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Barbie has held onto her crown as queen of girls' holiday wish lists for the fifth year but boys are going more high-tech, according to a poll of must-have toys.The poll of 7,982 US consumers by the company BIGresearch showed Barbie remained the most sought after toy for girls, with the rival Bratz dolls in second place, generic dolls in third place followed by Dora the Explorer and Disney Princess.But for boys there was a bit of a shake-up in the annual list with last year's favorite, TMX Elmo, losing out to Transformers, like the Autobots and Decepticons, made popular by the movie of the same name.Coming second on the boys' wish-list was games overall and the top 10 also included two games consoles - the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's XBox 360.The National Retail Federation, a retail trade association which commissioned the annual survey, said the best advice for parents was to shop early so they did not miss out on their children's favorites."It's always a race for parents to find the year's sought after toys," said NRF President and CEO Tracy Mullin in a statement.Newcomers to the girls' list this year were toys involving Disney singing star Hannah Montana, and the popular Webkinz animals that come with a special code to give access to Webkinz World online.Cars, Spider-Man and LEGOs also featured in the boys' top 10 wish lists.This year's top 10 holiday wish-lists:GIRLS:1. Barbie2. Bratz3. Dolls (generic)4. Dora the Explorer5. Disney Princess6. Disney Hannah Montana7. Nintendo Wii8. Webkinz9. Elmo10. American GirlBOYS1. Transformers2. Video Games3. Nintendo Wii4. Cars (generic)5. Spider-Man6. LEGOs7. Thomas the Tank Engine8. Xbox 3609. Elmo10. Remote Controlled Vehicles /200803/29707。

小心宽边太阳镜!The fashionable sunglasses that put women drivers at risk Twelve million fashion-conscious women drivers of Britain are risking their lives by wearing sunglasses which limit their view of the road. Twelve million fashion-conscious women drivers of Britain are risking their lives by wearing sunglasses which limit their view of the road.The vast majority of Britain's 14.4million female motorists admit to putting style before safety, research shows.But road safety experts say they should jettison the chunky wide-armed variety of sunglasses worn by Kylie Minogue, Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham - as well as those with pink or very dark lenses.The Eyecare Trust charity also advised women to make safety their first priority with sunglasses for driving.More than eight out of ten women (82 per cent) surveyed failed to consider safety when choosing sunglasses for driving - equivalent to 11.8million female motorists.One in ten - 1.3million - drive in wide-armed glasses that severely restrict their peripheral vision. A further 7 per cent wear lenses that are so dark they are illegal for driving.The researchers commissioned by insurer Sheilas' Wheels also found that fewer than one in five (18 per cent) of women bought sunglasses specifically for driving while almost two-thirds (61 per cent) based their choice on appearance rather than practicality.Niki Bolton, of car insurers Sheilas' Wheels, said: "Too many women drivers are unaware of the dangers of wearing some of this summer's hottest sunglasses' styles when driving."Wide arms and dark lens tints may be the must-haves of the moment, but fashion- conscious women should put safety ahead of style when in control of a car." (Daily Mail) 英国共有1200万个赶时髦的女司机戴太阳镜开车,而戴太阳镜开车会影响她们观察路况,容易出危险。调查显示,在英国1440万名女司机中,大多数人承认自己将时尚置于安全之上。但路面安全专家们则称,女司机们不应该选择如凯莉#8226;米洛、帕里斯#8226;希尔顿和维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆戴的那种宽边太阳镜,以及粉色或深色镜片的太阳镜。关注眼镜护理的慈善组织Eyecare Trust还建议女性戴太阳镜驾驶时要把安全放在第一位。超过80%(82%)、共1180万名受访女司机选择驾驶用太阳镜时没有考虑到安全因素。十分之一、共130万名受访者戴宽边太阳镜驾驶,这种眼镜会严重影响她们的周围视觉。7%的人驾驶时戴的太阳镜镜片颜色太深,属于违规驾驶。该项由Sheilas' Wheels保险公司委托开展的调查发现,不到五分之一的女性专门选购了驾驶用太阳镜,而近三分之二的人选择太阳镜的标准是其外观,而不是实用性。Sheilas' Wheels汽车保险公司的尼基#8226;波尔顿说:“太多的女司机没有意识到戴夏季最流行款太阳镜开车有危险。”“宽边和深色也许是当下最流行的元素,但赶时髦的女性在开车时应将安全置于时尚至上。” /200803/30015。

Coach, the maker of luxury handbags and other sundry accessories, has been having a rough year. Poor sales prompted a leadership shuffle in July, and after a particularly bad earnings report Tuesday, the stock took its biggest dive in years. Which is odd, because the luxury market has been doing really well overall, fed by a global elite with assets that seem to have fully recovered from the recessionary dumps. So what#39;s the problem?蔻驰(Coach)是世界著名奢侈品品牌,主营男女精品配饰,尤以手袋闻名,但今年业绩欠佳。7月,因销量惨淡,蔻驰高层发生了变动,再加上本周二,蔻驰公布了令人失望的收益报告,双重打击之下,蔻驰股票大跌,跌幅创历史新高。然而,在富有的精英阶层似乎完全从经济危机中恢复过来,并带动整个奢侈品消费市场走向繁荣之时,蔻驰糟糕的销售业绩实在令人觉得费解。那么,蔻驰究竟出了什么问题?Part of it is certainly hard-charging competition from newer brands, like Kate Spade and Michael Kors, that appeal to a younger audience. For them, Coach is their rich auntie#39;s label, more 5th Avenue than Mission District.攻势猛烈的新兴品牌自然是挑战之一,如凯特·思蓓(Kate Spade)和迈克·科尔斯(Michael Kors),这些品牌更得年轻消费者青睐。他们认为蔻驰是富有阿姨辈的专属,打个比方说,新兴品牌就像是纽约年轻时尚的教会区(Mission District),而蔻驰则像是第五大道(5th Avenue),更为奢侈古板。But the bigger problem may have been growing too fast in the first place. Coach, under pressure from investors to boost revenue, added line after line of merchandise and dozens of factory outlet stores over the past few years, fueling a dramatic run-up in earnings -- to the point where Coach isn#39;t really Coach anymore.但更大的问题可能来自于产品初期的过速发展。投资者急于追求利润的增长,蔻驰因此不得不在过去的几年间不断扩大生产规模并增开几十家工厂直销店,这样做的确使其利润有了飞跃,但这时蔻驰已不再是原来的蔻驰。;If you#39;re a luxury brand with outlet stores, maybe you#39;re not a luxury brand,; mused Tim Hanson of Motley Fool Funds on a podcast Tuesday. ;They took a growth-at-any-costs attitude that has done brand damage that they are paying for, but at the time that they were doing [it], it fielded stock price gains because it allowed them to put up very heady revenue numbers.;蒂姆·汉森是美国著名投资论坛“衣傻瓜”(Motley Fool Funds)的全球收益顾问,本周二,他在自己的播客中沉思自问:“一个奢侈品牌如果有了工厂店,那还能叫奢侈品吗?为了追求利润而不择手段,品牌形象会受损,他们将自食恶果,但收益表上的数字确实让人飘飘然,也带动了股价增长。”It#39;s a problem all luxury brands face, especially public ones: How can you both sell enough on a quarterly basis to make Wall Street happy while at the same time maintaining the aura of exclusivity that got you where you were in the first place?不仅是蔻驰,全球所有奢侈品牌,尤其是公众品牌,都在面临这样一个问题:如何在保持一个令华尔街满意的季度销量的同时维持产品独有的格调而不违背其品牌初衷。Mark Cohen, a professor of retail at the Columbia University Business School, ticks off the companies that have fallen into the ubiquity trap. Bill Blass ;never met a licensee he didn#39;t do a deal with,; he says. Neiman Marcus ;has opened stores in the last seven, eight years that they wish they could take back.; Saks Fifth Avenue ;took developer deals 25 years ago that gave them the immediate appearance of growth, which was false.; Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, and Barney#39;s haven#39;t done themselves any favors either by going mass market either.哥伦比亚大学商学院零售学教授马克·科恩列举了几个陷入“普遍性陷阱”的公司实例。比如比尔·布拉斯(Bill Blass),它从来不会拒绝任何一个授权方的交易请求;尼曼(Neiman Marcus)在过去的七八年间开了好几家分店,而现在他们却后悔了;萨克斯第五大道精品百货店(Saks Fifth Avenue)25年前接受了开发商的协议,并因此带来了繁荣的假象;玛莎·司徒沃特(Marsha Stewart),拉尔夫·劳伦(Ralph Lauren)和巴尼斯纽约精品店(Barney#39;s)此类品牌也未从扩大的市场中获得任何优势。;It#39;s the designer toilet seat problem,; Cohen says. ;The luxury business is entirely contingent on limited availability, limited supply, and limited exposure.;科恩说:“这关乎设计上的供求问题,奢侈品需要做到供不应求,要知道这个行业完全是依靠限量生产、限量供应和限量发行来运作的。”In recent years, big luxury retailers have found a way around the problem by pivoting to Asia, leveraging their iconic status in places like Japan and China to achieve huge sales without tarnishing their image at home. Coach hasn#39;t had as much success there, perhaps because it doesn#39;t have the same kind of world-wide super-appeal of a Prada or Gucci. Hermes and Tiffany#39;s are typically seen as the gold standard in maintaining brand purity -- compensating for small sales volume with really, really high margins. Privately-held Godiva has managed to operate on two tracks, selling pricey chocolates both in convenience stores and its own, super-luxe retail spaces.近年来,一些奢侈品零售巨头找到了两全其美的办法,即以亚洲为销售重心,利用自身“品牌效应”在中国、日本等国取得巨额销量,而丝毫不影响在国内的形象。但是蔻驰没有像普拉达(Prada)和古奇(Gucci)那样的国际产品知名度,所以并未在亚洲市场上取得多大的成功。爱马仕(Hermes)和蒂凡尼(Tiffany)则是业内严守产品高贵血统这一黄金准则的楷模,它们用高利润来填补销量的不足。私人企业歌蒂凡(Godiva)则采用了两种营销模式:将公司生产的昂贵巧克力同时在便利店和自己的奢侈专卖店中出售。Coach is also at a disadvantage because it#39;s not part of a large umbrella corporation that can compensate for slow growth in one of its portfolio companies with fast growth in another. A lot of the luxury marketplace falls into a few big spheres of influence: LVMH owns Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clic, Dom Perignon, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Christian Dior, Belvedere, Thomas Pink, Donna Karan, Sephora, and many more. Richemont owns Montblanc, Cartier, Piaget, and Van Cleef amp; Arpels. Kering owns Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, etc. Because they#39;re diversified, they can invest in new designers, much like a big record label can -- or could, in better days -- take chances on minor artists on the off chance they take off.蔻驰的另一个劣势在于它不隶属于任何一个大公司,因此也不存在销售业绩较好与较差的投资组合公司之间的互补。许多奢侈品公司旗下都有多个颇具影响力的品牌,如法国酩悦·轩尼诗-路易·威登集团(LVMH),该公司旗下拥有如下品牌:轩尼诗(Hennessy)、路易·威登(Louis Vuitton)、凯歌香槟(VeuveClic)、唐培里侬香槟(Dom Perignon)、纪梵希(Givenchy)、马克·雅各布(Marc Jacobs)、芬迪(Fendi)、克里斯汀·迪奥(Christian Dior)、雪树伏特加(Belvedere)、托马斯·品客(Thomas Pink)、唐纳·卡兰(Donna Karan)、丝芙兰(Sephora)等等;历峰集团(Richemont)旗下拥有:万宝龙(Montblanc)、卡地亚(Cartier)、伯爵表(Piaget)以及梵克雅宝(Van Cleefamp;Arpels);开云集团(Kering)所属品牌有:古奇(Gucci)、巴黎世家(Balenciaga)、亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)、斯特拉·麦卡特尼(Stella McCartney)等。就像规模较大的唱片公司现在或景况好时,会在二流艺术家身上试试运气,即使成功的希望渺茫。;Between the moment they invest in them and the moment they will get their return will be five to seven years,; says Ketty Maisonrouge, a luxury branding consultant. ;If you look at most brands, what#39;s successful today, they all try to understand what it is to make sure you don#39;t grow too fast.;奢侈品顾问凯蒂·梅森卢兹称:“投资者从投入资金到收回成本大概需要5到7年的时间。你看那些现在很成功的品牌,他们中大部分都试图找到规律,来确保自身发展速度不过快。”If Coach is to recover, Wall Street is going to need to let it ease off the gas pedal, make like Burberry, and realize that a sterling brand and massive sales are a contradiction in terms.蔻驰要想重振旗鼓,华尔街就应该适当放手,效仿巴宝莉(Burberry)的做法,并意识到品牌的高贵形象与巨大的销量是不可兼得的。 /201312/268701。

1. John Tlumacki. Boston, Mass., USA. April 15, 2013.2013年4月15日,美国马萨诸塞州波士顿,摄影:约翰·特卢马奇基奇The first Boston Marathon bomb exploded about two hours and forty minutes after the winner of the men’s race had crossed the finish line on Boylston Street. I was standing on the finish line photographing runners; some dressed in costumes, others were holding the hands of children and family members as they shared the joy of finishing together.冬季男子马拉松赛冠军冲过终点两小时四十分后,伊尔斯顿街发生首起爆炸。我当时站在终点线为参赛者拍照;有的身着运动装,有的握着家人和孩子的手正分享他们胜利的喜悦。The first bomb went off on the Boylston Street sidewalk less than 45 feet from me. The percussion from the blast jolted me. I saw runner Bill Iffrig from Lake Stevens, Wash., fall to the pavement. I ran forward to photograph him. Three Boston Police officers bolted towards him at the same time, one with her gun drawn, as the second bomb exploded three blocks away. I had not seen the officer#39;s gun until I edited the photos. I didn’t understand at first what had happened, thinking maybe it was a cannon salute or a manhole explosion. But when I ran to the sidewalk area several feet away, I saw the horror of what the bomb did. I then began to comprehend what I was photographing. I tried not to take my eye off the camera. Smoke was thick. A police officer looked me in the eyes and said, “You shouldn’t be here. Another bomb could go off.” Bodies were still smoldering, legs were blown off, and massive amounts of blood covered the sidewalk.第一次爆炸发生在伊尔斯顿街,离我不到45英尺。爆炸冲击到我,使我站不住脚。我看到来自史蒂文斯湖(Lake Stevens)的选手比尔·伊弗里戈(Bill Iffrig)跌倒在人行道上。我跑向他去拍照。三名波士顿警察拔指向他,与此同时,一名女警官已经拔下,第二次爆炸在三个街区外发生了。我没看到那位警官的,后来编辑照片时才发现。一开始我不明白发生了什么,我猜可能是致敬礼炮或者是水井爆炸。后来我才意识到我拍下了什么。我不停地拍照。烟雾很重。一名警官看着我说,“你不应该待在这儿。可能还会发生爆炸。”尸体冒着烟,有的双腿被炸了,人行道上到处都是血。I photographed Kevin Corcoran from Lowell using his belt to stop the flow of blood from his wife Celeste’s mangled leg. I photographed Celeste’s daughter, Sydney, lying on the ground as two men wrapped t-shirts on her legs. Nicole Gross from Charlotte, North Carolina, struggled to get up, her shirt in tatters, her leg severely injured. A pool of blood surrounded her. A police officer reached over and placed two fingers on Krystal Campbell#39;s neck, looking for a pulse. Krystal had passed away. Celeste lost both legs. Sydney lost nearly all her blood from a cellphone-size piece of shrapnel that lodged in her thigh and severed her femoral artery. I continued taking photos for about 12 minutes. Then I got my laptop, which was still plugged in near the finish line, and walked to my car and drove to the Globe office. I took off my shoes, which were covered with blood, and began to edit my photos. On bad nights, the images still play over and over in my mind.我拍到来自洛厄尔(Lowell)的凯文·科克伦(Kevin Corcoran)用自己的皮带包扎妻子塞莱斯特受伤流血的腿。我拍到他们的女儿悉尼躺着地上,两个男子正用T恤包裹她的腿。来自北卡罗来纳州夏洛特市(Charlotte)的尼古拉·克洛斯(Nicole Gross)挣扎着要站起来,她的衬衫破烂不堪,腿受重伤,身旁一滩鲜血。一名警官到来,将两根指头放在克里斯塔尔·坎贝尔(Krystal Campbell)的肩头,在试他是否还有心跳。但克里斯塔尔已死去。塞莱斯特失去两条腿,悉尼大腿处被手榴弹炸伤入,股动脉断裂,几乎失去全部血液。我连续拍照12分钟。我找到仍躺在终点线上的笔记本电脑,然后开车返回办公室。我脱掉沾满血的鞋子,然后开始编辑照片。我到现在做恶梦还能看到这些血淋淋的场景。 /201312/269445。