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泉州鲤城区流产手术多少钱鲤城区月经不调多少钱泉州治疗子宫肌瘤哪专业 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480358泉州哪种方法治疗盆腔炎效果好

晋江市妇幼保健院人流价格表TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480343泉州福建医大二院简介 All right, welcome back welcome back, do you enjoy us欢迎回来 欢迎回来,大家玩的开心吗?I have taken control of this show tonight今天晚上的节目将由我来主持Normally, this program is hosted by that tonight, it is being hosted by this通常情况下,节目都是由那边那位主持的 但是今天,我来了Look, this seems like a good opportunity to explain the origin of all the hatreds and bitternesses between me and Jimmy kammel今天貌似是个很好的机会,给大家讲讲我和吉米之间所有怨恨痛苦的渊源I think its time people finally know the truth是时候让大家了解事情的真相了Jimmy bumps me from his show every night, because吉米每天晚上在节目中挤兑我Jimmy always wanted to be an actor, and unfortunately for him是因为吉米一直很想成为一名演员,但是很遗憾的是I....I beat him out for every role that he ever truely wanted it他真心想要饰演的每个角色最后都被我拿下了Jimmy has audition for every movie Ive ever been in我参演的每部电影吉米都有去参加试镜thats true, every single one of them and how many did he get?是真的,每一部电影 那么他拿到了几个角色呢?None So he hates me and, Look! I know it seems hard to believe, so很遗憾,一个都没有 所以他对我心生怨恨 我知道这很难让大家相信to prove it to you guys, I..I called every casting director in town to get tapes of all of Jimmys audition所以为了明我说的是真的,我给电影的选角导演打电话并且拿到了吉米去参加试镜的录像带You guys wanna see it? Yeah! Fine你们想看吗?想看 嗯Yeah, now Im sorry Jimmy, Im gonna have to show I mean, yeah, go ahead, you can roll it对不住了吉米,我要把录像带拿给大家看看 好了,可以开始放了This is Jimmy Kammel y for the role of Will Hunting吉米试镜《心灵捕手》Oh, I got a number how do you like them,Apples? Try one more time Again?诶,我拿到了一个号码牌 你觉得苹果怎么样?再试一次?再读一次?How do you like them? Apples? Do you like Apples? I have them你觉得苹果怎么样?你喜欢苹果吗?我有货哦So you are the guy running for office, arent you? You bet I am你就是那个参加竞选的人,是吗?我是And judging from you speech, you are not wining?从你演讲的内容来看,你输了?Well, that what happens when you are a part of the Adjustment Bureau What are you doing?事情已成定局 这是命运规划局的安排 你在干嘛?Sorry, whats...whats he doing? I just is planing on that stretching the..不好意思,他在干嘛?我就是跟摄像机互动一下,伸展下筋骨No, you cant do it to the camera when you....不,你对词的时候不应该看着摄像机So you are the guy running for that? You bet I am You are gonna let me finish你就是那个......对,我就是 呃,你要先让我说完我的台词You know this movie is an animated, right? uh?这是一部动画电影,你知道吧?啥?Its a voice-over audition What? A voice-over audition你要做的是配音 配音But why am I in the costume Hi, kids Im happy feet two OK, cut那我为什么要换装 嗨,孩子们,我是快乐大脚2号哦 好,停My beak kicks off eye Ok, next Picture? Nope, thanks噢,我的喙戳到了我的眼睛 好的,下一个 要我的大头照片吗?不,谢谢Judging from your speech, you are not wining从你的演讲内容来看,你输了?Thats what happens, when you are a part of the Adjustment Bureau Ok这是命运规划局的安排,事情就是这样 嗯Are you say that camera was I supposed to look at?你是说我对词的时候应该看着那台摄像机吗?No, just what you do it to it Oh, to you Have you done this before?不是,是看着我 对着你哦!你之前有过经验吗?Whenever you are y. You are adorable. Was that you saying Im adorable,too?你准备好就开始了 你好可爱!你会觉得我也很可爱吗?well, thats why we bought a zoo yeah这就是我们为什么要买下这座动物园 嗯Before we start I just clarifying am I..am the stucky? or the stucker? I mean who stuck to who here?在我们开始之前 我想先弄清楚,我们到底是谁贴着谁呢?I dont. Im sorry is that matter for the process? Really?不好意思,这对我们工作有意义吗?Its part of my process, it does matter. Who the hell are you?有意义,对我有意义 请问你是哪位?Im Jimmy Kammel, and Im stuck on you Who looking the Matt Damon我是吉米 我要黏着你了 谁知道马特·达蒙在哪儿啊?Go do it The movie is called Stuck on youve even do it ....hey hey, hey, hey快去找 这部电影叫贴身兄弟 嘿嘿嘿.....I dont know what this is, is this like a pity ing or something我不知道这是个什么情况?这是因为同情而组织的会面还是?No, no, you are here on your own American. Dont.. dont do that噢不,你是凭实力得到这个角色的Thats.. Ive been come..you came here since she is her own.Ameican我是被选上的......你告诉她她是凭实力得到这个角色的吗?Ive been cost an.. She thinks its a pity meeting How do you like dump Apples?她以为是因为同情让她过来的 你觉得苹果怎么样啊?Next How do like them? Apples?下一个 你觉得它们怎么样?苹果?I swear to god if I even feel somebady behind me, there is no measure without.... stop....um我发誓,如果我感觉到后面有人跟踪我,你无法估量......停we should just.. yes So we will start it again You y?不好意思,我们得重来一遍 你准备好了吗?Just give us an action again. I swear to god if I even feel somebady behind me重新开始 我发誓,如果我发现有人跟踪我......Theres no measure....What you doing? What you doing? you my part你在干嘛?你在干嘛?你读了我的台词No, my this, you are the other part. Im Jason Born. I thought I was really for Born你的台词是另外一段 我是杰森·伯恩 我以为我是杰森·伯恩呢Yeah? Why would you? I mean, I played it in the first two movies, why would you my part?呃,你以为?我的意思是,这部电影前两部都是我演的,你怎么能不知道,抢了我的台词呢?I didnt see the first two movies前两部电影我没看And thank you, since you spoiler alert. Im supposed to those alert你剧透了,剧透了what goes on here? I mean he didnt say Spoiler Alert Im, really, Im sorry yet Spoiler Alert他这是怎么了?他没说剧透警告 实在是不好意思 剧透警告201706/514893泉州妇科医院排行榜

丰泽区人民医院收费如何TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441491 And then little by little, he began to photograph me more.一张接一张的,他给我拍了越来越多的照片。And then I would come into a place. And he would say, ;Oh, thank God youre here.;我随便去一个地方,碰上他的时候他总会说;天呐,还好你来了;。Every...Oh, I guess you cant say that.大部分人…或许我不该这么说。But he used to say, ;Everybody here looks so boring. Everybody looks alike. ;但他经常说 ;很多人穿的衣很无趣,看起来千篇一律;。See, a lot of people have taste.大部分人都有自己的品位。But they dont have the daring to be creative.但他们没有大胆的创造力。Here we are in an age of the cookie-cutter sameness.我们处在一个千篇一律大同化的时代。There are few that are rarities.能凸显自己特点的人很少。Someone that doesnt look like they were stamped out of...ten million other people looking all the same.很多人不会刻意让自己看起来和其他人有多么的不同。At the U.N. , my friends used to...Colleagues used to call me the designing diplomat...我在联合国工作的时候,我朋友和同事都叫我换装达人,because during the day, I wore my U.N.Suit, which was very conservative, but in the evenings, Id go out to Studio 54.因为…我在白天工作的时候总穿着联合国的工作,那种很保守的衣,但是到了晚上我经常去Studio 54俱乐部。Thats when Bill photographed me for the first time.那里是Bill第一次给我拍照的地方。I wish I could find the picture.我希望我能找到原来的那张照片。The first picture he ever took of me in the New York Times.他第一次为我拍的照片登上了《纽约时报》。I used to have this coat with a big hood...and it was a Hudson Bay blanket, so it was all, like, bright striped, and I used to wear them with, like, little hot-pink ankle boots.我当时穿着这件有大兜帽的外衣还围着一块有浅色条纹的Hudson Bay毯子,我那时穿着…亮粉色的短靴。Thats how I met him. He used to run after me on the street.我就是这样遇见Bill的,那时他追着我满街跑。Hes like a war photographer in that hell do anything for the shot.他像个战地记者一样,为了拍照可以做任何事。Ive been in deep conversations with him...where he just will, like, run from me cause he sees somebody.我跟他认真地聊过一次就在街上,他可以看到所有人,随时从我面前跑开。So, I mean, he sees something thats amazing, he has to go shoot it.我的意思是…如果他看到了好看的衣,他必须马上跑去拍照I sometimes will look at his pages in the Times or online, and just be so amazed that he and I...我会在《纽约时报》他的专栏或是网上去看他拍的照片,他和我之间的那种不同总让我觉得神奇,and all my team and all the rest of the world...were all sitting in the same fashion shows...but hes seen something on the street or on the runway...我的团队和全世界的人我们都看到的是相同的时装秀,that completely missed all of us, and in six months time, you know, that will be a trend.但他总能在大街上发现我们在时装秀中从没发现过的精,然后六个月之后,他真的引领了一种新的潮流。201608/459344泉州女子医院阳光医院泉州新阳光女子医院乳腺增生

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