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栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201512/413822US urges rebels, Russia to observe ceasefire美国敦促叛军、俄方严守停火协议The US has responded to reports of increased Russian military presence in eastern Ukraine by calling on both anti-Kiev rebels and Moscow to uphold ceasefire commitments without delay.美国已通过呼吁反基辅叛军和莫斯科即刻遵守停火协议回应俄罗斯在乌克兰东部增派军事力量的报告。On Friday, a White House spokesman said they were acting in ;direct contravention; of the Minsk agreements.周五白宫发言人表示俄方的行动是对明斯克协议的直接亵渎。;Russia and the separatists it backs have acted in direct contravention of the Minsk implementation plan and we call on all the signatories to that document to carry out the commitments undertaken in the plan and the September Minsk agreements fully and without delay,; White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.白宫发言人约什·厄尼斯特表示“俄罗斯及其分离主义分子公然违反明斯克协议,我们呼吁所有该计划的签署国履行计划中的承诺并确保9月明斯克协议能够得以及时施行。”201502/361161


The starch rich diet had no significant risk.富含淀粉的食物没有重要影响The diets containing vitamins and fiber and saturated含有维生素,纤维,不饱和脂肪的食物fats were inversely associated with oral cancer.和口腔癌成负相关This study concluded that a diet rich in fruits,这项研究得出一项结论,富含水果vegetables, cereals and olive oil had protective蔬菜,谷物,橄榄油的食物effects against oral cancer, this protective diet可以防止口腔癌is very similar to the Mediterranean diet which is这种饮食和地中海饮食很相像based of high fruits, vegetables, cereals, olive oil,它也富含水果,蔬菜,谷物橄榄油wine and low in meats and dairy products. Another葡萄酒,却很少含有肉类和奶制品study performed a meta analysis of studies done up另一项研究是对直到2008年until 2008, different food groups were examined to才完成的研究的一项综合分析,检查出不同find relationships with oral cancers. The food groups组食物和口腔癌的关系,这些食物included fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat, fish包括水果和蔬菜,谷物,肉类,鱼and eggs, milk and dairy products, macro nutrients,鸡蛋,牛奶,奶制品,宏营养micro nutrients, coffee, tea and flavinoids.微营养,咖啡,茶,以及黄酮类Results from the meta analysis showed an inverse这项综合分析的结果显示了水果蔬菜和癌症association between fruit and vegetables and成负相关oral cancer. In a network of studies from Italy 20来自意大利互联网上的一项调查to 25% of oral cancers were related to low fruit20%到25%的口腔癌都很少吃and vegetable consumption. Fish also showed an inverse水果蔬菜有关,鱼也显示了和口腔癌的发生association with oral cancer occurrence. The more成负相关refined cereals are may have an increased association谷物越精细,它们越和口腔癌的发生有关with oral cancers. In many studies meat is related to许多调查都显示,肉会增加患口腔癌的风险an increased risk of oral cancers, this can be这得归咎于脂肪和胆固醇含量attributed to the fat and cholesterol content so meat所以我们应该适当吃肉should be consumed modestly. No significant癌症与牛奶relationship was found between milk, dairy products,奶制品,咖啡,茶之间coffee or tea.没有重要的关系Now take a minute to think about which foods increase想一会什么食物会增加risk or reduce risk for oral cancer. Which column或者降低口腔癌的风险should the burger go under? Increases risk.汉堡有什么影响呢?增加风险Which column should the orange go under? Reduces risk.橙汁呢?降低风险Which column should the broccoli go under? Reduces花椰菜?降低风险risk. Which column should the strawberries go under?草莓?Reduces risk. Which column should the white b go减低风险,白面包?under? Increases risk. Which column should the增加风险raspberries go under? Reduces risk. And finally,红草莓?降低风险,最后which column should the steak go under? Increases risk.牛排呢?增加风险Oral cancer is a very serious disease that can be口腔癌是一种可以被预防的严重疾病prevented. Practicing good oral hygiene is key to形成良好的口腔卫生help keep the oral cavity clean, limiting the use of对于保持口腔干净很重要tobacco and alcohol products is also important有节制的吸烟饮酒也很重要because these are the causes of most oral cancers.因为他们是引起口腔癌的最主要的原因Lastly, eating a well balanced diet that has最后,有一个很平衡的饮食protective effects can reduce the risk of oral cancer.可以和降低患口腔癌的风险This includes a diet high in fruits, vegetables and这包括都吃水果,蔬菜fish and low in high fat and cholesterol meats, rice鱼,少吃富含高脂肪和胆固醇的肉类,大米and refined grains. For more information on oral细粮,关于口腔卫生和口腔癌hygiene and oral cancer these are a few good websites这里有一些好的网址to take a look at我们可以参考一下201501/354541



  Whether its from an awful breakup or a traumatic life event,some memories can haunt us for our entire lives.But,what if there was a way that you could completely forget these all together? Can science erase your bad memories? Memory is an incredibly complex process.While scientists used to believe it was like a filing cabinet and particular memories were stored in different sections of the brain,we now know this is incorrect.无论是被发卡还是其他伤心往事,某些记忆总是忘不掉。不过,如果有能让你彻底忘记这一切的方法呢?“记忆橡皮擦”能否成真?记忆是一项极为复杂的过程。先前,科学家把它视作为档案柜特定记忆储存在大脑的特定部位,我们知道这并不正确。In fact,each memory is a brain wide process.If you end up remembering this ,its because the cells in your brain are being triggered and fired,building new connections and links and literally rewiring the circuitry of your mind.And this change is partially facilitated by proteins in the brain.So what if the proteins arent available?实际上,每一项记忆都和整个大脑相关,而你记住这视频,则是因为脑内细胞被触发并激活,建立新的连接并重构脑内神经回路,脑内的蛋白质也对此赶到一定促进作用。那么,如果没有这些蛋白质呢?Simply put,memories cant be made.Seriously,scientists have tested this by giving animals drugs that prevent these proteins from forming.As a result the animals have no recollection of the things that took place shortly after the drug was taken.From this research,scientists actually found a way to target long term memories for deletion.You see,every single time you remember a memory,your brain is once again firing and rewiring.简单说,你就记不了东西了。科学家做过实验,他们给动物用药物来抑制这类蛋白质的合成,结果,动物们在刚药之后什么都记不起来。通过这项研究,科学家找到了可以删除长期记忆的方式。你看,每次想起某些事时,大脑就会重新激活细胞,构建回路。In fact,each time you reflect on a memory,you are literally physically changing that memory in your mind.And each time that memory is altered a little,reflecting your current thoughts.Remembering is an act of creation and imagining.meaning the more you reflect on old memories,the less accurate they become.And scientists have actually quantified this change.其实,你每次回忆起某件事时,都在改变着大脑内的记忆。这段,记忆每次也会因你当前想法而产生细微变化。记忆是创造和想象的一种行为,也就是说,回忆得越多,记忆就越不准确。科学家也曾将此量化。After 9/11,hundreds of people were asked about their memories of the dful day.A year later,37%of the details had changed.By 2004,nearly 50% of the details had changed or gone missing.And because memories are formed and rebuilt every time,if you administer the protein inhibiting drug while recalling a memory,the memory can be effectively removed.To test this,scientists took lab rats and played a sound for them,shortly followed by an electric shock.After doing this multiple times,the rats quickly learned that if they heard the sound,a shock was soon to follow.911事件后,数百人被问起这段惨痛事件的记忆,一年后,其37%的细节出现变化,到了2004年,近乎一半的细节已被遗忘或改变。由于记忆每次都会被重塑,如果你在回忆时吃下抵制蛋白质的药物,这段记忆就能被消除。科学家曾让小白鼠听一种声音,此后对其电击,几次之后,小白鼠很快明白听到声音后很快会有电击。As a result,they would stress up and freeze every time they heard it.Months later,these rats would still respond to the noise;however,if they administered the drug first,the rats would lose the memory of the sound,and simply continue on.They had lost their memory of that specific noise.To be sure the drug wasnt just causing large scale brain damage,scientists repeated these experiments with multiple tones this time.结果,每次听到声音后,他们都会紧张麻木。几个月后,老鼠仍会对此声音做出反应;不过,如果让老鼠先吃药,它们就会忘记那段声音,继续活动。它们对特定声音的记忆已经消失了。为了确定这种药物没在脑内开地图炮,这次,科学家用多种声音重复了这项实验。Both sounds would warn for a shock,and eventually the mice would fear both.But if they administered the drug and played only one of the sounds,the mice would only forget that one tone,while still remaining fearful of the other.Over time scientists have discovered specific drugs to target particular proteins ccross different parts of the brain.两种声音都意味着电击,老鼠会对二者都产生畏惧。如果在为老鼠给药后播放一种声音,老鼠就会忘记这种声音,但仍害怕另一种,目前,科学家已对大脑内不同区域内特定蛋白质研发出特制药物。So,if you experience a terrible emotion with a memory,then targeting a protein in the emotional regions of the brain can help to remove that connection alone.Which could be an amazing tool,especially for patients suffering from something like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.But while these drugs are in the very early stages,the question remains:if you were given a ;forgetting pill;would you be willing to take it?那么,如果你经历了某些不堪回首的事,搞定大脑情感区域内的一个蛋白质就能让你把记忆抛之脑后。这可是相当不错的哇,尤其对创作后精神紧张性精神障碍(PTSD)等疾病患者,尽管药物尚在早期研发阶段,有个问题还没解决:给你一瓶“忘忧水”你真的会喝吗?201504/365627

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201601/423579英语非常道 第11期:留学美国全指南(上)留学美国,都需要准备哪些考试?学校和专业应该如何选择?如何规划备考时间?如何在短期内取得优异的成绩?……学生家长对话留学专家,留学的热点问题,解答留学的重点难点。尽在《英语非常道之我爱问留学》。作为地道的美国人,王渊源老师是如何看待“留学”的?留学中国,他有怎样独到的经验?申请美国大学,他有什么独家秘笈?作为资深的留学顾问,莫单玉老师如何帮助百位学生梦圆美国?留学资料准备,她有什么小绝招要传授?留学备考,她有怎样的高效规划建议?作为学生家长,钱女士最关心的留学问题都有哪些?走进新一期的英语非常道,你会发现,你与世界的距离,并不遥远,你与梦想的距离,咫尺可见。201508/385186Next thing you know, children protective services became involved,接下来牵扯到了儿童保护务and different lawyers began asking questions,许多律师开始提出质问Tom sneddon is back in the picture again.汤姆·史奈顿又冒了出来And the Arvizo family, suddenly, have decided that Michael had molested Gavin.而阿维佐也突然决定迈克尔有性侵文Gavin came to Michael, and said, Michael, can we sleep in your room tonight? 文跑来问迈克尔 迈克尔 今晚可以睡你房间吗?And Michael looked at me and says, l dont know.迈克尔看着我说 不知道耶You know, l think you better ask your mother. 不如你去问你妈吧Oh, we aly asked our mother. she says, sure, no problem.我们已经问过了 她说没有问题lm like, ;No. This is... somethings odd. This is not right.;我心想 不 这整个状况都不太对And then, as l was about to go tell Gavin that he cannot sleep in Michaels room,我正打算跟文说 他不能睡迈克尔房间时Michael says, Okay, l have a solution for this.迈克尔就说 我有办法了You have to sleep in the room with me. 你也过来睡The two children slept on the bed and Michael and l slept on the floor.两个孩子睡床上 我跟迈克尔睡地上An arrest warrant for Mr Jackson has been issued警方已经发出杰克逊先生的拘捕令on multiple counts of child molestation.以多项儿童性侵罪名起诉他At this point in time,Mr Jacksons been given an opportunity to surrender himself此时 杰克逊先生可以选择to the custody of the santa Barbara sheriffs Department在限定的时间内within a specified period of time.主动向圣巴巴拉警方投案201510/406043

  OK. Class begins. Sit down.好了,上课,请坐But in the heart of Hampshire,然而在汉普郡的中心Mr Zou is finding that British students arent quite as appreciative.邹老师发现英国的学生并不是那么买账Hes asked Bohunts Head of Maths, Pete Whitworth, to come and observe his class.他邀请航特数学教研主任,皮特·惠特沃思来他班上听课What time does the lesson start?什么时候开始上课Now. Now.现在Whats the lesson?这是什么课Its Maths. Get in!数学课,快进来Im hoping to see a good lesson - students learning.我希望看到一堂优秀的课,学生们学到知识I like to think that at Bohunt, they want to learn Maths and they want to do well at it.我觉得在航特,学生们都想学数学,并且希望能学好这门课So, Im kind of hoping that when I go in, they are focused,所以,我希望当我走进教室时,他们能够聚精会神theyre still wanting to learn, theyre still enjoying Maths.依然想学习,依然享受学习数学的乐趣OK, be seated, please.好了,请坐好I dont know how you play this game, so you know?我不知道你怎么玩这个游戏的,所以你知道吗No. What do you do?不。你干嘛Ok. Lets start.好的,我们开始上课Attention. Hello?注意,看这Absolutely no one is listening.很明显,没人在听课This is the angle X, which is unknown.这是未知角XWhich is unknown...其角度未知Despite his best efforts, Mr Zou has completely lost the class.尽管尽了最大的努力,邹老师完全没有掌控住课堂What did you type into your calculator?你在计算器里输入了什么Where is your calculator?你的计算器在哪At what point does it become acceptable to use a phone in a Maths lesson?谁允许你们在数学课上用手机的He said it was OK. Shocking.他说可以的。不可思议Attention!注意So, if you look at this one...那么,你们看看这个...Y would be? Y would be?y值等于?y等于I wasnt prepared for what I saw, at all.我一点也没有预料到眼前的一切Theyre just sat there, talking from the minute they get in to the minute they leave,他们就坐在那儿,一进教室就开始不停讲话,not listening to a word the teacher is saying.完全不听讲,直到放学And theyre saying they dont understand.然后就说听不懂Well, you know? Listen, stop talking, put your hand up and ask a few questions.懂了吗,认真听,别说话,有问题请举手I will hand out some consolidation homeworks.我会布置一些作业来巩固知识Sir, its our break.老师,下课了Wait! Wait, let me finish.等等,让我讲完No!不要Attention, please.请注意听Oh, my good lord.天呐OK, thats all for today. Thank you.今天就到这了,谢谢Hi, Carol.嗨,卡罗尔Unbelievable. Awful, genuinely awful.难以置信,简直糟透了If I was the teacher and I delivered that lesson,如果我是上课的老师Id be livid with the students for the way that theyve behaved.我肯定会对他们的表现愤怒至极It was just like he was teaching a lesson essentially to himself.他好像是在给自己上课一样201603/432136The worlds oldest land animal just got his first bath ever, and it only took an estimated 184 years.估计经过184年,世界上最古老的陆生动物迎来首次洗澡。Jonathan the Giant Tortoise is considered a national treasure on St. Helena Island in the Atlantic.巨型龟“乔纳森”被认为是大西洋圣赫勒拿岛的国宝。Surgical soap and soft brushes were reportedly used to protect his shell.据报道使用了药皂和软刷来保护它的外壳。Dr. Joe Hollins, the vet who gave Jonathan his bath, said it was ;purely for aesthetic reasons.; But after the cleaning, Hollins noticed that the rings on Jonathans shell, which would usually tell his age, had faded away.给“乔纳森”洗澡的兽医霍林斯医生表示,这“纯粹是为了审美原因”。但经过清洗后,霍林斯注意到“乔纳森”壳上代表年龄的环形纹理褪去。Giant tortoises are usually only expected to live 150 years. After switching Jonathan to a more nutritious diet last year, St. Helena hopes hell have plenty of years ahead of him.巨龟通常仅能活上150年。去年在给“乔纳森”更有营养的饮食后,希望它能够活的更长久。译文属。201603/433569

  At least seven migrants, including a young child, have died after their boat sank off the coast of Libya.一轮船在利比亚海岸沉没,造成包括一名孩子在内的七人死亡。More than 100 people were rescued by a passing oil tanker.100多人被一艘经过的油轮救出。The group had been attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.船上人群试图穿过地中海前往欧洲。The Libyan tanker docked in Tripoli, where Red Crescent workers helped survivors. Some of them suffered serious injuries during their ordeal.利比亚油轮停靠在的黎波里,那里红新月会会帮助幸存者。其中有些人伤势严重。They are among the latest migrants trying to make a daring life-or-death trip across the water.他们是最新的一批移民者,穿过海域踏上生死攸关之旅。Last month, at least 37 people were killed when a boat sank off the Libyan coast. That incident came just days after another sinking left some 200 people dead.上个月,利比亚海岸一艘轮船沉没造成37人遇难。就在该事件前几日,另一次沉船事故造成200人死亡。Lawless Libya has turned into a major transit point for those fleeing conflict and poverty in Africa and the Middle East.法律不及的利比亚已成为非洲与中东国家人们逃离冲突与贫困的一个主要中转站。译文属。 /201509/399760


  I dont think that one reality is more valid than another.我认为不同的现实观感 并没有真实性的高低之分And that means that reality itself is in the mind of the beholder.那就表示现实本身 总是因人而异When you think about it,even our point of view is far from perfect当你仔细想过之后 就连我们的观点也一点都不完美It may seem that human eyes for example,are pretty good at seeing the world around them.举例而言 人类的眼睛 似乎很善于观看周遭的世界But in fact,theyre not so great.但事实上却并不怎么样Our eyes only see a small area with good resolution.人眼看得到的清晰画面 就只有一小区域An area the width of your thumb when held that arms length.相当于手臂伸直后的拇指宽度The eyes then send electrical signals to the brain down the optic nerve.然后眼睛会透过视神经 送出电流讯号到大脑The area where this nerve connects to our eyes神经与眼睛的连接之处means we have two blind spots in our vision.造成我们的视觉里有两个盲点But we dont perceive a blurry world with two black holes.但我们并不会看到 有两个黑洞的模糊世界This is because of the incredible organ,that is our brain.这要多亏神奇的器官 也就是我们的大脑Our brains fill in the gaps transforming the crude signals from the eyes我们的大脑填补了空隙 转换眼睛传送的原始讯号into a three-dimensional model of the outside world.成为外在世界的三维模型It is this mental models that each of us called reality.这些认知模型 就是我们每个人所谓的现实201602/427049

  Some unusual weather from around the world.世界各地出现异常天气。Starting in the US state Washington, More than 63 centimeters of snow fell in just two days in some areas.在美国华盛顿,一些地区在短短两天内降雪超过63厘米。The first big storm of the winter blanketed the Lake Tahoe area of Nevada with snow that had caused travel chaos for Christmas travellers.首次冬季风暴带来的降雪覆盖了内华达州太浩湖,并造成圣诞游客交通混乱。Meanwhile in Moscow, snow completely disappeared from the city’s streets as warm air moved into the European part of Russia.与此同时在莫斯科,随着暖空气进入俄罗斯欧洲地区,城市街道上的积雪完全消融。An abnormally warm winter has brought flowers into bloom.不同寻常的暖冬使鲜花盛开。Several types of plants that usually wake up in the spring have aly bloom. 几种通常在春天苏醒的植物已经开花。While hazardous smoked choked Beijing on Friday with pollution levels exceeding the index. Neighbouring cities were also hit by heavy air pollution.星期五危险的雾霾窒息着北京,污染程度超过指数,临近的城市也受到严重的空气污染。Weather forecasts say the pollution should ease from Saturday afternoon when as hoped a cold front in Beijing will disperse the smog.天气预报称,星期六下午开始一股冷空气会抵达北京驱散雾霾,污染会得到缓解。译文属。 /201512/418228

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201504/371706

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