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泉州妇科在线咨询泉州药流的比较佳时间石狮市中医院怎么样 The US and Japan should set up new military headquarters for missions to defend Okinawa and other islands as part of a broad revamp of their alliance, according to a group of top foreign policy experts from both countries. 根据一组美国和日本高级外交政策专家的说法,两国应该为保卫冲绳及其他岛屿设立新的军事指挥部,作为全面重组两国同盟关系举措的一部分Japanese officers should be embedded with a US task force headquarters for “First Island Chain missionsthe name strategists give to the string of islands running south-west from Japan’s mainland with Japan setting up a similar command on the same base. 专家表示,为“第一岛链任务”设置的美国特遣部队指挥部应该嵌入日本军官,日方在同一个基地设立类似的指挥部。所谓第一岛链(First Island Chain),是战略家为从日本本土向西南方向延伸的一系列岛屿所起的名字Such a headquarters could further embroil the US with the disputed Senkaku Islands, a chain in the East China Sea controlled by Japan but claimed by China as the Diaoyu, where there are regular stand-offs between ships and aircraft from the two Asian countries. 这样的指挥部可能会令美国进一步卷入有争议的尖阁诸Senkaku Islands)问题。尖阁诸岛是位于东中国海的一个岛群,由日本控制,但中国声称拥有其主权并称其为钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿。目前中日这两个亚洲国家的舰船和飞机时常在这个岛群附近发生对峙The report by a group including Richard Armitage, the former US deputy secretary of state, and Ryozo Kato, the former Japanese ambassador to Washington, indicates how China’s rise is pulling foreign policy establishments in Tokyo and Washington closer together. 该报告由包括美国前副国务卿理查德阿米蒂奇(Richard Armitage)和日本前驻美大使加藤良三(Ryozo Kato)在内的一个小组写成。它表明中国的崛起正在促使东京和华盛顿的外交政策体制内人士相互靠拢It comes as Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has railed against the alliance as an unfair burden on the US. 该报告发布之际,共和党总统参选人唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)抱怨日美同盟关系是对美国十分不公的一大负担“The implication that somehow Japan got a better deal in the US-Japan alliance is crazy,said John Hamre, president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington and an author of the report, calling it a “foundational relationshipfor both countries. 报告作者之一、华盛顿战略与国际问题研究中Center for Strategic and International Studies,CSIS)总裁约翰哈姆John Hamre)表示:“有关日本在某种程度上从美日同盟得到更多好处的暗示是疯话。”他称这一同盟关系对美日两国都是“基础性的关系”Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, has put particular weight on improving relations with the US and, with its “pivot to Asia the Obama administration has generally reciprocated. 日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)尤其重视改善日美关系,而通过“转向亚洲”战略,奥巴马政府也已从总体上回应了这一动作The report, written for CSIS and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Japan, says the next 15 years will be “one of the most testing times in the entire history of the alliance It says China’s rise will be the “primary geopolitical testand the alliance should be strengthened to deal with “grey zonecoercion by China, such as its building of artificial islands in the South China Sea. 为CSIS和日本笹川平和财Sasakawa Peace Foundation)所写的这份报告表示,今5年将是“美日同盟整个历史上面临最大考验的时期之一”。该报告表示,中国的崛起将是“主要的地缘政治考验”,应该加强美日同盟,以应对中国的“灰色地带”胁迫行为——比如在南中国海修建人造岛屿“The baseline of this report is China will be more powerful and a bit more aggressive,said Noboru Yamaguchi, a retired lieutenant-general in the Ground Self-Defence Force, and another author of the report. 日本陆上自卫Ground Self-Defence Force)已退役陆军中将、该报告另一位作者山口升(Noboru Yamaguchi)表示:“该报告的基线是中国将更加强大,也会更加咄咄逼人一些。It calls for more co-ordination on everything from cyber security to relations with Russia; updated command and control mechanisms; and greater interoperability between Japanese and US forces. 报告呼吁双方在从网络安全到对俄关系的各个方面加强合作,升级指挥和控制机制,提高日美军队之间的协同运作The group also says the countries should speed up the relocation of US forces on the island of Okinawa and return some land occupied by US bases to Japan as early as possible. 这些专家还表示,两国应加快冲绳岛美军部队的基地搬迁工作,并尽快将美军基地占据的部分土地归还日本“It is a simple military fact that the combined economic, military and technical capability of Japan and the US together is greater than that of China,said Dennis Blair, chairman of Sasakawa USA and a former commander of the US Pacific fleet. With action to maintain that advantage, “conflict in this part of the world will not happen he said. 笹川美国(Sasakawa USA)基金会主席、美国太平洋舰队前总司令丹尼斯布莱Dennis Blair)表示:“日本和美国联合起来的经济、军事和技术实力大于中国是一个简单的军事事实。”他说,通过采取行动保持这一优势,“世界的这一地区将不会发生冲突”。来 /201603/429551福建省泉州市妇幼医院网上预约电话

福建妇女医院做四维彩超检查The most senior elected US Republican leader said yesterday he had found common ground with Donald Trump as the party took a first step towards bridging deep rifts caused by his campaign for the White House.美国共和党由选举产生的、职位最高的领袖昨日表示,已找到与唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)之间的共同立场。该党向着弥合特朗普问鼎白宫努力造成的严重分裂迈出了第一步。Following a meeting on Capitol Hill with Mr Trump, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, stopped short of endorsing the party’s likely presidential nominee. But they issued a joint statement saying it was “criticalfor the party to unite to beat Hillary Clinton in November’s election.在国会山(Capitol Hill)会晤特朗普之后,众议院议长保#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)并未表示持这位共和党最有希望的被提名人。但他们发布了一份联合声明,称对共和党而言,团结起来在11月大选中击败希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)“至关紧要”。“While we were honest about our few differences, we recognise that there are also many important areas of common ground,Mr Ryan said later. “We will be having additional discussions, but remain confident there’s a great opportunity to unify our party and win this fall,the statement said.瑞安随后称:“在我们坦诚对待我们之间分歧的同时,我们认识到还有很多立场相同的重要领域。”上述声明称:“我们将进行更多讨论,但仍有信心,目前有绝佳的机会团结我们党,赢得今秋大选。”But underscoring the differences that remain to be patched over, Mr Ryan declined to back the tycoon, saying it was important not to push for “fakeunity. “I was very encouraged with this meeting, but this is a process. It takes a little time,he said. The two men did not appear in public together.但是,突显仍有分歧有待弥合的是,瑞安拒绝对这位地产大亨表示持,称重要的是不竭力争取“假装的”团结。他说:“这次会晤令我很受鼓舞,但这是一个过程。需要一点时间。”两人并未同时出现在公众面前。After Mr Trump’s victory in Indiana prompted his last rivals for the Republican candidacy to drop out, he vowed to unite the GOP, which has been deeply divided over his platform and his divisive rhetoric on women, Hispanics and other minorities. While some Republican leaders have reluctantly endorsed him, Mr Ryan joined others in the party establishment last week by declaring that he was “not y despite saying previously that he would support the eventual nominee.在赢得印第安纳州初选并促使其最后的竞争对手宣布退出角逐之后,特朗普誓言要团结共和党;他的竞选纲领以及他那些有关妇女、西语裔及其他少数族群的引发不和的言论,使共和党陷入了严重分裂。虽然部分共和党领袖不情愿地对他表示了持,但瑞安上周加入其他共和党建制派人士的行列,宣称自己“并未准备好”,尽管他此前曾表示会持最终剩下的提名人。Republican elites are anxious that Mr Trump will damage the party’s long-term future just as it had been trying to expand its support among Hispanics and African-Americans. Some senior Republicans have even privately said that they would vote for Mrs Clinton over Mr Trump. But there is a growing recognition that a lack of unity would greatly hurt their chances of taking the White House.共和党精英层担心的是,在该党试图扩张在西语裔及非洲裔美国人中的持率之际,特朗普将会危及共和党的长远未来。一些共和党资深人士甚至私下里表示,他们将投票持希拉里,而非特朗普。但共和党人也日益认识到,缺少团结将极大地降低该党入主白宫的机会。“It was a great first step towards unifying the party,Reince Priebus, the RNC chairman who hosted the discussion between Mr Trump and Mr Ryan, told CNN.共和党全国委员会(RNC)主席雷恩#8226;普瑞巴斯(Reince Priebus)对CNN表示:“这是共和党走向团结的重要的第一步。”普瑞巴斯主持了特朗普与瑞安之间的讨论会。Mr Trump positioned himself through the primary elections as a self-funded anti-establishment candidate. Since securing the nomination, his overtures to the party establishment have been fleeting. Although he willingly met Mr Ryan, last week he warned he would not need the party infrastructure for fundraising and getting out the vote.在整个初选期间,特朗普将自己定位为一名自筹资金、反体制的候选人。自从锁定提名以来,他对共和党建制派的态度变幻无常。虽然他积极与瑞安会面,但他在上周警告称,自己并不需要依靠共和党进行筹款或动员投票。来 /201605/443824泉州阳光女子医院 泉州哪家无痛流产医院较好

泉州安溪县医院几点下班Apple will not contribute funds or other resources for the Republican National Convention due to presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trumps prejudiced remarks, Politico reported last Saturday.有关政客上周六报道,由于共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普的偏见性言论,苹果公司将不会向共和党全国代表大会提供任何的资金或是其他资源援助。The decision by one of the ed States largest and most popular companies is the biggest corporate defection from the Republican convention.苹果公司是美国最大的公司之一,该公司的这个决定是对共和党代表大会是一个最大的背叛;The Apple news raises the bar for other corporations,; Rashad Robinson, a spokesman for PAC, said in a statement. The PAC is leading efforts to pressure companies not to participate in this years GOP gathering.;苹果公司的这一决策为其他公司提供了借鉴经验;PAC公司的发言人拉沙德·罗宾逊说道。该公司带头向其他公司施压,阻止它们参加今年的GOP大会;Not only has Apple declined to support the Republican National Convention, but theyve explicitly told Republican leaders that Trumps bigoted rhetoric is the reason that theyre sitting out,; Robinson said. ;This is what real corporate responsibility looks like.;罗宾逊表示:;苹果公司不止拒绝持共和党全国代表大会,还明确告诉共和党领袖,这一切都是特朗普偏执的言行导致的。这才是真正的企业职责;There is likely little love lost between the tech giant and the presumptive GOP nominee. Trump called for a boycott of Apple in February when the company refused to unlock the iPhone of one of the gunmen in the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California in December.科技巨头和共和党预定候选人间的关系可能没那么友奀?去2月在加利福尼亚州圣伯纳迪诺市发生了大规模击案件,今月,苹果公司拒绝解锁该事件持歹徒的iPhone。因此,特朗普便呼吁抵制苹果产品。An Apple spokesman declined to comment. The Republican National Committee did not immediately responded to a request for comment.苹果公司的一位发言人拒绝对此作出,共和党全国委员会也未对的请求作出回应。Apple did not participate in the two major parties national conventions in 2012, but several other companies that did are either declining to do so this year or have greatly reduced their contributions.2012年,苹果公司并没有参加两个主要政党的全国代表大会。而其他参加了大会的公司要么就是今年拒绝再次参加,要么就是大幅度减少了其资助额。Wells Fargo, ed Parcel Service, Motorola, JP Morgan Chase, Ford and Walgreens all contributed to the 2012 GOP convention, and have announced they will not play a role in the convention in Cleveland this July, according to Bloomberg.据彭社报道,富国,联合包裹运输务公司,托罗拉,根大通,福特和沃尔格林机构等均在2012年向GOP大会提供资助。但是今年,它们一致宣布拒绝为7月份的克利夫兰大会提供资助。Coca-Cola will be donating ,000 to both parties conventions, a drop from its 0,000 donation to the Republican convention in 2012.可口可乐公司将为两党大会资助75000美金。这一数字远低于其012年向共和党大会的资助6万美金。来 /201606/451621 福建省医科大学二院男科好不好泉州新阳光妇科医院



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