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Kara: So, Lupe, you have an extremely large family compared to family sizes here in the ed States. How was that? How was that growing up in a large family?卡拉:卢佩,与美国的家庭规模相比,你有一个非常大的家庭。在一个大家庭里长大感觉怎么样?Lupe: Yeah, coming here to the es States it was really strange for me to see how small families were, and me coming from such a big family where theres — I have five brothers and six sisters, so five boys, seven girls. Theres twelve of us and we all have the same mom and dad and you know at times it can be a little rough because growing up, you know, at one point we did all live together. Now it is not as hard because there is a big age difference between the oldest and the youngest. I am the youngest girl and I have a younger brother. My oldest brother now is forty, married, lives in his own house and most of my older brothers and sisters are all married and have their kids and have also moved out. Its not as tough anymore. What I love about having such a big family is that now they all have babies so theres twenty-three nephews and nieces so when we have get-togethers, its really an amazing party because theres so many people there just with our immediate family. The kids are running around playing. All the women are you know, hanging out, talking and the guys are also doing there thing, and theres also a lot of birthday parties as you can imagine. Theres so many birthdays throughout the year, so theres always a party. Theres always someone to talk to. Theres always someone to go to. Although it can really hurt your pocket around Christmas time because you know theres twenty-three nieces and nephews to buy presents for and theres also eleven siblings to buy, you know, presents and the familys only getting larger because also got to think about them getting married, so now I have sister-in-laws. I have brother-in-laws, and theres still a few of us that are not married so the familys only gonna get bigger, for sure.卢佩:我到美国以后,对美国的小型家庭感到很奇怪,我来自一个非常大的家庭,我有五个兄弟和六个,所以我家一共有五个男孩和七个女孩。我们家一共有12个孩子,我们是一个妈妈生的,有时会有些艰难,因为在成长过程中,有一个阶段我们是住在一起的。不过现在不会那么艰难了,因为最大的孩子和最小的孩子差了好几岁。我是女孩中最小的,我下面还有一个弟弟。我们的大哥今年40岁,已婚,住在他自己的房子里,基本上我的哥哥和都结婚有孩子了,而且他们都已经搬出去单住了。所以现在的情况不太那么艰难。我喜欢大家庭的地方在于,现在我的哥哥们都有了孩子,我有23个侄子和侄女,我们所有人聚在一起的时候就像一个大派对一样,光直系亲属就有好多人。孩子们会到处跑来跑去地玩耍。女性会闲逛、聊天,男性们则在做各种事,你可以想象的到,家里会举行很多生日派对。一年到头有很多生日,每个生日都会举办一场派对。总会有人聊天,总会有人陪。不过在圣诞节的时候,这也会让你的钱包大出血,因为要买23个侄子和侄女的礼物,还要给11个兄弟买礼物,而且由于兄弟已经结婚了,所以家庭在不断壮大中,还有嫂子和和夫,因为只有几个人没有结婚,所以家庭当然在不断的壮大中。Kara: What was the hardest part about growing up in a family that large?卡拉:在一个这么大的家庭中长大最难的地方是什么?Lupe: I think the hardest part about it when I was little was I think my parents didnt have the resources to raise all of us in maybe the way they wished they could have. There wasnt always enough money to make sure that everybody was well-dressed, or even that there was enough food. As the older siblings started, you know, growing up and being old enough that they could work, they became a central part of the family and started helping with the income, the family income and that made it a lot easier for us younger ones growing up. They had it a little tougher than we did because they had to work a lot and they were really young to make sure that the rest of us had everything we needed. That was definitely the hardest part.卢佩:我觉得最难的地方是,我小的时候我的父母没有办法用他们希望的那种方法抚养我们所有的人。他们没有足够的钱确保所有孩子都穿着讲究,而且食物也不够。年长的孩子渐渐长大到可以工作的年龄时,他们就会成为家庭的柱,赚钱帮忙贴补家庭收入,因为他们的帮助我们小一些孩子的成长就没有那么困难。他们比我们更辛苦,因为他们要做许多事,虽然他们也还很小,但是他们要确保满足弟弟的需求。这无疑是最难的地方。 译文属 /201511/409743外教带你学地道口语 第37期:有趣的设计Cute and quirkyJumps out/leaps outClassic but modernSleek designFusion /201509/397003Ginger: So, Nabeel, I really liked that eggplant curry you made the other night. Whats in that?金格:纳比尔,我非常喜欢那天晚上你做的茄子咖喱。里面都放了什么?Nabeel: Oh, you did. Okay. Its actually really easy. Theres eggplant, and you need some potatoes, some tomatoes, and onions. And a few spices.纳比尔:哦,你喜欢吗?其实做法非常简单。需要茄子、土豆、蕃茄和洋葱。还有一些调味料。Ginger: Okay, what spices?金格:好,需要哪些调味料?Nabeel: Well, I use about half a teaspoon of tamery powder, and a teaspoon of coriander powder, red chili and cumin.纳比尔:我加了半茶匙的tamery粉,一茶匙的芫荽粉,红辣椒和孜然。Ginger: Are those easy to find at any grocery store?金格:这些调味料在普通的食杂店能买到吗?Nabeel: You can find them at most grocery stores nowadays. If you cant find them at the major ones, you might want to look for an international food store and all of those carry the Indian spices.纳比尔:现在在大多数食杂店都能买到。如果在大食杂店买不到,你可以去国际食品店买,里面有卖印度调味料。Ginger: I have a really small kitchen. What kind of equipment do you need to make it?金格:我的厨房非常小。你做茄子咖喱需要什么厨具?Nabeel: Oh, nothing at all. You just need a stove, and you need a sauce pan.纳比尔:哦,那没关系。你只需要一个电炉和一个沙司锅。Ginger: Okay, I can handle that. So how do I make it?金格:好,这个我有。那要怎么做呢?Nabeel: Well, first of all, you heat some oil in the sauce pan, and when the oil is hot enough, then you add the chopped onions, and a tablespoon of garlic paste, and a table spoon of ginger paste, and you let those cook for a few minutes, until the onions are turned brown, and then after that you, you add the tomatoes, and let those cook for a bit until the tomatoes have gone soft, and then you add all the spices: the tamery, the red chili, the coriander, the cumin and the salt of course. And just mix it up well at that point and add some water. The water prevents the spices from burning. After that, add the potatoes and then add the eggplant, and then pour in about a glass of water and just make sure the tomatoes and the eggplant are covered, and then you turn it to low heat and put the lid on and let it cook for about fifteen minutes.纳比尔:首先,在沙司锅里把油烧热,在油热了以后,放入切好的洋葱、一汤匙蒜泥、一汤匙姜汁,翻炒几分钟,在洋葱炒成棕黄色以后,加入蕃茄,再翻炒一下,把蕃茄炒软之后加入所有调味料:tamery粉、红辣椒、芫荽粉和孜然,再放些盐。然后翻炒,加入一些水。水会防止调味料燃烧。之后,加入土豆和茄子,再放一杯水,确保水覆盖住蕃茄和茄子,然后调至低火,盖上锅盖,焖15分钟左右。Ginger: Okay, Im not much of a cook but I think I can do that. Ill give it a try.金格:好,我不太擅长做饭,不过我想这道菜我可以做。我会试试的。Nabeel: Well, good luck.纳比尔:好,祝你好运。Ginger: Thanks. Maybe Ill have you over and let you try it.金格:谢谢。也许我会邀请你过来品尝一下。Nabeel: Yeah, Id love that.纳比尔:好,我很乐意。Ginger: All right.金格:好。 译文属 /201608/457815

fully drawn characters刻画丰满的人物gripping plot扣人心弦的情节important message重要信息plausible events合理的事件vivid descriptions生动的描述witty dialogue机智的对话flat descriptions乏味的说明implausible events不合理的事件predictable plot可预见的情节trivial message琐碎的消息two-dimensional characters板平的人物wooden dialogue木讷的对话 /201605/441814

Rob asked Feifei to meet him in the studio. But what was it for? Find out in the programme.罗布让菲菲来演播室见他。是为了什么呢?请收听本期节目并找出。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Feifei: Hello everyone. Hello Rob. Im here.菲菲:大家好。你好,罗布,我来了。Rob: Oh, hello Feifei. Now... what are you doing here?罗布:哦,你好,菲菲。你现在来这里做什么?Feifei: You told me to come by. Here I am and... well, why do you need me here?菲菲:你让我过来。所以我来了,不过你为什么让我来这里?Rob: Well, Feifei, I wanted to... I needed to... well... you had to come here because...罗布:嗯,菲菲,我想……我需要……嗯……我让你来这里的原因是……Feifei: Because?菲菲:原因是什么?Rob: I dont know! My minds gone blank!罗布:我不知道!我的大脑突然一片空白!Feifei: Youve forgotten?!菲菲:你忘了吗?Rob: Yes. When you say my minds gone blank it means that suddenly youve completely forgotten what you were about to do or say. Here are some examples of how to use this phrase.罗布:对。当你说“my minds gone blank”时,意思是你突然完全忘了你要做什么或者要说什么。下面是一些应用这个短语的例句。Examples例句I didnt do well in the job interview. When they asked me why I wanted to work there my mind went blank. I wasnt sure why Id applied for that particular job at all!我在求职面试中的表现不好。他们为我为什么要在那个公司工作时,我的大脑突然一片空白。我完全不知道我为什么要申请那个工作了!Alan failed the exam. He studied hard but when he got into the classroom to take it he was so nervous that his mind went blank. But he is a good student so his teacher might give him a second chance.艾伦考试不及格。他学习很努力,可是他在教室考试时太紧张了,以致于他的大脑突然一片空白。不过他是名好学生,所以他的老师可能会再给他一次机会。Feifei: Hmmm... that is a useful expression. Sometimes my mind goes blank too. English can be a difficult language. So many words but... well, thats the English we speak...菲菲:嗯……这是一个有用的表达方式。有时我的大脑也会突然一片空白。英语是个非常难的语言。有许多词,不过……这就是地道英语……Rob: Yes! Yes! Thats it! I remember it now!罗布:对!对!就是这个!我现在想起来了!Feifei: What?菲菲:什么?Rob: I called you here for us to present The English We Speak!罗布:我让你过来一起主持地道英语节目!Feifei: Great, Rob! So I can leave now.菲菲:太好了,罗布!那我现在可以走了。Rob: Why do you want to leave?罗布:你为什么要走?Feifei: Because the programmes finished, Rob, its done. 菲菲:因为节目已经结束了,罗布,节目结束了。Rob: How come?罗布:为什么?Feifei: My minds gone blank was todays expression in The English We Speak!菲菲:My minds gone blank就是今天地道英语节目要讲的表达方式!Rob: Ah... I see. OK.罗布:啊……我明白了。好。Both: Bye!二人一起:再见! 译文属 /201505/376010

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