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金华妇保医院整形预约是不是真的金华人民医院整形婺城区人民医院的电话 每一个女生都会拥有自己心爱的八音盒,旋转、起舞,然后成长。《Jasmin口语八音盒》,陪你在口语的世界舞动自己。可可的朋友大家好,欢迎来到《Jasmin口语八音盒》。我们刚开始学英语的时候,最先学会的一句话多是;Hello, my name is XXX.; 从这里,我们知道了;名字;这个词的英文说法。不过,随着学习的深入,我们发现name这个词在很多语境中并不是简单地代表;名字;这个意思,比如今天我们说的这几个短语。1. name-dropper 吹嘘或炫耀与某些大人物的交情Dropper可以解释成随口说出什么的人,而name-dropper说的是那种在言谈中故意以亲密随意的口吻提到显贵人物的大名以抬高自己的身价。这种人往往是在说大话,甚至在胡说八道。例如:Harry is a real name-dropper. He keeps talking about being a good friend of the president. The truth is that he shook hands with him once at a political rally along with 500 other people. Harry真爱吹嘘和大人物的交情。他老说自己跟总统很知己。实际他只是在一次政治集会上和在场的五百人一起跟总统握过一次手而已。2. name-calling 谩骂Name-calling如果按照字面来解释就是指名道姓,但是在英文中,它说的是拿各种各样带有侮辱意味的名字来称呼某人,也就是;谩骂;。例如:There was more name-calling in the campaign for senator than I ever heard before. If you believed all the nasty names they called each other, you wouldnt vote for either one. 在那次参议员竞选中相互谩骂之多是我闻所未闻的。如果你对他们那些污蔑对方的话信以为真,那么你就谁的票也不会投了。3. the name of the game 问题的实质、事情的根本目标这个习惯用语从上世纪六十年代开始流行,它的意思是事情的本质或者根本目标。The name of the game也可以是荣誉、金钱、地位、或者权力,在运动比赛中the name of the game就是赢得胜利。例如:OK, you guys, I tell you winning is the name of the game for this team right now. Im going to be tough on you, nice guys finish last, and Im not a nice guy. 好吧,各位,我告诉你们从现在起我们的根本目标就是赢球。我要对你们严格要求。好好先生只会落到最后一名。我可不是什么好好先生。今天name专辑怎么样呢?学习贵在积累哦,这样才能把英语学好呢。OK,今天的节目就到这里了,我们坚信说好英语口语不是难事。Practice makes perfect. 这里是《Jasmin口语八音盒》,我是Jasmin。感谢大家收听此次节目,下期节目,我们再见。JasminMSN: jasminecho@msn.cn /201111/162717One of the biggest problems is speed. Native speakers, especially business people, tend to speak very quickly on the telephone. Here are some practical tips to get native speakers of English to slow down!主要的一个问题是语速。说母语的人,尤其是商务人士,打电话的时候说话语速都很快。下面是一些实用的小贴士可以让母语是英语的人放慢说话的速度。* Immediately ask the person to speak slowly.* 直接请这个人慢点说。* When taking note of a name or important information, repeat each piece of information as the person speaks.* 记录一个名字或者重要信息的时候,打电话的人说一句你就重复一句。This is an especially effective tool. By repeating each important piece of information or each number or letter as the spell or give you a telephone number you automatically slow the speaker down.这是一个很有效的策略。通过重复每一个重要的信息、每一个数字、每一个字母的时候都会让说话人的语速自动放慢。* Do not say you have understood if you have not. Ask the person to repeat until you have understood.* 如果没听懂就别说你懂了。让这个人重复一下直到你懂了。Remember that the other person needs to make himself/herself understood and it is in his/her interest to make sure that you have understood. If you ask a person to explain more than twice they will usually slow down.记住别人需要自己的话被听懂。确保你能听懂关系到他或她的利益。如果你请一个人解释两次以上,通常这个人会放慢语速。* If the person does not slow down begin speaking your own language!* 如果这个人还不放慢语速你就开始说你的母语。(这招狠!)不过用这招要小心点,这种方法羞辱别人很有效,所以要确定你这么做的对象是你同事而不是你老板! /201212/215448东阳市人民医院治疗痘痘多少钱

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磐安县美白针多少钱听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):A personal tragedy can open your eyes to things that had previously been out of sight and out of mind.For Abby Dart, it was her husbands suicide in 2004. That loss opened her eyes to the stigma weve built up around mental health problems. She believes that stigma killed her husband Steve.As Dart revealed in her recent Detroit News column, she believes we can and must tear down mental health stigma.Dart said unifying our public health system is a way to start. She said we need a public health system that looks equally at both physical health and mental health.;I think what happened was many, many years ago – I call it sort of the ‘dark ages – people were very frightened of anything dealing with the brain and mental health and mental illness,; she said.That led society to establish separate codes – one for physical health and one for mental health, she said.For instance, Dart said if a person in a suicidal state is voluntarily hospitalized, but not committed, that person can walk out.;You can leave,; she said. ;You would never do that for somebody that was hospitalized with a heart attack.;Dart said these different standards and the associated stigma of mental illness keeps too many people from receiving the help they need.In fact, she said she believes it wasnt the mental disease that killed her husband. It was the stigma.;He was a successful, Harvard-educated attorney and, even with all that education, he was reluctant to seek treatment early,; she said. ;He thought maybe a colleague or his employer might find out about it.;That same thing happens to too many people today, she said.;People think they can handle it,; she said, ;when you wouldnt think you could handle heart disease or high blood pressure.;That, she said, is the mindset that needs to change.For the full interview, including how Dart thinks schools can help knock down mental health stigma, listen above.201703/499797 A busman's holiday:照常工作的假日 a holiday spent doing the same kind of thing that you do at workThe fire crew's annual outing turned into a busman's holiday when their bus caught fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident.消防队员乘坐的巴士着了火,结果他们的年度出游变成了照常工作的假日,所幸无人在火中受伤.这个短语可能源自于19世纪的马车夫.他们不工作的时候常常作为普通乘客座自己的车,以防替换他们的车夫虐待自己的马.High days and holidays:节庆假日,特殊日子 festivals and special occasions This 19th-century dish was traditionally made on high days and holidays, and is still often eaten at christmas.这道菜是19世纪节庆假日的传统菜肴,至今在圣诞节人们还常吃.金华哪个医院割双眼皮比较好浙江省金华市中心医院在线医生



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