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嘉兴曙光医院激光除皱多少钱嘉兴祛眼袋手术价格你是不是有留着没用的东西而不扔掉的习惯呢?你是不是觉得,有一天这些东西还会派上用场呢?哈哈,在今天的西部落,我们来看看,如果你的周围都是放杂物的盒子,你的生活会变的怎么样。07/77931嘉兴祛胎记哪里好 Political Fallout in Wake of Terror Attacks Taking Toll in Mumbai孟买所在邦最高官员批评声中辞职 Top officials in the Indian state, Maharashtra, are becoming political causalities of last week's terror attack. The 60-hour assault on Mumbai, blamed on Islamic militants, killed an estimated 175 people, including at least 18 foreigners. 印度马哈拉施特拉邦的最高官员成为上周发生的恐怖袭击的政治牺牲品。据称由伊斯兰武装分子发起的针对孟买的60个小时袭击导致大约175人死亡,其中包括18名外国人。The two top officials of the state in which Mumbai is located appear to be on their way out, in wake of last week's terror attack. Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilisrao Deshmukh says he is willing to quit to take responsibility for perceived security shortcomings. Media reports say the state had received intelligence warnings Mumbai would be attacked.  上个星期发生恐怖袭击后,孟买所在的这个邦的两名高官看样子官位不保。马哈拉施特拉邦首席部长维拉斯拉奥.德斯穆克说,他愿意为显而易见的安全疏漏引咎辞职。媒体报道说,该邦此前已经收到情报警告,说孟买将会受到袭击。At a raucous news conference, where reporters demanded a clear statement, the chief minister would only acknowledge he is offering his resignation and leaving his fate in the hands of his Congress Party bosses. 记者们在喧闹的新闻发布会上要求得到一个明确的声明,但这位首席部长只承认递交了辞呈,把自己的命运交到了国大党领袖的手中。"Whatever decision high command takes … I was telling you in very, very simple understandable words," said Deshmukh. "You don't need any more explanation."  他说:“不管高层做出什么样的决定。我是用最最简单易懂的词汇告诉你们的。你们不需要任何其他解释。”Deshmukh also came under fire for having his movie star son, as well as a top Bollywood filmmaker, accompany him on a tour of the devastated Taj Mahal Hotel, while bodies were still being removed from the attack site. 德斯穆克还因为带着他在宝莱坞做影星兼制片人的儿子一道前去巡视遭受重创的泰姬陵酒店而受到抨击。当时从这个遭受袭击的酒店里仍不断有尸体被抬出。Deshmukh's number-two is also quitting. Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil called the unprecedented siege of Mumbai "a small incident." That comment generated an uproar of criticism.  德斯穆克的副手也提出辞职。副首席部长R.R.帕蒂尔把孟买遭遇的这场前所未有的袭击称作是“一个小事件”。这番话招致铺天盖地的批评。The first political casualty at the federal level was the unpopular home minister. He stepped down Sunday.  联邦层级的第一个政治牺牲品是不得人心的内政部长。他在星期天辞职。Calls for the ouster of Shivraj Patil had been heard even before last week's attack on Mumbai. Patil had faced criticism for the perceived poor government response to a continuing wave of bombings, this year, in various Indian cities.  甚至在孟买上个星期遭袭击之前,就有人呼吁把希夫拉杰.帕蒂尔赶下台。帕蒂尔因为政府对今年在多个印度城市接连不断发生的炸弹事件反应明显太差而遭到批评。Patil is being replaced by the respected finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, who tells reporters he is moving reluctantly to the home ministry, which oversees domestic security.  帕蒂尔的职务被受尊敬的财政部长奇丹巴拉姆取代。他对记者说,他对调往负责国内安全事务的内政部有些迟疑。"I would be less than honest if I do not say I was disinclined," said Chidambaram. "But, in a situation like the one we find ourselves, the final call is taken by the party leader - in my case the Congress [Party] president and the prime minister.  他说:“如果我说我没有觉得不情愿的话就不是实话。但是,处在我们现在所处的这种局面,党的领袖有权做出最终决定。我的任命是由国大党主席和总理指定的。”The prime minister, Manmohan Singh, is taking the finance portfolio, a post he held previously.  总理辛格接管了财政部长一职。他过去曾经做过这个位置。The political turmoil is not unexpected.  这样的政治混乱令人意外。Analysts say the governing coalition, led by the Congress Party, has to make changes, amid rising public anger about its perceived inability to halt terror attacks across India. The top opposition party, the BJP, is saying the government, led by Prime Minister Singh, is no longer fit to stay in power. 分析人士表示,政府在制止遍及印度的恐怖袭击中表现出的显而易见的无能已经引发公众怒气高涨,因此由国大党领导的执政联盟必须做出改变。印度的主要反对党人民党表示,由总理辛格领导的政府已经不再适合掌权了。200812/57759Bush Promises Smooth White House Transition布什将与奥巴马会面讨论重大问题 U.S. President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama will meet at the White House on Monday. Mr. Bush says they will discuss the major issues facing the nation. 美国总统布什和当选总统奥巴马星期一将在白宫会面。布什总统表示,他们将讨论美国面临的重大问题。Two days after the election, President Bush gathered his staff on the South Lawn of the White House and gave them instructions for the rest of his term in office. 在美国举行大选的两天之后,美国总统布什在白宫南草坪召集他的工作人员,向他们交待了他总统任期剩余时间的工作。He said a smooth transition is his top priority. 他说,平稳过渡是他的首要任务。"This seamless transfer of authority is one of the hallmarks of a true democracy," he said. 布什说:“平稳的权力移交是一个真正的民主国家的标志。”But Mr. Bush also made clear that they have plenty of other work to do besides preparing for the handover to the Obama administration. 不过,布什还明确表示,除了准备向奥巴马进行权力移交之外,他们还有很多其它工作。"We face economic challenges that will not pause to let a new president settle in," he said. "This will also be America's first wartime presidential transition in four decades. We're in a struggle against violent extremists determined to attack us. And they would like nothing more than to exploit this period of change to harm the American people."President Bush noted that key members of Senator Obama's team are aly being briefed on critical issues and that an effort is underway to provide them with all of the information they need. He said that throughout the executive branch of government, Bush administration officials will be working with the replacements chosen by the president-elect. 美国总统布什指出,奥巴马参议员团队的主要成员已经听取了关键问题的简报,同时也在努力向他们提供所有他们所需的信息。他说,整个政府行政部门以及布什政府官员都将和当选总统挑选的接管人员合作。"Taken together, these measures represent an unprecedented effort to ensure that the executive branch is prepared to fulfill its responsibilities at all times," President Bush said. 布什说:“所有这些措施加在一起,显示了一种前所未有的努力,以确保行政部门在任何时候都准备好履行职责。”Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are coming to the White House on Monday. President Bush will meet with the president-elect, while Mrs. Obama gets a look at the historic mansion that will become their new home on January 20. 奥巴马和妻子米歇尔将于星期一来到白宫。即将卸任的美国总统布什将会见这位当选总统,而奥巴马夫人则能够看一下白宫这座具有历史性的建筑,这里将从明年1月20日开始成为他们的新家。Meanwhile, intelligence community officials have begun another presidential rite of passage. They have started to provide Mr. Obama with daily briefings on the global situation - the kind of briefings provided only to the president of the ed States. 与此同时,美国情报官员已经开始了另一个新总统例行事务。情报部门已开始向奥巴马提供只提供给美国总统的全球局势每日简报。200811/55344嘉兴鼻头鼻翼缩小价格

嘉兴曙光医院自体脂肪排名Analysts Say Middle East Top Priority for Obama Administration中东问题是奥巴马面临的严峻挑战  One of the major foreign policy challenges facing the Obama administration will be how to revive the Middle East peace process. Senior Correspondent André de Nesnera spoke with three former senior U.S. government officials about the situation in the Middle East. The interviews were conducted before the current violence between Israeli forces and the militant group Hamas which controls the Gaza strip. 奥巴马政府面临的一个主要外交政策方面的挑战是如何重启中东和平进程。美国之音同三名前美国政府高级官员讨论了中东地区的局势。这些采访是在以色列军队和控制加沙的激进组织哈马斯最近发生暴力之前进行的。Most analysts agree the incoming Obama administration faces a daunting task in trying to find a peaceful solution to the Middle East crisis. For eight years the Bush administration has been trying to resolve that issue - but with little success. 大部分分析人士认为,对即将上任的奥巴马政府来说,为中东地区危机找到和平的解决办法是一个艰巨的任务。在过去八年中,布什政府一直在努力解决中东问题,但是并没有取得什么成果。Former National Security Adviser (1974-77;1989-93, retired Air Force) General Brent Scowcroft says Barack Obama must get involved in the Middle East early in his presidency.  曾担任美国国家安全事务顾问的空军退休将军斯考克罗夫特说,奥巴马必须在执政初期就参与解决中东问题。"I certainly hope so. There will be a lot of people saying don't do it," he said. "Presidents in the past have foundered on the peace process issue - so it's too dangerous." 他说:“我当然希望他会这样做。有许多人说不要这样做,他们说,过去有许多总统都在中东和平进程上失败了,因此这是一个非常危险的任务。”For his part, former Secretary of State (1992) Lawrence Eagleburger says the issues that need to be resolved are immense.  曾在1992年担任美国国务卿的伊格尔伯格说,需要解决的问题是巨大的。"I'm not at all certain that any involvement by anybody at any time is going to solve the problems of Israel and the Palestinians and the terrorists," said Eagleburger. "It is an almost insoluble problem. Every time some Palestinian or someone on that side of the fence moves to try to come to grips with the issue and make compromises, either they end up dead or they're ousted from office. It's the intransigence of a part of the Palestinian side of the fence - some of the people in that group just are intent on never having a solution to the thing, but driving Israel to the sea at some point." 他说:“我根本就不能肯定任何人在任何时间做任何事能解决以色列、巴勒斯坦和恐怖分子的问题。这几乎是一个不可解决的问题。每次巴勒斯坦或以色列有人采取行动,试图认真对待和平问题并作出一些妥协,这些人的下场不是死就是被赶下台。巴勒斯坦方面就是不妥协,一些巴勒斯坦人就打算永远不解决巴以和平问题,而是想把以色列逼入绝境。”Former National Security Advisor Scowcroft believes that for progress to be made in the Middle East, the ed States must talk to Hamas, the largest and most influential Palestinian militant movement, which controls the Gaza strip. 前国家安全事务顾问斯考克罗夫特认为,要想在中东问题上取得进展,美国必须同哈马斯谈判。哈马斯是巴勒斯坦最大、最有影响力的激进组织,目前控制着加沙地区。"I think we should be open to negotiate with anybody. It's much harder to solve problems if you don't talk to people," added Scowcroft. "And you don't necessarily solve problems by talking to them. But at least you open up the avenues, you understand what the hard sticking points are and how to resolve some. And you see if there is a chance for progress and if so, what kind." 他说:“我认为,我们应该同任何人进行谈判。如果你不和人家谈判,那解决问题就要难得多。可能通过谈判并不一定能解决问题,但是至少你打开了这个渠道,明白阻碍进展的障碍是什么,以及如何解决它们。你要看清是否有取得进展的机会,如果有,是什么性质的机会。”The Bush administration has rejected any talks with Hamas, describing it as a terrorist group. 布什政府一直拒绝同哈马斯进行谈判,认为哈马斯是一个恐怖组织。Eagleburger says the U.S. shouldn't talk to Hamas. 伊格尔伯格说,美国不应当同哈马斯谈判。"I find it very difficult to conceive of or to approve talking to such an enemy - and that's what they are. I don't think we are likely to achieve much," he said. "On the other hand, I am prepared to concede to those who argue that we should be talking to these people - we're certainly not getting anywhere the way it is now. On balance, I don't think we should do it because it is giving Hamas a position that I don't think they deserve, and that is that the ed states is prepared to talk to them. But I think it's a close call." 他说:“我很难想象或同意同这样的一个敌人进行谈判,哈马斯就是这样的敌人。我不认为通过和他们谈判我们能取得很大的成果。在另一方面,我也可以接受那些主张同哈马斯谈判的人的意见,因为我们目前的做法没有解决任何问题。总之,我不认为我们应该同哈马斯谈判,因为如果美国同哈马斯谈判就等于是给哈马斯一个他们没有资格得到的地位。我觉得这是一个比较冒险的做法。”Former Defense Secretary James Schlesinger (1973-1975) believes the ed States will continue to abide by its "no talks with Hamas" policy. 曾在1973年到1975年担任美国国防部长的施莱辛格认为,美国会继续奉行“不同哈马斯谈判”的政策。"I don't see any likelihood that we are going to significantly change our position. We might have, as we have in the past - as you may recall that the Palestinian organization [Palestine Liberation Organization led by Yasser Arafat] was talked to privately during the Carter administration - but never admitted publicly until the story blew. And if we were to talk to Hamas, it would be on a very devious route and not for public consumption," said Schlesinger. 他说:“我觉得我们不太可能在这一问题上明显地改变立场。我们过去也许曾这样做过,比如在卡特政府时期美国曾私下同巴勒斯坦解放组织进行谈判,不过直到这件事被曝光以前,我们都没有公开承认。如果美国要和哈马斯谈判,那将会是通过间接渠道来进行,不会公布于众。”During the presidential election campaign, Barack Obama said he does not support negotiations with Hamas until it renounces terrorism and recognizes Israel's right to exist. Analysts say it will be interesting to see, given the violence between Hamas and Israel, if he will maintain his position once he is inaugurated president January 20. 奥巴马在竞选过程中说,在哈马斯放弃恐怖主义并承认以色列的生存权之前,他不会持同哈马斯进行谈判。分析人士们说,由于哈马斯和以色列再次爆发了冲突,人们很想知道的是奥巴马在明年1月20号就职之后是否还会坚持原来的立场。200812/60028桐乡背部脱毛 Logging in Cambodia柬埔寨乱砍滥伐Dead wood树木之死A resurgence in illegal logging takes its toll非法砍伐再度猖獗OF THE five dirt-poor farmers who set out from Chhoeu Slab village in November in search of rosewood, only four returned. The fifth is recuperating in a Thai hospital, having been shot by a Thai border patrol. The boom in trade of the rich-hued hardwood has aly claimed 15 lives in 2011, and dozens more have been wounded by Thai soldiers. An unknown number have simply vanished. The shootings could yet become a source of tension between the Thai and Cambodian governments, whose relations have improved immeasurably since Yingluck Shinawatra became Thai prime minister in August.11月,五个一贫如洗的农民从Chhoeu Slab村出发踏上了寻找紫檀树的征程,最终返回的只有四个。其中一人被泰国边境巡逻兵射伤后在泰国一家医院里接受复原治疗。2011年已有15人死于这种红色硬质木材交易,数以十计的人被泰国士兵射伤,还有不知道多少人就直接消失了。自泰国新总理英拉.西那瓦八月上台以来,泰柬关系已经大大改善,但击事件可能又会成为双边关系走向紧张的导火索。Slung along the Thai-Cambodian border, the forests of the Dangrek mountains were once brimming with the luxury wood. But rosewood stocks have fallen precipitously in recent years as illegal logging has run rampant. For Cambodian loggers, that means having to push farther into Thailandrsquo;s territory;risking capture, injury or death.泰柬边境的唐勒山曾有着茂密的奢华木种森林,但近年来由于非法砍伐极度猖獗,导致紫檀木数量锐减。这就意味柬埔寨的伐木工人需要更加深入到泰国的边境去伐木了;;冒着被捕,受伤甚至生命危险。The cause of the boom is simple: growing demand in Vietnam and, especially, China. To meet the demand, a complex network of loggers has sprung up, with the riskiest work carried out by the poorest. Some are country men plucked out by ringleaders promising large sums for sawn planks. Others are villagers solicited by local soldiers.交易增多的原因很简单:越南,尤其是中国对紫檀木需求持续增长。为了满足市场需求,一个复杂网络的砍伐团伙便产生了,最穷的人分工最危险。当地的头头向村民承诺伐木收入非常可观,其他一些村民被当地的士兵开出的诱惑条件而甘愿去冒险。Timber is smuggled out of Cambodia in boats and trucks. For years the trade was overseen by top officials, tycoons and their families, until international attention and even the Cambodian prime ministerrsquo;s displeasure put a clamp on things. Environmental groups say it is now led by Cambodiarsquo;s armed forces. A long-running Thai-Cambodian border dispute that flared up in early 2011 around the temple of Preah Vihear has been a boon for the trade: the army has free access to surrounding areas that others do not.原木通过卡车和船只从柬埔寨走私出境。数年来,直到引起国际关注甚至是柬埔寨首相透露出不满情绪声称要进行打击这些违法事件之前,这些非法贸易都由柬埔寨高层官员,商业大亨和他们的家族掌管。环保组织说现在这些事情已经由柬埔寨的武装部队领导。2011年初发生的泰柬边境柏威夏古寺主权纠纷确进一步加剧了非法贸易:军队能自由进入其他人不能进入的周边区域进行采伐。Inevitably, prices are rising with demand. On the international market, the best rosewood planks can sell for ,000 a cubic metre. A rosewood wardrobe can fetch ,000. And as the trade diverts wood abroad, prices within Cambodia have climbed too.价格必然跟着需求走。在国际市场上。最好的红木在市场上能卖到50,000美金每立方米。一只红木衣橱可售达20000美金。随着木材的大量出口,柬埔寨国内的价格也已经上涨。166595嘉善县第一人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱

嘉兴市韩式三点双眼皮的价格Commandos Launch Operations to Clear Luxury Hotels Seized by Gunmen in Mumbai印度突击队员清理被手占领酒店 In India's financial hub of Mumbai, commandos and troops have mounted an operation to clear two luxury hotels seized by gunmen. At least 101 people have been killed and as many as 287 wounded in coordinated attacks mounted by terrorists at night. 印度突击队员和部队在金融中心孟买展开行动,夺取被手占领的两座豪华酒店。恐怖分子星期三晚上发动了有协调的袭击,有至少101人被打死,另外还有287人受伤。A crack team of 200 commandos flew in to Mumbai from New Delhi early Thursday to take charge of rescue operations in two of the city's most posh hotels - the Taj Mahal hotel and Oberoi Hotel. Soldiers have ringed the hotels.  星期四凌晨,200名突击队员从新德里紧急飞往孟买,接管孟买泰姬大酒店和奥拜罗-三叉戟酒店的救援行动。士兵们已经把这两座豪华酒店包围起来。Sporadic gunshots could be heard outside as commandos entered the hotels.  在突击队员冲入酒店的时候,可以听到零星声。The two hotels were among several high profile targets attacked by gunmen who fired indiscriminately and tossed grenades late Wednesday. Since then, an unknown number of people - both foreigners and Indians - are trapped inside parts of the hotels, popular with both business travelers and tourists.  星期三,手袭击了一些引人注目的地方,这两家以商人和旅游者居多的酒店名列其中。手不加区分地向人开,扔手榴弹。袭击发生后,为数不详的外国人和印度人被围困在酒店的一些地点。Some foreigners are believed to be held hostage by the gunmen. 据信,手把一些外国人扣押为人质。Some people evacuated overnight Through the night, fire crews evacuated a number of people from the Taj Mahal hotel where a grenade apparently caused a huge blaze in a part of the building.  一颗手榴弹显然在泰姬大酒店引起熊熊大火,整个夜晚,消防队员都忙着从酒店里救人。Some of the people trapped inside, like this guest at Taj Hotel, managed to communicate what was happening to reporters via their phones.  一些被困在酒店里的人通过电话向媒体介绍了现场的情况。这位被困在泰姬大酒店里的客人说:"Till about 15 minutes ago, near my room, in the stairwell, there was lot of firing going on, automatic weapons," says a guest. "The hotel management has done a very good job… They told us to turn the lights off, shut the curtains and stay inside and do not answer the door." “直到大约15分钟以前,在我的房间附近,在楼梯里,都声不断,是自动武器的声。饭店管理层做得很好,他们告诉我们把灯关掉,拉上窗帘,待在房间里,有人叫门不要回答。”Home minister says attacks highly plannedJunior federal Home Minister Sri Prakash Jaiswal says the terror attacks were highly planned and some of the worst ever in the country.  印度联邦内政部国务部长贾斯瓦尔说,袭击是精心策划的,是印度历史上最恶劣的袭击事件。Jaiswal says the government looks upon the terror attacks as a war and will fight it in the same way as a war is fought.  贾斯瓦尔说,政府把恐怖袭击看成宣战,要象打仗一样同恐怖分子作战。Mumbai has virtually come to a standstill as police have advised people to stay indoors. The stock markets have been shut as authorities cope with one of the worst terror attacks ever in the country. Among those killed were Mumbai's anti-terror chief and at least 11 policemen.  警方告诫市民留在家里,整个孟买几乎成了鬼城。股票市场关闭,当局正在应付印度所见到的最恶劣的恐怖袭击事件。被打死的人包括孟买反恐负责人和至少11名警察。Hospitals are filled with casualties as hundreds have been wounded in the attacks. There are several foreigners among those hospitalized.  数百人受伤,医院里人满为患。住院者包括几名外国人。A little known group called the Deccan Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the attacks.200811/57398 中国男女比例失调加剧了男性求偶时的竞争,有研究机构指出中国储蓄率的上升在很大程度上可以归因于家长为让儿子更顺利地娶妻而努力攒钱。这个现象带来的经济后果影响全球。在以下视频中,我们可以看到一幅中国地图,上面标注了中国男女比例失衡最严重的地区和储蓄率最高的地区。201003/99716嘉善县做隆鼻手术多少钱嘉兴去疤医院



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