enter the ed States duty free. But the 9,000 U.S. businesses selling goods and services in Colombia still face stiff tariffs. 哥伦比亚的大多数出口产品是免税进入美国的,但是在哥伦比亚的9000家出售产品和务的美国企业却面临严格的关税。That is why President Bush says it is time for Congress to pass a free trade agreement with Colombia. 因此布什认为国会现在应该批准与哥伦比亚的自由贸易协定。"Their goods are not taxed. Our goods are," he said. "It seems unfair to me. And people of Congress should understand how unfair it is to the workers in their districts or the farmers in their districts or the people who are working hard for a living in their districts who count upon selling goods overseas." 布什说:“他们的产品没有被征收关税,而我们的产品却被征税。在我看来,这不公平。国会议员们应该明白,这对他们选区的工人、他们选区的农场主、或是他们选区的那些辛勤工作、依赖出口产品谋生的人来说是多么不公平。”The president says the free trade agreement has enough support in the House of Representatives to pass. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has delayed that vote until after November's presidential and legislative elections. 布什说,这项协定在众议院拥有足够的持票,可望通过。但是众议院议长南希.佩洛西把对协定的投票推迟到11月份总统选举以及国会选举之后进行。Pelosi says President Bush should do more to help American workers hurt by the economic slowdown before Congress passes another trade agreement. Some congressional Democrats are also raising concerns about Colombia's human rights record and its past repression of trade unionists. 佩洛西说,在国会批准另一项贸易协定之前,布什总统应该采取更多的措施来帮助那些因为经济不景气而生活困难的人。另外,也有一些国会议员提到了对哥伦比亚人权状况的担忧,以及哥伦比亚工会人员被打压的问题。Mr. Bush says Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has addressed those issues by demobilizing thousands of paramilitary units and naming an independent prosecutor to pursue cases involving attacks against labor leaders. 布什说,哥伦比亚总统乌里韦已经在着手解决上述问题。他正在解散数千个准军事组织,并提名独立检察官处理有关工会领导人受到袭击的案子。The president told a gathering of U.S. business leaders on the South Lawn of the White House that approving the deal is the best way to support President Uribe, who is battling rebels and illegal drug traffickers while speaking out against the anti-American rhetoric of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. 布什在白宫南草坪对在那里参加聚会的美国企业界人士说,批准这项协议是对乌里韦总统的最好的持。乌里韦目前正在打击反政府武装以及非法毒品走私贩,同时还公开批驳委内瑞拉总统查韦斯的反美言论。"If we were to turn our back on Colombia by rejecting the free trade agreement, it would send a terrible signal to leaders willing to be courageous. It would send a bad signal to our friends," said Mr. Bush. "In the case of Colombia, it would send a bad signal to the voices of false populism in South America." 布什说:“如果我们拒绝自由贸易协定,背弃哥伦比亚,这将向那些愿意勇敢面对一切的领导人发出可怕的信号,会向我们的朋友发出坏信号。在哥伦比亚问题上,这将会向南美那些假民粹主义的声音发出错误信号。”Colombia is the largest export market for U.S. agricultural products in South America. Two-way trade between the countries last year totaled billion. 哥伦比亚是美国农产品在南美洲的最大出口市场。去年,两国的双边贸易总额达到180亿美元。 200805/39933Protesters in several US cities held anti-war rallies Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, March 20th. More rallies are planned in coming days in other U.S. cities. Several thousand joined an anti-war protest in Los Angeles. 今年3月20号是美国攻打伊拉克五周年,美国几座城市的抗议者星期六举行反战集会。未来几天美国其它城市也计划举行类似抗议集会。有几千人参加了洛杉矶的反战示威。Marchers chanted and some carried flag-draped coffins as speakers demanded that U.S. troops come home. 集会者高呼口号,有些人还抬着用国旗覆盖的棺木,集会发言人要求美国军队撤离伊拉克回国。集会者高呼,“停止战争......”Sharaf Mowjood of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the continued presence of American troops is worsening conditions in Iraq, and diverting attention from domestic U.S. problems, including rebuilding New Orleans. The city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 美国-伊斯兰关系协会的谢拉夫.莫吉奥德表示,美国军队继续驻扎伊拉克,正在恶化那里的局势,并且会转移人们对重建新奥尔良等美国国内问题的注意力。新奥尔良市在2005年的卡特里娜飓风中受到严重破坏。"We need to pull out immediately. That's the main thing right now we need to do. It's a conundrum as it is," he said. "So it's in a situation where the best viable option is to pull out because you have a lot of these internal problems you have to deal with, health care, sub-prime mortgage crisis, Katrina, all that. We need to work on those issues first." 谢拉夫.莫吉奥德说:“我们需要立即从伊拉克撤军。这是目前我们需要做的首要事情。这本来就是一道难题。因此,目前情况下最佳可行选择就是撤军,理由是,国内现在有大量问题急待解决,比如医疗保健,次级房屋抵押贷款危机,卡特里娜飓风后的重建等等。我们需要首先解决这些问题。”Members of religious, labor and community groups joined the Los Angeles demonstration. Madelyn MacKay, a Quaker, says the protests are sending a message to the candidates in the November 4 presidential election. 宗教组织、劳工组织以及一些社团的成员加入了洛杉矶反战示威。贵格会教徒马德琳.麦凯说,抗议示威活动是向参加11月4号总统选举的候选人传递一个信息。"And I think this sort of unity among groups for this one cause in the country is a big message to all of the candidates running that there is a lot of support through all kinds of organizations and all kinds of communities, people that do want us to get out of the war quickly," she said. 马德琳.麦凯说:“我认为,在这个国家,各个组织和团体因为这样一个原因而如此心齐,是向所有总统参选人传递一条重要信息,那就是希望我们国家尽快结束伊拉克战争,这得到各个组织和各个社团以及全体民众的大力持。”Protests were also scheduled Saturday for Albuquerque, Austin, and other U.S. cities. 阿尔伯克基、奥斯汀等美国其它城市星期六也曾计划要举行抗议示威。More anti-war events are scheduled in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. on March 19, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. 此外,旧金山、芝加哥和华盛顿哥伦比亚特区定于3月19号,也就是美国领导的攻打伊拉克行动的前一天,举行反战活动。200803/30921WHO Warns Climate Change Endangers Human Health世卫组织说气候变化危害人类健康  The World Health Organization says climate change endangers human health and developing countries will be most at risk from the increasing sp of disease. The organization is marking World Health Day with a global call to action to help countries adapt to changing climate and reduce its negative health effects.  世界卫生组织说,气候变化对人类健康造成危害,特别是对发展中国家的危害更大,有可能会增加疾病的传播。世界卫生组织在纪念世界卫生日的这一天号召全球采取行动,帮助一些国家应付气候变化,并减少气候变化给人类健康带来负面影响。 WHO Director-General Margaret Chan provides a nightmarish scenario of the future under climate change. She notes more frequent drought will threaten food security. This will increase malnutrition, which aly is responsible for 3.5 million deaths a year.  世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍描述了气候变化给人类未来带来的恶梦。她指出,更加频繁的干旱会威胁食品的安全,从而造成营养不良的增加,每年由营养不良造成的死亡人数达350万。She says extreme weather events such as storms and floods will sp cholera, typhoid, diarrhea and other deadly diseases. Heat waves in urban areas will increase disability and death, mainly in elderly people. 她说,例如暴雨和洪水等天灾会传播霍乱、风寒、疟疾和其他致命的疾病。在城市地区的热浪会增加残疾和死亡率,特别在老龄人口中间。Dr. Chan says vulnerable people in developing countries will be the first and the hardest hit from climate change. 陈冯富珍说,在发展中国家的弱势群体将是最先和最严重受到气候变化影响的群体。"For example, just 12 years from now in 2020, crop yields in parts of Africa are expected to drop by half. As another example, women and young girls in parts of Asia currently spend from six to nine hours collecting water. Climate change is adding an additional set of stresses in areas that are aly fragile with marginal livelihoods and thin margins of survival." 陈冯富珍说:“比方说,12年以后,到2020年,在非洲的部分地区的庄稼可能会减少一半。另外一个例子,在亚洲的部分地区,妇女和一些年轻女孩目前要花6到9个小时的时间打水。对这些已经生活在弱势中和生存边缘的人来说,这些额外的压力会给这些地区的妇女带来更大的困难。”The World Health Organization says climate change will bring positive and negative health impacts. It says the affects will depend on a country's location and other factors such as rainfall, humidity, and temperature. But, it says the overwhelming impact on health will be negative.  世界卫生组织说,气候变化能够为健康带来正面和负面的影响。他们说,这同一个国家的地理位置和其他因素有关,诸如降雨、湿度和气温。不过世界卫生组织说,但是,气候变化总的说来对健康的影响是负面的。WHO Assistant Director-General for Health Security and Environment David Heymann says changing temperatures and patterns of rainfall are expected to alter the geographical distribution of insect vectors that sp infectious diseases. He says malaria and dengue are among the greatest public health concerns. 世界卫生组织负责健康安全与环境的助理总干事黑曼说,气温变化和降雨的形式预计会改变传播传染病的昆虫的分布。他说,疟疾和登革热是对公共卫生的最大威胁。"Not only do these diseases occur, they then can get on airplanes or on ships and go to other parts of the world where the conditions are ripe for these diseases, where they have not been previously, but will begin transmission ... This is not itself due to climate change," he said. "But, this shows you that when climate changes do occur in one part of the world, the whole world will be at risk of climate change because of our globalized society."  黑曼说:“这些疾病不仅仅会发生,它们还会登上飞机或船只传到世界的其他地方,到那些条件适合这些疾病的地方,这些地区虽然以前从来没有流行过这类疾病,但是将会开始传播。这不是单单由气候变化引起的。但是,这告诉我们,当气候变化影响到世界的某一个地方,由于社会的全球化,整个世界都会受到影响。”The World Health Organization says people in rich countries also will be affected by climate change. But, it notes the wealthier countries have better means to deal with the health risks than do the poorer countries. 世界卫生组织说,富裕国家的人也会受到气候变化的影响。但是,他们指出,富有的国家在应对健康威胁上比贫穷的国家有更好的方式。The World Health Organization says preventive actions are needed to respond to the increased health threats. It says it is very important to establish early warning systems and to help nations strengthen their health systems.  世界卫生组织说,为应对健康威胁的增加,应该采取一些预防措施。世界卫生组织说,建立早期的预警系统和帮助一些国家加强保健系统非常重要。200804/33877

4 Faxing Conversation 1第四单元传真 会话 1A:Miss Liu,have we received the fax from MS Company yet?A:刘,微软公司的传真我们收到了吗?B:Let me check oh, here it is. It just arrived a few minutes ago.B:我查一下,喔,在这里。几分钟前刚到。A:Excellent. I have been expecting it.A:好极了。我等很久了。B:Is it important?B:这很重要吗?A:You bet it is. Its about the new contract.A:当然啦。这和新合约有关。B:Here it is,sir.B:就是这份,先生。Conversation 2会话 2A:Susan, have you received the fax from the Sunshine Company?A:苏珊,你有没有收到阳光公司发来的传真?B:No,sir. I have called Lilian and she told me that their fax machine was out of order and she would send us the fax this afternoon.(in the afternoon)B:没有。我已经打电话给莉莲,她告诉我她们的传真机 坏了。下午她会给我们发传真。(下午)B:I have received the fax from Sunshine Company. Here it is, sir.B:我已经收到了阳光公司发来的传真。给您,先生。A:Oh,that is terrible. The fax has been muddled. What is worse, page three is missing. Would you please ask them to send the fax again?A:太糟糕了。传真的字模糊不清,更糟糕的是,第三页没 有。请你让他们再传一份。B:All right,sir.(Susan then calls Lilian)B:好的,先生。(苏珊打电话给莉莲)B:Hello. This is Susan. May I speak to Lilian,please?B:你好。我是苏珊。请问莉莲在吗?C:This is Lilian.C:我就是。B:Lilian,would you please send me the fax again? The fax you sent me just now was very unclear and page three is missing.B:莉莲,请你再给我发一次传真好吗?刚才你发的传真 模糊不清,而且第三页没有。C:I am sorry. I will send you the fax again right now.C:很抱歉。我会马上给你再传一次。B:Thank you so much.B:非常感谢。C:You are welcome. Bye.C:不用谢。再见。 /201601/423258

4 Faxing Conversation 1第四单元传真 会话 1A:Miss Liu,have we received the fax from MS Company yet?A:刘,微软公司的传真我们收到了吗?B:Let me check oh, here it is. It just arrived a few minutes ago.B:我查一下,喔,在这里。几分钟前刚到。A:Excellent. I have been expecting it.A:好极了。我等很久了。B:Is it important?B:这很重要吗?A:You bet it is. Its about the new contract.A:当然啦。这和新合约有关。B:Here it is,sir.B:就是这份,先生。Conversation 2会话 2A:Susan, have you received the fax from the Sunshine Company?A:苏珊,你有没有收到阳光公司发来的传真?B:No,sir. I have called Lilian and she told me that their fax machine was out of order and she would send us the fax this afternoon.(in the afternoon)B:没有。我已经打电话给莉莲,她告诉我她们的传真机 坏了。下午她会给我们发传真。(下午)B:I have received the fax from Sunshine Company. Here it is, sir.B:我已经收到了阳光公司发来的传真。给您,先生。A:Oh,that is terrible. The fax has been muddled. What is worse, page three is missing. Would you please ask them to send the fax again?A:太糟糕了。传真的字模糊不清,更糟糕的是,第三页没 有。请你让他们再传一份。B:All right,sir.(Susan then calls Lilian)B:好的,先生。(苏珊打电话给莉莲)B:Hello. This is Susan. May I speak to Lilian,please?B:你好。我是苏珊。请问莉莲在吗?C:This is Lilian.C:我就是。B:Lilian,would you please send me the fax again? The fax you sent me just now was very unclear and page three is missing.B:莉莲,请你再给我发一次传真好吗?刚才你发的传真 模糊不清,而且第三页没有。C:I am sorry. I will send you the fax again right now.C:很抱歉。我会马上给你再传一次。B:Thank you so much.B:非常感谢。C:You are welcome. Bye.C:不用谢。再见。 /201601/423258

Economic Policy Makers Discuss Measures to Restore Market ConfidenceIMFC讨论恢复市场信心的措施 The governing body of the International Monetary Fund is meeting Saturday in Washington to discuss a weakening global economy, inflation and proposals to stabilize financial markets still reeling from bank losses stemming from the U.S. home mortgage crisis.  国际货币基金组织的指导机构国际货币与金融委员会(IMFC)星期六在华盛顿开会,讨论全球经济疲软、通货膨胀和稳定金融市场的建议。世界金融市场仍然处于从美国住房贷款危机造成的损失中恢复的过程中。 The finance ministers and central bankers of 24 advanced and developing countries are discussing reforms collectively advanced by the G7 group of industrialized nations - in other words Europe, North America, and Japan.  24个发达国家和发展中国家的财政部长和中央行长正在讨论工业化七国集体提出的改革建议。七国集团是指欧洲、北美国家和日本。Christine Lagarde is the French economy minister. 法国经济部长拉加德说:"The fact that we are asking for more transparency, more disclosure by the banks, on the one hand; the fact that we're asking for better liquidity by the banks as well, is certainly going to help the current crisis," he said. “事实是,我们要求增加透明度,公开更多情况,另一方面,事实是,我们要求改善资产折现力。这些事实肯定会有助于应付目前的危机。”Lagarde spoke to Bloomberg television.  拉加德通过彭电视台发表了上述讲话。The G7 proposals are usually accepted by the IMF's governing board.  七国集团的建议通常会被国际货币基金组织的这个指导机构接受。On Friday evening, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson hosted a meeting of his colleagues from Europe, Canada and Japan along with commercial bankers impacted by the current credit squeeze, the world's most significant financial turmoil since the Asian financial crisis 10 years ago.  星期五晚上,美国财政部长保尔森主持了一次会议,与会者包括欧洲、加拿大、日本的财政官员和商业的官员。这些受到目前的信贷紧缩和世界金融动荡的影响。这些动荡是自10年前亚洲金融危机以来最严重的。Addressing the IMF panel on Saturday, Paulson said the first six months of 2008 will be difficult for the U.S. economy, which may have aly entered its first recession since 2001. Paulson is calling on the 185-member-nation IMF to sharpen its focus on currency exchange rates and to more closely monitor financial markets.  保尔森星期六在国际货币基金组织发表讲话时说,对美国经济来说,2008年头六个月将是困难的。美国经济可能已经进入2001年以来第一次衰退。保尔森呼吁拥有185个成员国的国际货币基金组织更加努力地集中处理货币兑换率问题,并密切监控金融市场的动向。These weekend meetings are the regular semi-annual gatherings of the IMF's governing panel, whose developing country members - among others - include China, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.  这些周末举行的会议是国际货币基金组织这个指导机构每半年举行一次的例会。该机构的发展中国家的成员包括中国、印度、南非、沙特阿拉伯和委内瑞拉。The challenges currently facing the world economy are unusual since at the same time that economic growth is slowing inflationary pressures are rising. Oil has touched a record 2 a barrel, and the price of rice has nearly doubled in just three months. 目前世界经济面临的挑战是不寻常的。因为在经济增长减慢的同时,通货膨胀的压力在增加。石油价格已经上涨到创记录的每桶112美元。稻米价格在仅仅三个月内将近翻了一番。IMF economists expect the world economy to slow to under four percent growth in 2008, its slowest performance in five years. 国际货币基金组织的经济学家们预计,世界经济增长速度在2008年将下降到4%以下。这是5年来的最慢速度。 200804/34727UN Agencies Warn of Growing Humanitarian Risk in Horn of Africa联合国吁国际社会援救非洲之角 ed Nations agencies are warning of a growing humanitarian emergency in the Horn of Africa region. The agencies are calling on donor countries to provide more funds to stem a worsening crisis in Somalia, Ethiopia and other countries. 联合国各机构提出警告说,非洲之角地区的人道危机日趋紧迫。联合国机构呼吁捐赠国提供更多资金以解除索马里、埃塞俄比亚等国越来越严重的危机。UN agencies have warned that a combination of drought, insecurity and rising food prices threaten to make an aly dire humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa even worse in coming months. The agencies estimate that over 14 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia and Djibouti will require food and other forms of assistance. 联合国机构已警告说,旱灾、局势动荡以及食品价格上涨导致非洲之角地区已经糟糕的人道状况在今后几个月内有进一步恶化的危险。这些联合国机构估计,在埃塞俄比亚、肯尼亚、乌干达、索马里和吉布提有1400万以上的人口将需要食品以及其它形式的援助。Nowhere is the outlook grimmer than in Somalia, where soaring food prices have added to the problems caused by three years of drought, and 17 years of civil war. The UN's Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Mark Bowden, told a news conference in Nairobi that the security situation has only gotten worse in recent months. 索马里的前景最为严酷,那里的粮食价格飞涨使得三年旱灾及17年内战所带来的问题更为严重。负责索马里事务的联合国人权专员鲍登在内罗毕的记者会上说,索马里的安全形势这几个月来更为恶化。"I think it's fair to say at the moment that in parts of Somalia people feel more insecure than ever before," said Bowden. 他说:“我认为,我们可以毫不夸张地说,目前索马里某些地区的民众比过去任何时候都感到更为恐慌不安。”He said that in Somalia, where between 60 to 80 percent of food is imported, and where over a million people have been displaced by fighting, the population is particularly vulnerable. 他说,在索马里60%到80%的食品是进口的。当地有一百多万人因战乱而流离失所,这些人处境更为危难。"We're now estimating that by the end of the year, three and a half million people will need assistance. That by any estimate, is about almost half the population, will need assistance, which is a frightening figure to have to deal with," he added. 鲍登说:“我们目前估计到今年年底,有350万人将需要援助。不论根据哪种估算方式,差不多有一半人口将需要援助,这是令人胆颤心惊的庞大救援人数。”The UN has launched a 7 million humanitarian appeal for Somalia. So far, only 35 percent of that has been provided. 联合国已经发出向索马里提供6亿3千7百万美元的人道救援资金的呼吁。而迄今为止,只有35%的款项到位。A spokesman for the World Food Program, Peter Smerdon, says that the agency is seeking to double food deliveries to Somalia in coming months, a task complicated by insecurity both on the ground in Somalia and off shore, where piracy has been a growing concern. 世界粮食计划署的发言人斯默登说,他的机构正寻求在未来几个月内把向索马里发运的粮食增加一倍,但是这项任务由于索马里地面和近海区域的局面不稳而更加复杂化,在那里海盗抢劫已成为日益严重的问题。"We are appealing for any government urgently now to step forward to provide naval escorts to our ships carrying WFP food into Somalia to protect them from piracy," he said. "Another ship in South Africa, having signed the contract to go to Mogadishu, is now refusing to load 12,000 tons of cereals today unless it receives naval support. If that 12,000 tons does not arrive in Mogadishu, 1 million people in Somalia will not receive any cereals in August," said Smerdon. 斯默登说:“我们正在紧急呼吁任何国家的政府能立即挺身而出,为我们世界粮食计划署向索马里运送粮食的船只提供海路护航,保护他们免受海盗抢劫。在南非的另一艘船已签署合约前往加迪沙,如今却拒绝载运1万2千吨的谷物,除非得到护航持。如果那1万2千吨谷物不能抵达加迪沙,一百万索马里人民8月将得不到任何谷类食物。”In Ethiopia, some 4.6 million people require emergency food aid, with nearly six million more also requiring international assistance. Ethiopia has been hit particularly hard by price increases, with inflation rates for food reaching 40 percent. 在埃塞俄比亚,约460万人需要紧急食品援助,还有近6百万人也需要国际援助。物价上涨对埃塞俄比亚的影响尤其严重,食品价格的通货膨胀率已达40%。Smerdon says the WFP often buys food for its programs within Ethiopia, but in the current situation doing so would only serve to drive up prices even more. 斯默登说,世界粮食计划署通常的做法是在埃塞俄比亚境内购买粮食来执行这个机构的救援计划,但是在目前形势下,这样做只会导致价格进一步上涨。200807/44627Well, it was football's worst-kept secret, but now the truth is out. Despite the promises, Wembley Stadium will not be y for the FA Cup final on May 13th. The match will be held in Cardiff instead. It's a humiliating blow for Multiplex, the Australian company, which won the contract to build the new Wembley. They blame constant design changes and problems with subcontractors for the delay and picking up the tab for the overrun, a sum that could top a hundred million pounds. Our business correspondent Faisal Islam has this report.Que Será, Será. Wherever will be will be. No one is going to Wembley, the home of English Football, now yet another addition to the litany of disastrous British infrastructure projects. Finally today, the Football Association admitted what has been suspected for many months, the FA Cup final, long planned as the showpiece debut for the stadium, moved after Australian developer’s Multiplex couldn’t guarantee it will be y."Multiplex and indeed WNSL are unable to give us a hundred percent certainty that the stadium will be completed in time for the FA Cup final. Due to the magnitude of the Cup final, we are not prepared to compromise or take any risk on the stadium being unable to stage such a significant event."It was meant to be y in January, but constructing this 133-meter-high roof supporting landmark steel arch proved more complicated than expected, and it caused a series of fallouts with contractors including a 50-million-pound high court lawsuit.They had six months where nothing was really being done in terms of the steel, because the steel was the biggest single component of this job, and the problem is they lost a lot of time on that, and therefore, so all backed up, so they had to find men and resources, and just chuck money at the job later to try and catch up to make up for the lost time.The cost of this 90,000 capacity arena have escalated beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. The original costing was 325 million pounds. That’s more than doubled to almost 760 million. Putting together the finance alone cost 80 million pounds, and fees for lawyers and bankers stand at 82 million. It all adds up to 3,918 pounds per seat, making it far more expensive than other European stadiums. But those numbers aren’t the end of it. Multiplex has been picking up the bill over and above those costs after the FA cunningly got it to sign a fixed price contract. The Australian company undercut other bidders substantially, determined that it was to use Wembley as a flagship for its international expansion. Multiplex is expected to announce this week that it’s nursing losses of well over 100 million pounds on the projects.But no one comes out of this fiasco particularly well. “In the birth of the Wembley Stadium, project was very difficult. There are a number of politicians involved in it. There are a number of different ideas about what they should actually do, whether athletics should be involved in it, and then the FA made a stupid move of putting a fixed price contract on it, but that put a huge amount of pressure on the contractors.”So the FA can’t be too smug. It has a 425-million-pound loan to pay back, mainly through staging music concerts. "Bon Jovi concert is still going ahead, so I presume that means, TakeThat concert is going ahead as well. But, if I put all this effort into it, and / sold all the tickets for it, because both of them have two shows, I would be very upset."So Bon Jovi aren’t the only ones living on the prayer. The project was controversial enough from inception, a sport rolling in TV cash, receiving a 170 million pounds of public subsidy to buy this site at what's widely considered to have been a vastly inflated price. The experience here doesn’t bode well for the far more complex plan to host 2012 Olympics.Faisal Islam. Now....200805/39225

Pope Appeals for Humanitarian Corridor in Georgia教皇呼吁在格开辟人道主义通道   Pope Benedict XVI issued another strong appeal on Sunday for a humanitarian corridor to be opened to allow aid to get through to the displaced in Georgia. 天主教教皇本笃十六世星期天再次强烈呼吁在格鲁吉亚开辟人道主义通道,以便将救援物资送给因战争而背井离乡的格鲁吉亚人。Pope Benedict said he continues to follow with attention and concern the situation in Georgia and feels especially close to the victims of the conflict. The pope was speaking from his summer retreat in Castelgandolfo, in the hills south of Rome.  教皇本笃十六世说,他一直在注视和关注格鲁吉亚的局势,并且感觉跟格鲁吉亚武装冲突的受害者格外亲近。教皇在他的避暑度假地甘多尔福堡发表上述讲话。甘多尔福堡在罗马以南的山丘上。Addressing the pilgrims gathered in the palace's courtyard for the Sunday Angelus prayer, the pope issued a strong appeal for the urgent opening of humanitarian corridors between Georgia and the separatist region of South Ossetia to help people caught up in the fighting.  教皇本笃星期天向聚集在主教宅邸院子里进行奉告祈祷的信徒们发表讲话。他强烈呼吁在格鲁吉亚和主张分离的南奥塞梯地区之间开通紧急人道主义通道,帮助那些被战火所困的人们。The pope said humanitarian corridors should be opened so that the dead can receive a dignified burial, the wounded can be properly treated and people can rejoin their loved ones. 教皇说,应该开通人道主义通道,这样死者才能得到有尊严的葬礼,伤员才能得到及时的治疗,人们才能跟他们的家人团聚。Pope Benedict expressed the hope that a French-brokered cease-fire between Georgia and Russia will turn into a stable peace. He renewed his appeal to the international community to continue to work for a lasting solution through dialogue. He also called for the rights of ethnic minorities in the region to be guaranteed. 天主教教皇本笃表示,希望由法国调停的格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯之间的停火变成稳定的和平。他再次呼吁国际社会继续努力,通过对话找到一个永久的解决方案。教皇本笃还呼吁要保该地区少数民族的各项权利。An estimated 120,000 people have been displaced by the fighting between Georgia and Russia, which began August 7 between Georgian troops and separatists in South Ossetia. Georgian forces say they acted after coming under Russian fire. Russia says it moved in to Georgia to protect its citizens in South Ossetia, many of whom have been given Russian passports.  据估计,格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯之间的战斗已经造成12万人离乡背井。这场战斗于8月7号首先在格鲁吉亚军队和南奥塞梯分离分子之间开始。格鲁吉亚军队说,他们是在俄罗斯军队首先开火之后才予以还击的。而俄罗斯则表示,他们开进格鲁吉亚是保护在南奥塞梯的俄罗斯公民,其中许多人都持有俄罗斯护照。The Russian President Dmitri Medvedev said Sunday that his country's troops will begin withdrawing from Georgia on Monday. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫星期天表示,俄罗斯军队将从星期一开始从格鲁吉亚撤离。200808/46199Anchor:Your money in the year 2006. Is this the time to get that great new job? Is this the time to sell or to buy a new home? Well our financial contributor Mellody Hobson has canvassed all the expert including herself and she's got some answers this morning , Mellody, Good morning, Happy New Year to you. Mellody Hobson:Good morning. Anchor: All right, houses. Is it the time to buy a house? Is it the time to sell a house? What's happening out there? Mellody Hobson: Well, actually, housing it looks like it's going to be a bust in 2006. The National Association of Realtors just announce that housing sales for the month of November were down 1. 7%. That's the second month in a row. And yet prices are still really high, in fact, in 65 of the biggest markets, the markets are not just overpriced, they are extremely overpriced and headed for a correction or a drop in prices. And it's important to know that mortgage rates have been up, so that's one of the big reasons that it's slowing down buying and it's been up, those rates have been up all year. And on top of that the other big indicator that we saw last week -- mortgage applications are down. Actually last week mortgage applications hit a three-and-a-half-year low. So what does all this mean? Nat, nat!(it means not.) If you are a buyer, I think you are gonna find some bargains out there. And in fact, the president of the National Association of Realtors said yesterday that he expects 2006 to be a buyer's market. Anchor: Ok! I love someone, first of all, who'd say, nat nat and really no one means it. But it, it is puzzled to both then by the middle of the year you really find bargains and it really will be a buyer's market in a whole new way. Mellody Hobson:I actually think it will. I think that this, this housing market is gonna bust, I don't think it's going to be the soft landing that people are talking about. Anchor: All right, your jobs, is this gonna be the year to look for a new job because they're gonna be available or is this a year in which more people again will get laid off. Mellody Hobson:This is good news on the job front, the Department of Labor reported that in November 215, 000 jobs were added , that's up from 44, 000 in October. December looks good. Companies out there say they're planning to hire in the first quarter of this year and there are still jobs shortages in certain areas like finance, health care and construction. Anchor:Great to get some optimistic news, and a quick word on the stock market, up downs, boom, bust. Mellody Hobson:I think 2006 is gonna be a very hard year for the stock market. I'm not expecting big returns but , long term I'm always bullish on stocks , buy the high quality names to withstand the ups and downs that we might see next year. Anchor:But watch out this year because it could be a little rocky? Mellody Hobson:It's going to be a little rocky I think so. Anchor:All right, Mellody thanks again and have a great weekend, a great New Year's Eve. 200808/46464Katie Couric: Family law practitioner Mark Barondess has tried to demystify both marriage and divorce with his new book "What were you thinking?". Six hundred dollars per hour legal advice on relationships, marriage and divorce. Hi, Mark. Good morning. (Hi. Katie.) Nice to see you. Mark Barondess: Good to be here. Katie Couric: Well they say that you should write about what you know. And in many ways, this obviously since you're a divorce lawyer, you know intimately about a lot of different cases. But this is as much about marriage and how to avoid divorce, isn't it? Mark Barondess: Well, it is. Because it became very clear to me during the course of all these years representing people in divorces that the number one problem was who they had selected to marry. That may seem sort, sort of simplistic, but people spend a lot of time planning a wedding; they don't spend a lot of time planning a marriage. That's a big mistake. Katie Couric: And I would say probably there, there are a lot of great points and pieces of advice in this book. But perhaps the best is to be prepared like a boy scout, right? I mean, and you, you've talked about how to do that in a variety of ways, can you explain? Mark Barondess: Sure, you have to be prepared. You have to really get to know your spouse. And you know, that seems simplistic again. But people don't take the time to understand where their value is, what are their true religious upbringings, what do they see themselves in five years, ten years. When it comes to time for children, what would the discipline be like for children? What would not be like? How are they gonna interact with in-laws. There are so many issues that will take place in the normal course of life. But they have to be talked about in advance. Katie Couric: And it's interesting. I think one of the points you say think of your partner's most annoying habit, and realize it's only going to be more annoying as the years go on. (Sure. ) It is funny what you find sort of cute and quirky and attractive is really irritating ultimately, isn't it? Mark Barondess: I saw the segment on your show earlier again about cell phones. And that's example that I used in my book. I mean if your spouse or your girlfriend talks very loudly in the cell phone now. By the time 5 years passed, she's gonna be sticking pencils in your eyes every time she makes a phone call. Katie Couric: Yeah. You also talk about the number one reason for divorce and that is cheating, cheating, cheating, right? Mark Barondess: Well, the number one reason for divorce is marriage. We can't ha...Katie Couric: In fact you have a cute e by Henny Youngman in here. I just want, the secret to a happy marriage remains a secret. And you also said Jack Nicholson said that there is any realistic deterrent to marriage, it's the fact you can't afford a divorce. Mark Barondess: Jack is a very intelligent man. Katie Couric: Yeah. But so marriage is the number one reason. But you also say cheating. (is, is...)Mark Barondess: Cheating is clearly at least in my experience, there is a propensity in this country for people that are married to waver outside their marital vows. And you know it's just as much for women now as it is for men. Women are all out there cheating, having sex in this whole Desperate Housewives things if you will. All seems to support that. Katie Couric: And in fact you cover a lot of different things in your book about Detectives, Good idea or Not, High-tech love, Beware? Know the judge and There is Hope of Second Marriages. But second marriages have a higher failure rate than first marriages. Mark Barondess: Seventy percent. Katie Couric: That is so depressing to me. Mark Barondess: Seventy percent. Because people make the same mistakes twice. If I, if you were married to me and I was a workaholic and you divorce maybe because I was a workaholic. Chances are you will still marry another workaholic again. It's just people repeat the same patterns over and over again. Katie Couric: And it's really important to recognize the patterns. So you get advice in this book from a lot of high- profile folks like Donald Trump. What does he have to say about divorce and urh, marriage rather, and why should we listen to Donald's hints. Mark Barondess: Well. Because Donald at least points out that marriage is an extremely serious thing to be dealt with. He points out the reasons why you should have a pre-nuptial agreement. But there is advice from Doctor F. , from M. Williams, from Golfur, from Love Boat, GL, Jin Simens from Kiss. I mean we have the whole spectrums so that you get a good viewpoint in terms of what marriage and what divorce is really about. Katie Couric: And you also talk about how to pick a divorce lawyer and sort of buyer beware on a couple of points flat out liars. Are there lawyers to, I mean, right? I mean aren't there some just bad news. Mark Barondess: They are a lot of sleazy lawyers. I , mean (no). there are a lot of sleazy lawyers and. . . But,but...Katie Couric: I always defend lawyers coz I was married to one. Mark Barondess: Well, but the good thing is that there is a lot of great lawyers and what you have to do is you have to be selective, and find one of those great lawyers. If you do, then most likely you'll have an experience that would be palatable by the end of the day. I am not saying you'll throw a divorce party like you guys who were talking about earlier. It's a little strange. Katie Couric: Yeah, yeah. While I think there is a lot of anger that people have to release in some ways following divorces so maybe that explains that. Are there some lawyers who just keep the divorce proceedings going coz they don't want gravy train to pull into the station? Mark Barondess: Unfortunately there are. There are people that would take advantage of you in every profession whether it's a home contractor or it's a divorce lawyer, so you need to keep your eyes open. Follow the recommendation of a friend who is used to the divorce lawyer that has been very satisfied with the experiences, and most likely you'll have a satisfactory experiences as well. Katie Couric: Well , it's a really fun book to . I know that sounds funny since it's about divorce. But it's got some great advice and I think people who are contemplating marriage should it, also maybe people who are thinking about divorce can enrich their lives by using some of the lessons and sustain their marriage. Mark Barondess: Yeah, one of the things I did was to have this book be written for someone that was going to get married, in other words, if you had a daughter that was going to get married and said , Mum, I really love this guy. Well, this book first and then if you still love him after ing this book. Then ok.Katie Couric: Or at least follows some of the steps here.Mark Barondess:Sure.Katie Couric: All right,lawyer Mark Barondess. Great to see you(thanks, Katie) and it's nice to have Rose here-your beautiful wife, who also is our make-up artist at the times. Anyway, thank you so much and good luck of the book.Mark Barondess: Thanks 200807/44673

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