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Sliding on Snow基础滑行Find yourself a nice fled area,找个好的滑行地点,place the skis on the snow,把雪橇放在雪上hip with the par and parallel弄平行until your toe bindings are lined up together.直到雪橇前段在一条线上.One put in middle, and aly to put the skis on.放中间就能穿上了.Now barely mind the stage,the painting on the snow,现在不要想场景和划痕,You might find you have snow stub follow your boots.你可能发现鞋底有雪.You ought to give it a tap,拍几下,with the ski stip,scrap还得蹭几下place the toe one the nice straight,前段笔直平整地放好,look behind,make your shoes lind up往后看,鞋子子啊一条线上and give the boots solid.给靴子一个力.push,ring踩,固定了So you get the skis on.现在你穿上雪橇了.Now just spend a few minutes on the fled before you start sliding.在滑行前在平地呆一会儿.Just get used to the feeling of them.去感受他们.Balance and lift them up, slide and forward.踩几下前后滑.One by one.一个个来.And walk back and forth a few times.也得前后走几下.Just get used to it.去适应.So now I am trying to ski down the hill.现在我尝试滑下坡.But before we do that. we will get up there.但是在这之前,我们先上山.There is no point,没什么要点,facing up to mountain,面向大山,trying to walk the way you want to go.尝试走到那里.You simply slide backwards你简单地向前滑and look like Micheal Jackson doing the moonwalk.像迈克尔杰克逊的月亮步What we want to do:这就是我们要做的:get the ski sideway让雪橇向一侧and cross the hill,经过小山,and gently use an eased ankle,慢慢脚踝发力,roll the skis on to the edges让雪橇倒向一侧and start to step up.开始走.We have made it to top slope.我们去山坡顶部.It is now time to simply slide down.是时候做点简单的滑行.You should pose, forbid bends, step brownd你要摆好姿势,不要弯腰,走得漫不经心Feet hip with the par, skis parallel.抬臀走,保持平衡.Very important,head up and look the way going.重要的是,抬头,目视前方.Anybody ever taught how to ride bike,几乎每个人都学过自行车,most problem is the thing they looked down,最大的麻烦就是不看路,they gonna lose balance forever.那样就会失去平衡.So check the slope and gently start to slide.检查山坡开始滑.couple push with the poles,双双推动杆子,and just stand as normally as you can.越正常越好.Ok perfect.很棒哟.Now chosing the slope.挑个山坡.So naturally come to stand still,自然地站好,look for slope with fled part of the bottom,寻找底部有平地的山坡,or even slide up-hill.甚至是下半山.So you may get panic about fleeing up run away train.你可能会害怕滑下去时有所偏离.Points stick the poles and try to stand still.戳着雪,尝试站好.Literaly, stand still on the skis.确切说是站在雪橇上.Let them get along with there.自然地动作.If you are doing this without poles,如果你不用杆子完成这些,it doesnt make any differences.也没关系.Just relax and let it naturally slow down放松,慢慢滑and come to the stop.停下来.注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/368881。

l think he, kind of, like, isolated himself from everyone who would say no.他开始远离那些会对他说不的人Evetything he wants is, ;Yes. Okay, Michael.;他只想要听到 是 好的 迈克尔lts hard to have someone there这么一来就很难碰到to give you an honest answer, an honest opinion.会跟你说实话的人Joseph would always tell him, ;Michael, watch your people.约瑟夫时常提醒他 迈克尔注意身边的人;Michael, watch your people.;迈克尔注意身边的人He said, l trust my people. My people are good people. 他总说 我相信我身边的人 他们都是好人But thats not the case.事实其实不然People smile in your face, pat you on the back and stab you at the same time.人们可以一边称赞着你 却笑里藏刀These people saw money,这些人财迷心窍and they saw somebody who they could get to.看到一个好骗的人lt was hard for Michael to say no, as a kid and as an adult.迈克尔从小到大都不是很会拒绝别人Because he generated so much wealth and so much profit,正因他积累了如此多的财富he became the repeated target of unsavoury characters,他经常成为一些人的目标many of them mediocre,有许多平庸的人who tried to get near him, promise him the moon对他天花乱坠地说一番and then profit themselves by being around him.然后再利用他赚钱And l think he received some tremendously bad advice throughout his career when it came to finances.我认为他的演艺生涯中 在理财方面听取了太多不当意见201511/409586。

Everything You Know about Thanksgiving is WRONG 感恩节其实是个血腥节日?!And Im thankful for my kindergarten class who made these wonderful crafts to celebrate Thanksgiving.我很感谢我在幼稚园的班级做了这些美丽作品来庆祝感恩节。After the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims survive their first winter in America, the Puritans invited them to share the first Thanksgiving.印地安人帮助清教徒撑过他们在美国的第一个寒冬后,清教徒邀他们共度首个感恩节。Aww, these are adorably...wrong.啊,这些真是...大错特错得可爱啊。A five-year-old made that.一个五岁小孩写的。Based off of the lies that you taught them.根据你教他们的谎言。Excuse me?不好意思?Oh, its not your fault! These are full of half-truths and historical propaganda.噢,这不是你的错!历史课本充满半真半假事实和历史的宣传。I thought the Native Americans and the Pilgrims were, like, besties, or whatever.我以为印地安人和清教徒就像,好麻吉还是什么的。At best, the Pilgrims and Wampanoags could be described as ;political allies.; By the time the Pilgrims showed up, not only were two-thirds of the Massachusetts tribes completely wiped out by European slave owners and diseases, the Pilgrims were constantly at war with the indigenous people and routinely tortured them.充其量,清教徒和 Wampanoags 族人只能被形容成“政治盟友”。清教徒出现时,不只有三分之二的麻州部落被欧洲奴隶主和疾病完全摧毁,清教徒还不断和原住民交战,且经常折磨他们。But what about Squanto, the Native American who learned English to help out the Pilgrims?但史广多呢,那个学英文来帮助清教徒脱困的印地安人?He was actually a slave that was hauled off to Europe, and then he learned English so that he could escape.他其实是个被带去欧洲的奴隶,然后他学英文好让自己能逃跑。But they did celebrate it every year, right?但他们确实每年庆祝感恩节,对吧?Not exactly. The next one was 16 years later and, unfortunately, it was because the Puritans were celebrating the massacre of the Piqua tribe. Back then, Thanksgiving was also for families—specifically, murdering them.不完全正确。下一个感恩节是在十六年后,而且不幸地是,那是因为清教徒在庆祝 Piqua 部落大屠杀。那时,感恩节也是和家族有关——特别是去谋杀他们。Okay! We get it! Historys awful, the Puritans were terrible, and now we have to let our children know that the holiday started with tons of killings. Happy?好!我们懂了!历史很糟、清教徒很可怕,现在我们得让我们的孩子了解这节日是从一堆打打杀杀开始的。满意了吗?Well, we actually have just about everything wrong with the Thanksgiving myth. Definitely didnt wear these buckle hats. Didnt land on Plymouth Rock. And as for that turkey...这个嘛,我们其实几乎完全搞错了感恩节的传说。肯定没有戴这些钮扣帽子。没有在普里茅斯岩登陆。至于那只火鸡嘛...Oh no, not the turkey...噢不,不要是火鸡啊...More like venison, fowl, and eel.比较像是吃鹿肉、野禽还有鳗鱼。Oh!!!噢!!!Who cares about how this stupid holiday got started anyway?反正谁在意这蠢节日是怎么开始的啦?Exactly! In George Washingtons 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation, the settlers arent mentioned, not even once. Thanksgiving wasnt celebrated nationwide until 1863 when this guy declared it a national holiday during the Civil War in order to bring the country together. Thats why all of our foods are from the 19th century.没错!在乔治·华盛顿 1789 年的感恩节宣告里,移民们根本没被提到,连一次都没有。感恩节到 1863 年才被举国庆祝,那时这家伙在内战期间宣布感恩节成为国定节日,好让整个国家团结起来。那就是为什么我们所有食物都是来自十九世纪的。So Lincoln came up with the whole Indian/Pilgrim story?所以林肯想出整个印地安人和清教徒的故事?Nope. That myth didnt catch on till the 1900s, after we had fought and killed all the Native Americans. And then we put it in textbooks as fact. Because...America! But...the food is really good. And if you ignore all the terrible history like, you know, the murdering, the raping, the pillaging—still kind of a great holiday. Mmmm!不。那迷思到二十世纪才流行起来,在我们打击并杀害所有印地安人后。然后我们才把这故事当作史实放到教科书里。因为...美国嘛!不过...这食物真的很美味。如果你不要理所有可怕的历史,像是,你知道,谋杀、强暴、掠夺啦--还算是个满棒的节日。嗯嗯嗯!So the Mayflower is a lie?所以五月花号是个谎言?Why do we eat cranberry sauce?我们为什么要吃蔓越莓酱?What about stuffing?那火鸡馅料呢?Is Black Friday really just a capitalist conspiracy to get poor people to buy things so we cant truly live out a populous revolt?黑色星期五是否真的只是资本家的阴谋,让穷人们去买东西,好让穷人没办法真的执行人数众多的起义?I am never telling you the truth ever again.我永远不要再告诉你们真相了。One historical narrative says that the Pilgrims were off firing their guns when the Wampanoag tribe just showed up, presumably to find out why the white folks were shooting up the place, which is a question that we still ask this very day.一则历史故事描述,清教徒们正在开,在 Wampanoag 族人跑出来那时,他们大概是要看看为什么白人在扫射那地方,这是个我们如今仍在问的问题。201512/419011。

Seven thousand light years from home距离地球7000光年Its as though were in a forest thick with trees.似乎我们置身于树木浓密的森林中Each so beautiful, so fascinating, its impossible to look beyond每棵树都那么美丽、迷人,不可能遥望外面to see the bigger picture.去看到全局We have to find a way through我们必须找到出路to reach the clearing at the galaxys edge抵达星系边缘的开阔地带But faced with sights like this, its hard to leave但是面对这样的美景,让人流连忘返(天鹰星云)A colossal glowing cloud topped by these great towers of dust庞大的发光云团上面矗立着这些巨大的尘埃高塔the Pillars of Creation它们是创世之柱Like a gateway into the unknown.犹如进入未知世界的大门A star factory packed with embryonic star systems这是是一个布满胚胎期恒星系统的工厂each larger than our solar system.每一个恒星系都像我们太阳系那么大we have to resist its siren song, tear ourselves away我们必须赶紧离开,否则会无法自拔to carry on towards the edge of the galaxy以便能继续前进到星系的边缘Dazzled by the Milk Ways beauty, weve been blinded to its terrors炫于的美丽,我们无视它的危险and strayed into a cosmic minefield于是闯进了宇宙雷区Like an explosion in slow motion.好像是一场慢动作的爆炸场面A massive star, millions of times brighter than our sun.一颗巨大的恒星,亮度是我们太阳的数百万倍Its going into meltdown它正在崩解The fuel that sustains it is running out维持它的燃料即将耗尽the nuclear reactions that power it winding down给它提供能量的核反应正在逐渐减少Were watching its death throes我们看到是它的垂死挣扎An even bigger, dangerously unstable star一个更大的,险象环生的不稳定恒星But this ones about to explode但是这个会爆炸And when a star this big dies像这样一个巨大恒星死亡时its a hundred times more violent than a supernova.爆炸比超新星剧烈一百倍Weve stumbled into the most violent star death of all无意中我们撞见了最剧烈的恒星之死a hypernova.超超新星The cores collapsed, its becoming a black hole.它的核心坍塌了,正在变成一个黑洞201507/386657。

The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has officially turned on a large ice wall in order to combat water contamination.福岛第一核电站已经正式开启大冰墙防治水污染。In 2011, an earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused a devastating meltdown at the Tokyo Electric Power Co. plant.2011年,地震和随后的海啸造成东京电力公司毁灭性的灾难。The newly activated technology is intended to create a barrier of frozen soil between the plant and groundwater to prevent any contamination from seeping into the sea.新活化技术旨在工厂和地下水间建立冻土屏障,防止任何污染渗入海洋。Right now, TEPCO is treating and storing thousands of tons of water that pass through the facility. But the plants running out of storage space; the ice wall is meant to help with that issue.现在,东京电力公司正在处理和储存通过设备的数千吨水。但工厂的储存空间正在用完,冰墙就是为了解决这个问题。The companys news comes the same week Japanese media reported public prosecutors would not pursue charges against the plant for allegedly violating environmental law.就在公司发布消息的同一周,日本媒体报道检察官不会对涉嫌违反环境法的工厂进行指控。After plant failures, plaintiffs, including nearby residents, filed criminal complaints alleging TEPCO allowed contaminated water to seep into the sea.装置故障后,原告以及附近居民提起刑事控告称东京电力公司允许污染水渗入海洋。译文属。201604/435105。

You work hard to stay in shape. Now help your bra do the same.你努力锻炼来保持好身材。现在,帮助你的内衣也保持好的形状。You Will Need你需要Delicate lingerie detergent温和的内衣洗涤剂Towel毛巾Mesh lingerie bag网状内衣袋3 bras3件内衣Steps步骤STEP 1 Hand wash1.手洗Hand wash your bra daily for the best results. Soak it in cold water and lingerie detergent for 15 minutes, swish and rub gently, rinse until the water runs clear, and squeeze out excess water. Then lay it flat on a towel, cup side up, to air dry.为了取得最佳效果,每天手洗内衣。在冷水和内衣洗涤剂中浸泡15分钟,轻轻地揉搓,清洗,直到水非常清澈,拧干多余的水分。然后平放在毛巾上,罩杯向上,晾干。STEP 2 Launder in a machine2.洗衣机洗涤Launder your bra in a machine periodically. Close the clasp, fold the cups together, place it in a lingerie bag, and wash it in cold on the gentle cycle.定期用洗衣机洗涤内衣。扣上扣环,将罩杯折叠在一起,放在内衣袋中,用最温和的程序冷水洗涤。Dont use fabric softener or bleach in the same load.不要同时使用布料柔软剂或漂白剂。STEP 3 Dont use dryer3.不要烘干Lay bra flat to dry. Never stuff your bra in the dryer. Delicate fabrics like lace or silk wont hold up and synthetic fibers will lose their shape and elasticity.把内衣放平晾干。千万不要把内衣放入烘干机。蕾丝或丝绸等精细的布料难以承受热度,合成纤维会变形或失去弹性。STEP 4 Buy 3 bras4.购买3件内衣Have at least three bras: one to wear, one to wash, and one to let rest to extend the life of your bras. Rotate between them to allow the fibers in the bra to rest and retain their shape. Wearing the same bra every day will cause it to lose its support and let you -- and yourgirls -- down.至少要有3件内衣:一件用来穿,一件洗涤,另外一件备用,以延长内衣寿命。三件轮流穿,让内衣的纤维休息一下,恢复形状。每天穿同一件内衣会导致其失去撑效果,让你失望,也让你的胸部下垂。Launched in the U.S. in 1994, the Wonderbra was invented in 1964 by Canadian designer Louise Poirier.著名内衣品牌神奇文胸(Wonderbra)是加拿大设计师路易斯·普瓦里埃于1994年在美国建立的。201502/360599。


This is an attack, not just on Paris, an attack not just on the people of France, but an attack on humanity and all the universal values we share.这不仅仅是一起发生在巴黎,发生在法国人民的袭击,而是针对全人类和普世价值的袭击。A series of attacks left at least 100 people dead in Paris on Friday.星期五,法国巴黎发生一系列袭击事件,导致至少100人死亡。Much of the violence happened at Bataclan art gallery, where armed men attacked an ongoing heavy metal concert and took hostages. Officials say a police raid on the gallery killed two of the suspected attackers.大部分暴力事件发生在巴塔克兰剧院,武装歹徒袭击并劫持人质时剧院正在进行重金属音乐会。官员称一名警察突袭了剧院并击毙了两名嫌犯。Unidentified gunmen opened fire with an automatic weapon at multiple locations in downtown Paris. Several explosions, including 2 suicide attacks, were reported near the Stade de France stadium, which was hosting a France vs. Germany soccer match at the time.在巴黎市中心多地,不明身份的持者携带自动武器向群众开火。正在进行法德足球比赛的法兰西体育场附近发生几起爆炸,包括两起自杀式袭击。France, and Paris in particular, has been on high alert for terrorist attacks since the Charlie Hebdo shootings in January. The city was scheduled to hold a global summit on climate change in a few weeks.自一月份查理周刊击案以来,法国特别是巴黎一直处于高度警惕状态。法国计划在数周后举行全球气候变化峰会。French president Francois Hollande announced France was closing its borders and entering a state of emergency. Authorities havent yet commented on whether the attacks are linked in any way.法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德宣布关闭边界并进入紧急状态。当局尚未对袭击是否有联系做出。译文属。 /201511/409834。