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Germany is to become the first country outside the US to benefit from Facebook’s crackdown on fake news as the social media group tries to control the proliferation of media hoaxes ahead of elections in the country this year.德国将成为美国以外首个受益于Facebook打击假新闻努力的国家。这家社交媒体集团正试图在今年该国举行选举之前遏制媒体骗局的扩散。The world’s largest social network is bringing its test of fake-news filtering tools to Germany in the coming weeks after the sp of false stories such as one claiming Germany’s oldest church was set on fire by a mob of 1,000 people.世界最大社交网络将在未来几周内将其假新闻过滤工具引进德国。此前德国曾经流传一些耸人听闻的虚假报道,比如声称该国最古老的教堂被1000名暴徒焚烧。German users of the social network will now be able to report a story as fake and it will be sent to Correctiv, a third-party fact checker. If the fact checker discovers it is fake, the story will be flagged as “disputed”, with an explanation. Disputed stories will not be prioritised by the news feed algorithm and people will receive a warning if they decide to share it.该社交网络的德国用户现在将能够举报一个故事为假新闻,相关故事将被转发至第三方事实核查机构Correctiv。如果事实核查机构发现它确实是假新闻,相关故事将被标记为“有争议”,并附带一个解释。有争议的故事不会得到新闻推送算法的优先处理,而决定分享它的人们将接到一个预警。Facebook said it had been in discussions with German media and publishing groups and was working to get more partners on board. “Our focus is on Germany right now but we’re certainly thinking through what countries will unveil next,” he said.Facebook的一名发言人表示,该公司在与德国媒体和出版集团进行讨论,正在努力争取更多合作伙伴加入。“我们现在关注的是德国,但我们肯定会思考接下来要在各国推出什么机制,”他说。The German government has been concerned that its elections could be influenced by the sp of fake news and the hacking of political campaigns, after false stories such as the Pope endorsing president-elect Donald Trump sp rapidly during the US elections and a recent US intelligence report found Russia intended to influence the election by hacking the Democratic National Committee.德国政府担心的是,该国的选举可能受到假消息传播和黑客攻击政治竞选团队的影响,此前在美国大选期间,诸如教皇持唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)当选总统之类的虚假报道迅速蔓延,而美国情报机构最近发布的一份报告发现,俄罗斯曾意图通过对民主党全国委员会(DNC)发起黑客攻击来影响选举。 /201701/488898

A U.S. man who found 300 letters to God floating in the Atlantic Ocean said on Friday he will donate them to a church instead of selling them on eBay following protests from religious people.The letters, sent to a deceased(1) Baptist(2) clergyman(3), mysteriously wound up(4) in a sealed plastic shopping bag near a beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Bill Lacovara, an insurance adjuster from Ventnor, New Jersey, said he waded out(5) to get the bag while on a fishing trip last week.The letters were addressed to the Rev.(6) Grady Cooper of Jersey City, New Jersey, who died in 2004. Someone cleaning his house may have discarded(7) the bag, which Lacovara found about 100 miles (160 km) from Cooper's residence.They include one from a teen-age girl asking God to forgive her for having an abortion(8), one from a prisoner who said he was innocent and wanted to be at home with his family, and one from a man who wanted God's help winning the lottery, according to media reports.Lacovara said he could have auctioned them off on eBay for up to ,000 (7,889 pounds) and would have given the money to charity. But he has withdrawn them from the online auction service because he said the move offended some religious people."There were a lot of religious fanatics(9) that were very insulted," he told Reuters. "They said they were disappointed in me, and I didn't want to do something that's going to create bad vibes(10)."Some urged him to burn the letters, throw them back in the ocean or give them to a church, Lacovara said.Lacovara said about a dozen clergymen have offered to take the letters, and he is evaluating the requests to make sure the letters don't fall into the wrong hands. 一位美国男子在大西洋中捡到300封给上帝的信。本计划在易趣上拍卖这些信件,但由于受到宗教人士的抗议,上周五他宣布会将信捐赠给教堂。这些信被放在购物袋中,是寄给一个已故浸信会牧师的,竟神奇地出现在新泽西亚特兰大附近的海滩上。新泽西文特诺保险理算员比尔·拉克维拉说他上周去钓鱼的时候发现了这个袋子。收信人是新泽西的格莱迪·库珀,已于2004年逝世。可能有人在清理他的房间的时候丢掉了这包信,拉克维拉捡到信的地方距库珀的居住地仅为100英里(160公里)。据报道称,其中一封信来自一位十几岁的小姑娘,祈求上帝原谅她做了堕胎手术; 一封来自一名囚犯,他说自己是无辜的,希望能和家人在一起;还有一封信请求上帝帮助他赢票。拉克维拉说他本能在易趣上以1万5千美元高价拍卖,然后将所得款捐赠给福利机构。但是他取消了在线拍卖,因为他说这个行为使一些宗教人士十分不满。他对路透社说:“很多狂热宗教徒感觉受到侮辱。他们说对我感到失望,我不希望这件事情使我们之间产生隔阂。”拉克维拉说有些人让他烧掉信件,重新扔回大海或者捐赠给教堂。拉克维拉说大约有十几个牧师请求带走信件,他依然在研究这些请求,以免信件落入“坏人”之手。 /200805/39780

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