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2019年12月08日 01:52:09 | 作者:家庭医生对话 | 来源:新华社
Im going to speak today about the relationship between science and human values.今日我要讨论科学和人类价值观之间的关系Now, its generally understood that questions of morality -- questions of good and evil and right and wrong --我们一般认为有关道德问题,善恶对错的概念are questions about which science officially has no opinion.是科学所不能解决和参与讨论的Its thought that science can help us get what we value,人们认为科学可以帮助我们得到我们所想要的but it can never tell us what we ought to value.却永远无法告诉我们什么是重要的And, consequently, most people -- I think most people probably here于是大部分的人,甚至今日坐在这里的各位think that science will never answer the most important questions in human life:认为科学永远无法回答人类生命中的重要问题questions like, ;What is worth living for?;像是”我们为了什么活着?“;What is worth dying for?;”我们应该为什么牺牲?“;What constitutes a good life?;”什么样的生活,是一个幸福的生活?“So, Im going to argue that this is an illusion that the separation between science and human values is an illusion我想告诉大家,把科学和人类价值观做分隔是一种人为假象and actually quite a dangerous one at this point in human history.是一个非常危险的假象,尤其是在我们的今日社会Now, its often said that science cannot give us a foundation for morality and human values,人们常说科学不能作为道德和价值观的基础because science deals with facts, and facts and values seem to belong to different spheres.因为科学讲求实,而事实和价值似乎是两种不同层次的事Its often thought that theres no description of the way the world is that can tell us how the world ought to be.人们认为,就算把世界的模样描绘出来,也不能带我们走到乌托邦But I think this is quite clearly untrue.但我认为这很明显是错误的Values are a certain kind of fact.价值自然是一种实They are facts about the well-being of conscious creatures.是人类如何可以获得幸福生活的实Why is it that we dont have ethical obligations toward rocks? Why dont we feel compassion for rocks?为什么我们对石头没有任何道德要求?为什么我们对石头没有仁爱之情?Its because we dont think rocks can suffer. And if were more因为我们不认为石头会受折磨201608/462709The program has been great, weekday veg我很喜欢周间素食这个点子My footprints smaller, Im lessening pollution,我的碳足迹小了,我减低了污染I feel better about the animals, Im even saving money.我对动物感觉好些了,甚至还存了一点钱Best of all, Im healthier, I know that Im going to live longer,最棒的是,我更健康了,我知道我会更长命and Ive even lost a little weight.甚至还瘦了一些So, please ask yourselves, for your health, for your pocketbook, for the environment, for the animals:于是,请大家今天自问,为了你的健康,你的财富,为了环境和动物,Whats stopping you from giving weekday veg a shot?为什么不试试做个周间的素食者呢?After all, if all of us ate half as much meat,如果我们所有人都少吃一半的肉it would be like half of us were vegetarians. Thank you.那就像我们之中有一半人是素食者一样。谢谢大家。201706/512088小张是一个好学生,学习特别好。但机械动手能力很是不行,什么事都做不好。【口语要素1】He is more an airhead than a gear head.他做事很积极,也很主动。遗憾的是,自己辛辛苦苦做了,结果却事与愿违。【口语要素2】He is a little out of his league.其实他是可以作一些事的,但好像没有一样是精通的。也就是我们平时所说的“万事通但无一门精”的那种人。【口语要素3】He is a Jack of all trades, but master of none.他自己好像很不在乎,而且总是梦想自己有一个很大的公司。【口语要素4】As a CEO, he is simple overrated(评估过高).后来他真的做了一个公司的老板,但是很不幸,由于管理不善公司倒闭。别人问他:为什么呀?他说,哎,我也没想到,不过当年我年轻时候还是很能干的。【口语要素5】I used to be pretty good at this. /200604/6705点击此处下载音频大家好!欢迎来到Andy的广播学口语!今天的句子又是与动物有关的,今天要看看笨牛与猴子的故事:He is a bull in a china shop; Itrsquo;s monkey business.(音乐)第一个句子:He is a bull in a china shop。bull的意思是公牛,也就是与斗牛士们为 伍的那一群.china可不是那个大写的China中国的意思.小写时意味陶瓷.所以有一头牛来回走动,会是什么样子呢!不绝于耳的该是唏哩哗啦的打破东西之声吧!所以这句话的意思 就是爱打破东西的人或笨拙的人。Andy的一位朋友就是这样的人。We all think him a bull in a china shop。Every delicate thing in his hand will be doomed to fall into pieces。(我们都认为他是个爱打碎东西的人。他太粗心了,每件精细的物件到他的手上都注定粉身碎骨。)不过朋友还算很聪明的。可有的人就更笨。He is really a bull in a china shop。However hard you try ,you canrsquo;t even teach him to do it。(他太笨了。不管你怎么教他都学不会。)幸好大家都是聪明的人。(音乐)第二个句子:Itrsquo;s monkey business。monkey猴子,以孙悟空为代表,business事业.猴子的事业是什么呢?还记得孙悟空大闹天宫吗?我们不能说没有那些神仙的错,但他在那里确实也有点胡闹.所以monkey business的意思就是胡闹.前两天,带着小外甥来了.这个小孩,可真是淘气,恨不得把地板翻过来看看.后来竟跑 到了我头上,抓头发,捏鼻子.搞的人心烦意乱.;Stop,stop! What are you doing?Monkey business。If you go on like this ,Irsquo;ll take you home!(停停!干什么呢?胡闹!再这样就把你扔回家!) 还没等Andy开口, 就看不过了.Some girls like to plead with others,especially with their parents。They will try every means to achieve their aim。Some of them are really monkey business 。(一些女孩喜欢哀求别人,特别是父母.有时候他们会尽各种手段.有些简直是胡闹)(音乐)Andy相信你是细心乖巧之人,当然不会胡闹.但句子很有用啊!记住它吧!See you! /200605/7232

11.The Business Logic of Sustainability11.为何商业可以做到可持续Hawken fulfilled business and industry, leading humankind away from the abyss. Because with continued unchecked decline of the biosphere, a very dear person is at risk here. Frankly, an unacceptable risk. Who is that person? Not you. Not I. But let me introduce you to the one who is most at risk here. And I myself met this person in the early days of this mountain climb. On a Tuesday morning in March of 1996 I was talking to people, as I did at every opportunity back then. Bringing them along and often not knowing whether I was connecting. But about five days later back in Atlanta, I received an email from Glenn Thomas, one of my people in the California meeting. He was sending me an original poem that he had composed after our Tuesday morning together. And when I it, it was one of the most uplifting moments of my life. Because it told me, by God, one person got it. Here is what Glenn wrote. And here is that person, most at risk. Please meet ;Tomorrows Child;.给业界老大带来冲击,也有望带领人类走出深渊,因为我们过去长期地从生物界掠夺,已经有人在遭受危险了,并且是不可接受的危险。那个人是谁?不是你。也不是我。让我告诉你谁是最大的受害者吧。我在攀登这一高峰的早期就遇到了这个人。1996年3月一个星期二的早晨,我和人们交谈,那时候我经常这么傲。我会把我的想法告诉他们,那时候也不知道自己是在创建新的联系。回到亚特兰大后的第五天我收到了来自葛莱·托马斯的电子邮件,在加州的一次会上见过他。他给我友来了自己写的一首诗,那是他在周二见面之后写的。我读完那首诗,顿时感觉那是我一生中难得的喜悦一刻。那首诗告诉我,有人体会到这个道理了。这就是Glenn所写的内容“他就是那个正在面临最大危险的人,请读《明日的孩子》”。;Without a name, an unseen face, and knowing not your time or place, Tomorrows child, though yet unborn, I met you first last Tuesday morn.“没有名字、没有面孔、不知哪里出生、不知何日降临·明日的孩子,虽然尚未降生,上个周二的早晨,我遇到了你。A wise friend introduced us two. And through his sobering point of view I saw a day that you would see, a day for you but not for me.智者为我们引荐了对方,透过他那沉重的观点,我看到了你也能看到的一天,那属于你,不属于我。Knowing you has changed my thinking. For I never had an inkling that perhaps the things I do might someday, somehow threaten you.因为你改变了我的思考,我从没有想到我所做的,也许有一天,会伤害你。Tomorrows child, my daughter, son, Im afraid Ive just begun to think of you and of your good, though always having known I should.明日的孩子,我的女儿,我的儿子,我这才开始想到你,以及你该享有的好生活。虽然我知道,我更早就该开始想。Begin, I will.我会开始。The way the cost of what I squander, what is lost, if ever I forget that you wiU someday come and live here too.;我总是在想,我所浪费的、我所丢失的,我却忘记了有一天,你也会降生,也会生活在这里。”201705/508336

电影学口语 Lesson 27:[白雪公主]Take her far into the forest【精片断】剪辑自《Snow White》白雪公主Queen: Take her far into the forest. Find some secluded(隐蔽的) place where she can pick wildflowers(野花).Huntsman: Yes, Your Majesty.Queen: And there, my faithful huntsman(猎人), you will kill her!Huntsman: But Your Majesty, the little Princess!Queen: Silence! You know the penalty if you fail.Huntsman: Yes, Your Majesty.Queen: But to make doubly(双倍地) sure you do not fail, bring back her heart in this.【口语财富】1. Take her far into the forest. 带她到森林深处.2. You know the penalty if you fail. 如果失败你知道你会遭到惩罚.3. Bring back her heart in this. 把她的心脏我这个装回来.4. She can pick wildflowers. 她会采摘野花. /200604/6503

英语日常口语 12:After the film本单元是关于看完电影后的对话Michal: Well that rom-com was much better than I expected. It was really romantic. Thank you.Alice: Oh, it was my pleasure.Michal: Would you like to do it again? go out on another date with me?Alice: Another date? Michal, that wasn't a date we were on there.Michal: It wasn't? Oh, I thought it was.Alice: No, we're just good friends.Michal: Yes, we are good friends and I'd like us to be better friends so I'm going to ask you: would you like to go out with me?Vocabulary:(词汇)To go out on a date/To go out with someone: (和某人约会)To have a romantic time (usually an evening) with someone.To witness: (亲眼见到) To see something and be able to describe it later 本单元的语言点是关于电影词汇,下面介绍一些与电影工作人员有关的词汇,还有告诉你如何询问与电影有关的问题。Here is some vocabulary to describe people connected with making films and some questions you can use when asking about a film.People involved in making a film:(电影幕后工作人员)The producer is the manager of the film, and deals with the money and schedules. The director is the creative manager of the film; the director calls 'Action!' and 'cut!'. The cinematographer/director of photography is responsible for the look of the film - the photography. The screenwriter writes the script or screenplay. The leading actors/the main actors are often famous stars, and they have the most important roles in the script. The supporting actors are the other actors in the film, they have less important roles in the script. The extras are people in the background of the film, they usually don't speak in the film. If you want to find out more about a film, you can ask these questions: (想要了解更多有关电影的信息,你可以用以下问句) What's it called? What is the name of the film? What's it about? What is the story and who are the main characters? Where and when is it set? Where and in what historical time does the story take place? Who's in it? Who are the leading actors? Who's it by? Who is the director (or the screenwriter)? What's it like? What is your opinion of the film? Is it any good? Is the film good? /200707/15904

英语日常口语 66:Choosing a gift 选择礼物本单元是关于选择礼物的对话Janet: And how's my favourite shop assistant today? Tim: Oh! Good morning, Janet! It's assistant manager actually. Janet: So sorry, darling, assistant manager. Now, I do hope you can help me. I'm looking for a very special gift for a very special person. Tim: I'm sure we can help you there madam. Is it for a gentleman or a lady? Janet: A gentleman. Fine jewellery looks so lovely on a man, don't you agree? Tim: In that case, let me show you these cuff-links... and here are some very nice tie-clips. Janet: Those watches look rather nice.Tim: Err, yes... but the latest model isn't available, and it's important to have the latest model, don't you think? Janet: Not necessarily. I always say that style is more important than fashion. Vocabulary:字汇 cuff 袖口the thicker material at the end of the sleeves of a shirt, near the hand cuff-links 袖扣small decorated objects which are used instead of buttons to fasten cuffs. Cuff-links are usually worn by men tie-clip 领带夹a piece of jewellery that holds a man's tie in place style 风格an elegant, luxurious and often expensive way of living and dressing本单元的语言点是反意问句,反义问句也称句尾的附加问句,情况下面的解释和例句Negative questions in conversationsNegative questions at the end of sentences 句尾的附加问句In everyday conversations, English speakers sometimes use negative questions at the end of sentences, especially when they are giving their opinions. Janet says: 'Fine jewellery looks so lovely on a man, don't you agree? ' Tim says: '...it's important to have the latest model, isn't that so? ' This type of question helps to keep the conversation going by inviting the listener to agree with the speaker, or to give their own opinion. Other questions which have this function are: ...don't you think? ...don't you think so? ...isn't that right? ...wouldn't you agree? Replying to negative questions 如何回答附加问句The speaker does not have to give a direct answer to this type of question, but usually responds to the idea behind the question. When Janet says: 'Fine jewellery looks so lovely on a man, don't you agree? ' Tim's answer is: ' In that case, let me show you these cuff-links?' Sometimes the speaker will give a direct reply to the question. When Tim says: 'It's important to have the latest model, isn't that so? ' Janet's answer is: ' Not necessarily. I always say that style is more important than fashion. ' /200707/16070

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