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我最喜欢的旅游胜地香港 --6 ::37 来源: 我最喜欢的旅游胜地香港Hong Kong is a nice place to travel, especially in summer. July is a hot month in Hong Kong. But it's an excellent time swimming. There is a beautiful beach at Repulse Bay (浅水湾). To get there, you can take a bus from Central. Lots of people go to the beach on Sundays and Saturdays. But if you go on a weekday, it is will be not so crowded.Visitors to Hongkong need passports. But people from many countries do not need visas. Hongkong is a nice place holiday,I like it very much.香港是一个极好的旅游的地方,尤其是夏天香港的七月是炎热的但是这是一个游泳的好地方香港的浅水湾有漂亮的海滩你可以从市中心坐公交车去那里周六周日,有很多人去海滩但是如果工作日去的话就没有那么拥挤去香港的游客都需要护照,但是很多国家的人去都不需要签香港是个度假的好地方,我真喜欢那里。

My School Life-我的校园生活 -- :5:6 来源: My School Life-我的校园生活  Hello! My name is Wang Yueqi. My English name is Steven. I'm a boy. I'm twelve. I'm in Class , Grade 6. In our class, every student has an English name. Our classroom is wide and bright. There are ty-six students in my class.  We have Chinese, maths, English, science, music, art and PE lessons every day. Our English teacher is Mr Zhang. He speaks English well. He is very kind to us. My classmates love him very much. We like to play football with him after class. We English every morning. We say "Hello!" and "See you later!" to all the teachers in our school in English. Other teachers say "Good morning." and "Sit down, please." to us in English, too. We are all glad to hear that. So we are very happy in our school life.  大家好!我的名字叫王跃琦我的英文名字叫史蒂文我是个岁的男孩我在六年级二班在我们班每个同学都有英文名字我们的教室宽敞又明亮班里有6名学生  我们每天有语文、数学、英语、科学、音乐、美术和体育课我们的英语老师是张老师,他英语说得很棒,对我们非常和蔼,同学们都喜欢他课下我们喜欢跟他踢足球每天早晨我们都读英语在学校里我们用英语对所有的老师说:“你好!”,“再见!”其他学科的老师也常用英语对我们说:“早晨好!”,“请坐!”听到这样的英语问候我们都很高兴我们的校园生活十分快乐。

人:好朋友 -01- :38:5 来源: Scene I(Cathy and Susan encounter each other on a street.)Cathy: Hello, Susan. How are you?Susan: I’m not doing well.Cathy: Why not?Susan: I’m too fat. I want to lose some weights.Cathy: Really? But I want to become fat.Susan: Are you crazy? Being fat is a terrible thing. Look at me. My abdomen looks like a swimming belt. It is so ugly.(Cathy touches Susan’s abdomen.)Cathy: But it is tender and makes me feel content.Susan: You’re so kind. Your words make me happy.Cathy: I’m serious, no kidding.Susan: God! (Touches her own ehead and sigh)Why are you not me and I am not you?(Susan seems to intend doing something.)Susan: We don’t like our figures and want to change ourselves, we can work hard together.Cathy: It sounds good. I can help you and you can help me. That’s wonderful. (Saying loudly)Susan: We begin planning right away.Cathy: Uh! Let’s go.Scene II(Firstly Cathy brings Susan to a famous store named Trust me.)Servant: Welcome! Do you want to take part in our class?Cathy: Yes! We will.Servant: Ok!Susan: Why do you take me here?Cathy: I see that “Trust me, you can make it” commercial on TV. It looks great. So I want to trust it and help you become thinner.Susan: Oh…! Why do you also particular in?Cathy: Because we are good friends, we should do it together. (Ha! Ha!)(After several days)Susan: Why? It’s no use to me, but you become much thinner. (Crying)Cathy: I don’t want it, too. (Crying)(The two girls are very angry to look the servant.)Servant: It’s not my fault. (She escapes from the store.)Scene III(Later, Susan takes Cathy to McDonalds.)Cathy: McDonalds?Susan: Fast food has high calories. It is the best food to make you fat.Clerk: May I help you?Susan: I want to order four hamburgers, ten drumsticks, five french fries and two cokes.Clerk: WhatCathy: Sorry, give us a minute. (Talks to the waiter)(Cathy pulls Susan’s arm and moves to the side.)Cathy: I can’t eat all of them.Susan: The food is not just you.Cathy: Don’t you want to be thin?Susan: Yes.Cathy: You can’t eat them, because they will make you fat.Susan: But I can’t oppose the attraction.(Cathy gives Susan a look.)Susan: Let me think.(Suddenly, an angel and an evil appear.)Evil: You can eat it. Anyway, you have time to lose weight.Angel: If you eat them now, you would do the same thing next time. You will not lose any weight.Evil: Listen to me. I’m right.Angel: No, he’s wrong.(Evil begins to fight against the angel.)Susan: Enough! Go away! (Yells to the evil and the angel)Cathy: Are you OK?Susan: Uh! I decide to eat today.Cathy: OK!Susan: I want to order the same food that I ordered bee.Clerk: OK! Please wait a minute.(They sit down and begin to eat.)Cathy: Um…It’s so greasy. Do I have to eat this?Susan: Yes, you must eat it. I can help you. (Susan takes food to stuff Cathy’s mouth.) Poor girl!!!Scene IV(Angel and Evil appear again.)Angel: Are you sure it’s good her?Evil: If you don’t believe me, you could see the result later.Angel: I hope you are right.(Several weeks later, they walk along the street.)Susan: I’m so hungry. I want to eat.Cathy: I’m so full. I want to vomit.(They hug each other and cry loudly.)Cathy: I don’t want to be fat.Susan: I don’t want to be thin. (They say it at the same time.)(Angel takes the evil that is rope appears.)Angel: You use the wrong way to achieve your purposes. You need to ask a professional nutritionist.Cathy and Susan: So…! (They look at each other with some special meaning, and then catch the angel’s leg.)Cathy and Susan: You must know some shortcut to help us.Cathy and Susan: We won’t let you go until you help us.Angel: Oh, god!!(Cathy and Susan chase the angel. The evil stays there.)Evil: What has happened? (Shrug) 英语 话剧 剧本。

疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第1课: 如果可以我也想-- :31: I would if I could. 人生难免有遗憾的事情,譬如你身边的朋友在玩乐的时候,唯独你要工作,不能参加,是否有点可惜,有点遗憾的感觉呢?如果你必须拒绝别人的邀请,又不想人家误会你没诚意,你可以说:I would if I could.(如果可以的话,我也想),也可以说:I would if I could but I can't.(可以的话我也想,但我不能)这句已经否定了一切可能性,如果还有一点儿机会参加的话,可以说:I'll see what I can do.(我想想有没有办法)如果下次老板叫你加班,你也可试试说:I wish I could(我都希望,如果可以的话) 对话 A: Why can't you be at work earlier? Everyone was expecting you this morning. B: I would if I could. But I have been really busy every night. A: You disappoint me. I'm just tired of your excuses. B: Can't you see my side of this? A: No, I'm afraid not. B: Thank you. That's so kind of you. 甲:你不能早点上班吗?今早每个人都在等你 乙:如果可以我也想,但我每晚都很忙 甲:你令我失望,我听厌了你的借口 乙:你不能替我想想? 甲:对不起,恐怕不能了 乙:谢谢,你真好人! 一个人受到责备,回答说:Can't you see my side of this? 这一句值得谈谈Side可以解作事情的‘一面’西谚有言:There are two sides to every question.(问题总有正反两方面)成语To look on the bright side. 就是‘看事情好的一面’,例如:Why not look on the bright side? You've lost your job, which means you have lots of free time now.(为什么不看好的一面?你失业了,现在就不愁没有闲暇了) Can't you see my side of this? 或Can't you see this from my side? 即‘你不可以从我的立场考虑一下么?’这类问题,不是一般真要有的问题,说话者明显是要对方同意自己的话,有强调作用,语言学界称为‘修辞问句’(rhetorical question) 用否定句法的修辞问句,预期对方会说Yes;用肯定句法的,则预期对方会说No,例如:(1) Isn't it stupid of him to do that?(他那样做不是很愚蠢吗?)() Could I have done otherwise?(我当时可以不这样做吗?)第一句预期对方会说Yes, it is.(不错,他很愚蠢),第二句则预期对方说No, you couldn't.(你别无选择了)修辞问句只要用得其法,写议论文章会更加有力 Can't you see my side of this? 一语,本来是要对方说Yes, I can (see your side of this).,但对方偏偏说:No, I'm afraid not. 那你只好语带讽刺的说:Thank you. That's so kind of you.(谢谢你,你真好)。

自我介绍 -- :1:9 来源: 自我介绍  I am xxx and I am years old.My favorite sports include basketball, swim and football. One of my favorite stars is Liu Xiang because he is the fastest runner in the world and a pride of our country.  I have love fruits like watermelon, grapes, banana, and so th. When I have time, I like watching TV, playing games on my computer, surfing the web, and ing. I have a lot of friends and we often play football together.。

:灰姑娘(多版本) -01- ::37 来源: 灰姑娘(Cinderella)第一场布景:灰姑娘家 旁白:Long, long ago, there was a cute girl, her name is Cinderella, her mother was dead, and her father loved her very much. 父亲: Dear daughter! These presents are your birthday! Do you like them? 灰姑娘: Yeah, thank you, Dad.(开心地接过) 父亲: My lovely daughter, I hope you can be happy ever! 旁白:But one day, her father married a new wife and died untunately. Look, her stepmother and her new sisters are COMING. 后妈: Helen, Jenny, look, how beautiful the house is! (四周看了看,开始乱翻东西,拿起些东西来看) 后妈女儿(1): Yes, and so many fruits.(一个个用手指点) Apples,bananas, mangoes and lychees. Wow, I like them. (吃水果) 后妈女儿():(打开衣柜,翻翻看看) Mum, look, so many beautiful clothes. I like this dress. (往身上穿) 灰姑娘:Oh, no, please, that’s my dress. This new dress is bought by my father(跑过去,想把那条裙子拿过来). 后妈女儿(): Who are YOU? (把那条裙子藏到一边,厌恶地把灰姑娘的肩膀推了推)Mum, who is she?(退了几步,回头看后妈,用手指指了指灰姑娘) 后妈: She is your little sister. But it doesn't matter. Now! Cinderella, go, clean the room and then cook us. RIGHT NOW! 灰姑娘: Why? I'm not your servant.(插着腰,皱着眉很生气的样子) 后妈: Yeah.(点头). But from NOW ON you are our servant.(很凶的样子) 后妈女儿(1): Mum, I like this dress. (拽灰姑娘的衣) 后妈女儿():I like her necklace. (抢走她的项链戴在脖子上)灰姑娘:Oh, no, PLEASE!!! (哭喊)旁白:After that, Cinderella had to been their servant. She worked and worked from morning to night.(Cinderella在洗衣,扫地,干别的家务活) She had no room to live and she have to sleep in sofa(睡在沙发上); she had no good food to eat and good clothes to wear. She was more and more dirty.第二场布景:灰姑娘家 (士兵在门外敲门) 后妈: Who is it? 士兵: I'm the soldier of the palace. (后妈打开门)Good morning, madam, this letter is from the palace, you and other girls in this house. Good-bye, madam! 后妈: What is it? (打开信看——欢呼,向后妈女儿(1)()招手)Helen, Jenny, good news! There will be a big dancing party in the palace. Prince Edward will select a queen among the young girls in this kingdom. 后妈女儿(1): Hooray! I'll be the queen! 后妈女儿(): Hey, I will be the queen, not YOU!!后妈: Okay, girls. You must put on your most beautiful dress and make up immediately! 灰姑娘: (小心地走出来问道)Mum, I want to go to the party, too. 两个后妈女儿: You? Look at yourself, so dirty and so ugly. (大笑起来)灰姑娘(看着在镜子前整理衣化妆的后妈):Mum,please, can I… 后妈: Girls, are you y? Let's go. Cinderella, you are so dirty and ugly that you haven’t any excuse to go. And you must do your housework FIRST! Good night!! (后妈和她的女儿很骄傲地走出门外,灰姑娘很伤心地坐到地上哭了这时,猫、鸽子和来了) 灰姑娘: (猛然发现)Oh, my friends. I really want to go. What shall I do?猫,鸽子,: Don't be so sad, Cinderella. At least, we are with you. If we can help you, we will do our best!灰姑娘:Oh,my friend,thank you very much. But I haven’t any beautiful dresses now! What can I do? WHO can help me? 仙女:(突然跳着舞出现) Poor girl, let ME help you. You need a carriage, you need a coachman, you need some horses, you need a bellboy, and you need a beautiful dress.(挥动魔杖,用南瓜变成马车,用老马变成马车夫,用老鼠变成马,用变成侍者,把灰姑娘变得很漂亮)猫、鸽子和变成侍者的:(睁大眼睛,看着灰姑娘)Wow, how beautiful! 猫: You're the most beautiful girl I've EVER seen.: Yes! You will be the most beautiful girl in the party! (拉拉灰姑娘的手) 鸽子: Yes! You will be the most beautiful lady in this party! And Prince Edward will love you at once! (欢快地飞来飞去)仙女: Now, Cinderella, go to the party and dance with the prince. But remember you must come back bee o'clock. REMEMBER, o’ clock! Or you will change back into now. 灰姑娘: Thank you, kind fairy. (冲出门外) 仙女: (对灰姑娘喊)Be careful! Don't get the time! 灰姑娘: I won't get. (跳上马车)Good bye, kind fairy and my dear friends!! (挥动手帕,消失在暮色中) 第三场布景:皇宫中大臣(1): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the prince-dancing ball. This night, our worshipful Prince Edward(这时,王子走了出来,向所有来宾鞠躬)will select the most beautiful and kindest girl to be his queen .Now, young girls, come to the front, please! (女孩子们走上前) 大臣():(将头转向王子)Highness,how are they? Which one do you like? 王子: (皱起眉头)Mmm…I don’t think they are… (Cinderella suddenly comes in) 大臣们: (惊叹)Wow! How beautiful THAT girl is! (众来宾惊恐地回过头)旁白:She's like a fairy. She's like an Angel. She's so lovely. She's like a princess. How pretty Cinderella is!王子:(走上前,鞠躬) Pretty lady, may I be honored to dance with you? 灰姑娘: I'd love to.(握住王子的手,开始跳舞) (Music and dance) 旁白:Beautiful Cinderella and handsome Prince Edward are dancing. They fall in love.(点的钟声猛然敲响了,敲了6下)灰姑娘: Oh, it's time to go back. I must go now. I am sorry that I cannot dance with you any more, sir! 王子: Wait, miss, please wait! (追上去) 灰姑娘:(急忙地跑,掉了一只鞋)Good bye, sir! 王子: (拿起鞋)Pretty lady! Why are you leaving? I must find you!! Soldiers!!士兵们: Yes!! 王子: Take this shoe to every house and let all the young girls have a try tomorrow morning. You must find the girl me. FAST! 士兵们: Yes, highness! 第四场布景:灰姑娘家的花园中灰姑娘:(失去了魔法的帮助,变回了原样)Oh…He was gentle, he was handsome, oh! I cannot get him… I love him! But I hadn’t found Prince Edward and danced with him yet…鸽子: Cinderella, don’t you know? The man who danced with you was PRINCE EDWARD!! (猫和变回原样的点头附和)灰姑娘:REALLY My goodness!! (捂住嘴巴,不敢相信的样子) Oops, I am sorry…I haven’t done the housework! Mum, Helen and Jenny will back soon! They will be angry! See you soon, buddies! (哼着小曲跳走了)第五场布景:灰姑娘家(士兵敲门) 士兵(3):Good morning, madam.后妈: Good morning. What’s the matter, sir? 士兵: Are there any young girls in this house, madam? 士兵(): The pretty lady lost her shoe in the palace. 士兵(3): The prince wanted to find her and marry her. 后妈:(笑着说)Of course, sir, wait a minute!(往身后招招手,让女儿(1)过来)后妈女儿(1): (急急忙忙跑上前)Let me try. The shoe is mine.(说着把脚伸进鞋子) 士兵: No, It's not yours. It's too small you.(把鞋子拿开) 后妈女儿(): (跳着大喊)It's mine. I AM the queen. Let me try it.(说着把脚伸进鞋子)士兵(): No, it's not yours; it's too big you.(再次把鞋子拿开)后妈: Hey, sir, maybe it's mine. Let me have a try. (急忙想要去穿鞋子) 士兵(3):(马上把鞋子拿走)Oh, please, it couldn't be YOURS. Are there any other girls in this house? 灰姑娘: Good morning, gentlemen, may I try it? (款款走来) 后妈 :You? That’s impossible! (大喊着,做出“快滚”的手势) 后妈女儿(1): Look at yourself, PLEASE! (讥笑)后妈女儿(): So dirty and so ugly! Please not to waste the solders’ time! (讽刺) 士兵: Oh, ladies, let her try! Prince Edward said that all the young girls should have a try. Here, young girl, try it on, please! (送上鞋) 灰姑娘:(轻轻把脚伸进去)Thank you! (试鞋,正好合适) 后妈和两个女儿:It couldn’t be Cinderella! It couldn’t be!! Maybe there’s something wrong, sir! (疯了一样大叫)士兵们: Wonderful! It's yours! It fits you very well! Pretty queen CINDERELLA!! (欢呼雀跃,接走灰姑娘) 第六场布景:皇宫中 士兵: Highness! We have found the beautiful girl.王子: Really? That's wonderful! I'll come at once. 仙女: My child, happy time is coming. Let me help you the last time. (顷刻间将灰姑娘变美丽) 王子: Oh, my dearest princess, I love you, go with me and be my queen, OK? 灰姑娘:(什么也没说,点点头,拥抱王子,两人跑回宫中) 猫、鸽子和: Happy ever, Cinderella! We wish you HAPPY EVER!!后妈和后妈女儿们: How did it happen? It is not true!! (昏倒) 旁白:The story finished. Cinderella found her happiness. She and Prince Edward got married! And that brings us to the end of the play. Thank you and let us wish Cinderella and Edward happy ever! 英语 话剧 剧本。

体育运动 My School Sport -- :3: 来源: I study in No.1Primary School of my city. I usually do sports in school. Every winter, we havea sports meeting. It’s the most exciting time in the whole year. Last year, Igot the No.1 in running. In daily life, I like running, playing table tennis. Theyare good my health. And doing sports is really funny. I like sports.。

兔子的家(Rabbits'Family) -- :9: 来源: 兔子的家(Rabbits'Family)  Hello, my friends! My name’s Sandy. Today, I will tell you an interesting story about rabbits. Look at me , now , I’m not Sandy but a mother rabbit. I have a happy family because of my three daughters.  They are very clever and lovely. (In the morning , they have good habits . After they get up , )And they have good habits. After they get up in the morning, they wash the face , brush the hair , clean the ears and blow the noses.  They like singing and dancing , too . Now , let’s have a share , children , are you y ? (Yes, let’s go.) Action , please!小学英语作文。

Last Weekend --19 ::5 来源: Last Weekend I had a happy weekend last week. On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents’ and my brother’s.On Sunday, I played football in the park. Then I went to my grandparents’ house. Grandpa played the piano! The whole family was so happy. Later, we wanted to swim. But it was too cold. This was last weekend.。

情景对话:出国旅行过海关时的口语对话例子-- :7:1 如果你去国外旅行的话,下了飞机后必定要先通过海关,那么在海关究竟会被问到些什么问题呢?我们应该如何应答呢?这里我们通过一个简短的对话一起来学习一下Officer: May I see your passport please?海关人员:我可以看一下您的护照吗?Henry: Sure, Here you are. And this is the declaration m亨利:当然,给您这是入境申请表Officer: What's the purpose of your visit?海关人员:请问您此行的目的是什么?Henry: I'm here on business亨利:我来这儿履行公务Officer: This visa is good two weeks. How long will you be staying?海关人员:您的签期限是两个星期,你打算待多长时间?Henry: ten days亨利:天以后就回去了Officer: And you will do some traveling while you are here?海关人员:这期间您会去旅行吗?Henry: Yes, I want to spend a couple days traveling. I have friends there I will visit亨利:是的,我要去拜访朋友Officer: What do you have in the bag, sir?海关人员:先生,请问您的包里有些什么?Henry: Just camera, clothes, and some books亨利:只是照相机、衣和一些书籍Officer: Would you mind opening the bag me?海关人员:请您把包打开让我看看行吗?Henry: Alright亨利:好的Officer: OK. Enjoy your trip, sir海关人员:可以了祝您旅途愉快,先生Henry: Thank you亨利:谢谢。