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Falling global demand for personal computers (PC) saw shipments fall by a record 10.6% in the fourth quarter from a year ago, according to market research firm IDC.据市场研究公司IDC数据显示,个人电脑(PC)的需求正在下降,在2015年第四季度,全球PC出货量下跌了10.6%。About 71.9 million units were shipped in the period, which includes the key Christmas shopping season. IDC said the decline was the worst since it started tracking PC shipments.包括圣诞购物季在内,第四季度的电脑出货量共计7190万台。IDC方面表示,这是自IDC公司开始追踪该数据以来最大的降幅。PC demand has been hit by competition from smartphones and tablets, along with longer lifecycles for PCs. Shipments fell in all regions around the world and have declined for five quarters in a row, according to IDC#39;s figures.个人电脑使用周期延长,再加上智能手机和平板电脑带来的竞争,大大抑制消了消费者对PC的需求。据IDC数据显示,全球各地区的电脑出货量均连续5个季度出现下滑。Apple was the only top five PC maker to see shipments grow last year, up over 6%, while Acer saw the biggest fall, of more more than 18%.在世界五大电脑制造商中,苹果公司是去年唯一一家出货量保持增长的公司,涨幅超过了6%;宏碁公司则是下跌幅度最大,下跌超过了18%。Chinese tech giant Lenovo, however, remained at the top of the market - owning more than 20% of it. HP followed in second place, with Dell third and Apple and ASUS tied for the fourth spot.中国的科技巨头联想仍是PC市场的老大--占有市场份额的20%以上。惠普和戴尔分别名列第二、第三,苹果和华硕电脑并列第四。 /201601/422360


  This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Time.com.本文为与《时代》杂志的合作内容,原文发表于Time.com。In Apple CEO Tim Cook’s words, the Apple Watch is “incredibly beautiful.” But some are saying it’s “incredibly unnecessary.”用苹果公司CEO蒂姆o库克的话说,苹果手表“美得惊人”,但也有人说,苹果手表“没用得惊人”。Apple followers haven’t been shy in arguing that the upcoming Apple Watch will be a flop. Dismissive reviews of Apple’s first wearable are plentiful (“a thick, ugly clunker,” “a very stupid idea“), while analysts’ fresh estimates of first-year sales have trended on the low side. Investors haven’t been too optimistic either:Apple’s stock fell 2% Tuesday, a day after it unveiled more Apple Watch details.果粉们纷纷唱衰苹果手表。坊间充斥着大量负面(诸如“又厚又丑的破玩意儿”、“非常愚蠢的理念”等等),分析师们认为苹果手表的第一年销量或将非常惨淡。投资者也不是非常乐观:在苹果手表发布会次日,苹果股价应声下跌了2%。But what few realize is that Apple has a 3.7 million square mile ace up its sleeve: China.但人们却忽视了一点:苹果还有一个面积达960万平方公里的庞大市场——中国。It’s no secret that Chinese consumers love their Apple products. Chinese resellers and admirers alike traveled the world and lined up for days to sweep up Apple’s latest iPhone last fall. Some constructed iPhone 6 “undergarments” to bypass customs duties on the way home. One man even used 99 iPhone 6 units to propose to his girlfriend. (She said no.)中国消费者喜爱苹果产品并不是什么秘密。去年秋天,中国二道贩子和狂热果粉奔袭全世界,排上几天长队只为抢购iPhone 6的场景至今令人记忆犹新。有些水客为了逃避关税,在内衣裤里都塞满了iPhone 6。一名男子甚至用99部iPhone 6向女友求婚(女友拒绝了他。)Now, with the Apple Watch heading to China on April 24, the country’s Apple fans have aly begun generating outlandish headlines. A Guangzhou man was arrested this week for selling drugs in order to finance his Apple Watch, clearly unwilling to settle for one of many cheap knockoff Apple Watches fresh on China’s black market. Those counterfeits are good news for Apple—they’re an indication demand will be high for the real thing. Previous wearables, like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, had never been popular enough to make it into China’s counterfeit market.现在,鉴于苹果手表将于4月24日正式登陆中国大陆,中国果粉们已经开始制造各种荒诞不经的头条新闻。本周,一名广州男子因贩毒被捕,而他铤而走险的动机竟然是为了赚钱买苹果手表——显然他看不上近来各地纷纷涌现的“made in 华强北”的山寨货。但对苹果公司来说,山寨的泛滥其实是个好消息,这说明中国市场对正品苹果手表的需求极其旺盛。而此前的可穿戴设备,比如三星的Galaxy Gear,则从未享受过被山寨厂商仿冒的待遇。Apple, then, is likely counting on its legions of Chinese fans to scoop up Apple Watches to help boost worldwide sales. But China is no back-up plan. In fact, given Apple’s loyal following in China, the Apple Watch could very well have been made for China.因此,苹果很可能要指望中国果粉大军来给它刷全球销量了。然而中国并不是苹果手表的“备胎”,事实上,由于中国有这么多忠实的果粉,苹果手表很可能就是一款专为中国设计的产品。The Apple Watch’s biggest advantage in China is deceptively simple: Few Chinese consumers laugh when Apple touts the device as a luxury item.Apple became China’s top luxury brand for 2015, outranking labels like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. More recently, Apple’s status has risen as Chinese consumers of luxury goods prioritize functionality overostentatiousness—a taboo that China’s President Xi Jinping deplored as “unhealthy,” criticizing Chinese elites’ obsession with status symbols like Rolex watches.苹果手表在中国的优势也很简单:当苹果称该设备是一款奢侈品时,中国消费者听了很少会发笑。2015年,苹果成为中国的头号奢侈品牌,其排名超过了LV和Gucci。近来,随着中国奢侈品消费者从单纯地炫富(连国家主席习近平也谴责中国精英爱买劳力士等奢侈品炫富的心态“不健康”)转变为更注重实用性,苹果在中国奢侈品消费者心目中的地位也再度提升。Even better for Apple is how much Chinese consumers value brand names in luxury goods. According to Digital Luxury Group’s (DLG) 2014 report, 73% of online searches for luxury watches are about brand names, almost twice the rate of Americans. Apple’s brand recognition could seal the deal for the Apple Watch in China—but it could also hurt sales in the U.S., where Apple is seen as a tech brand rather than a fashion label:对苹果来说,另一个利好消息是,中国消费者非常重视奢侈品的品牌。瑞士奢侈品研究咨询机构DLG公司2014年发布的报告显示,有73%的中国人在线搜索名贵手表时是按品牌名称搜索的,这个比重几乎是美国人的两倍。单是苹果的品牌认知度,就足以使很多中国人心甘情愿地掏钱——不过品牌问题反过来却会影响苹果手表在美国的销量,因为苹果在美国一般被认为是个科技品牌而不是时尚标签。All this will help ease sticker shock, too. While Americans will compare the Apple Watch’s 9-,000 price tag to the cost of consumer electronics, Chinese consumers are more likely to stack it up against luxury timepieces. The worldwide median price of a luxury watch is about ,700, according to DLG. That means the Apple Watch Sport (starting 9) and Apple Watch (starting 9) are inexpensive by comparison, while the gold and silver Apple Watch Edition models that start at ,000 aren’t crazy purchases. China’s luxury timepiece market is also growing rapidly, partially thanks to the rise in Chinese women’s incomes:所有这些都有利于缓解高昂的售价给人带来的痛感。美国人会把349美元到1.7万美元的价格拿来与其它消费电子产品进行比较,但中国消费者则会把它与其它名贵手表作对比。根据DLG公司的数据,全球奢侈品牌腕表的中间价格是1.07万美元。相比之下,起价349美元的Apple Watch Sport和起价549美元的Apple Watch都不算特别贵,而购买一款包金裹银,起价1万美元的Apple Watch Edition也不算特别疯狂的举动。另外,中国的奢侈品手表市场一直在迅速增长,这一定程度上要归功于近年来中国女性人均收入的上涨。Apple Watch’s promise in China as a fashionable luxury item is aly clear. When former supermodel Christy Turlington Burns appeared during Apple’s U.S. event Monday to explain how she’s using Apple Watch for fitness, critics called it an awkward, even irrelevant product placement — an iconic women’s advocatewearing a watch “skewed to geeky guys.” But when theApple Watch graced the cover of Vogue Chinaalongside China’s most famous model, Liu Wen, hardly anyone batted an eye. As Vogue China’s editor-in-chief described the difference, “We embrace new technology and digital products more easily than perhaps people elsewhere.”作为一款时尚奢侈品,苹果手表在中国显然拥有非常光明的前景。上周一。当前美国超模克里斯蒂o特灵顿o伯恩斯现身苹果发布会,解释她如何使用苹果手表健身时,很多人称这是一次“尴尬甚至不搭调的代言”——作为一名超模,代言这样一款宅男专用产品,实在违合感太强。而当中国超模刘雯戴着苹果手表登上《Vogue饰与美容》封面时,几乎没有人任何人站出来挑毛病。该杂志中文版总编这样描述这种差异:“我们比其他地方的人更容易接受新技术和新数码产品。”Of course, Apple has spent years laying the groundwork in China for a potential hit with the Apple Watch. It sealed a “watershed” deal with state-owned China Mobile in 2013 to ensure China’s largest mobile network supported iPhones, an agreement that was in the making as far back as in 2007 when the first iPhone launched. Apple also recently brought its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to China, which sport the larger screens Chinese users have long demanded. Apple shipped a record-breaking 74.5 million iPhones worldwide last quarter, and while Apple doesn’t breakdown shipments by country, UBS estimates that China now claims 36% of the iPhone market, surpassing the U.S. for the first time.当然,苹果多年来一直在中国潜心耕耘,想方设法地为苹果手表铺路。2013年,该公司与中国最大的国有运营商——中国移动达成了一项具有“分水岭”意义的协议,以确保中国最大的移动网络持iPhone。而早在2007年,也就是第一代iPhone刚刚问世时,双方就开始酝酿这项合作了。最近苹果也将iPhone 6和iPhone 6 plus推向中国市场,这两款产品搭载了中国用户盼望已久的大屏。上个季度,全球iPhone销量达到了创纪录的7450万部,尽管苹果没有披露按国别划分的销售数字,但据UBS公司预测,中国目前占据iPhone市场的36%,首次超过了美国的份额。And Apple has aly linked the Apple Watch to China. The company’s March 9 event kicked off with a showing the opening of a new flagship Apple Store in China, where the retail locations are set todouble by mid-2016. Later, Apple showed off the Apple Watch’s compatibility with WeChat, a wildly popular messaging app in China. It was a wise move, as Chinese users have expressed worry that Apple Watch’s screen is too small for the app.此外,苹果已经在有意地建立苹果手表与中国的联系。在3月9日苹果发布会的开场视频中,就出现了中国一家苹果旗舰店开张的画面。到2016年年中,中国苹果零售店的数量将达到目前的两倍。随后,苹果还特意指出这款手表完全可以与微信兼容——这个举动非常明智,因为已经有中国用户表达了苹果手表的屏幕太小,恐怕难以兼容微信的担忧。So while Apple Watch’s relevance in the West may continue to be questioned, the wearable has a clear place in China. Given how lucrativeChina has been for Apple, whether or not China loves the Apple Watch could be precisely what makes or breaks the device initial reception.因此,尽管苹果手表在西方的销路或许依然存疑,但它在中国显然有自己的市场。鉴于中国市场一直在为苹果公司贡献巨额利润,中国用户是否喜爱苹果手表将直接决定这款设备上市初期的市场表现。(财富中文网) /201503/365290。


  Apple turned in another quarter of enviable revenue and profit growth, fueled by sales of the iPhone, but more muted times may lie ahead.在iPhone销量的帮助下,苹果再次交出令人羡慕的营收和利润成绩。但该公司未来的业绩可能会相对逊色。The company, the world’s most valuable, on Tuesday posted a profit of .1 billion for its fiscal fourth quarter, up 31 percent from a year ago. Revenue was .5 billion, up 22 percent from last year. The results exceeded Wall Street estimates compiled by Bloomberg for earnings of .88 a share and billion in revenue.作为全世界市值最高的公司,苹果周二公布,第四财务季度利润111亿美元,同比上涨31%。营收515亿美元,同比增加22%。这样的结果超出了华尔街预期的每股1.88美元的收益和510亿美元的营收。华尔街的数据是由彭(Bloomberg)整理的。While the performance was bolstered by sales of the iPhone — the company said that it sold 48 million iPhones in the quarter, up from 39 million in the same period last year — Apple was more cautious about sales in the coming few months during the key holiday sales period.苹果称该季度卖出了4800万部iPhone,与去年同期的3900万部相比有所增加。尽管iPhone的销量撑了业绩表现,但接下来几个月将进入关键的假日销售期,苹果对这期间的销售数据更为谨慎。For its fiscal first quarter, Apple said revenue would be .5 billion to .5 billion. That would be up from .6 billion a year earlier, but below Wall Street estimates of billion at the low end.在第一财季,苹果称营收将在755亿到775亿美元。这个数字和一年前的746亿美元相比有所增加,但仍低于华尔街预测的770亿美元下限。The forecast follows a busy period of new product introductions for Apple. In late September, Apple introduced its newest iPhone models, the 6s and 6s Plus. It also announced a larger iPad, the iPad Pro, and will begin shipping a new Apple TV this week.预测数据出炉前的一段时间,苹果频繁推出新产品。9月末,苹果推出了最新款的iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus。此外,苹果还发布了一款屏幕更大的iPad型号iPad Pro。本周,新款Apple TV也将开始出货。“We are heading into the holidays with our strongest product lineup yet,” Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said in a statement.“我们正以史上最强的产品阵容进入假日季,”苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)在一份声明中说。The outlook may fuel investor questions. In the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s earnings announcement, analysts had expressed concern that the iPhone 6, which came out last year, had set such a high bar for sales that customers would not upgrade to the newest models at a rate fast enough to generate significant growth.这样的前景可能会引发投资者的疑问。在周二公布收益之前的几周,分析人士表示了担忧,认为去年推出的iPhone 6销量太高,消费者升级至最新款iPhone的速度不会太快,不能带来显著的增长。“With the battle on in the high-end smartphone market, Apple needs to prove it still has fuel in the tank with 6s and needs to show a strong growth trajectory heading into holiday season,” Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets, said in an interview.“在高端智能手机市场上战火熊熊之际,苹果需要用6s明自己的油箱里还有燃料,需要表明强劲的增长可以延续到假日季,”FBR资本市场公司(FBR Capital Markets)分析师丹尼尔·艾夫斯(Daniel Ives)在接受采访时说。The region that Apple calls Greater China remained the company’s second-largest market after the Americas, accounting for 24 percent of sales in the quarter, compared with 13.7 percent a year ago. Investors are scrutinizing the China business given that the country has been cutting interest rates to shore up a slowing economy.被苹果称作大中华区的地区,仍是其仅次于美洲的第二大市场,贡献了24%的销量,而一年前这个比例是13.7%。考虑到中国一直在通过降息来撑日渐放缓的经济,投资者对中国市场的表现颇为关注。Apple said that iPad sales fell 20 percent from a year ago, making it the seventh consecutive quarter that sales of the tablet have declined. The company is increasingly positioning the iPad as a business device.苹果称,iPad销量与一年前相比下降了20%。这是其销量连续第七个季度下跌。该公司正日益把iPad定位为商务设备。The company did not break out sales of the Apple Watch, which debuted in April. But the category within which the watch is grouped posted billion in revenue in the quarter and Apple said the device helped fuel sales. .苹果公司未公布4月问世的Apple Watch的销量。但该产品所属类别的营收是30亿美元,且苹果称Apple Watch帮助带动了销售。Apple also said that it would pay investors a cash dividend of 52 cents a share. Over the last few years, Apple has taken advantage of low interest rates to borrow billions of dollars that it has redistributed to shareholders in the form of dividend payments and stock buybacks.苹果还表示将向投资者发放每股52美分的现金分红。过去几年,苹果利用低利率大量借债,并以分红和股票回购的形式将这些钱再分配给股东。 /201510/406507

  The millions of New Yorkers who pour out of crowded subway cars and into high-tech jobs in Manhattan every day would be taken aback to see inside the 4th Street signal tower. The tower — a subterranean room in Greenwich Village — is a veritable museum of ancient, electromechanical technology, some of it dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. 纽约每天有数百万人从拥挤的地铁车厢蜂拥而出、然后奔向曼哈顿的各个高科技岗位。如果他们看到第四街(4th Street)信号室内部的样子,可能会大吃一惊。位于格林威治村(Greenwich Village)地下的这间信号室是一个名副其实的物馆,展示着古旧的电机技术,其中某些部分可追溯至上世纪三四十年代。 The technology still controls trains safely but it is growing harder to maintain. The system’s limitations also restrict the number of trains the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the subway system’s operator, can operate at the busiest times. 这种技术仍安全地调控着地铁,但越来越难以维护。该系统的局限性也限制了地铁系统运营方纽约大都会交通署(Metropolitan Transportation Authority)在高峰期能够运营的最大列车数量。 Two companies, Germany’s Siemens and France’s Thales, face the formidable challenge of replacing outmoded technology on key parts of the system with modern electronic systems that will cost less to maintain and increase capacity. 德国西门子(Siemens)和法国泰雷兹(Thales)这两家公司面临这项艰巨的挑战:用维护成本较低、能够增加运力的现代电子系统,去替换地铁原有信号系统关键部位的过时技术。 Yet they face the task not only of making the new communications-based train control (CBTC) system work with older technology but also of installing it on a network that operates round the clock. This all-day, all-night operation sets New York apart from other old metro systems such as London and Paris, which have made far more rapid progress in installing CBTC signalling. 然而,它们不仅面临让新的基于通信的列车控制(CBTC)系统与老技术兼容的任务,而且还得把它安装在一个全天候运营的网络中。这种24小时不间断运营让纽约的地铁系统不同于伦敦和巴黎等其他较旧的地铁系统,后者在安装CBTC信号系统方面取得了更为迅速的进展。 “The railroad doesn’t stop,” Kevin Riddett, head of Siemens Mobility business in the US, says. “You get very limited access.” 西门子交通(Siemens Mobility)业务美国负责人凯文#8226;里德特(Kevin Riddett)表示:“地铁系统不会停下来,我们的安装操作非常受局限。” One problem is the lack of clear records about what was installed in the first place. The work is also going to move quickly beyond the two discrete lines where installation has been tried first — the Canarsie line, which carries the L train from Manhattan to outer Brooklyn, and the Flushing line that carries the 7 train through Queens. The system started operating on the Canarsie line in 2007 and is due to go into operation on the 7 train next year. 一个问题在于缺乏原本安装了什么的清晰记录。工程还将迅速扩展至首次试安装CBTC系统的两条互不相连的线路以外。这两条线路一条是从曼哈顿至远郊布鲁克林的运营L号线的卡纳西线(Canarsie line),另一条是从曼哈顿到皇后区运营7号线的法拉盛线(Flushing line)。该系统从2007年开始在卡纳西线运营,并计划从明年起在7号线上运营。 Siemens and Thales were last year both awarded contracts to start installing CBTC on the Queens Boulevard Line. Like much of the New York subway, the four-track line is used by multiple different services. All the trains operating on the route will need technology to communicate with the new signals. 西门子和泰雷兹(Thales)去年全都获得了在IND皇后大道线(Queens Boulevard Line)开始安装CBTC系统的合同。与纽约地铁许多线路一样,这条四轨线路供多个不同的务使用。所有在该线上运营的列车都将需要技术装备来与新的信号系统通讯。 The award of the contracts for work on Queens Boulevard was a sign of the MTA’s determination to make improvements across the network, Thomas Prendergast, the MTA’s chairman, said in July when awarding the work. MTA主席托马斯#8226;普伦德加斯特(Thomas Prendergast)在去年7月授予这些合同时表示,授予这些在IND皇后大道线上作业的合同,表明MTA决心升级改造整个网络。 Installation of CBTC has allowed a substantial increase in L train services. CBTC系统的安装使得L线列车出勤大幅增加。 “CBTC represents the MTA’s efforts to bring advanced technology to a century-old subway system that, in some parts, has not been updated in decades,” Mr Prendergast said. 普伦德加斯特表示:“CBTC代表着MTA向一个拥有百年历史的地铁系统引入先进技术的努力,这个地铁系统的某些部分已有几十年没有升级改造过。” However, Mr Riddett also points out that CBTC installation on the Canarsie line took a painful seven years as the company struggled to adapt microprocessor-based technology for the first time to the subway. He is hopeful the Queens Boulevard work will be far faster and that the MTA should start working faster on installation elsewhere. 然而,里德特也指出,在卡纳西线上安装CBTC系统耗费了7年时间、过程艰辛,因为该公司很难将基于微处理器的技术首次运用于地铁上。他预计IND皇后大道线的工程进展将会快得多,而且MTA应该会更快开始在其他线路上安装这一系统。 “All of the technology is proven out for Queens Boulevard,” he says. 他说:“在IND皇后大道线上安装的时候,这项技术已全部经过了检验。” /201603/431863

  The Meridians and Collaterals经络The meridian-collateral theory is concerned with the physiological functions and pathological changes of the meridian-collateral system, and their relationships with zang-fu organs. It is an important component of the theoretical system of TCM. Andit is considered as a theoretical basis of all clinical subjects of TCM, especially that of acupuncture and moxibustion, tuina, and qigong. Be-sides, it guides the clinical practice of other branches of TCM. The meridians and collaterals are pathways along which qi and blood circulate through the whole bodily areas to which the regular meridians cannot get. The collaterals are the branches of the meridians. They are divided into three groups, namely the diver-gent collaterals, superficial collaterals and tertiary collaterals. The divergent collaterals are the larger and main collaterals. The divergent collaterals originate from the twelve regular meridians as well as Du and Ren meridians respectively. Together with a large splenic collateral, they are generally called ;the fifteen divergent collaterals;.Their chief task is to strengthen the links between every pair of meridians exteriorly-interiorly related on the body surface. The superficial collaterals are ones that run through the surface layer of the human body, and often emerge on the surface. And the tertiary collaterals refer to the smallest and the thinnest ones of the whole body.经络理论是有关经络系统的生理功能和病理变化以及和脏腑之问关系的理论。它是中医理论系统的重要组成部分,被认为是所有中医临床学科特别是针灸、推拿和气功的理论基础。另外,它还指导其他分学科的临床实践。经络是气血循行全身的通道。经是经络系统的主干,纵行于人体,而络是经的分,呈网状分布于全身。因此,经络沟通人体脏腑肢节,上下内外,使人体的脏腑组织成为一个有机整体。经络系统由经和络互补而成。这个系统在内联络脏腑组织,在外沟通筋骨肌肤。经可以分为三类:正经、奇经和经别。有十二正经即手足三阴三阳经。它们被总称为“十二正经”,是气血循行的主要通道,有同定的起止点,按照一定的路径循行并按一定顺序交接。它们与相对应的脏腑直接相连。奇经八脉由督、任、冲、带、阴跻、阳跻、阴维和阳维脉组成。它们与十二正经相互联系,并行使控制、联系和调节十二正经的功能。另外,它们不与脏腑直接相关。十二经别是十二正经的延续。它们起于四肢,深入脏腑,浅出于项部。它们的作用是加强十二正经表里两经的联系,并补充十二正经所不能到达的脏腑和身体区域。络是经的分,可分为三类:别络、浮络和孙络。起源于十二正经和任督二脉的别络和脾之大络统称为”十五别络”。它们的作用是加强表里两经在体表上的联系。浮络循行于人体的表层并常出于体表。孙络是整个人体中最细小的络脉。 /201601/419334

  Shenzhen customs authorities have discovered and seized a number of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus smartphones that Chinese mainland tourists have attempted to bring home with them from Hong Kong undeclared. However, it appears that smuggling of the new Apple products by tourists is far less than in previous years, despite the device being cheaper in Hong Kong and the favorable exchange rate. The major reason for the fall in smuggling rates is that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus mark the first Apple release that has counted the Chinese mainland among its first batch of new release territories, meaning the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are ily available to mainland consumers. Meanwhile, the fanaticism for Apple products seen in previous years has waned, as the devices offer relatively few new features, while the number of competing devices from the Chinese mainland has blossomed.深圳海关近期从由港入境的大陆游客身上截获一批未经申报的iPhone 6S 和 6S Plus智能手机。然而,尽管香港的苹果手机享有更优惠的价格和税率,新一代苹果公司产品的走私比起前几年消停了不少。造成走私率下降的一个主要原因是,苹果公司首次把中国大陆作为了新产品的首批发售地,这意味着大陆的消费者已经有了购买的渠道。同时,由于近几代产品提供的新功能相对较少,而中国本土有大量具有竞争力的产品正在崛起,消费者对苹果产品的狂热在这几年有所消退。The recent National Day holidays was particularly notable in that it coincided with the worldwide launch of Apple#39;s new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.刚刚过去的国庆假期就因和iPhone 6S,6S Plus全球发行时间重合而显得格外引人注目。During the weeklong break, some consumers from the Chinese mainland went to Hong Kong, eager to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate and the city#39;s reputation for providing competitively priced electronics.在这一整周的假期里,一些大陆游客因为香港的汇率优势而赴港采购价格更为优惠的电子产品。However, while previous launches have seen hordes of tourists and grey market traders attempting to smuggle the latest Apple devices back to take advantage of the mainland#39;s ravenous appetite for anything coming out of Cupertino, this time things were more subdued.然而,尽管前几次新品发布后都会有成群结队的游客和做苹果手机走私生意的水客蜂拥而至,以满足大陆顾客对苹果公司所有产品急切的渴望,这一次,这一现象已经大不如前。Money to be made有利可图In 2014, smuggled iPhone 6 models were fetching up to 10,000 yuan (,582). They could be bought in Hong Kong for under HK,600 (2).在2014年,走私的苹果手机可以卖到1万元人民币,而在香港则可以不到5600港币的价格买到。Experts say the change in Apple#39;s launch policy was due to the company focusing on the huge potential of the Chinese mainland market. However, smuggling is still an issue, mainly because of the enduring price difference between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, according to Cheng Jian, editor-in-chief of Beijing-based IT information service provider zol.com.cn.专家称,苹果公司发布战略发生转变是因为其看重中国大陆潜在的巨大市场。然而,走私活动依然猖獗,主要原因是港陆之间存在的产品仍然有价格差,北京IT信息务供应商中关村在线的主编陈剑如此分析道。In addition, a 10 percent tax is levied on every iPhone 6S or 6S Plus declared to customs crossing from Hong Kong to the mainland, according to Shenzhen customs authorities.此外,据深圳海关介绍,每部从香港购买的苹果手机还在通关进入大陆时还要征收百分之十的税。Meanwhile, the exchange rate is in the yuan#39;s favor, meaning that there is still a profit to be made on buying phones in Hong Kong and reselling them on the mainland.同时,人民币汇率更有优势,意味着在香港购买手机再倒卖至大陆依然有利可图。The price differences, exchange rate and tax therefore mean smuggling the devices can still be a profitable enterprise.价格差,税率和税费共同导致了走私苹果手机仍然是一个可以赚钱的行业。Convenient channels渠道便利But with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus ily available in mainland stores and online, consumers eager to get their hands on the latest Apple products have less incentive than in previous years to turn to the grey market, unless they are going for a particularly coveted model.但当iPhone 6S和6S Plus可在直接在内地的网络商店中购买时,想要尽快拥有最新苹果产品的消费者就不像前几年那样在代购商那里买了,除非他们想要买到某些特殊的机型。The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus come in four colors - gray, silver, gold and rose gold. The latter is proving particularly popular on the mainland.最新的iPhone 6S和6S Plus有四种颜色:灰色,银色,金色和玫瑰金,玫瑰金是在内地销量最高的颜色。;If you want to buy the rose gold model, you have to turn to online booking due to the scarcity of supply in physical stores,; Yang Changming, a sales person at the Apple store on Nanjing Road East in Shanghai, told the Global Times Monday.“如果你想买玫瑰金的手机,你必须先在网上预定,因为实体店的库存非常少。”上海南京路苹果旗舰店的销售员杨长明在星期一告诉《环球时报》。Fall in fanaticism热度减退Experts say that the fanatical demand for new Apple devices seen in previous years has waned in the mainland market, thanks to the more adequate supply lines, the little change in function compared to the previous models and the absence of the aura brought to the product by Steve Jobs, who was hugely popular in the country.专家称,由于供应量的充足,相比前几代的功能更新减少,和在中国享有盛名的前总裁史蒂芬乔布斯为产品带来的光环褪色,苹果公司在大陆市场掀起的狂热开始消退。Cheng of zol.com.cn said domestic competitors are also putting pressure on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus sales, with local players such as Xiaomi and Huawei developing quality devices that cater to local consumer patterns.据中关村在线的陈主编分析,国内的竞争者们也为苹果新产品的销售带来了压力,比如本土品牌小米和华为现在正致力于研发符合本土消费者口味的高质量产品。;The excellent manufacturing technology, good user experience and performance-to-cost ratio will help domestic mobile phone manufacturers play a more important role in the local market, and even the global market,; Cheng said. ;This will inevitably put more pressure on Apple.;“优质的生产技术,良好的用户体验和更高的性能和性价比将帮助国内手机生厂商在本土市场上占据一席之地,”陈分析道,“这将给苹果公司带来更大压力。” /201510/404844。


  HONG KONG — When the ed States government punished ZTE of China this month, saying it had done business with Iran, it released internal company documents that it said detailed how the electronic equipment maker had done it — and that also suggested the problem might not be limited to one Chinese company. 香港——在本月以中国的中兴(ZTE)公司与伊朗有生意往来为由对其施加制裁时,美国政府公布了该公司的内部文件,称文件提供了有关该电子设备制造商与伊朗交易的细节,还称这个问题可能不仅限于一家中国公司。 One document described how ZTE would set up seemingly independent companies — called “cut-off companies” — that would sign the deals in other countries. That could enable it to continue to do business in Iran, North Korea and other countries placed under American restrictions. 一份文件称,中兴会设立看似独立的公司——“隔断企业”,通过这些公司在其他国家签署协议。这会使得中兴能够继续在伊朗、朝鲜及其他受到美国限制的国家开展贸易。 In describing the effort, the document cited as a model — and at times a cautionary tale — a rival company it called F7. ZTE said F7 had done something similar, though its business in restricted companies ended up hurting its American ambitions. 该文件在说明这些举措时,提到了一个范例——有时是为了敲响警钟——一个被称为F7的竞争对手。中兴称F7也有类似的做法,但该公司在受限国家的业务,最终损害了它在美国的宏图大业。 The document does not give F7’s real name. But the description offered by ZTE matches a company far larger and more politically sensitive: Huawei Technologies, its chief rival and a major force in the technology world. 该文件没有说明F7的真实名称。但中兴的描述符合一个规模大得多且更具政治敏感性的公司:华为技术公司——中兴的主要对手、技术领域的一股重要力量。 The ZTE document, dated August 2011, suggests that other Chinese companies could have potential exposure to American export limits. Given the recent sanctions against ZTE, it also suggests that the issue could be a continuing one between Chinese and American government officials. 这份在2011年8月发布的文件显示,其他中国公司可能会受到美国的出口限制。中兴最近遭受的制裁也说明,这将成为中美政府官员间持续存在的一个问题。 ZTE on Thursday said that it had delayed the release of its annual financial results because of the sanctions, which limit the ability of American companies to sell equipment to it. 中兴在周四表示,由于遭到制裁,该公司会延期公布年度财务业绩。制裁举措使得向中兴出售设备的美国公司受到限制。 ZTE officials declined to comment on the identity of F7, and Huawei declined to comment. ZTE has said it is cooperating with investigators and is committed to complying with the law. 中兴官员拒绝就F7的身份置评,华为拒绝。中兴曾表示,公司正在配合调查人员的工作,承诺遵守法律。 The ed States Commerce Department, which last week restricted sales of American telecommunications equipment to ZTE, accusing it of violating embargoes, did not respond to requests for comment. 美国商务部上周限制相关公司向中兴出售电信设备,指责中兴违反禁令,商务部没有回复置评请求。 It is rare for the Commerce Department to publicly provide evidence for an addition to its blacklist of restricted companies, especially full disclosure of internal documents. 商务部很少公开提供有关增加受限公司的据,特别是全面披露内部文件。 It is not clear how accurate ZTE’s version of the events might be. The document says some information about F7 was gathered by ZTE’s legal department, without offering details. 目前尚不清楚,中兴有关该事件的说明与事实是否有出入。文件称,一些有关F7的信息是由中兴法务部门收集的,但没有提供细节。 F7, the document says, tried in 2010 to buy an American company called 3Leaf but met with opposition from American officials. That same year, Huawei agreed to buy major assets from 3Leaf, but it dropped the bid in February 2011 because of opposition from American officials. 文件称,F7在2010年试图收购一家名为3Leaf的美国公司,但遭到美国官员的反对。就在那一年,华为同意收购3Leaf的主要资产,但最终因为美国官员的反对,在2011年2月放弃了投标。 F7 also has a joint venture with the American digital security company Symantec, the 2011 document says. Huawei had a joint venture with Symantec before the American company dissolved it in 2012. 这份2011年的文件显示,F7还与美国数字安全公司赛门铁克(Symantec)成立了合资企业,但2012年美国公司解散了这个企业。 Like ZTE, Huawei makes telecommunications equipment for corporate networks and for big telecommunications systems such as phone companies. American officials have long suspected it has Chinese government ties, and ed States intelligence officials have tried to tap into the company’s network. Both companies are effectively barred from selling equipment for American networks. 与中兴一样,华为为公司网络及大型电信系统——比如手机公司——制造电信设备。美国官员一直在怀疑该公司与中国政府有关联,美国情报官员曾试图潜入该公司的网络。两家公司实际上都被禁止向美国网络出售设备。 Huawei says that it is privately owned and that accusations of government ties are an excuse to hurt the company for protectionist purposes. 华为表示,该公司为私有企业,有关公司与政府关系的指控只是为了实施保护主义、损害该公司的借口。 Huawei is much larger than ZTE. In 2014, it reported revenue of about billion, about four times that of ZTE. Depending on the measure, it ranks with Sweden’s Ericsson as the world’s largest supplier of the base stations and other equipment that make mobile telecom networks run. Huawei equipment supports networks in countries across the world, including many European markets. 华为的规模比中兴大得多。2014年,该公司报收600亿美元,大约是中兴的四倍。根据该数据,华为和瑞典爱立信公司(Ericsson)成为世界最大的基站及移动通信网络运营所需的其他设备的供应商。华为的设备撑世界各国网络的运行,其中包括很多欧洲市场。 While both Huawei and ZTE are given privileged status as high-tech innovators by China’s leadership, Huawei is more prominent. 虽然华为和中兴都被中国领导人称为高科技行业的创新者,给予它们特权,但华为更为重要。 Huawei has also had greater success selling its smartphones in America, and indeed across the world. The company was the third-largest smartphone vendor by units sold in the fourth quarter of 2015 according to IDC, with an 8.1 percent share of the global market, compared with the 21.4 percent share of Samsung, the company in first place. 华为的智能手机在美国的销售更成功,实际上在全世界也更为成功。IDC的数据显示,以2015年第四季度的销售量来看,该公司成为世界第三大智能手机卖家,在全球市场占据8.1%的份额,三星(Samsung)占21.2%,排名第一。 Despite the trouble in the ed States, Huawei has not shied away from potentially controversial deals. In September, Huawei signed a deal with Syria’s Communications and Technology Ministry to help the country develop its communications networks. 尽管在美国遇到麻烦,华为对可能存在争议的交易并不避讳。9月,华为与叙利亚通信技术部签署协议,以帮助叙利亚发展通信网络。 The ZTE document details how F7 recruited compliance experts and placed them in its joint ventures as part of efforts to mitigate its risks. It says that the company recruited one “senior export control compliance specialist from Texas Instruments” and a “Chinese-American attorney who is familiar with the related laws in the U.S.” 中兴的文件详细讲述了F7如何聘用合规专家,并将他们安置在合资企业,以此作为减少风险的举措的一部分。文件称,该公司聘用了“德州仪器(Texas Instruments)的资深出口管制合规专员”及一名“熟悉美国相关法律的美国华人律师”。 It also describes how F7 found partners that it could say were independent companies and that could work on its behalf in countries under embargo. F7, it said, found a big information technology company that was “serving as its agent to sign contracts for projects in embargoed countries.” 该文件还称F7找到了一些合作伙伴,它可以说这些都是独立公司,但又可以代表F7在管制国运作。文件显示F7找到了一家大型信息技术公司,“作为其签署管制国项目的签约主体”。 “This cut-off company’s capital credit and capability are relatively strong compared to our company; it can cut off risks more effectively,” the document said. 文件称,“该隔断企业资质及能力较强,相对于我司能较好地隔断风险。” But ZTE came to believe that F7’s activities in embargoed countries hurt its American expansion efforts. 但中兴认为F7在管制国的活动影响了该公司在美国的扩张计划。 It said it believed that F7’s efforts to acquire companies in the ed States were in part blocked because of its “ongoing projects in embargoed countries.” 中兴称,它相信F7在美国收购公司受阻,部分是因为F7“在管制国的运作项目”。 /201603/432720


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