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2019年09月16日 16:15:32

泉州阳光妇产泉州人流医院哪家可靠The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in China hit 575,000 by the end of October, with 177,000 deaths, said the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday.中国疾病预防控制中心11月30日称,截至10月底,中国有57.5万人携带艾滋病病毒或感染艾滋病,死亡病例17.7万人。Six out of every 10,000 people in China may be infected with HIV/AIDS.每一万人中就可能有6人感染了艾滋病病毒。Sexual transmission is the main infection channel, with infection through heterosexual activities accounting for 66.6% of total cases, those through homosexual activities, 27.2%.性传播是艾滋病传染的主要渠道,其中66.6%为异性传播,同性传播占27.2%。Around 8% of men who have sex with men in China are living with HIV/AIDS, according to the 2015 statistics.据2015年的数据,我国约有8%发生男男关系的男性携带艾滋病毒。Infections among young people have become particularly noticeable, as 2,662 new cases of students living with HIV were reported from January to October, a surge of 27.8% year on year.年轻人群中感染速度明显上升,今年1至10月新增2662个学生感染病例,同比增加27.8%。The 28th World AIDS Day falls on Dec 1, and the theme this year is, ;The time to act is now. Getting to zero;.12月1日是第28个世界艾滋病日。今年的主题是;行动起来,向#39;零#39;艾滋迈进;。 /201512/413163Those who find themselves easily distracted at work may be intellectually superior to their colleagues, according to research.研究发现,在工作中易被分散注意力的人可能比他们的同事智商更高。Intelligent workers may have difficulty concentrating due to the vast number of clever ideas popping into their gifted brains.高智商的人很难集中注意力,是因为他们总能灵光一闪,想出许多绝妙的主意。Bostjan Ljubic, vice president of Steelcase, a workplace solutions company that analysed the findings of neuroscientists and cognitive researchers, said: ;Employers are always on the lookout for the brightest people available, however the difficulty to withstand multiple tasks and distractions in the office affects smart people in the same way as everyone else, if not more.;斯迪凯斯公司通过对神经科学家和认知研究者的调研结果进行分析,为企业提供人力管理解决方案。斯迪凯斯副总裁斯扬·柳比奇说:“雇主们总是在寻找最聪明的人。然而,同其他人一样,聪明人在面对多重任务时也会无从下手,而且在容易走神这件事上,聪明人跟普通人差不多,甚至不如普通人。”The smartest individuals may find it more difficult to decide which ideas to prioritise with distraction leading to, what psychiatrist Dr Ned Hallowell cites as, ;a feeling of inadequacy and inability to deal with the workload as a whole,; the Telegraphreports.英国《每日电讯报》报道称,聪明人不容易分清事务的轻重缓急。引用精神病学士内德·哈洛韦尔的话说就是:这是因为“注意力不集中导致他们无法从全局的角度考虑事情,或者考虑的不够充分。”He added, the smartest brains can ultimately fall short of their own expected potential, as well as failing to live up to their employer#39;s hopes.他补充道,最聪明的脑瓜可能最终却并不能充分发挥它的潜力,达不到雇主原先的期望。Nearly half of more than 10,000 workers, surveyed in 17 countries, said they struggled to concentrate in the office, according to a wellbeing study by Steelcase.斯迪凯斯的幸福研究涵盖了17个国家,共有一万多人接受调查,其中有近一半的人都表示难以集中注意力工作。Increased access to technology has been cited as a possible reason for this lack of focus.影响注意力集中的可能因素之一是科技设备的频繁使用。Research from GlobalWebIndex, cited by Steelcase, says the average time spent on mobile devices has increased by 200 per cent since 2012; while the average smartphone user in the UK checks their phone 221 times every day and the average office worker checks their email around 30 times an hour.斯迪凯斯引用“全球网络指数”的研究称,目前人们在移动设备上平均花费的时间比2012年增长了200%;在英国,人们平均每天看手机221次,白领平均每小时查看邮件30次。The University of California suggest that, ultimately, the average office worker is interrupted or distracted every three minutes.加利福尼亚大学的研究发现,总的来说,白领平均每三分钟就要走一次神。Mr Ljubic said: ;The ways in which we work are changing more rapidly than ever before and the brain is being subjected to stresses and distractions which can lead to overload and statistics show that distractions in the workplace are on the rise.;柳比奇说:“我们的工作方式正在不断变化,变化频率比以前快多了。大脑易于焦虑、走神,由此导致脑部超负荷运转。数据显示,无法专心工作的人的数量正在上升。” /201601/423370泉州妇幼保健院是公办的吗

泉州泉港妇科医院泉州阳光女子医院Ming Dynasty明朝Maritime Expeditions of Zheng He郑和下西洋During the Ming period, the emperors sent seven maritime expeditions probing down into the South Seas and across the Indian Ocean.明朝时期,皇帝共派遣了7海上探险队去探索南海和整个印度洋。Yongle Emperor (永乐帝) strenuously tried to extend China’s influence beyond her borders by encouraging other rulers to send ambassadors to China to present tribute.永乐帝通过命令他国的领袖派使者前来进贡,费尽心力想要将中国的影响力延伸至版图之外。The Chinese armies reconquered Annam and blocked Mongol expansionism, while the Chinese fleet sailed the China seas and the Indian Ocean, cruising as far as the east coast of Africa.当中国的舰队航行在中国的海域和印度洋上,巡航远至非洲的东海岸时,中国军队夺回了安南,阻止了蒙古的扩张。The Chinese gained a certain influence over Turkestan.中国在土耳其斯坦获得了一定的影响力。The maritime Asian nations sent envoys with tribute for the Chinese emperor.海上的亚洲国家派使者带着超贡品来参见中国皇帝。Internally, the Grand Canal was expanded to its farthest limits and proved to be a stimulus to domestic trade.国内,大运河延伸到了它史上最远的地方,它对于贸易的刺激作用得以明。The most extraordinary venture, however, during this stage was the dispatch Zheng He’s (郑和)seven naval expeditions, which traversed the Indian Ocean and the Southeast Asian archipelago.然而,在这个时期最超凡的一场冒险是郑和七下西洋,他横渡了印度洋和东南亚群岛。An ambitious Muslim eunuch of Hui descent, a quintessential outsider in the establishment of Confucian scholar elites, Zheng He led seven expeditions from 1405 to 1433 with six of them under the auspices of Yongle.作为一个具有野心的拥有回族血统的穆斯林太监、一个典型的游离于儒家学者精英体制之外的人,郑和在1405到1433年间七下西洋,其中六次都在永乐帝的持下进行。He traversed perhaps as far as the Cape of Good Hope.他的征程远达好望角。The first expedition in 1405 consisted of 62 ships and 28 000 men---- then the largest naval expedition in history.1405年的第一探险队由62艘船和28000人组成,这是历史上最庞大的一次海上探险。Zheng He’s multi-decked ships carried up to 500 troops but also cargoes of export goods, mainly silks and porcelains, and brought back foreign luxuries such as spices and tropical woods.郑和的多甲板舰船不仅携带了500军队,还装载了出口货品,其中主要是丝绸和瓷器,他带回了国外的奢侈品如香料和热带森林的木材。The economic motive for these huge ventures may have been important , and many of the ships had large private cabins for merchants.这些大冒险的经济动机是很重要的,大部分船只上都有提供给商人的私人小屋。But the chief aim was probably political, to enroll further states as tributaries and mark the reemergence of the Chinese Empire following nearly a century of barbarian rule.但是探险的主要目的可能还是政治性的,它为了进一步征收其他国家为朝贡国并明汉人王朝在经历了一个世纪蛮人的统治后的再次复兴。The political character of Zheng He’s voyages indicates the primacy of the political elites.郑和船队的政治特性表明了政治精英的主导地位。Despite their formidable and unprecedented strength, Zheng He’s voyages were not intended to extend Chinese sovereignty overseas.尽管具有强大的、前所未有的实力,郑和的舰队并没有打算拓展中国海外的版图。Zheng He sailed from China to many places throughout South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and distant Africa in seven epic voyages from 1405 to 1433,some 80 years before Columbus’s voyages.郑和在1405到1433年建的7次远航中从中国起航到达了许多地方,包括南太平洋、印度洋、波斯湾和遥远的非洲,这比哥伦布的船队要早了约80年。These explorations have impressed themselves deeply into the voyage history of the world.这些探索使他们在世界航海史上留下了深深的印记。 /201512/412245Regrets, we#39;ve all had a few – from losing touch with old friends to letting that special someone slip through our fingers.人生在世,难免有些遗憾——从与老友渐行渐远到错失自己心爱的人。But it seems our greatest regret of all is something rather more practical ... failing to save enough money.但是,我们最大的遗憾好像更加实际——那就是,钱没存够。Researchers have compiled a list of 50 things Britons would change if they could live life over again. And the most common was to save more money, with 35 per cent saying that failing to do so was their biggest mistake.研究人员编写了一份“如果重活一次英国人最想改变的50件事”榜单,其中出现频率最高的便是多存点钱,约35%的人称,没存够是钱他们最大的错误。Thirty-one per cent wished they had done more to keep fit, while travelling more was high on the list. Shockingly, not having enough one-night stands was the 43rd biggest regret, above not giving more to charity at 44th.31%的人表示他们希望当初能更努力地减肥,多出去旅游也名列前茅。而让人惊讶的是,没能多多一夜风流在遗憾榜单上竟名列第43位,比没给慈善机构多捐点钱还高一位。In terms of career, 17 per cent of people said they wished they had pushed themselves harder in their chosen career path, while another 23 per cent said they would like to have been more confident and outgoing.在事业方面,17%的人表示他们希望自己当初能在自己选择的职业道路上加倍努力,还有23%的人称他们希望自己能再自信、开朗点儿。More than one in ten wished they had visited and spoken to their parents more, according to the research.研究表明,超过一成的人表示希望自己当初能多看看父母,多和他们谈谈心。Andrew Robertson, of 16-25 Railcard, which commissioned the study of 1,500 adults of all ages, said: #39;Many of us have things that we might do differently in our lives, whether it#39;s travelling and exploring more, making an effort to keep fit, or being more careful with money.此项研究由16-25 Railcard委托开展,调查了1500名各个年龄段的成年人。16-25 Railcard的安德鲁?罗伯特森(Andrew Robertson)表示:“我们很多人的人生中都有想要改变的事情,不管是多旅游探险、努力减肥还是对金钱更谨慎。”#39;The findings go to show how important it is to make the most of our time and live life to the full. By offering a third off rail travel for those aged 16-25 we want to give young people the chance to get out, see friends and family, travel and explore, without having to worry unduly about the cost.“这项研究的结果说明,充分利用时间、活出充实的人生是多么重要。通过给16到25岁的年轻人提供买火车票打2/3折的优惠,我们想为他们提供出去走走、拜访亲友、旅行探索而不用担心开销的机会。”#39;Hopefully this will mean the younger generation of today will have fewer regrets later in life.#39;“希望这能让如今的年轻一代日后后悔的事少一些。” /201509/399714泉州哪家医院治疗乳腺增生泉州阳光妇科怎么样

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